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Remembering Ricardo "Ric-Ric" Marata: One of the underrated player of the 90s

aseroasero PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
One of the best defenders and easily among the nicest person you can meet.

My fondest memory is when he step up in Overtime of the 1995 all-filipino game 7.

He dominated Johnny Abbarientos in OT after Boybits Victoria fouled out. His heroics led Sunkist to win their only all-filipino championship.

He would truly be missed!


  • aseroasero PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Skyrus would truly dedicate this conference to his uncle.
  • Ito yung tito ni Cyrus Baguio.

    RIP Ric Ric Marata
  • Jess24Jess24 PEx Expert 🎖️
    Is he the father or uncle of DLSU's Sam Marata?
  • ^^ Pamangkin siya nina Ric Ric and Bong Marata.
  • Si Ricric, isa sa mga paborito ko players dati, from PABL to PBA, lalo na pag magka match up sila ni Dindo Pumaren.

    his buddy, Boy Cabahug, naglaban sila sa three-point shootout in a friendly rivalry kahit karibal mga teams nila, Swift and Purefoods.

    nakabalik siya sa Sunkist in 1995, perhaps because of his loyalty to RFM Corporation, naalala ko nga Game 7 of the All Filipino Finals, he did made a crucial error sa closing seconds ng regulation, naagaw ata ni Abarrientos during Sunkist inbound, Alaska on top by one, muntikan na matalo Sunkist, pero meron play sa 4th quarter momentum nasa Alaska when Marata threw a triple that bounce high up but went in, paubos na shot clock.
  • Jay P. MercadoJay P. Mercado Moderator PEx Moderator
    DLSU's Sam Marata is the son of former UP player Sammy "Tata" Marata who played for the Fighting Maroons in the early 90's.

    I don't know how Marata became related to Cyrus Baguio although from what I know, Cyrus has an uncle named Max Baguio - the former guard of the Royal Tru Orangemen back in the 70's.
  • huh RIP na pala si Ric2. Kailan pa and what happened?
  • westbound17westbound17 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    kailan pa namatay si Ric-Ric Marata?
  • Saturday Morning in NY. He coached a summer league team in Pasig City almost 10yrs ago. I also played against him on the same league 5-6yrs ago and he's still good. Sad indeed!
  • i have been lucky enough to be close to tito ric ric and to be able to play for him... he's one of the most genuine and inspirational persons i've ever met. living in the same village, he trained almost all of the kids(even adults) in the village to play basketball the right way practically everyday. i was fortunate enough to be one of those who trained. one lesson i would never forget that i got from him was that he would always tell us that in basketball talent is talent but it can never beat someone's hardwork inside the court.

    pagkatapos pa magbasketball, he would stay in the court with us kahet late time na and tell us stories about his life and experiences during his stint in the pba and other leagues. sobrang kalog at walang ere kaya ang sarap maging kalaro sa court and coach.

    i was also a witness to how he trained and molded Alot(Cyrus Baguio) into a great player, i can remember literally every afternoon sila nagtratrain sa court sa village kahet ang taas nung araw. Si Joseph(sam marata) din siya nagtrain pero masmatagal nya talagang naalagaan si Cyrus, lahat nung tryouts nung college kasama siya and magkwekwento yan samen sa court pagkauwe. Kaya nga nung naging successful si Cyrus sa PBA, we were happy also like Tito Ric.

    Wherever you are Tito Ric, thank you and we'll miss you
  • @Dzey
    yup you're right. bago sila pumunta ng states, he was coach to our village's teams in the summer league in all the divisions in Pasig (mosquito upto juniors division) and sa seniors naglalaro siya and he still had the deadly shooting he was known for.
  • @ TVseriesAddict I'm guessing your from Cityland? I played for Hillcrest until 05. Then we moved to Calif. Oo magaling pa din talaga siya and I remember nag coach siya againts sa amin nung Black kami I think 2000 yun.
  • @Dzey
    Yup cityland your rival team...hehehe! 2006 was his last year of playing and coaching for us dahel pumunta na silang states kaya buti napanalo lahat ng divisions bago sila umales... kakagulat lang talaga kase dumalaw ng pinas yan si tito ric last year, parang maskondisyon pa compared to how he was before he went to the states at nagkwekwento pa yan na mga egoy na kalaro nya dun.hehehe
  • Yeah. Yun ata yung nakalaro ko siya 06. Ang alam ko may laban Hillcrest vs. Cityland Jrs. ngayon diyan. San ka ba naglaro? Teammate ko sila Eric, Choy.. On topic Condolence sa Fam ni Ric Ric.
  • the_BuGsthe_BuGs PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    naalala ko si ric ric marata nuong unang nag guest team ang RP Team sa PBA.... naging instant fan ako dahil ang lupet sa tres.. silang dalawa ni Cabahug! naalala ko nanalo pa sila ni Cabahug sa 3 point shoot out... nuong nag PBA si cabahug sa Purefoods si Marata sa Alaska :D
  • DevastatorDevastator The Absolute Power PEx Guru 🎖️🎖️
    R.I.P. Ric Ric
  • boyaxxboyaxx PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    naglaro ito sa CBA or was it WBL? if im not mistaken.

  • boyaxx wrote: »
    naglaro ito sa CBA or was it WBL? if im not mistaken.


    may nakaalala pa pala noon, Ricric was supposed to be our first export quality, a filipino being offered to play in such leagues in the US, di ko rin maalala kung WBL or a canadian league, but Marata was fooled upon by an american named Gerry Webber (dont know if he was the same Webber na nag coach sa Nicolas Stoodley) into failed promises, did he really play out there sa trip niya abroad.
  • fernando_hierrofernando_hierro Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    ric ric elder sister is cyrus baguio's mother

    i first saw ric ric marata in the 1984 season of the pabl playing for mama's love coached by jun noel

    starting five were pg ric ric marata, sg jojo lastimosa, sf norberto manalili, pf larry villanil and c rizaldy realubit

    off the bench were pg jerry aratan, sg bpy cabahug, sf danny lastimosa etc

    when they enter the rizal memorial coliseum, the predominantly visayan crowd would cheer boisterously as they give away mama's love products like lotion, cologne, powder etc

    then they start warming off by showing off their dunking abilities much to the delight of the fans.

    pabl season then started in 1984 and ended in 1985 as esq marketing coached by jun lipa upset the ncc team b known as lagerlite. mama's love if i am correct finished 3rd...

    in the 1986 season, marcoses fled the country and so does danding cojuangco. san miguel took a leave of absence from the pba and the ncc team got disbanded. the players were farmed out. calma played for esq, dignadice to dlsu, samboy lim and al solis to lhuillier where they were joined by jolas, peter aguilar, jay ramirez, peter jao. the others like ric ric, manalili, cabahug, realubit stayed with mama's love. lhuillier beat esq in the finals and by pba 3rd conference, the ncc team went to the pba and became san miguel again...
  • CaptainCharismaCaptainCharisma Moderator PEx Moderator
    nagulat ako inannounce kanina to sa Araneta sa start ng 4th quarter ng first game, former Sta.Lucia player and played under coach Yeng Guiao passed away

    RIP Ric-Ric Marata
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