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Mike Enriquez: Better paid than Ayala Boys

Better paid than Ayala boys :eek::eek::eek:


April 19, 2010

THE barking dog-voice of network anchor Miguel “Mike” Enriquez might grate the ears of a number of viewers, but such style of news delivery apparently has financial bite, chewing off even the senior executive compensation package of top conglomerate Ayala Corp.

Enriquez, the public face of GMA Network, along with chairmen/president/chief executive Felipe Gozon, Gilberto Duavit Jr., Felipe Yalong, Marissa Flores and Wilma Galvante, last year took home a combined P157.3 million in salaries and bonuses, for an average pay check of P26.21 million each.

In contrast, the 13 foreign educated suits at the holding company of the Zobels cleared P283.3 million as a group, for an average take-home pay of P21.79 million each.

Even better, the top six GMA-7 executives are also entitled to a 1.5-percent incentive share out of the network’s net income, year after year. Last year, the Gozon-Duavit-Jimenez network netted P2.8 billion.

You do the math, but for 2009 the profit share meant an additional P7 million windfall for Enriquez and each of the GMA top dogs.

Over at the competing ABS-CBN, the five honchos led by recycled bachelor Eugenio Lopez III reported a combined salary-and-bonus package of P97.111 million last year, which translated into a more modest P16.18 million for each executive. Unlike GMA, the Lopez network has no profit share-provision.


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