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Hey Faithfools the new album has already been released. It also includes a VCD containing 2 videos -- Sumasarap ang Gising & Awit Para Sa Kanya. Grab a copy.
SPREAD THE FAITH !!! :smokin:


  • I've seen the video of Sumasarap Ang Gising... it was quite aliw... the kid was aliw when he tried making caricatures of everyone....

    can anybody post the songs on the album?
  • Galing! Sa Nescafe Commercial siguro gagamitin yung kanta. Aliw pa't naki-jam si Pepe Smith kina Medwin sa video. Woohoo!!! Hehehe!!!

  • Hey Faithfools!
    Check out a long article on Truefaith in the May issue of PULP Magazine available at Tower Records or National Bookstore.
    SPREAD THE FAITH !!! :smokin:
  • I wrote that one. ;) It was a blast doing it, too. I hope you think I did justice to the band. :D
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