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*TLD*• DENISE LAUREL • Whatever The Weather, We`re LovinDENZ Forever • *HOL24*


With her stunning beauty and undeniable talent the star of our loving [highlight] DENISE LAUREL [/highlight] is finally shining at its best.! As her star shines, us her TLD’s will always be at her side to support her in good times or in bad times. But if the time comes that she decides to let her star rest from shining we will still remain to be her loving and supportive TLD’s.!

As we step into this new chapter of House Of Laurel a new set of lambingan, kulitan, bonding and tawanan will definitely arise.! And as we step into this new chapter big opportunities also opens for our Midi DENISE LAUREL.! Opportunities that will showcase what our MIDI can do.!

We have seen our MIDI act, sing and dance at the same time on television which amused us a lot.! But behind her abilities, we can see her smile that makes us also smile. At the same time, behind the camera and fame, she never forgets those people who supports her like what we do and above all, she never forgets to give credit to her family who supports her the most.! Basing on her tweets, we can also say that DENISE LAUREL is not only a person with beauty and talent, she also has the intelligence and concern for her countrymen. Through this we can conclude that [highlight]TALENT + BEAUTY + INTELLIGENCE = DENISE LAUREL[/highlight]

To all the newbie’s, welcome welcome.! We thank you for loving our DENISE LAUREL as much as we do and we look forward for more bonding and laughter with you all.!

To our love [highlight]DENISE LAUREL[/highlight] we say [highlight] “WHATEVER THE WEATHER, WE'RE LovinDENZ FOREVER [/highlight]”!! Kudos DENISE, we are so proud of you and we LOVE you.. :love:

:cheers: WELCOME TO OUR HOUSE OF LAUREL 24 :cheers:



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