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Being President: How will it matter? Why does it matter?

I have been going over the different threads here and I have seen a lot of name-calling, dissing and such. And seeing these makes me wonder, are we really one race? Are we really "filipino"? Is this what it's like to be "filipino"? It's almost like watching hooligans at a football match. My team is better than yours. My team won more cups than yours. My team were champions for 10 consecutive years.
B o B O
I D I o T

So for once lets think about it this way. Lets say whoever wins, won fair and square. Again please understand that this is "make believe".

I did'nt start this thread to be bashed at. Like many young'uns I am confused. So if you are wise with words of depth, please feel free to share. This isn't really about how good your track record looks, or what you've done and didn't accomplish. We know that by now from the number of threads and media. This is about the difference he can make, the difference he can achieve.

So, whoever he is, he is now president of the Republic of the Philippines.
Then what?
How will it matter?
Why does it matter?
Can he make the Filipinos better again?


  • I am not going to pretend that i am expert on political science or discipline. But your question is valid.

    It is also in my observation, that our politics is like sport and the audience are divided by several fanatic groups and some of them are smart or wise and others are simply loudmouth immature voters.

    So for my answers... to make it extreme... look at Somalia. A state with failed or no government since 90's from local to national levels. on other hand look at Israel, not peaceful state in fact a very trouble one in the middle of 500 year-old troubled region, but their government leads its citizens to survive. I don't know how they make it this far but i think their government plays a major role in keeping them together for their survival.

  • 'Nakow.'

    Okay, I'll be nice, instead of reaming the threadstarter a new as_hole:
    - You see, little one, what a person accomplished in life, his track record DOES matter, because from that, we can see if he can really make a difference, or not.
    - How the fuc ... how can you say he can really make a difference, if he hasn't done much in his life before, hmm?
    - Just because he says so? Just because he says, "I am the saviour of the Philippines, everybody else is corrupt", then we should believe him? Only idio ... only "unenlightened" people will believe that.
    - If he has no track record, then he is just all TALK.

    Okay? Nicey-nicey.


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