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My dad has an affair

My mom just passed away last August 2009. My dad has been texting "I-love-you's" to a woman and the woman responds to him through text messages. They also meet regularly.

In short, my dad has a romantic relationship with this woman. It is confirmed.

There are a few people who have reported seeing the two of them in malls etc.

I ask him to introduce the woman and ask him about this relationship but he tells us repeatedly "Huwag kang makialam. Buhay ko ito". He does not yet introduce the woman to us, and probably never will.

Is there something wrong with what my dad is doing? Or it's just ok? Should I be bothered or not? He's no longer married, because my mom has passed away. My dad is already 68.


  • lunarpandalunarpanda Oath of Allegiance PExer
    since your mom's dead, technically your dad can do anything he wishes. he can even remarry if he wants.
  • Papichulo168Papichulo168 Simplified. PExer
    Baka naman gf mo yung ka-text ng dad mo?
  • limpbiscuitlimpbiscuit Member PExer
    nope. Confirmed na hindi ko gf yung katext at kameet niya.

    Confirmed na may relationship sila. I'm just wondering kung may mali ba sa ginagawa nila or wala naman.
  • feisty_viragofeisty_virago full-time freak PExer
    ^ As a widower, your dad is not doing anything wrong. Hindi naman concubinage iyan coz your mon has already passed away. The marriage contract/ vow is binding 'til death do us part' right? Since one party is dead, the surviving party could do whatever s/he wants.

    and if ayaw pakilala ng dad niyo sa inyo as of this point, don't pressure him. i'm sure he has his reasons (i.e. the woman is married pala) and ayaw niya madamay kayo.
  • darmonxdarmonx Member ✭✭✭
    Just be happy na nag eenjoy yung tatay mong nabiyudo. Pero be on the lookout dun sa intensyon ng gf. Baka ma manipulate niya tatay mo at rewrite yung will and testaments biglang wala kayong mana.
  • philipacosta26philipacosta26 Tomasino na ako! PExer
    may wrong sya, why?

    nka move on sya agad 7 months plng
  • SamLowrySamLowry James Randian PExer
    To the TS, Is your mom's corpse still inside your house? are they still in the same bed?

    You should be angry at your dad for not sending you to a good school.
  • JUST_JTJUST_JT Banned by Admin PExer
    Your Dad is right: IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

  • amajbbYUAPamajbbYUAP Banned by Admin PExer
    walang masama sa ginagawa ng father mo kasi patay naman na ang mother mo eh. pero sana lang alam n'ya ang ginagawa n'ya.

    alam mo rin ba ang edad ng girldfriend n'ya?
  • F-A SoldierF-A Soldier Your Personal Jesus
    Have an affair? Your mom's dead! For fckssakes! It's not cheating if you're no one to cheat to.
  • blue_tracerblue_tracer soundscapes ✭✭✭
    i see nothing wrong. baka naman ang concern mo ts, nabibilisan ka sa grieving period ng dad mo at kaagad may tsik na? o baka suspetsa ka na meron nang affair dad even when your mom was still alive?

    pero siya na bahala doon. bakit at papano mo siya sasawayin kung yun ang gusto niya. hayaan na lang.
  • BigoteAtBalbasBigoteAtBalbas Banned by Admin PExer
    ginalit nyo na naman si FA he he
  • anilovanilov Dead PExer
    ^ was it you or jed who said "ginalit nyo na naman ang titte ni FA" sa condom immoral thread? :rotflmao: :glee:


    siguro TS nararamdaman mo yan kasi 7 mos pa lang nawala mom mo may kapalit na sya agad. hindi naman maiwasang maramdaman yan cause you think your mom was disrespected but just try to understand your dad first. maybe he feels lonely. when you get to know the new woman then check for yourself kung dapat ka ba talaga magalit sa tatay mo. but they are right, technically speaking he is not cheating.

    btw my condolences on your loss.
  • rickymrickym Member ✭✭
    may wrong sya, why?

    nka move on sya agad 7 months plng

    i met a foreigner who got separated and said he moved on after 2 weeks. not moving on quickly is not necessarily a sign of love.
  • rickymrickym Member ✭✭
    sometimes parents who's spouse died don't want their kids to know the new gf or bf since it's possible that the new woman is really young. sometimes also, the children pressure the guy not to get married or even have a gf since the children are also worried that if the father get's married to a younger girl, the children won't have their inheritance from their father since it will have to go first to the wife.
  • RedhotOneRedhotOne Member PExer
    TS, tama ba yung sinabi ni rickym? Concerned ka ba sa loss of inheritance? If not, why are you making this your "dilemma?" Your dad is a widower and he still has some "natural needs" even at his age, that only a gf/wife can give. Assuming that you are a normal (not handicapped) adult, which means napalaki at napaaral ka na niya so hindi mo na kailangan ng constant parental attention. Let him enjoy whatever remaining years he has left the way he wants to... unless of course humihingi siya sa iyo ng pang-gastos sa date niya.
  • blue_tracerblue_tracer soundscapes ✭✭✭
    baka uncomfortable lang si ts sa mabilis na development..

    parang nasa process pa sila ng pag move on tapos eto may tse-tseng na kaagad si daddy. hehehe
  • decentdecent Poor Guy but Rich Spirit PExer
    hindi matanggap ng dad mo ang pagkawala ng mom mo kaya naghanap ng iba. show love to your father.
  • arcade_freakarcade_freak up up down down ✭✭
    ..I ask him to introduce the woman and ask him about this relationship but he tells us repeatedly "Huwag kang makialam. Buhay ko ito". He does not yet introduce the woman to us, and probably never will.

    Buhay nga naman niya yun kaso pamilya nya kayo.. hayy.. :angry:

    Takot lang siguro dad mo kasi baka sobrang bata nung Gf nya or baka di niyo makasundo..
  • baklitabaklita taas kilay PExer

    as long as hindi turiring ang iyong tatay sa pag-iisip and can still
    live life just like any man... he has every right to run his life the way
    he wants it. let him be. malay mo bigla kang magkaroon ng kapatid, noh!

    aihihihi!!! :lol:



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