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The Films of John Carpenter

The thread for John Carpenter fans.

IMO, his best films:

1. The Thing - Nice pacing, some really good scares, fantastic special effects by Rob Bottin, and a great cast. I've always felt that monetary constraints stood in the way of Carpenter realizing his vision, and this film proves my point. Universal gave him the budget he needed, and he produced a masterpiece. (Sadly, the film bombed on its release.)

2. Escape from New York - New York City as a giant penitentiary sounds cheesy, sure, but the film works for me anyway because you get some good performances and some entertaining scenes (I like the way The Duke's arrival is heralded).

3. Prince of Darkness - Excellent Lovecraftian exercise in cosmic horror. Truly creepy in parts. The idea of making the titular character liquid in form was inspired.

4. Halloween - Gave birth to the slasher film genre. Probably only scary to the very young, it's still memorable for some noteworthy scenes (I particularly liked the sequence where Laurie is chased by Myers in the street and she is unable to find refuge with any of her neighbors).

5. The Fog - Great ghost story in the tradition of M.R. James. Offers a very compelling back story to the supernatural threat that squares with myths about the restless dead.

6. Christine - One of the best adaptations of a Stephen King story. Has an excellent scene where one of Christine's victims thinks he has managed to elude her by running into an alley that appears to be too narrow for the car to enter. He gets the surprise of his life!

7. In the Mouth of Madness - Superb Lovecraftian film.


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