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I Am A Us Tourist Visa Holder Who Has A Pending Petition For Working Visa

i Am A Us Tourist Visa Holder Who Has A Pending Petition For Working Visa. Can I Be Allowed To Travel To The Us Using My Tourist Visa?


  • extracted from: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:y_WBQonUiTAJ:hubpages.com/hub/H2B-visa+visitor+visa+holder+can+i+travel+to+US+while+my+h1b+visa+is+being+processed%3F&cd=12&hl=en&ct=clnk

    Q. Can the alien come to the USA on a visitor visa or visa-waiver while the H1B petition is being processed?
    A. This is possible but not advisable, and under no accounts should the alien risk putting in jeopardy the issue of an H1B visa by engaging in anything that might be construed as work, as this may lead to the alien being accused of visa-fraud either on entry to the US with a visitor visa/visa-waiver or when applying for an H1B visa at the US consulate in their own country.
  • what working visa ? h1b ba kasi kaka start lang ng application this april.. anyway if your intention is to "change status" inside US.. dapat initially palang kasama na yan sa application mo ng h1b.. since wala ka sa US, so walang "change of status" na ginawa sa h1b mo.. katulad nung sinabi nung itaas pwede pa rin yan but no advisable.. ang mangyayari nyan.. punta ka US bibigyan ka ng 6 months as tourist.. then pagka approve ng h1b mo later.. magchange of status ka.. although may konting risk nga kasi pagpasok mo sa US ang sasabihin mo tourist ka lang.. yet may intention ka pa lang mag change of status.. and baka makita pa nila na may pending h1b ka lalong mapasama..
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