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Pag-usapan Natin ang Buwis | Let's Talk About Tax

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I'm an online seller, shipping items from China to Philippines.
I was wondering kung paano po maiiwasan ang malalaking taxes.
I've tried UPS, they billed me P2055 for 7.6kgs.
I've heard kasi there are others na hindi naman pinagbabayad ng tax kahit masmabigat mga items and packages nila.
Can someone help me to avoid those taxes?
Another thing, bakit parang iba-iba ata ng computation bawat courier? How do they compute it? Ang gulo kasi eh, lalo na ang DHL.


  • council wrote: »
    Are you talking of taxes (due to cost of items) or cost of shipping itself?
    i don't know. i think cost of items...??
    ang dami na namin actually na nadadali eh. there are some sellers who don't get to pay tax, while kami, kahit konti lang, ang laki ng tax! halos nakakasunog ng bulsa.
  • Hello there!

    If you have some clarifications about tax, feel free to post your issues and I will try to discuss and clarify them for you. Thanks.
  • I need to know, kung kami ang main branch at nagbabayad kami ng tax, yung aming mga franchisee/dealer ba ay magbabayad pa rin ng tax nila?
  • Opo. kayo po na main branch at yung franchisee o dealer nyo should also pay taxes. kasi po magkaiba po ang personalidad ng paggagawa ng negosyo nyo. kaya po kayo at ang franchisee o dealer nyo should also register with the BIR office or RDO na may jurisdiction sa lugar ng negosyo nyo.
  • Ah, okay. Thanks a lot :)
  • legaladvis wrote: »
    Hello there!

    If you have some clarifications about tax, feel free to post your issues and I will try to discuss and clarify them for you. Thanks.

    sir question lang regarding tax on lease.

    Rent 20,000
    plus 12%evat + 2,400
    less 5%ewt - 1,000 (to be remitted to BIR by us)
    total 21400

    tama ba na kame ang magbayad lahat ng VAT? ang alam ko kasi 5%lang ang samin.
    kung mali ako, can you please show me the right computation.
    The rental is 20,000(exclusive of vat). What is the right amount to be paid to the lessor and to BIR? Thank you.
  • The VAT from Rent is known and recorded in the books as Input VAT. This Input VAT shall be deducted from the VAT on Sales known and recorded in the books as Output VAT. Thus the amount to be paid to the BIR shall be the net amount of Output VAT minus Input VAT. Thus, if your total VATable Sales is Php 100,000 while the total VAT expenses is Php 50,000 the output VAT is Php 12,000 minus input VAT of Php Php 6,000 the amount to be remitted to the BIR is Php 6,000. Use BIR Form 2550M for monthly VAT remittance and BIR Form 2550Q for quarterly VAT remittance.

    The first question actually who are liable to pay register under VAT: The answer is all individual or corporation, with gross sales of at least Php 1.5 Million for any 12 month period.

    Thus if you sales is below Php 1.5 Million, it is optional to register under VAT regime.

    If you are not registered or opted not to register under VAT regime if sales is below Php 1.5 Million, your purchases may be subject to VAT.

    It is important that if you opt not to register under VAT regime that you should not issue a VAT OR or VAT Invoice.

    Medyo complicated ang VAT. You dont even mentioned the nature of business you are into.
  • sir we are under the food and beverage category and registered as non-VAT, under 1.5M gross sale per annum.

    I just want to clarify if it is right for the lessor to charged us an additional 7% of rental. in our case rental is 20,000/month plus 1400(7%EVAT). Aside from the 1000(5%EWT) that we will pay to BIR monthly.
  • Dapat nga 12 percent pa. VAT per se is different from EWT. VAT is a sales tax while EWT is an advance payment of income tax. But since you are a non vat entity, the whole input vat charged to you is considered as an added tax burden since kayo na magshoshoulder ng whole amount. unlike if you are a vat registered machacharged nyo yan sa output tax. but you have to assess the benefit.

    Actually, the EWT is not a tax you will shoulder since it is deducted sa rental payments nyo sa lessor. SInce dapat 20k ebabayad nyo sa kanila nagiging 19k lang since yung 1k eh ebabayad nyo sa BIR for his account kaya whenever you remit the BIR Form 1601 E may nakakabit na list of suppliers na binawasan nyo ang payment for remittance to the BIR.

    so you tax na kayo talaga ang sasagot eh yong EVAT lang since yung ewt amount is deducted sa dapat nyong ibayad sa lessor and you will only give him a BIR form 2307 to certificy that you remitted it to the bir.

    Since you are non vat, di kayo magfile ng 2550m and 2550q, what you will pay is just the 3% percentage tax based on sale and use BIR form 2551m and 2661q.
  • Let me correct myself.... the last line of my last response should be read as 2551m and 2551q.
  • Dear all,

    If anyone is interested for a one on one tax orientation or group tax training for you, your family or your employees, please do not hesitate to contact me... I will be glad to be of help for you.

    I can also help in the discussion on tax avoidance, estate planning, tax free exchange, tax rulings, etc.

    I also provide help in local taxes or taxes imposed by the Cities or Municipalities, so if you have question feel free to raise them.
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  • Hi,

    Meron po bang web based application or simply excel sheet na merong formula on how to check your income tax return? or kahit yung monthly salary? just to verify na tama yung pagta-tax ng employer. Thanks.
  • Hi Referral Boy,

    Im not aware of any since iba iba kasi ang tax rules. But I will not be surprised if meron na. But It needs to be customized sa employees classification ng company mo.
  • Payroll Tips

    If you want your employees to have a higher take home pay..maximized the de minimis benefits instead of giving an across the wage increase.

    The de minimis benefits is separate and different in determining the Php 30,000 worth of benefits which is exempted from taxation.
  • Sir kung lessor po ano po mga requirements para ma register sa bir saka paano po ang taxation dun? Kung mga 100-300k per year lang naman ang kinikita, vatable ba yun? May nagsabi kasi sakin na may min daw na dapat kinikita ang negosyante para mag sumite sa bir pero kung below sa min d daw required mag sumite ng itr? Nalilito po kasi ako dun. Thank u po
  • If you are earning below 1.5 million di ka subject sa VAT but you may be liable to percentage tax. kailangan sa bir for registration are dti, business registration sa cityhall, barangay clearance. pero whatever you are earning dapat magfile pa rin ng ITR. ang ITR is an income tax while ang VAT is a different tax, bali usage tax ang VAT where yung burden of taxation is shouldered by the ultimate user or consumer while in income tax ang burden ay shouldered by the income tax payer itself.
  • pag more than one municipality po yun pinapa rent, san rdo po kailangan i register ang TIN? Pwede po ba ang place (municipality) of residence?
  • sir ask ko lang po.. pag mag start ba ng small business.. ano po ang mas advantage para sa naguumpisa pa lang.. non vat or vat registered? maraming salamat po.
  • do the necessary analysis sa costs composition mo na subject sa VAT, if the VAT in your costs is just minimal and your gross sales is less than 1.5 million pesos i suggest not to register sa VAT but still you are liable sa 3% percentage tax.

    if the VAT in your costs is a major costs and your gross sales is less than 1.5 million pesos i suggest check your pricing if magiging competitive pa rin price ng goods mo if yes register sa VAT,, if not magiging competitive and you have a good mark up to cover the said VAT on purchases opt not to register with VAT but still you are liable sa 3% percentage tax.

    pero most of the small business with projected annual sales of less than 1.5 million opt not to register with vat but im n ot sure if they do the necessary analysis.
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