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Ol' Skool Slow jamz

how many of you listen to old slow jams?WHat are your favorites? i love marvin gaye, al green, ISLEY BROTHERS ( between the sheets, footsteps in the dark and FOR THE LOVE OF YOU!!!WOOHOO!), and hi-FIVE ( kissing game, unconditional love, quality time, can't wait another minute)-i used to tell my friends if there was one cd i had to have on a deserted island it would be hi-five's greatest hits!@hehehe,TONY TERRY!!!(when i'm with you)and even brenda k. starr ( i still believe)-w/c mariah remade as a tribute to her since she started as bks's backup singer, old keith sweat ( make it last forever etc.)Whistle and troop!


  • how could i forget GUY?!(let's chill and piece of my love)-2pac sampled piece of my love in the song "run the streets"
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