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Hey guys!

are you:

1. a writer who doesn't have any idea how to write
2. a book lover who has a story idea but can't seem to write

now here is a thread for you! :rotflmao:

this thread is for those story ideas you want to share with other people, anything posted here will be public domain or something. Who knows, maybe the dream plot you have been dreaming about will be around here or someone else will write the story that was never told before, just for you!

so if anyone succeeds please post the finished product here.(or at least a link) *okay*


  • I have a lot of ideas. Thing is, I rarely finish anything. I have around 4-5 unfinished short stories and a few graphic novel concepts. :(
  • you and I are one and the same, anyway I'm working on an amateur short story right now, gonna post the link here when I finish it, how about you?

    the thing I'm working on is a mystery story. ^_^
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