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  • ilovebeauty56ilovebeauty56 Member PExer
    My predictions for Miss Brasil
    WINNER - Minas Gerais
    1RU - Rio Grande do Norte
    2RU - Tocantins
    3RU - Distrito Federal
    4RU - Par?","
  • herl_17herl_17 Member PExer
    [B]Miss Brazil 2010 - Updates[/B].

    [B]TOP 10[/B]

    Rio de Janeiro
    Minas Gerais
    Distrito Federal
    Rio Grande do Sul
    Mato Grosso
  • PG14PG14 Member PExer
    [B]PG14's predictions

    Miss C?te d'Ivoire 2010[/b]
    WINNER - Koffi Marina
    1st RU - Diaha Perle Audrey
    2nd RU - Kouyat? Nagnakal?","
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭
    Bumping our calendar ...

    May 7 - Miss World Canada
    May 8 - Miss Brazil Universe
    May 9 - Miss Bahamas
    May 11 - Martinique Queens
    May 13 - A Kiralyno (Miss Hungary)
    May 14 - Beauty of the World
    May 14 - Miss Universe Slovenia
    May 15 - Miss Malaysia Universe
    May 16 - Miss USA
    May 22 - Miss Botswana
    May 22 - Miss Kosova Universe
    May 22 - Miss Peru World
    May 22 - Miss Ukraine World
    May 22 - Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria
    May 23 - Miss Azerbaijan
    May 28 - I Am She : Miss India Universe
    May 28 - Miss Iceland
    May 28 - Miss Ivory Coast
    May 28 - Miss Singapore Universe
    May 29 - Miss Paraguay
    May 29 - Miss Sierra Leone World
    May 29 - Miss SVG
    Jun 1 - Miss Indonesia World
    Jun 5 - Miss Earth Switzerland
    Jun 5 - Miss Universe Argentina
    Jun 5 - Miss Universe New Zealand
    Jun 5 - Miss Universe Sweden
    Jun 5 - Miss World Argentina
    Jun 5 - Miss Zambia World
    Jun 6 - Miss & Mister Croatia World
    Jun 9 - Miss Earth Guam
    Jun 12 - Miss World Italy
    Jun 13 - Miss Deutschland
    Jun 14 - Miss Universe Canada
    Jun 17 - Miss World Panama
    Jun 17 - Miss Universe Australia
    Jun 19 - Miss Gibraltar
    Jun 19 - Scottish Sun Miss Scotland
    Jun 20 - Miss Serbia
    Jun 21 - Miss Northern Ireland
    Jun 23 - Miss World Australia
    Jun 26 - Miss Wales
    Jul 2 - Miss Carival
    Jul 4 - Miss Jamaica Universe
    Jul 9 - Miss Universe Romania
    Jul 10 - Miss Florida USA
    Jul 12 - Miss Barbados World
    Jul 17 - Miss Guadeloupe International
    Jul 17 - Miss Honduras World
    Jul 17 - Miss T&T World
    Jul 17 - Miss World Malta
    Jul 21 - Miss Hong Kong
    Jul 24 - Miss Teen USA
    Jul 25 - Miss Korea
    Jul 30 - Miss Suriname
    Aug 8 - Miss World Brazil
    Aug 14 - Miss Thailand World
    Aug 15 - Miss Vietnam World
    Aug 21 - Miss Jamaica World
    Aug 21 - Miss Togo
    Aug 27 - Miss Poland World
    Aug 28 - Miss Singapore World
    Aug 28 - Miss Slovenia World
    Aug 28 - Miss Uganda
    Sep 1 - Miss England
    Sep 4 - Miss Bonaire
    Sep 5 - Miss Texas USA
    Sep 22 - Miss China World
    Sep 25 - Miss French Polynesia
    Sep 25 - Miss Switzerland
    Sep 26 - Miss Tourism Queen International
    Oct 3 - Miss New Jersey USA
    Oct 3 - Miss Oregon USA
    Oct 5 - Miss China International
    Oct 10 - Miss Washington USA
    Oct 16 - Miss Tennessee USA
    Oct 23 - Miss Czech Republic
    Oct 24 - Miss Nebraska USA
    Oct 24 - Miss West Virginia USA
    Oct 30 - Miss Louisiana USA
    Nov 6 - Miss North Carolina USA
    Nov 6 - Miss World
    Nov 14 - Miss Missouri USA
    Nov 16 - Se?orita Colombia
    Nov 20 - Miss South Carolina USA
    Nov 21 - Miss Illinois USA
    Nov 27 - Miss Maine USA
    Nov 28 - Miss International
    Nov 28 - Miss Oklahoma USA
    Nov 28 - Miss Pennsylvania USA
    Nov 28 - Miss Texas Teen USA
    Dec 19 - Miss Kansas USA
    Jan 9 - Miss Arkansas USA
    Mar 5 - Miss Universe Slovak Republic
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭
    The Road to Miss Universe® 2010

    So far, there are 43* contestants.

    ANGOLA Jurema Ferraz
    ARUBA Priscilla Lee
    BELGIUM Cilou Annys
    BOLIVIA Claudia Arce
    COLOMBIA Natalia Navarro
    COSTA RICA Marva Wright
    CROATIA Lana Obad
    CURACAO Safira de Wit
    CYPRUS Demetra Olympiou
    CZECH REPUBLIC Jitka Valkova
    ECUADOR Lady Mina
    FINLAND Viivi Pumpanen
    FRANCE Malika Menard*
    GEORGIA Nanuka Gogichaishvili
    GREAT BRITAIN Tara Hoyos-Martinez
    GUATEMALA Alejandra Barillas
    INDONESIA Qory Sandioriva
    ISRAEL Bat-El Jobi
    ITALY Raffaella Modugno*
    JAPAN Maiko Itai
    KAZAKHSTAN Symbat Madyarova*
    KOREA Kim Joo-Ri
    MAURITIUS Dalysha Doorga
    MEXICO Jimena Navarrete
    MONTENEGRO Nikolina Loncar*
    NICARAGUA Scharllette Allen
    PHILIPPINES Maria Venus Raj*
    POLAND Maria Nowakowska
    PUERTO RICO Mariana Vicente
    RUSSIA Irina Antonenko*
    SERBIA Lidija Kocic
    SLOVAK REPUBLIC Anna Amenova
    SOUTH AFRICA Nicole Flint
    TANZANIA Hellen Dausen
    THAILAND Fonthip Watcharatrakul
    TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Latoya Woods
    UKRAINE Anna Poslavskaya
    URUGUAY Stephany Ortega
    VENEZUELA Marelisa Gibson

    *Awaiting official confirmation
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭

    Miss Universe New Zealand 2010 will be crowned on June 5 at Duxton Hotel Wellington in Wellington.

    Winner will represent New Zealand in Miss Universe® 2010.

    Stay tuned for updates.

    Special thanks to Jack Yan.
  • ilovebeauty56ilovebeauty56 Member PExer

    New photos of Miss Beni 2010, Mar?a Teresa Roca.


    24-year-old Maria stands 5'10'' and will represent Beni in Miss Bolivia 2010 pageant to be held in July.

    Courtesy of El Deber
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭
    ^ I can't remember the last time a beniana won any of the Miss Bolivia crowns.

    Let's see how far Maria Teresa will go this year.
  • ilovebeauty56ilovebeauty56 Member PExer

    Miss Universe GB 2010, Tara Hoyos Martinez.

    Courtesy of impre
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭
    I have an ugly feeling Miss Universe® Zambia 2010 was postponed to another date ... :shrug:
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭

    Miss Universe GB 2010, Tara Hoyos Martinez.

    Courtesy of impre


    A national embarrassment for Great Britain ... the land of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell ... and all they could come up with is this!!!

    If the sultry-sexy Clair Cooper couldn't end their Miss Universe drought, this girl surely WON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :mad: :ayaw:
  • ilovebeauty56ilovebeauty56 Member PExer

    Czech beauties.



    Courtesy of novinky
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭
    ^ Czech Republic World is definitely more stylish.

    You could put her in a pair of the plainest jeans or shirt and she can make it work!!!

    As opposed to Jitka, who looks horrible in most of her casual shots. She needs to work on her styling.
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭

    Miss Universe® Great Britain 2010 Tara Hoyos-Martinez

    1st RU - Kelly Pesticcio
    2nd RU - Kathryn Lane

    Special thanks Michael Knittel!
    Photo credit: Miss Universe® Great Britain
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭
    ^ What a DISASTER!!! :ayaw:

    She should lose like 30 lbs or something!!!

    Then let's work from there!!!
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G warm regards ✭✭✭

    The application deadline for Frøken Norge 2010 has been extended until May 20.

    The finals date and venue have yet to be officially announced.

    The Frøken Norge Universe 2010 winner will represent Norway in Miss Universe® 2010.

    Frøken Norge World 2010 goes to Miss World 2010 this November.

    Stay tuned for updates.

    Courtesy of Frøken Norge.
  • MissaMissa Member PExer
    Hungary - A Kir?lynő 2010

    Photos from the Miss Talent competition. It was held on 30 April. Since then the Miss Charity and Miss Sport competitions were held too, and I suppose the Miss Bikini contest was held today, because tomorrow will be held the press conference and the 4 winners of these competitions will be announced there. They automatically go to the final.

    2 other girls will be announced tomorrow, but they will be eliminated.


    Petra Kovecses

    Greta Farkas

    Evelin Beres

    Renata Misik

    Zsofia Somogyi

    Final will be held on 13 May

    Winner will go to Miss World 2010
    1st ru will go to Miss Universe 2010
    2nd ru will go to Miss Earth 2010

    See more photos here:
  • ICE-CUBE72ICE-CUBE72 Member PExer
    VENUS RAJ, Miss Philippines-Universe 2010 !


  • MissaMissa Member PExer
    Hungary - A Kir?lynő 2010

    See photos from the Miss Sport competition here:

    See photos from the Miss Charity event here:
  • PG14PG14 Member PExer

    Miss USA 2010





    Courtesy of T-pageant

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