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At work and bored. Bummer! Need a txtmate to keep me awake.

ianr2982ianr2982 PEx Rookie ⭐
Like i said, im looking for a txtmate. Someone who's smart, have a sense of humor, 24-30 years old, and uses T9, or knows how to spell properly at the very least. I dont really care much about physical appearances, although I want someone who's 100% female. lols! I dont mean to be rude but texting other guys just isnt my thing. Someone who's well mannered and *ahem* yung hindi nanghihinge ng load. If you are that pressed for cash then maybe you shouldn't be texting around in the first place.

About me, Im 27 years old. I work in IT for a company in Alabang. Im out going (during weekends). I love to travel, eat in fancy resto, go shopping and i love to meet new people, provided we get along well. Im 5'7", 140 lbs. I live alone, so im usually bored not just at work, but round the house as well. I dont drink, I dont smoke. I dont collect quotes, so dont ask for any.

So there. My number is 09062602320.

Thanks :)


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