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So what radio station will follow the footsteps of 89.1 DMZ? Non-stop mixing on air?

So we all know that Quest have taken over 89.1DMZ-The Nation's No.1 Dance Music Station. Most of the radio stations now are actually following DMZ's non-stop music in the mix! Notice 89.9TM came up with "Quarter Mixes"? 93.9KCFM as well. Just to name some of them who made it a point to make "non-stop" mixing a part of their program.
The ONLY difference between those "other stations" and DMZ is that, DMZ Jocks are all professional disc jockeys (club djs).Can they beat that???!!
Emaphatic no....

Will they ever outdo what 89.1DMZ had done in the past 11 years? Will there be another 89.1 Dance Music Zone station in the making?

Too bad...The things they shared to all the listeners came to an end...

What do you think?....


  • Well said! I vouch for Power 108, though they mostly cater to the hip-hop and R&B crowd. Some of them are DJs too (I mean, DJs in the real sense of the word)! They also have DJ M.O.D. (a.k.a. Noel Macanaya, trhe partner of DJ Ouch) on Fridays/Saturdays.


  • I haven't really listened to Power 108 yet. Are they doing non-stop mixing of songs,too?

    Anyway, I think that DMZ's privatization was quite untimely because I noticed that DJs and mixing are the "in" thing right now. Just take a look at channel 23's MYX! They're updating us on what's happening to the dj world.

    I hope the guys of DMZ (jocks) will get back on-the-air soon. Actually, I miss some of them like their new lady jock "BLARE" who really chooses her music and sounds very sweet AND I heard that she really IS a professional dj and it's one reason I got stuck listening to her every early afternoons! There's also chinaman,ouch! and force...They are really good djs. All with oozing talents and great sense of humor, unlike "Quest" jocks...hehehe!!! To be REALLY honest...
  • TaobakoinayTaobakoinay Clay Court Specialist
    I miss DMZ !!!!

    "DMZ Jocks are all professional disc jockeys"

    That's what I miss about this station, they really know how to spin the stuff they have :)

    Power 108 is okay except for some of their new DJ's (i think I sound better than some of them :p)

  • Yeah...We all miss 89.1 DMZ....
    and I'm not over with it yet cause whenever I listen to TM or KCFM or RT, etc., their formats remind sooo much of DMZ- truly THEY ARE THE INNOVATOR NOT THE IMMITATOR!!!

    Most of the people I've talked to actually think that Quest was very stupid to "reformat" the station. They already have "Citylite 88.3", then there's "103.5Klite" and here goes the new baby Wave89.1 which, I personally think just to make sure that their one and only competiton in the radio survey is completely eradicated!!! O diba?! AMININ....(hehehe)

    I guess what we all wonder now is where and when can listen the DMZ jocks again....?

    We miss you...PEEWEE,CHINAMAN,OUCH!,FORCE,and BLARE!!!

    I hope that some of you who know them will inform us or at least update us on what's happening with these wonderful jocks of DMZ as of this time...yun lang...
  • i missed their "wave 180" program every sunday
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