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The Spirit of Volunteerism: PEX Yellow Army Unites!

hey_uhey_u AntiChimp Crusader PExer
Ok im creating this thread for the Aquino supporters.

Every one is invited. Even the paid hack anti-noynoy ones. :glee:

take your avatar from here:


here's my badge TAKE YOURS NOW! *okay*



  • ustdreamwreckerustdreamwrecker Banned by Admin PExer
    Ako yata ang pinanimulan nito ah?
  • hey_uhey_u AntiChimp Crusader PExer
    yup u. kahit naging ahas ka hehe :glee:
  • Gospel of JudasGospel of Judas The Lost Gospel PExer
  • ustdreamwreckerustdreamwrecker Banned by Admin PExer
    bakit na naman po ako naging ahas?
  • captain_hookcaptain_hook Trash Talk Lord PExer

    just like the archers' lineup lang noh goj? :lol:
  • augastolaugastol Member PExer
    pati message ko cinopy paste lang tsk
  • mischeauxmischeaux Member PExer
    Volt in! Go Noynoy! Go Mar!
  • hey_uhey_u AntiChimp Crusader PExer
    augastol wrote: »
    pati message ko cinopy paste lang tsk

    pasensya i was in a hurry having minute breaks only from work. i was only after the link.

    edited na po. *okay*
  • hey_uhey_u AntiChimp Crusader PExer
    mischeaux wrote: »
    Volt in! Go Noynoy! Go Mar!

    welcome aboard mischeaux and also captain_hook :wave:
  • hey_uhey_u AntiChimp Crusader PExer

    So "Sucks" is your name. no wonder :glee:
  • BabyO_1234BabyO_1234 Vote wisely! PExer
    Idol Noynoy! I support you!
  • ustdreamwreckerustdreamwrecker Banned by Admin PExer
  • redbetlogredbetlog Banned by Admin PExer
    redbetlog wrote: »
    If Noynoy got elected, We need to say bye bye to Warner Brothers Theme Park :glee:


    "If such midnight deals are concluded just the same, they must all be subjected to the strictest scrutiny and immediately be rescinded whenever warranted."
    - Noynoy

    rescinded = cancel

    NO for Noynoy :cheers:

    The frontrunner to become the next Philippine president Thursday urged foreign governments to sign no new contracts with President Gloria Arroyo's outgoing administration, branding it corrupt.
    redbetlog wrote: »
    What makes for a successful ‘integrated resort’

    by admin on Apr.12, 2009, under Integrated Resorts

    There has been a lot of anticipation lately about the rise of ‘integrated resorts’ (IRs) which is a euphemism for an all-around destination with a large-scale casino component. Actually, we first heard of the word IR to refer to Singapore where two large gaming concessions won bids to construct the island-state’s first casinos.

    With big developments like PAGCOR’s Entertainment City also being planned, there’s no doubt that Integrated Resorts are the way to go, especially in a promising market like Asia. At the just-concluded Gaming, Tourism & Investments Congress of Asia’s GEM, no less than the President for the Asia-Pacific region of Harrah’s Entertainment, Michael Chen, spoke on the factors that will make integrated resorts attractive to tourists and investors alike.

    Among the considerations he cited were an excellent location; tax rates that invite investment; a progressive, predictable regulatory environment; and the licensing of ‘right-sized’ casinos.

    On the issue of location, Chen said “proximity to the market has an impact on visitation frequency.” He noted that both Macau and Las Vegas grew into the gaming meccas they are because “they have large local and regional populations” to support that kind of investment.

    “Ideally, the eligible gaming population should be within one hour of travel,” Chen said.

    On the matter of taxes, he pointed out that the amounts imposed on casinos “do impact on project quality. Lower taxes generally mean more investments.”

    “Look at London. The harsh restrictions there have failed to let casinos develop,” Chen said.

    On the other hand, “right-sizing” licensed casinos means the investments asked for concessions are commensurate to the size and playing potential of the market.

    “Ideally, for every $500 million market, you give out one license so the product can be competitive on a global scale,” he said.

    Chen expressed hopes that there exists ” a world of opportunity in Asia. There is growth to enjoy once capital markets recover.”

    Harrah’s, “the world’s largest provider of casino-branded entertainment,” still has to make its first investment in Asia. It was one of the big companies that tried to bid in the Singapore integrated resorts project, but backed out at the last minute.

    Bye Big investment if abnoy elected
    redbetlog wrote: »


    He just might be the most powerful man in gaming no one knows. Except Steve Wynn, that is. Kazuo Okada, the owner of Aruze Gaming, owns more stock in Wynn Resorts than does the man (or woman-his
    ex-wife, Elaine) after which the company is named.

    When Wynn decided to get back into gaming after selling Mirage Resorts to MGM Grand in 2000, he didn't want to go the public financing route. So he tapped into powerful and rich friends, business associates and clients to get Wynn Resorts off the ground. One of the richest of his friends is Okada. So after naming a restaurant after the Japanese pachinko king and naming him vice chairman, Wynn convinced Okada to become an investor.

    When the company went public, Okada and Wynn had almost equal stakes, but after Wynn's divorce, Okada became the largest shareholder in the company at 19.9 percent. It's a relationship that has worked well. Okada provided the money and Wynn Resorts has provided significant profits, so far, particularly coming from Macau.

    But the pot at the end of the rainbow is in Okada's homeland. For years, the Japanese government has flirted with casinos. Although the nation has an odd mix of gaming already legal (or semi-legal)-horse, motorboat, bicycle and motorbike racing, along with lotteries and the most Japanese off all forms of gambling, pachinko-casinos make sense in a country trying to expand its tourism base. The lessons of Singapore will not be lost on this island nation.

    Last year, for the first time in 54 years, the Democratic Party of Japan won election and every issue was sent back to the drawing board, including gaming. Okada says he has been advising the new government on how to best legalize gaming.

    "We have been waiting for many years to legalize gaming in Japan," he says. "We believe that it will extend the attraction of everything that Japan has to offer and draw many more tourists than we get today. I give the new government the truth about gaming and how it can be used to benefit the entire country. I think because the government is open to doing new things that there is a very good chance that gaming may be approved soon. Maybe not in 2010, but soon thereafter."

    While no details about any gaming measure have been released, some experts suggest it could include four Singapore-style meta-resorts scattered in some of the country's major cities, including Tokyo.

    "Politicians are very weak in showing the will to do something," says Okada. "Casinos should be opened, against the backdrop of employment and tax revenue problems."

    Okada says opposition from pachinko parlor owners is not likely because the audience is separate and distinct.

    "Pachinko attracts an entirely different kind of player for a different reason," he says. "Pachinko players go to the parlors several times a week, whereas the same player might visit a casino once every month or couple of months. So I don't believe casinos would be a threat to the pachinko market."

    As for the Philippines, Aruze is committed to building an integrated resort in Manila on the site of Entertainment City, which the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) is promoting. But there are some strings attached.

    "We are expecting to be granted a special tax relief for building in an economic development zone," he says. "Once that tax break is approved, we will begin construction on stage one of what will be three or four stages. When completed the project will cost at least $1 billion."

    It has been reported that Okada wants to own more than 40 percent of the development, which is currently prohibited by the Philippine government for a foreign company.

    "If approvals are made officially, we are ready to begin construction quickly," Okada says.

    Bye Okada Investment
    redbetlog wrote: »
    Bye Bye :glee:

    ICTSI chief hikes Pagcor City pledge
    Manila Times
    Friday, 16 April 2010 00:00

    IN the wake of the sale of his stake in the Philippines’ power transmission monopoly, the chief of International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI) said he would jack up his investment in a state-organized gambling and entertainment hub.

    “We [are] going to make some large investment in Pagcor City. The initial capitalization is $100 million, so $300 million more,” Enrique Razon Jr., chairman and president of ICTSI said, adding that the money would be spent on two five-star hotels.

    Razon earlier acquired a controlling stake in Bloombury Investments Holdings Inc. from businessman Jose Alvarez.

    The ICTSI chief had said he would infuse $100 million or P5-billion in fresh equity into Bloombury, one of four firms licensed to operate at Pagcor City.

    “Hopefully it’s a good business. For the country that attracts tourism, all the countries around us are going into gaming to attract tourists. So you have to compete with Singapore, Macau, Taiwan, Japan and Korea,” Razon said.

    Named after state-owned Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp., the gambling hub also attracted three other investors, namely SM Investments Corp., Japan’s Azure group, and a consortium of Malaysia’s Genting group and Philippine-listed Alliance Global Group Inc.

    The gambling hub would rise at the former Bagong Nayong Pilipino property.

    Bloombury is in the final stages of the design development for the initial phase of the project.

    Construction of the first phase of the project is expected to commence by the third quarter of this year at an estimated cost of around $400 million.

    Bloombury’s project, which would include two five-star hotels, is targeted for completion in two years’ time.

    Razon didn’t say how he would raise the $400 million for Bloombury, but admitted that he received an “extremely attractive” offer from a son of shopping mall tycoon Henry Sy for the port magnate’s stake in National Grid Corp. of the Philippines (NGCP).

    Razon last month sold Monte Oro Grid Resources Corporation for $350 million to OneTaipan Holdings, a company led by Henry Sy Jr.

    The price for Monte Oro amounts to nearly a third of NGCP’s $1-billion bid for the right to operate for 25 years the country’s power transmission monopoly.

    NGCP is a consortium composed of Monte Oro Grid, Coyuito-led Calaca High Power Corp. and China’s State Grid Industry Development Ltd.

    Despite the sale of his stake in NGCP, Razon said he was still interested in the power sector, but stopped short of saying how he would return to the sector. Darwin G. Amojelar

    Yari na tayo. Tiyak dahil sa katangahan ni ABnoy. mayayari na kinabukasan natin


    :glee: Bye bye Big Investment.

    the people that will vote for abnoynoy don't want to believe that they will make a big mistake, but the future will prove what damage they did to this country by voting him in. The Gloria administration was wrong for Gastusan :lol:, but he is even worse. This country is in real danger of changing into something very ugly for our children and grandchildren.
  • ErnestinaErnestina Banned by Admin PExer
    inggit to death ang mga fans ni Gibobo. :glee:

    o sige, kayo na lang ang gumamit ng dating avatar ko:


    mga bayaran naman kayo ni pandak diba?

    pwede rin kayong GLORIA's BASTERD *okay*

  • BabyO_1234BabyO_1234 Vote wisely! PExer
  • Ernestina wrote: »
    inggit to death ang mga fans ni Gibobo. :glee:

    o sige, kayo na lang ang gumamit ng dating avatar ko:


    mga bayaran din naman kayo ni pandak diba?

    pwede rin kayong GLORIA's BASTERD *okay*


    wanna know why many PEXers are anti-noynoy?

    look no further than yourselves! it's your (yellow army) sheer stupidity that we're allergic to. :grrr:
  • ErnestinaErnestina Banned by Admin PExer
    o, eto pa, maganda ring "BADGE" para sa "GREED TEAM" este "GREEN TEAM"

  • tos_logstos_logs Member PExer
    ^ wow, the future.

    i never knew madam auring already passed her crown.

    *pertaining to redbetlog's post.
  • BabyO_1234BabyO_1234 Vote wisely! PExer
  • hey_uhey_u AntiChimp Crusader PExer
    Ernestina wrote: »
    inggit to death ang mga fans ni Gibobo. :glee:

    o sige, kayo na lang ang gumamit ng dating avatar ko:


    mga bayaran din naman kayo ni pandak diba?

    pwede rin kayong GLORIA's BASTERD *okay*


    thats the difference between Aquino supporters and the anti ones.



    Welcome aboard Ernestina! :wave:
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