CC | Credit Card Is Evil

Dami ko ng beses narinig yan sa mga ka opisina ko. How do you react when you hear your officemates or friends or relatives blame their cards for their misery?


  • bizcntrbizcntr Member PExer
    use card wisely dapat.. and monitor your expenses kundi yari talaga
  • nikkilovenikkilove Member ✭✭✭
    don't blame the card but the user, wala namang isip yung card eh. :D

    it's like saying the knives or guns should be blamed for being used as murder weapons and not the human culprits who used them.

    people could only blame themselves for their misery, credit cards sholud be used to your advantage or benefit. :)
  • bangkeroboy21bangkeroboy21 Member PExer
    cards are not evil, the CREDIT CARD companies...maybe we can call them evil. hehe
  • beatboxbeatbox Member PExer
    how to use credit cards ba to your advantage? like para sa regular user hindi yung mga power user na yun ginagamit para sa lahat ng mga luho and all
  • ichuo_mxichuo_mx Member PExer
    at to my advantage?

    i just convert my cash to plastic card for purchases

    may cash na talaga akong panggastos pero instead na dalhin ko yung cash eh di yung card na para kahit pano is safe

    i see it to it na talagang bago ko gamitin card ko, may pambabayad na akong nakahanda

    pero syempre for emergency use din

    saka mas ok pa gamitin ang credit card kaysa sa cash kasi may mga promo pa sila na free etc, sa cash payments ba meron ganon? kadalasan kung anong cash price ay card price na din

    also, you can shop and pay it for some number of terms

    the benefits is all there, kelangan mo lang talaga maging responsible

    sa experiences ko, masaya ako at may nag imbento ng credit card hahahaha
  • jay372011jay372011 Member PExer
    In denial kasi ang ibang tao, instead of blaming themselves, they blame other people or in this case the poor plastic card .
  • AkiFoblesiaAkiFoblesia Member PExer
    the credit card is a great tool for users who use it wisely and with discipline. for the emotional swipers, CC is a trap.

    see here for tips on using CC:
  • killernoodlekillernoodle Member ✭✭✭
    business is profit

    kahit ako i blame credit card for my miseries, but reality is mali lang paggamit ko sa kanya, i tend to neglect paying agad kaya lumalaki,

    although para sa akin maganda talaga pag may credit card, you can buy agad mga bagay na kelangan mo imbes na pagipunan mo pa ng matagal saka in case of emergencies halimbawa wala ka ng gas sa sasakyan at kulang na pera mo sa bulsa
  • LasdilLasdil Busy as Hell ✭✭✭
    .....Money is. :)
  • illuminaillumina L'enfer, c'est les autres ✭✭✭
    I confess, I've made countless preventable impulsive purchases since I got my own credit card. :lol:

    But I never charge more than what I can actually afford and pay in full.
  • bangkeroboy21bangkeroboy21 Member PExer
    illumina wrote: »
    I confess, I've made countless preventable impulsive purchases since I got my own credit card. :lol:

    But I never charge more than what I can actually afford and pay in full.

    yeah i hear you bro! for some reason, mas matapang na akong pumasok sa kung anu anong resto at tindahan dahil sa card. :rotflmao:
  • TeaLeavesTeaLeaves Member PExer
    The credit card has its pros and cons, it depends on the user how to handle the power and responsibilities that come with it.
  • prismaprisma Member PExer
    CC is like cash, only you earn points. Its very convenient. sometimes, I don't bring cash with me just CC.

    Just have to practice self control.
  • bangkeroboy21bangkeroboy21 Member PExer
    it's quite a hassle nga sometimes, going "cashless" i've decided to use my cred card as much as possible for all transactions, para may libreng organization of transactions (very helpful for budgeting) problema nga lang, hindi tumatanggap ng credit card ang siomai stall at sari sari store!
  • hornytubehornytube Member PExer
    Credit card is evil if you don't know how to use it. But its like an angel, a saving grace if you knew how to deal with it. Bakit ka naman bibili ng 30k kung yung sahod mo lang is just 20k.

    Best option is to go for a monthly installment with 0% interest. Alamin mo kung kelan yung cut off at payment due date mo...
    Pag alam mo yan d ka mababaon sa utang.. swear!..
  • Laurice_ChingLaurice_Ching Laurice PExer
    cards are very flexible, unlike personal/cash loans. it's available credit at your hand. just make sure you keep your record clean, never run from debts, settle your obligations; otherwise a negative record in one bank will make future application difficult for any loan (car, house, etc.) in all other banks.
    credit card is not evil. Mine is Gold.
  • jay372011jay372011 Member PExer
    Actually I agree with what you guys are saying, it can be evil or good depends on how you use it. As of now I am enjoying the perks immensely. Hindi siya evil kundi angel!;)

    Niligtas niya ako from my other abusive card, so instead of paying 3.25% to say Card A, I am paying .80% to payoff using Card B. Choice of Card A with 78% for 24 months or the latter Card B with 19%. The choice is simple.

    At tumawag daw ako ulit sa kanila if I need assistance for convert to cash or call for cash. But then again this maybe another evil scheme, depends on how you use it. As we all know ang dami ding nabaon because of this balance transfer scheme so…. Tayo talaga ang evil or angel depends on how we treat or abuse our credit cards.

    Another FYI, comparing to BDO loans and CITIBANK personal loans, my credit card gives the BEST rates so far.*okay*
  • nidaimenidaime Member PExer
    This quote should be printed at the front of credit cards para sa mga gumagamit...

    "With great power comes great responsibility"

    - Ben Parker

  • Ninja_kidNinja_kid Member PExer
    Cards fukced my savings up.
  • bangkeroboy21bangkeroboy21 Member PExer
    credit cards by themselves are AMORAL. credit card companies? somewhat bordering on immoral, preying on the weak and not so discerning.

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