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  • jeune_fillejeune_fille i roared and i rampaged PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    hp pavilion entertainment tx2000, service center says sira ang video card sa motherboard, only repair possible is to replace the whole motherboard. it will cost 32k according sa quotation ng hp. what best to do? sa baul/basurahan na lang ba talaga ang punta ng hp laptop na toh?

    Pareho tayo ng problem. Yun akin dinala ko sa HotToyz sa may St. Francis sa ortigas. Napalitan ko sya ng 9K ang presyo. Meron pang 6 months warranty.
  • joseph971joseph971 Gone PExer
    HELP ME...

    May start up o may boot error sa Laptop ko

    Bakit kay???

    yung blue screen tapos may system error, mare-restore pa ba yun??.. pano?/..

    ang dami ko pa namang important file sa notebook ko... heeeeelllllppppp!!!
  • sour milksour milk Animo :) PExer
    ^were you able to take note of the error displayed nung nag-blue screen? it's kinda important that you do kasi mas madali ang pag-troubleshoot. check mo kung may na-install kang software na hindi compatible sa system mo, or may nawawalang system files. ilang beses na akong natitira ng bsod and none of my files have disappeared naman.
  • SoulExchangeSoulExchange 青春フールパワー PEx Expert 🎖️
    minsan po di gumagana yung keyboard at yung parang mouse na pad ng laptop ko..

    so no choice ako kundi i-turn off sa power

    bakit ganon?
  • tsukiyomitsukiyomi Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    minsan pag nag sastart up... may sounds na disturbing.... parang naglalag..
  • Papichulo168Papichulo168 Simplified. PExer
    Biglang ayaw gumana ng Bluetooth ng laptop ko. Ininstall ko na ulit yung driver pero lumalabas pa rin yung error na failed to install driver or something.
  • BerryCheeseBerryCheese genetically-sweet PExer
    battery indicator says its fully charged & there's this red x mark over the battery icon. but once unplugged it will immediately warned of not having enough bat charged, can't keep it on for long otherwise it will automatically shutdown. also how do i check the battery cel of my acer laptop. thanks.
  • suvari_09suvari_09 Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    my laptop hangs then blue screen then my sounds tpos asking for reboot..what to do?
  • laswooshlaswoosh Member PExer
    any laptop technician who is reliable that you can suggest? i think hard drive lang ang problema. so bubuksan lang laptop to plug unplug first, and if di parin ok, to install a new one.

    also, how do i attempt to get the files contained in my not working hd?
  • LesLes Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Most laptop hard disks are pretty easy to remove because you can access them by unscrewing a bottom panel. You can use a USB enclosure/adapter to access the files (if the file system is intact), otherwise you need to fix any errors first. I personally use Ultimate Boot CD's utilities, especially SeaTools for DOS if the HD is a Seagate one. If you're not comfortable with doing these then have it fixed by someone knowledgeable, though I can't recommend anyone.
  • xielaxiela Member PExer
    pa recommend nga po ng movie maker para sa windows 7 laptop ko... yung mga ibang dinownload ko hindi po pwede dahil sa SCREEN RESOLUTION.... maliit po yung screen ng eee pc ko
  • Ano na nagyari kay TS?

    Anyway, my problem is the battery life issue on Windows 7 laptops. Apparently this issue has been a documented Windows 7 issue but remain unresolved. The issue is the life of the battery shortens considerably and I am getting a notification "consider replacing your battery" and the laptop is just 16 months old.
  • LesLes Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Maybe you can try doing a battery gauge reset to see if anything changes. This just involves draining the battery completely then recharging fully.
  • ^
    Tried that already. No improvements.
  • suvari_09suvari_09 Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    please help my asus laptop A42J showing blue screen..
  • creexscreexs Member PExer
    I have a problem with my laptop, Acer Aspire siya.
    Madalas magflicker yung screen niya. Ano yung ways para maayos ito?
  • tarzanxxxtarzanxxx Member PExer
    Webside wrote: »
    post lang po kung ano mga problems ng mga laptops nyo and we can give free advices that you may consult to your local stores.

    from software to board issues ----

    Hello Webside,

    I want to format my laptop pero yung drivers wala. Can i use a usb to boot then format?

    What link or site can u recommend for this?

    Paano yung mga sound drivers, video drivers? how are they installed?
  • jondybirdjondybird Inhinyero PExer
    Your opinion please.

    Error: Hard Disk Failure
    Recommendation from Technician: Replace Hard Disk


    Is it possible to use a External HDD as a replacement for the old HDD.

    (I will be removing my external HDD on it's enclosure in order to use as
    a replacement of my Failed HDD).

    Problem Encountered:

    Since an External HDD is connected thru USB, magkaiba sila ng connection ng
    HDD ng laptop, parang pins *** nasa laptop eh unlike sa external HDD naka usb.

    any idea on what to do?
    any recommendations and feedback?

    thanks in advance!
  • jomarrjomarr Audiogeek PExer
    Ang bilis uminit ng laptop ko. *** laptop naman ng sister ko hindi.. Mahirap kasi minsan nag lalag siya ng sobra pag sobrang uminit eh. :(
  • kimotkimot Member PExer
    buksan mo laptop mo, baka may nakabarang dusts sa fan ng laptop mo kaya di makalabas ng maayos yunghangin, palitan mo na rin yung thermal paste, elevate mo ng konti yung ilalim para may airflow

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