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working visas in middle east countries

My visa was approved yesterday, june 15. Flight sked is still by end of June (28 or 29). My medical will expire june 29. Do i need to undergo remedical?

I was thinking that since my visa was approved already , i dont need to have a remedical coz the visa was approved already... does it matter when the flight sked is?


  • Visa validity is usually 45 days from the date of release and medical is only required for the approval of your visa, when you got the visa no need for remedical, your flight is just a perfect timing because if you check your visa expiration it indicates there that it will expire end of July

    Hope this info can help you in anyway...goodluck
  • if march29 ako nag medical, kelan mag eexpire...june 29 or june 30? June 29 kasi flight,,,TY
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