mga pinoy sa pinas,sosyal ka ba paghindi ka updated sa pinas pero updated sa US NEWS?

kafamilykafamily Banned by Admin PExer
yung di mo alam ang mga local showbiz, ang mga happenings sa pinoy politics, wala kang alam sa pba, sa local movies pero up to date ka sa BP oil spill, kay president obama, kay li-lo, kay paris, sa nba atbp. nakatira ka sa pinas pero wala kang alam sa happenings sa pinas at alam mo ay yung sa US tapos may hawak kang starbucks?

sosyal? :rotflmao:


  • caryatid_kittencaryatid_kitten Foreign Contaminant! PExer
    WTF is your problem. I don't see anything wrong with keeping yourself up to date with news that interest you? What if I'm so sick of Philippine showbiz and pinoy politics that I just opt to listen or read about American or EU news
  • exactly, besides masyadong maraming sacred cows sa local media, you'd think Kris Aquino is Mother Theresa the way they try to screw with you esp. if you're such an !diot to believe all their crazy spins about someone.

    international news is the best, they call a spade a spade, well most of the time you have to be picky too about where you get your news, I personally think Dlisted has trumped CNN a long time ago lol.
  • msacrasmsacras In it 4 the jokes PExer
    Threadstarter is probably one of the many college-educated jobless pinoys that think their PRIDE can pay the rent.

    Try looking for a job, getting that job, showing up to work, and doing a good job. Now, that's REAL pride*okay*
  • bambi7bambi7 playing it safe PExer
    No, it's just preference. If there was a big local news, I mean a really important one, I'd hear of it anyway.
  • clawed_outclawed_out Banned by Admin PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Its always sosyal to be well aware of what's going on in and out of your surrounding area.
  • razzer_risingrazzer_rising Please do not use prohibited words in your user title to avoid sanctions. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^so your answer sa TS is no. kasi hindi updated sa pinas news.

    i have known some of these people. gosh mostly sa kanila kasi they only watch cable channel never channel 7 or 2. they dont know the recent local news, movies, artistas etc. i think this is not a question of kasosyalan but nakakalungkot na you know more of other countries than yours. pero i must admit na most ng taong kakilala kong ganito are really sosyal and belong to at least upper middle class.
  • pomonapomona Member PExer
    kagaguhan ang hindi maging updated sa local news. its smart to care to know whats goin on around the world (hindi lang sa us) and that includes your immediate surroundings. kaya nga magkatabi ang anc at cnn sa sky. :D
  • scottstorchscottstorch omnipotent PEx Rookie ⭐
    I watch both local and foreign news once in a while, it's nice to know what's goin on outside your country... but I don't find it sosi... saka Nescafe lang or Folgers while watching, not istarbaks.
  • The KryptonianThe Kryptonian We Can Be Heroes PExer
    eto pala ang pinagmulan ng rare threadspoof ni tatang. :lol:

    im not updated with US news. so hindi ako sosyal. WTF. should everything have a label on it?
  • macciemaccie Banned by Admin PExer
    tapatan ng threads
  • VesanVesan Member PExer
    ang eng-eng mo naman na hindi mo alam kung ano nangyayari kung saan ka nakatira :lol:
  • kafamilykafamily Banned by Admin PExer
    sosyal ba ?
  • purpleheadd07purpleheadd07 Babae po ako PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    updated lang ako sa mga news na nasa fb updates ko, may local may world, may showbiz news din, san ka pa! :lol:
  • rhina21rhina21 smile! PExer
    hindi. nakakahiya yun. sarali mong bakuran di mo alam ang nangyayari. kahit man lang sa showbiz news sa pinas updated ka. hehehe. pero san mas updated din tayo sa mga happenings sa mga kapitbahay natin sa asean / north asia puro us news. Haler di lang usa ang worthy ng international news no.
  • la_flashla_flash Banned by Admin PExer
    How come some dissed the threadstarter? Her thread seems harmless to me?


    On-Topic: No. Di yun kasosyalan. Preference lang siguro. But it does not reflect your kasosyalan in any way.

    However, this is my unpopular opinion, it's stup!dity to know more about what's happening in other countries than your very own. :glee: Except of course if you're living outside of the country for a long time now and you don't care about what's happening here. :lol:
  • yellowribbonyellowribbon infrared echo PExer
    It's not a pa-sosyal thing. Mas entertaining and worth my while yung foreign shows and news programs. Nakakainis na kasi yung local networks natin walang substance yung pinapalabas nila. Karamihan naman sa news sensationalized or biased. Minsan parang they're insulting some pinoys' intelligence :lol:
  • OminousOminous Residential Idiot PExer
    Thinking "sosyal ang panonood ng news ng ibang bansa at hindi sa atin" = small effect of colonial mentality.

    Get both, local and international news. That's better than being an airhead about your surroundings.
  • AMERICA and its People ARE OVERRATED :bop:
  • glamorous03glamorous03 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    oo naman sosyal na sosyal kapag updated ka sa US news..*okay*

  • glamorous03glamorous03 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    AMERICA and its People ARE OVERRATED :bop:

    umm overrated? kasi maraming itong naging kontribusyon sa kasaysayan sa mundo at ng modernong sibilasyon?

    but ya i guess to some people it is..overrated

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