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Mas mura ba mag pagawa ng bahay kesa sa bumili ng built na?

pinoyxd45 wrote: »
Mas mura ba mag pagawa ng bahay kesa sa bumili ng built na?

Baka gusto nyo i share ang experience or views nyo sa tanong na ito?


  • cyberfunkcyberfunk PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Ready made house will at least cost 50% more than having one built yourself.
  • malaki pala ang difference but are there obvious advantages for taking a ready made house?
  • cyberfunkcyberfunk PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Just the convenience of just moving in. Parang damit lang yan. Would you rather wear an RTW that's more expensive than a custom fit dress made by a couturier?
  • cyber..kala ko mas expensive ang RTW na bahay..?
  • cyberfunkcyberfunk PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    joma_s wrote: »
    cyber..kala ko mas expensive ang RTW na bahay..?

    Yun na nga bro. Why buy a ready to-live-in na bahay where you can have a custom built house for less. Besides, with the developers selling houses sa mga subdivision that all looks the same. It's like communist socialist community wher theres not individuality sa dwellings. Cookie cutter houses tawag dito and it's frowned upon even in other countries.
  • kaya ako magpapatayo pa ng isang bahay na talagang gusto ko kasi yung sa subd eh .... wala lang

    ang advantage lang kasi nito aside sa pwede ng lipatan eh yung terms sa pagbabayad ng hulugan. di tulad ng magpapagawa ka, dadaan ka sa maraming bagay, planning, budget etc. yun lang masusunod talaga ang gusto mo
  • to each his own, i think.

    i am very much willing to go all the hassles on planning, budgetting, visiting home depots, decision-making, haggling, etc. to get the house we really want for our family, where we will spend most of our years, and taking pride for the results of the decisions we will make along the way during the construction. we're still on the initial phase and i'm enjoying a lot already =D
  • When you buy a built house (be it condo or townhouse) you actually buy it for your convenience and immediate gratification. Not necessarily bad considerations but you might lose sight of important aspects of a house - technical (electrical, plumbing, structural, etc.), legal (clean title, clear and accurate technical description, no arrears) and long-term planning (proximity to your present and future activities - say, your place of work or children's school) . And all these play a role in the pricing of a property. If you carefully and deliberately take these into consideration, I guess, you can justify that the money spent is really worth it.

    Sometimes, buying a built house is more of an emotional purchase - you saw the model unit (which is carefully finished and tweaked by an interior designer/decorator), and the amenities of the subidivision/condo and imagined yourself living happily in it with your family.

    Pero kung ano nabili mo, yun na yun, unless ipa-renovate mo pa. So basically, you will fit your lifestyle to your place.

    As for house construction, it can consume a large amount of time, money and energy. As in! But since you're part of the planning, your place will fit your lifestyle.

    Wait, I digress. :rotflmao: Parang iba ang basis of comparison ko.

    For me, if you have a set budget, say P3M, it'll go a long way in terms of construction of a new house as opposed to buying a built property. But you'll also incur extra expenses during house construction - gas for site visits or sourcing of materials, phone bills to coordinate with your team, etc.

    Your best bet is to ask around sa mga nakapagpagawa na how much nagastos nila and scout houses (in various locations) na pasok sa same amount. You'll have a better basis for comparison.

    Well basically, apart from monetary consideration, look at it this way, san ba may better "after sales" service? Sa pinagawa mong bahay or sa binili mong bahay na hindi mo alam kung sino ang babalikan?
  • For me I am one of those people who got burned because of unscrupulous contractors, and there are a lot out there. I own a house that was constructed 11 years ago by a very nice mannered contractor/ family friend or so we thought. The budget back then was 8.4 M, not bad considering the lot area was only 346 square meter, a 2 floor house with 2 car garage. After only less than 4 months post turn over to us our new house started showing signs of problems, from electrical to plumbing and drain headaches.
    We complained to that contractor and he would only tell us that he would look into it. After months of inaction we finally sent him a letter from our lawyer on our complaints. Finally it ended up as a court case, and it dragged for years! It is still pending in court, meantime we are left with a dilapidated house, whenever it rains leak everywhere, there is even ground on the shower head downstairs. All the wood that was used are rotted already on the first floor ceiling. The garage floods due to bad drain design. All our plumbing is of poor quality, no water sometimes go up the 2nd floor despite our overhead tank and pipe.
    We finally had a no bull assesment on our 'dreamhouse' when my cousin from the US came back for a vacation. His true assesment was and I quote his exact words - PINAGPIYESTAHAN ka ng Contractor mo, puro substandard ang materyales, ang trabaho binabuy lang. He said also that materials like the roof sheet were not new and he suspect it came from an old or demolished project, also wood used are obviously from the same source, mga pinagpakuan daw iba iba ang location, madaming butas ng pako na wala naman rason. Lahat po ng concrete works may bitak na, meaning either mali or inadequate ang waterproofing or worse yet kulang daw kabiya, which is bad daw when a big quake hits.

    That architect cousin of mine from the US confided to me that construction now is not as good as during the 80's, matino pa daw mga tauhan nya before when he had an office here.

    I am a mere layman when it comes to construction, back then I trust everything what the 'doctor' said to me hook line and sinker. Do not be deceived by sweet talking contractors who seems very nice and knowledgeable, they will say everything and impress you with their clean look and pa taglish language, just to get the contract. Believe me, once they are involved you will know their true identity, and they are plenty!

    BTW I have browsed some hardware stores now, cost of construction materials now are way up.
  • ^I'm sorry to hear about your story. I hope you win the reliefs prayed for in court, SOON! For now, I suggest magpa-skip trace ka na sa mga assets ni walanghiyang contractor. Bantayan mo ang movement nya (labas pasok ba sya ng bansa? his banks? acquisitions?) and his current projects. You will need information kapag magpa-execute ka ng judgment.

    That's what I forgot to mention in my post, after construction, not everything is perfect. Back jobs are common and after the 1-year warranty period you'll really pray hard na walang pumalpak.

    That said, during construction, babantayan mo rin ang mga trabahor for pilferage and to ensure acceptable workmanship. I don't want to generalize, pero makakatyempo ka ng mga walang malasakit na mga trabahador na aksayado sa materyales, baboy/pabaya gumamit ng mga materyales at facilities (kapag gawa na during finishing) and so on. Halos hindi nga marunong to clean up the mess they made. Tsk, tsk! Ewan ko ba, meron talaga walang professionalism. Sabi nga ng friend ko "Maging mabait ka or balasubas sa mga trabahador eh parehong serbisyo lang makukuha mo. Magiging balasubas na lang din ako!" :)

    May alam naman ako, she got a very good deal on a foreclosed property. She bought a 400 sq. m. lot in Pasig (hindi binaha) with a 2-storey house (marble sa ground floor and parquet sa 2nd floor) for P2.6M. Okay daw ang foundation and structural details dahil contractor ang dating may-ari. She's very happy with her purchase and didn't mind shelling out extra money para magpa-ayos ng kaunti at magpa-landscape.

    Personally, I've experienced an outright purchase of a townhouse (na hindi namin tinuloy dahil sa problema with the developer) and we demanded the full refund of our downpayment and construction of a house (na so far ay okay naman).

    Ayan, ang bading ko, di ko tuloy alam kung papanig ako sa bumili na lang or magpagawa. Hahahaha!
  • Maraming sakit sa ulo ang magpagawa ng house.

    Renovation lang nga e may pilferage pa.

    That said, I prefer buying built house, not necessarily new as long as materials used are Class A++ and location is premium as long as price is fair..
  • KirbsKirbs PExer
    Sad to say may mga contractors talaga na kampon ni satanas...i had a friedn who renovated his kithcen....after paying his downpayment...ok naman...then the contractor asked for the balance kahit di pa tapos...my friend naman paid (tsk tsk guys don't ever pay in full ng di pa tapos ang work!)...after paying in full the contractor went on a slow pace by limiting workers at jobsite. I suspect he had other projects to do and he put workers on another j0bsite....tsk tsk
  • Hi happy_pomelo!

    Am glad you agree with me when it comes to present day construction woes. It is so sad that this happens to a lot of people nowadays, is it the quality of the construction industry now or are there too many wrong people getting involved in this field. I personally have moved on after this traumatic episode in my life, wish I just bought a built house already and just renovated to tailor it to my needs. Right now I really do not care if I win or lose in court, the way things are done in this country, these contractors mahilig manuhol mga yan, so we are expecting the worst.
    I have a good friend or kumare who recently had a similar experience, she married into this well heeled family. After a few years they had a house done by a supposedly good and honest contractor, recommended by one of her rotary friend. Mind you she had all my problems and then some. She graduated sa PSID (Philippine School of Interior Design), so she is not at all stupid on these things. She had a hand in the almost day to day construction work, and all her stories about as you said pilferage, pagnanakaw, sleeping on the job, etc are realized. There are 2 styles of work when you hire worker, its ARAWAN or PAKYAWAN. Arawan is paid daily, but workers move like molasses. Pakyawan they will finish a small job for a fee, and its usually high, they finish asap BUT the quality of the workmanship parang minadali. Both cases you get irritated since its you who is at a loss, not them. Sometimes daw when she comes early, the people ask all sort of materials, mam kailangan pa ng pako, kahoy, whatever. You naman all day running to different hardwares and they sleep on the job! The contractor she hired medyo nagmamatigas na sa payment, kulang daw ang bayad despite the fact he agreed on the price before and reneged on the promise to finish the job, hence she hired extra workers on her own. They are ALL in cahoots against the owner and would rob her blind, their common agenda is to get MORE MONEY, DRAG the work LONGER so they have a job til xmas, humihingi pa ng pamasko, etc. They were even initially asking for merienda everyday, til she got fed up.

    Eventually the final work was not satisfactory, alot of her tiles and marble flooring had some chip, even cracks. Yung finishing ng paint on some areas magaspang at not as flat or umaalon. Her imported bathroom fixtures which she chose ang daming gasgas, same with the kitchen. She said that if she did not put her personal appearance the work could have been a lot worse, not to mention mas mahal gastos. That contractor after finishing the job got married and had his honeymoon abroad, much to her disgust since she knew she financed his wedding and all, plus an SUV pa!

    That kumare of mine after her house was done now looks 10 years older because of the headache of doing her house for 2 years straight.
  • ^^^^Hay so TRUE!!!

    I am only having my kitchen renovated...my hubby has to make pukpok those contractors pa.

    BTW, one tip: don't use one contractor for the whole house...what we do is, painting, electrical, plumbing- one contractor; cabinets- another one. Kitchen- another. Wag pakyawan and pay in installments.
  • prisma wrote: »
    ^^^^Hay so TRUE!!!

    I am only having my kitchen renovated...my hubby has to make pukpok those contractors pa.

    BTW, one tip: don't use one contractor for the whole house...what we do is, painting, electrical, plumbing- one contractor; cabinets- another one. Kitchen- another. Wag pakyawan and pay in installments.

    in my experience, i used one contractor for 9 years (for a single house) - reading others experience here seem strange to me.
  • rationalrational PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Then you have found a gem. Hang on to him at all cost!
  • stufidastufida PEx Rookie ⭐
    for me...i have tried and tested every possible ways para makamura sa lahat lahat...unfortunately for the past 6 years unsuccessful ang kinahinatnan..just recently lang i realized kung anu ang dapat gawin para maging maayos ang contruction at makaiwas sa hazzles and inconviniences...kung kelan patapos na.
  • stufidastufida PEx Rookie ⭐
    sakit na yata talaga ng mga contractor...na kung kelan patapos na ang contruction...dun pa sila bumabagal imbes na tapusin na agad...its even worst pa...totally hindi na nila tatapusin at iiwanan na ang project!!!

    oh my gulay!!! kalowka talaga
  • Mas mura ba magpagawa ng bahay na hiwalay ang pagkuha ng architect at contractor? Or mas makakamura kung package deal ang architect at contractor? Help pls.
  • Just hire me. Send me your details thru PM. Thanks.
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