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♥D'IVANGELISTS' Worship House II:PBBTC's IVAN DORSCHNER~Lightning in His Human Form♥

[highlight]:spinstar:WELCOME TO IVAN’S SECOND THREAD!:spinstar:
♥D'IVANGELISTS' Worship House II:PBBTC's IVAN DORSCHNER~Lightning in His Human Form♥
[highlight]Thread 1: [/highlight]



    (From FB)

    Nickname: Ivan
    Status: In House
    Real Name: Ivan Dorschner
    Origin: Rizal
    Age: 19
    Affiliation: ABS-CBN. STAR MAGIC
    Location: Los Angeles, California City, CA
    Civil status: Single
    Orientation: Straight
    Body type: 5' 10" / Some extra baggage
    Ethnicity: Pacific Islander
    Religion: Christian - other
    Zodiac Sign: Virgo
    Children: Someday
    Smoke / Drink: No / No
    Education: In college
    Occupation: Bioscience Major
    Movies : chick-flicks are pretty cool... Ocean 11-12-13
    Television : The Office
    Books: Harry Potter is my sleep aid.
    Heroes: the guy (or girl) who invented Kleenex Personal Interests:
    photoshop CS3 singing, making things that are tasty, tasty things (like your face!), snowboarding, EagleScout, HPotter DOTA, TEnnis,

    I've had friends describe me as a down to earth people person. If im involved in something I like to know about all the sides of the process. In photograpgy for example, I like taking pictures and editing then just as much or even more than being in them.

    Im a boyscout in the most sincere essence of the word. I greatly respect hardwork and integrity and can hold my own in the wilderness.

    Throughout my life family members, friends and even people who are relative strangers to me have brought up the idea that I should go into modeling/acting and I've decided to take advantage of their opinion.

    I do things best when they are laid out in front of me, preferably on some kind of list i can check off. Independent work is definitely not my forte. I find I work well with others and can be the most creative during the process of whatever project we're trying to complete.

    (From PBB Site)

    Nickname: Ivan
    Status: In House
    Real Name: Ivan Anthony Dorschner
    Origin: United States
    Nationality: American
    Civil Status: Single
    Religion: Christian
    Hobbies: Tennis
    Favorite Color: Green, Gray
    Favorite Food: Fresh Lumpia
    Favorite Show: The Office (American Revision), House
    Favorite Actor: John Krasinski
    Favorite Actress:
    Favorite Singer: Drake Sa Estados Unidos na lumaki si Ivan. Isang retired handyman ang kanyang ama, at head nurse naman ang kanyang ina. Madalas umuwi ng Pilipinas si Ivan at ang kanyang pamilya, kadalasan dalawang linggo ang tinatagal ng bawat bakasyon nito.
    Sa tuwing bumibisita ng bansa ang half-pinoy na ito ay hindi maiwasang pagpiyestahan siya ng mga humahangang kababaihan. Mapa-mall, sa bakasyon, sa tindahan, sa Wowowee.
    Marami nang naging gf si Ivan, pero wala pa siyang sinasabihan ng I Love You, wala pa daw kasing nakakapantay o nakakahigit pa sa pagmamahal niya sa kanyang pamilya. Nagkagusto siya sa isang kaibigan, pero dahil hindi siya nagustuhan nito ay napunta si Ivan sa bestfriend ng babeng gusto. Di nagtagal ay hindi naitago ni Ivan ang nararamdaman sa bestfriend ng girlfriend niya, at ito ang naging dahilan para magkasira ang dalawa.
    Matagpuan na kaya ni Ivan ang babaeng makakapag-paibig sa kanya at sasabihan nya ng mga katagang “I love you”, o siya ang magiging dahilan ng “clash” ng mga kababaihang mamamangha sa gandang lalaki niya?

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  • [highlight]HAPPY BIRTHDAY IVANGELISTS'![/highlight]

    [highlight]2 - koreanoveladik (Irene)
    6 - nicolefan (Isay)
    11 - sambuddy_dengel (Mave)
    12 - ScareYouOften
    23 - iamAYESSA (Ayessa)
    29 - AddictEdtOyOU
    29 - saroccoh
    30 - Spaketchup [/highlight]

    [highlight]14 - bidangkontrabida
    15 - cullenblood17 (Nikka)
    16 -Uymar (Mario)
    17 - ChaosDarky (Dandelo)
    18 - leafe24
    20 - thug.angel (Judy)
    25 - hoyits_shie (Sheilla)[/highlight]


    [highlight]2 - fairycupcakes (Irene)
    5 - ashley_diva06
    18 - JBDEEan (JayBee)
    25 - LikeHoney. (Kaila)
    29 - joy_aztig (Joy)
    30 - jg_11_30 (JG)[/highlight]

    [highlight]16 - mhayx [/highlight]

    [highlight]1 - areyoudone02 (Dan)
    14 - spongy_junsung (April)
    17 - darlene17 (Darlene)
    21 - eriol098 (Raymond)
    25 - chelwin
    25 - bradbrad[/highlight]

    [highlight]2 - xtian_anne (Ann)
    7 - tOrdy (JC)
    23 - jamielle (Joanne)[/highlight]

    [highlight]2 - SAMea (Rhea)
    12 - BimoBoii (BimBim)
    21 - imUrb00 (Andrea)
    24 - neyam20 (Haneli)[/highlight]

    [highlight]1 – AMSTER (Bea Marie)
    6 - krishelyn (Krissy)
    8 - sassysaphire (Frem)
    19 - kim_chubz
    26 - misyel.misheru (Mitch)
    26 - toniaddiction
    29 - bheztme (Olga) [/highlight]

    [highlight]5 - changdipyo (Charisse)
    18 - jaguar8[/highlight]
    [highlight]23 - detective007 [/highlight]
    [highlight]26 - jazzie12 (Jassy/Jazzie)[/highlight]

    [highlight]11 – ning (Ning)
    16 - mzsaldana
    20 - chrizzzyyy (Tin)
    29 - confusing_den (Dheynzel)[/highlight]

    [highlight]15 - aaron22
    16 - kenjai11
    19 - jecca01 (Jessica)
    21 - miyachan11 (Miya)[/highlight]


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    ♥ ScareYouOften
    FACEBOOK: [email protected]
    ♥ darlene17
    FACEBOOK: [email protected]
    TWITTER: drlnMae_17
    ♥ LikeHoney.
    FACEBOOK: [email protected]
    TWITTER: ItsKailaGirl
    ♥ charlzeand7
    FACEBOOK: [email protected]
    TWITTER: charlzeand7
    ♥ SAMea
    FACEBOOK: [email protected]
    TWITTER: ayerdna02
    ♥ krishelyn
    FACEBOOK: [email protected]
    TWITTER: krishelyn
    ♥ ghurlychicca
    FACEBOOK: [email protected]
    ♥ thug.angel
    FACEBOOK: [email protected]
    TWITTER: judyjaja
    ♥ sambuddy_dengel
    FACEBOOK: [email protected]
    TWITTER: mave_nice
    ♥ misyel.misherul
    FACEBOOK: [email protected]
    TWITTER: michellelacorte
    ♥ miyachan11
    FACEBOOK:[email protected]
    TWITTER: miyachan11
    ♥ areyoudone02
    FACEBOOK: [email protected]
    TWITTER: daniholic
    ♥ leafe24
    FACEBOOK: [email protected]
    TWITTER: lefemdeeh
    ♥ fairycupcakes
    FACEBOOK: [email protected]
    TWITTER: iamsuperirene
    ♥ jamielle
    FACEBOOK: [email protected]
    TWITTER: itsmeriel
    ♥ ashley_diva06
    FACEBOOK: [email protected]
    ♥ tOrdy
    FACEBOOK: [email protected]
    TWITTER: quirkytordy
    ♥ bidangkontrabida
    FACEBOOK:[email protected]
    TWITTER: iamallanpaolo
    ♥ aznprincess
    FACEBOOK: [email protected]
    TWITTER: _aznprincess
    ♥ neri18
    FACEBOOK: [email protected]
    TWITTER: neverbinbetter
    ♥ jecca01
    TWITTER: jecca01
    ♥ prettychelo
    FACEBOOK: [email protected]
    TWITTER: iamchelo24
    ♥ __xyris23
    FACEBOOK: [email protected] 
    TWITTER: ch1b1m
    ♥ mzsaldana
    FACEBOOK: [email protected] 
    ♥ nicolefan
    FACEBOOK:[email protected]
    TWITTER: isayturla14
    ♥ toniaddiction
    FACEBOOK: [email protected]
    TWITTER: justmekathlyn
    ♥ kenjai11
    FACEBOOK : [email protected]
    TWITTER: kenjai_hot
    ♥ hoyits_shie
    FACEBOOK : [email protected]
    TWITTER: shiebabyy


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  • Who Posted?
  • ScareYouOftenScareYouOften Moderator PEx Moderator
  • ayiiihieee!!
    new house!

    welcome ivangelists!
  • ivangelists! gooooood night! =)
    upadtes when i come bak! nightt!
  • OMG! another Vanzie moment!!!
    after ivan got done fixing his hair!
    he sat next to Fretz... AGAIN!!!
    tas they are all making kwento now.
    Fretz is all smiley! I think she's kilig!
    hahahha =p
    Ang close ng Vanzieee!

  • aaah!
    super kilig ako dito!!

    they are playing with each others hands!!! =)
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  • Daan lang sa new house! :wave:

    pasaway ka... bumalik ka muna sa old house
    mamaya pa ang lipat bahay
    punuin muna natin yung luma.
  • jamielle wrote: »
    Daan lang sa new house! :wave:

    pasaway ka... bumalik ka muna sa old house
    mamaya pa ang lipat bahay
    punuin muna natin yung luma.

    wow new house..congratz....:bop::bop::bop:
  • Eventhough this isn't my official first post in this thread, I want my welcome message to be here. :)

    Welcome to our new homey!:wave: I love it and hope you love it too.

    This is a brand new start for each of us. Finally, we're able to finish the 1st thread and here we are... it's like starting from scratch again. Let's keep on supporting IVAN. Have fun posting, make new friends and like what I said in our 1st thread, my last message there was...
    Lahat sa thread natin welcome.
    Lovers, haters, bashers, kahit sino...
    Kanya kanyang opinyon yan,
    kaya walang pakialamanan.*okay*

    "Coincidences are God's way for meeting the anonymous."

    -- Joanne, signing in.:D
  • 2hnrmsn.jpg
    :spinstar:[highlight] IVANGELIST OFFICERS :spinstar:[/highlight]
    Visayan Chairman:
    International Representative:
    :spinstar:[highlight]THE IVANGELISTS[/highlight] :spinstar:
    [B]1. ScareYouOften[/B][INDENT][B]xKarma[/B][/INDENT][B]2. spongy_junsung[/B]
    [B]3. fanstatic[/B]
    [B]4. darlene17[/B]
    [B]5. critic101[/B]
    [B]6. sambuddy_dengel[/B]
    [B]7. fet888[/B]
    [B]8. bradbrad[/B]
    [B]9. schwan[/B]
    [B]10. jg_11_30[/B]
    [B]11. SAMea[/B]
    [B]12. ning[/B]
    [B]13. roanatics01[/B]
    [B]14. Pseudoneuro[/B]
    [B]15. twilight22[/B]
    [B]16. leah_0911[/B]
    [B]17. -anj-[/B]
    [B]18. rhian27[/B]
    [B]19. jecca01[/B]
    [B]20. ceryhill1000[/B]
    [B]21. juiicy[/B]
    [B]22. hardcandy01[/B]
    [B]23. dc222[/B]
    [B]25. chelwin[/B]
    [B]26. blairband[/B]
    [B]27. eomer_rohirrim[/B]
    [B]28. LikeHoney.[/B]
    [B]29. delphic_oracle [/B]
    [B]30. jn7v8[/B]
    [B]31. zerj100[/B]
    [B]32. detective007[/B]
    [B]33. bheng_lyka[/B]
    [B]34. pink_skull24[/B]
    [B]35. britrey[/B]
    [B]36. bayaniVAN[/B]
    [B]37. FANthird[/B]
    [B]38. jhayr0927[/B]
    [B]39. jho_nah[/B]
    [B]40. joy_aztig[/B]
    [B]41. panteleone[/B]
    [B]42. prettychelo[/B]
    [B]43. 3_OH_08[/B]
    [B]44. madoskee[/B]
    [B]45. darling23[/B]
    [B]46. margarett23[/B]
    [B]47. mbkulet[/B]
    [B]48. -meanieme-[/B]
    [B]49. fax_machine[/B]
    [B]50. jennee[/B]
    [B]51. jambakuyaw[/B]
    [B]52. kat_md[/B]
    [B]53. jazzie12[/B]
    [B]54. kashmira[/B]
    [B]55. pinkishangel[/B]
    [B]56. marimari678[/B]
    [B]57. ade_z[/B]
    [B]58. hermezyno[/B]
    [B]59. princesa427[/B]
    [B]60. hates[/B]
    [B]61. bigrealityfan[/B]
    [B]62. bybyby [/B]
    [B]63. Hackers_Macky[/B]
    [B]64. hErBie53[/B]
    [B]65. lainey025[/B]
    [B]66. iluvusabado[/B]
    [B]67. baybeeh_kaye[/B]
    [B]68. SarahNicsforMG 1[/B]
    [B]69. ish530[/B]
    [B]70. im_roselyn[/B]
    [B]71. ghurlychicca[/B]
    [B]72. Mhelizha_96[/B]
    [B]73. Novotny[/B]
    [B]74. gelforever[/B]
    [B]75. lovebrit4ever[/B]
    [B]76. cubizone[/B]
    [B]77. ashley_diva06[/B]
    [B]78. CHOLE
    79. marica
    80. maeganzeresh
    81. char12
    82. tim_09
    83. Johnston
    84. monggyabcxyz
    85. haynnah_19
    86. eekaaaii
    87. Nskies
    88. mishee
    89. xierxian07
    90. JBDEEAN 
    91. Cytochrome
    92. _OH_08
    93. yuckky
    94. Ash12
    95. mysty_myne
    96. samanneca
    97. shining
    98. adelro2049
    99. krishelyn
    100. aznprincess
    101. paramount_z9
    102. eiabang 
    103. jaguar8
    104. charissa_coleen
    105. dianajane1723
    106. Uymar
    107. charlzeand7
    108. aeoo
    109. jiselle
    110. clairelovespink
    111. detective007
    112. thug.angel
    113. sarahrocco
    114. akosimhark
    115. fae_ihateuxoo
    116. Avichayil-xx018
    117. miyachan11
    118. misyel.misheru
    119. kawii02
    120. cullenblood17
    121. Spaketchup
    122. livinxlife
    123. jexica
    124. jabwokz
    125. areyoudone02
    126. cheatoot.:]
    127. prinsesa_misha
    128. bidangkontrabida
    129. Prisma
    130. bheztme
    131. vanny wunlisha
    132. evolsiacinej
    133. icay0128c
    134. kalabog Bugbog
    135. abi842007
    136. jamielle
    137. aaron22
    136. Ernestina
    137. fairycupcakes
    138. thatchergrey
    139. michie_luv_shane
    140. sassysaphire
    141. neri18
    142. shin_raito14
    143. jHaNa08
    144. Uymar
    145. Lacsonjr
    146. pamelaaa
    147. Tordy
    148. confusingden
    149. fairycupcakes
    150. ernz09
    151. majongfever26
    152. hoyits_shie
    153. camie23
    154. iamAYESSA
    155. heartbeats4toni
    156. eriol098
    157. yhanalovesyonic
    158. chrizzzyyy
    159. andyelin
    160. xtin_anne
    161. dana_maru
    162. crisher
    163. iamsunny
    164. mYsweEtIePiezZz
    165. jbnick16
    166. Mhayx
    167. neyam20
    168. chaosdarky
    169. kim_chubz
    170. kenjai11
    171. AddictEdtOyOU
    172. nicolefan
    173. majongfever26
    174. llmdb
    175. imUrb00
    176. changdipyo
    177. _AMSTER_
    178. iamsoanna
    179. melissabarrieKG[/B]
    [B]180. they_jeosh
    [B]181. __xyris23
    182. mzsaldana
    183. toniaddiction
    184. mzbhav
    185. HSadik
    186. glamstarrDhemaii
    187. aaron22
    188. koreanovealadik
    189. irish15girl
    190. jtyoj
    191. paoulo18
    192. enzaire8
    193. inuyasha_m16
    194. mclovinkid
    195. baby_pen11
    196. rojeyn01
    197. vpenez
    198. bonch_03
    199. antipatica23
    200. leafe24
    201. pauljakerlover
    202. annelcerich
    203. ms.salvatore
    204. nhinz
    205. letters0921
    206. jonah22
    207. xcreamouh
    208. elacamille
    209. iloveSAM_donna
    210. jtyoj
    211. nyxhitchart_fr
    212. phemlovesyou
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  • Asan na yung tropang kakulitan ko?
    Sayang hindi ako yung 5000th posts sa kabilang bahay.
    Si FETMOND pa ang nakakuha, inedit ko pa kasi last message ko!
  • mga walang hiya kayo haha

    iniwan nyo ko sa first thread haha

    ok lang.. ako naman ang 500oth poster haha

    welcome sa second home nati xD
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