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Win P50,000 Just By Dancexercising!

Video Record your 3-minute Dance Routine and get a chance to win cash prizes!


Healthy Weight Dancexercise Contest Rules


This competition starts on May 17, 2010 to June 18, 2010. Deadline for submission of entries is midnight of June 18, 2010. Entries received after midnight of closing date will not be eligible.


Open to all Filipinos, male or female, residing in the Philippines. This competition is not open to the employees of Novartis or its PR & Advertising Agencies or their family members. All contestants should be age 18 years or older at the time of contest entry.


1. To enter the contest, you or a group of up to six (6) members must choreograph and videotape yourself doing a dancexercise routine to any suitable dance music. The dancexercise routine should be a maximum of three (3) minutes long and should follow the theme: “Healthy Weight, Healthy Blood Pressure.” Appropriate sports or gym attire should be worn during the dancexercise routine.

2. Video entries should be clear and in MPEG format. Entries longer than 3 minutes will not be accepted.

3. Submit your entry either by emailing the video file (MPEG format) to [email protected] via ‘yousendit’ (log on to www.yousendit.com) or courier the video CD/DVD to Novartis Healthcare Philippines. Include with your entry the following information: your email address, along with the name, address, age (birthdate) of all contestants/group members. Also, indicate the primary contact person or leader of your group.

4. Video entries submitted shall automatically become the property of Novartis Healthcare Philippines. Contestants waive all copyright claims to video entries submitted and shall be responsible for obtaining the permission/clearances from their co-participants/co-contestants. Video CD/DVDs submitted will not be returned to the senders/ contestants. Novartis Healthcare Philippines shall not be held responsible for any lost video entries. Contestants give Novartis and its media partners permission and the right for the unlimited use of the video and images in any form of media.


A board of judges composed of medical and dance exercise experts will select the top three (3) entries in each category based on the criteria and contest rules. The judges’ decisions are final.

Criteria for Judging

Fun & Easy 25%
- Dance steps should be fun to do, easy to follow, and can be done at home as a regular exercise.
Body Movements 25%
- Movements should engage/involve the whole body – both upper and lower limbs and joints.
Creativity 20%
- Dance routine should be interesting, creative, and with varied steps.
Timing and coordination 20%
- Execution of dance routine should be precise and in unison
Lively & Energetic 10%
- Performance should be lively and energetic. Music should be upbeat.


Cash Prizes will be awarded per category: First Prize (P50,000); Second Prize (P30,000); Third Prize (P15,000).

There will be three (3) categories: Seniors (60 years old and above); Midlifers (35 to 59 years old); Young adults (18 to 34 years old).

All winners will be contacted via email and featured in a TV program. Cash prizes shall be given at the awarding ceremony. (Winners will be responsible for their own travel expenses). The cash prizes are tax-free.


Contestants shall be allowed to submit only one entry. Each entry must adhere to contest rules. Entrants must supply full details as required above, and comply with all rules to be eligible for prize(s). Novartis Philippines shall not be held responsible for ineligible entries or entries made fraudulently.

Participation in the contest is entirely at the dancer’s/contestant’s own risk. Performance of dangerous choreography is not permitted or endorsed by the contest committee. The use of exercise/sports gear or props, weapons, any form of liquid (e.g. blood, oil, water, etc.), fire, any pyrotechnic materials are not allowed in the performance of the routine. Obscene choreography and indecent movements are strictly prohibited.

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