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Villar doesn't want to go first on psychiatric and lie detection test

n Cebu City, Aquino said Villar would have to take the psychiatric test first because he could not seem to differentiate real from fake stories.

“He continues to insist on giving credibility to a clearly fake report,” he said.

“Where is the grasp of reality in a person aspiring for the presidency, when you want to make what is fake real, your sanity for one will be questioned.”

Aquino said the document on his supposed mental health being circulated had been proven to be manufactured after the Ateneo de Manila University’s psychology department had denied its authenticity.

“Since he is challenging me, let him do it first,” he said.

“It’s very simple, that is part of their (script). If we take his statement at face value, it would look valid, reasonable.

“But I ask you, I asked him to have a debate early on, up to now he has not granted me the opportunity after saying anytime, anywhere and anyplace.”

Aquino said he would not fall into the trap of Villar, who had been risking all to win the presidency.

“I really think they are doing me a service by showing how crass, how baseless, how trivial they are, and to what depths they can sink in trying to advance their political career,” he said.

“So I think it heightens the difference between them and us. And I’m sure the Filipino people will choose wisely.”

Sagot ni Villar

“I am ready for all kinds of tests,” he said.

“But he ( referring to Noynoy ) should undergo that (psychiatric test) first. I do not want to further comment on that.”

“All my life, I have experienced many ups and downs. Because I fought for my principle, I was removed as speaker of the House, and as Senate president on the prodding of President Arroyo.” –

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