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New G3 Line up? Satch, Vai, and Petrucci...

what do you guitar freaks think about that!?!!


  • Really now? Is there an album in the works? Diba dati si Kenny Wayne Shepherd yung kapalit ni Eric Johnson? What happened to him?

    Once the album comes out, I'm gonna buy it. Is it?

  • i'm not sure when the CD's gonna come out... the tour isn't starting til June 23rd...

    for more info check out... http://www.vai.com/news/updates.html
  • loserloser PExer
    hey xtian thanks for letting me know about this! john petrucci playing with them greats...although he's now using an ernie ball.

  • xtianxtian PExer
    o nga lumipat nga syang Ernie ball, ernie ball kse ang gustong strings ni petrucci talaga e, e ang ibanez may strings din silang sarili... tapos ayaw ata pumayag ng ibanez na ernie ball ang ilagay nila e... something like that, nakwento lang sakin to e. tama ba? please correct me if i'm wrong, i wanna know the real story...

    galing din naman gumawa ng gear ang ernie ball e, si steve morse may signature series sa ernie ball yon, kulit nga ng itsura e! apat yung pickups, dalawang humbukers saka dalawang single coil sa gitna!
  • loserloser PExer
    i just read this in guitarone, where he was saying that his ernie ball guitar was the best sounding guitar he's ever played. his producer thinks so too. i dunno why they think that. i guess i just have to hear it for myself one of these days.

    and a friend of mine was saying that in some concert of his, he was making mistakes when playing the ernie ball, but when he switched to ibanez he was precise again. if this is true well i guess he just has to get used to the new feel of his new signature model.
  • xtianxtian PExer
    haha, hindi pa sanay si petrucci sa ernie ball nya!
  • Astig sana sa G3 si Steve Morse. Petrucci is good pero wala masyadong pinagkaiba si JP kay Vai and kay satch...pareho ata niyang idol yon e! Si steve morse astig parang eric johnson na may *****!
  • xtianxtian PExer
    oo ayos din si steve morse, kaso medyo pop yung shred nya e! hehe comedy...

    dapat si malmsteen!!!

    kaso maiisecure sila Vai at Satriani don e...

    nung pinakinggan ni malmsteen dati isang album ni satch sabi nya na may tatlong maling nota daw si satriani... heheh yabang talaga!
  • loserloser PExer
    i read this article in GW 1994 where yngwie did a 'blindfold' listen to a bunch of his peers. when he heard satch's 'mighty turtle head,' he said the solo was just 'basic pentatonic bulsyet.' christ. and he was surprised it was satriani. and he also said jeff beck was out of tune. he dissed dimebag's solo and whoever the lead guitarist of pearl jam is. however, he did recognize vai's talent.

    i personally think that yngwie gets too monotonous. and i don't think that vai or satch would feel insecure around yngiwe. hey, i dig yngwie and his 'vision,' but in terms of musicality and variety, i mean listen to his songwriting, i'd say satch and vai are way better. and he doesn't fit in with them.

    i do admire yngwie's heart though.

    my choice for a third member would be...well i can't think. but i'm just wondering what petrucci will play? dt stuff? liquid tension stuff?
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