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Madame Claudia Buenavista: A Jean Garcia thread[merged]



  • ingenuesjoningenuesjon du hast PExer
    the best part dun yang when she asks Amor kung anong perfume nya. and she says na she knows all the expensive perfume. tapos ang hirit ni amor, her perfume called "amor" specially formulated for her from france. so shes like tomeme na lang with her bvlgari!
  • ZardaZarda LANI 4EVER! PExer
    Nabasa ko nga sa Inquirer Entertainment Page at andami palang Madam Claudia or Claudia Buenavista ang nagsulat sa ballots!Pati si Boborol na kalaban nya,may mga nagsulat!!!
    Dapat talagang magka-ABS-CBN political party na at mi ultimong si Madam ay nasususlat sa balota!!! :)
  • EquivocationEquivocation Game Ka na ba? PExer


    Rip-roaring election boo-boos
    By Carmela Reyes and Anselmo Roque
    Inquirer News Service, PDI Central Luzon Desk

    BULACAN, Bulacan – "Madam Claudia Buenavista" for governor?

    Call it a joke or fanaticism but some voters here who must have been religiously watching a popular TV soap opera had actually written "Madam Claudia" in their ballots for Bulacan governor -– much to the delight of poll watchers and officials.

    Laughter echoed at the hall of a precinct in Barangay Sta. Ines here when an election official read eight ballots intended for "Madam Claudia Buenavista" and her rival "Boborol," both of whom are characters in the ABS-CBN primetime soap "Pangako Sa `Yo."

    In the soap, "Madam Claudia," played by actress Jean Garcia, and "Mayor Boborol," played by a bit actor, are bitter political enemies running for governor of the province called "Puntaverde."

    In the latest twist in the soap, the wicked "Madam Claudia" lost to the pro-people "Boborol."

    "Madam Claudia," the wife of the outgoing governor, was preparing for an election protest against "Boborol" for alleged cheating.

    Gubernatorial bets

    It took several minutes for precinct 140-A chair, Ludy Paz Angeles, a teacher at the Sta. Ana elementary school, to verify the list of the gubernatorial bets in Bulacan after she encountered names such as "Buenavista," "Boborol" and "Madame Claudia" in the ballots.

    The official bets for Bulacan governor are re-electionist Gov. Josefina de la Cruz and Luz Parungao-Viado, who was disqualified.

    "At first, we have no idea who these people were. When we looked at the official list and those names were not included, we just ignored them," Angeles told the INQUIRER.

    As she read "Madam Claudia" on the second ballot and "Madam Claudia Buenavista" on the third ballot, the crowd at the precinct suddenly laughed and cheered.

    Some poll watchers told Angeles that those names were characters in the famous TV soap.

    In the succeeding four ballots, the election officer read the name "Boborol" to the pleasure of the people watching the counting of the votes.

    Poll clerk Rose Salvo said the votes could have come from one family who must have been fans of the soap opera.

    "At least we had a good laugh to break the monotony (of poll duties). We need this because our work is really strenuous," she said.

    She, however, pointed out that although the eight residents wrote the wrong persons in the gubernatorial position, they had filled up the correct names of candidates in other positions in their ballots

    Comic relief

    In Cabanatuan City, an election officer has unwittingly provided the comic relief this time.

    Provincial election supervisor Severino Santos rushed to Cabanatuan City hall on Tuesday to direct city election officer Manuel Tambalque to stop the canvassing of election returns.

    When Bagong Lakas ng Nueva Ecija (Balane) party lawyers argued with Santos, they asked him to give them the details of the Comelec order from Manila directing them to stop the canvassing.

    When he read again his copy, Santos realized that the order was not meant for this city but for the Science City of Munoz, 30 km north of Cabanatuan.

    Santos apologized and the canvassing resumed.

    The whole scene was heard live by Nuevo Ecijanos over a local radio station.

    In Talavera, Nueva Ecija, re-electionist Mayor Manolito Fausto was stunned when he received a subpoena for a murder charge.

    The subpoena ordered him to appear in a Talavera court on May 26 for his arraignment. When he studied it carefully, he let out a big laugh when he found out that the subpoena was a joke as he was being arraigned for "murdering" his brother-in-law and opponent in the elections, Renato Reynaldo Maliwat, by at least 14,000 votes.

    The subpoena purportedly came from a municipal trial court but contained no signature.

    Partial and unofficial results of the Comelec showed Fausto was winning for his third term over rivals Maliwat and Pio Pechace.

    hehe ang galing talaga ng ABS-CBN..
    wala akong masabi,,
  • kengkongkengkong Registered User PExer
    Equivocation,thanks for posting the article! :)
  • libaylibay Member PExer
    inutil talaga ang comelec dito sa pilipinas! dapat maghain ng protesta sa supreme court! di dapat matalo ang madam ng masa! maganda, aasenso, sama-sama at iba pa! madam claudia! madam ng masa!
  • TiNyCuTiETiNyCuTiE ordinaryong fangirl PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    bilib na ako sa ginawa nila..ehehehe
    akalain mo ba namang ibinoto nila si madam claudia????

    wala lang...wat happened to the protests??? saka ke ms amor powers?


  • seikojewelseikojewel Member PExer
    Mabuhay ang MADAM ng MASA!!!!
    Dapat na talagang magkaroon ng political party ang ABS-CBN dahil kahit fictitiuos characters nila ay binoboto!!!
  • madamclaudiamadamclaudia Registered User PExer
    Mag-protesta at dapat manalo ang Madam ng masa!!!
    Claudia Buenavista!!!IDOL!!!! :)
  • labisalabilabisalabi Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I just hope that Star Cinema will brew Pangako sa Yo(The Movie) na nakatuon kay Madam Claudia ang pelikula or better a spin-off na solo soap ni Madam Claudia and Amor.
    Kaya nila without Jericho and Kristine.
  • kengkongkengkong Registered User PExer
    To the kind souls who watch,kindly update me re:PSY at nasa Thailand pa ko.Will be back pa sa Monday next week.PLEASE Naman.
    Salamat at Sawasdee!!!
  • Originally posted by kengkong
    To the kind souls who watch,kindly update me re:PSY at nasa Thailand pa ko.Will be back pa sa Monday next week.PLEASE Naman.
    Salamat at Sawasdee!!!

    Visit Pangako's official website... and go their message board, tapos click Talk About the Show and laging may updates doon.
  • yeeeyeee Member PExer
    oy mas tayf ko ang mga storya ng oldies dun kesa sa mga teeny boppers huh!
  • kengkongkengkong Registered User PExer
    To ana phoenix....
    Khob Khun Maak!!!!(Salamat!!!) :)
  • zip_thatzip_that Member PExer
    question lang...bakit kailang tawagin si vanessa ng buong name nya ex:"bea bianca!!! i'm talking to you!!!" d ba? i mean pwede naman bea or bianca lang, para mukhang realistic talaga. isa pa, si betty mae!!! ngayon lang ako nakarinig ng name na ganun. mukhang cartoon!!! :)
  • yeeeyeee Member PExer
    heheh! zip_that, ginagaya yung mga sopa opera like, maria jose, marimar- (tawag kay marimar dun marimar perez), morella (jose enrique) o diba????? taroush!!!

  • claudjaclaudja Member PExer
    Na-miss ko itong thread! eh,paganda pa nang paganda ang Pangako sa Yo!!! Wag tayong pumayag na maghirap si madam!!!
    May alyansa na sila ng Beabiancang snake-queen!!!
    I really love the soap and Madam!!!!Galing-galing!
  • tin28tin28 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Originally posted by zip_that
    question lang...bakit kailang tawagin si vanessa ng buong name nya ex:"bea bianca!!! i'm talking to you!!!" d ba? i mean pwede naman bea or bianca lang, para mukhang realistic talaga. isa pa, si betty mae!!! ngayon lang ako nakarinig ng name na ganun. mukhang cartoon!!! :)

    di ba c betty mae character sa Sesame Street?
  • Bea_Bea_ Member PExer
    sino hair stylist ni madam?? ang ganda lagi ng hair-do nya!
  • kengkongkengkong Registered User PExer
    Am sure,magaling na make-up artist yun for Jean at Eula na kinuha ng ABS-CBN!
    Ang talagang inalam ko sa 2 ay ang yosi ni Amor na pastel colors!
    Mahal sya as in P 250/pack!!!Pero,buy ako para ma-feel kong si Amor ako!(Hahahahaha!).
    Ang tatak ay Sobranie Cocktail Cigarettes
    at nabibili sya sa FUMA outlets.Masarap sya or is it psychological?!Ewan!Basta,feeling Amor ako pag niyoyosi ko sya! :)
    Magagnda rin ang mga damit ni Amor at Claudia.Talagang ginagastusan ng 2!:cool: :cool:
  • satellitesatellite inactive member PExer
    i actually like watching "pangako sa iyo"... and am not ashamed
    of it... at first, i watch it cause of kristine hermosa...she's so darn
    beautiful! and then i noticed that the story kicksass... it's not like
    the usual soaps here.....

    jean garcia as madame buenavista is a hoot! it must be fun pla-
    ying that part.....

    oh btw... i've read in PDI that kris aquino and her sisters watch
    this show as well...they even discuss the!

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