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whats your favorite guitar? amp? effects? pick? strings? and why?

my favorite guitar is the Fender Stratocaster, specially the late 60's early 70's models, the one w/ the jumbo headstock, bullet truss rodd...

for the amp, it depends on what kinda music i play, usually i just plug the guitar to a Fender Ultimate Chorus...

how bout you guys?


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    i used FENDER strat,one rosewood and one maple neck all from US,i prefer Fender twin reverb amps..PEAVEY is kewl as well..i prefer BOSS bcb 6..(metal zone, OD,DD5,super chorus ,,and acoustic simulator) but im using digitech RP 1 coz its much eaasier to use.,,i use ERNIE BALL super slinky strings`jim dunlop .60 and .73 gauge picks,

    i got IBANEZ RG series with evolution bridge pick ups..
    GRECO les paul twin HUMBUCKING,and YAMAHA accoustic gutar
  • how much is an Ibanez RG series guitar now-a-days?
    i've never really owned any Ibanez guitar..
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    Originally posted by xtian
    how much is an Ibanez RG series guitar now-a-days?
    i've never really owned any Ibanez guitar..

    the cost ranges from $3000 to 10000 $(hk $)
  • I'm looking for a Roland Space Echo or any other echo machines/pedals. Email me at [email protected] Thanks
  • question lang, what do you prefer regarding pickup configurations, yung gaya ng strat na single or yung twin humbucking?

  • xtianxtian PExer
    i'm a huge fan of the fender strat, i prefer the sound of a single coil pickup... FOR THE NECK... but at times it gets kinda boring so i sometimes switch to a guitar w/ humbucking neck pickups...

    for the bridge, i prefer humbucking pickups... and i bet most guitar players have the same opinion... or maybe not..
  • J?bJ?b PExer
    xtian. you know where
    they get those devices
    that they hold over the
    pickups to coax violin
    sounds off an electric?

    err. what are they called-
  • `pEtRuCci`pEtRuCci Ю??m ??? ??? ?ѡ??",2,"6be6d8f1a9d8dec5f5f5583dd3b98898/!O
    u mean a guitar synth? GR1 or GR9?
  • xtianxtian PExer
    Guitar Synth...
    mahal yan pare!
    meron ang Korg nyan!
    sa perfect pitch meron nyan

    kaso pang rhythm lang yan e.. pag nag play ka ng mabilis dyan nahuhuli yung notes! hehe comedy..
  • igutzigutz PExer
    anybody hear wanna trade guitars? i own an re-issue black gibson les paul...
  • xtianxtian PExer
    i won't have anything to trade for it, but if you'll sell it to me for a reasonable price i might take it into consideration...

  • have any of you tried the vintage tube amps, i've heard na they really have a certain distinct quality na hindi pa rin daw mapantayan ng solid state equipment. whatcha think?

  • `pEtRuCci`pEtRuCci Ю??m ??? ??? ?ѡ??",2,"6be6d8f1a9d8dec5f5f5583dd3b98898/!O

    yep.... a FENDER TWIN REVERB...habang umiinit..gumaganda
    try it.. :cool:
  • xtianxtian PExer

    aliw din yung Fender Hot Rodd series.. all tube amp for an affordable price! pero hindi naman ata vintage yon e! hehehe
  • how much would a fender twin cost nowadays?

  • about 15000....
  • Have any of you guys checked out Line6 POD? if you get a chance check this little thing out. pretty amazing little gear. its primarily for recording but it also kicks *****$ on stage. i had a chance to use it while jamming with some friends over the weekend. the amp sim on this thing is incredible. i was running it directly to a beat up marshall head with nothing else and it sounds phenomenal. the twin reverb sim is probably the most accurate you'll find out there. we hooked it up to a pc and into cakewalk and that works pretty good too. enjoy!
  • xtianxtian PExer
    Originally posted by anakin
    how much would a fender twin cost nowadays?


    105,000 PhP
  • xtianxtian PExer
    Originally posted by DEATHCRAYON

    2500 pare (0919 - 3396452, paul yap)
    d ako sure kung nabenta na ba nya o hindi ah...

    meron din ako nyan e, pero d ko binebenta! hehe sayang e! mahal mahal na kse ng brand new e! 6 thousand plus na ang metal zone e! bili ko don 2500 lang din e! brand new pa! hehe
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