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Lady GodGa: Most Original Artist, Style Icon, Best Singer, new Queen of Pop

def. the best thing that ever happened to Pop since Madonna.
Other girls are just irrelevant. Christina just can't compete, Britney's way past her prime, and totally lost it. Beyonce begs to work with her just to have a hit. Satan can't even make Rihanna sing & dance properly. Madonna needs to sit in her wheelchair, nobody knows her. Mariah needs to retire and head to Aretha farm.

She love her fans, and her fans love her back. Her album is the best pop album that past decade and certainly rocked the whole pop scene like never before.
Her peers talk highly of her.She is the future of pop music. She is beautiful, sexy, and most of all: original. She can sing, she can dance, she is a GROUND BREAKING ARTIST. She is the female Michael Jackson.

bow down b!tches!


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