What and where to buy wax-ing paraphernalia?

what should I buy if I want to do some wax-ing at home instead of going to the spa or parlor? Just some hair off my back.

what's that wax/lotion thing They use? Where can I buy it?
Also what's that sticky tape they use? Are those 2 all I need? Thank you!


  • jennifer10jennifer10 Member PExer
    sana ikaw *** tipong hindi prone sa ingrown hurs, dahil te, angkati non. wag na lang.

    nweiz mabibili ang waxing paraphernalia sa mga watson's, or dun sa mga sm department store cosmetics and kikay kits departments. departments departments shepartments.

    at least P350 ang isang kit non. mahal no.

    yung sinasabi mong sticky tape, cloth strips yun, patong mo dun sa wax tas yun ang kakapitan mo sa pag hila

    me dalawang klase:

    1. cold wax - di ko pa na try. pero nabasa ko instructions. mukha syang honey. ayun, apply lang, patong cloth strip, hintay konti, tas...HILA! .. AAAAARUY!

    2. hot wax - na-try ko na to kasi eto yung pinaka mura (brand: EPILLIN). solid wax to. parang kandila. kelangan mo initin. kelangan mo bunsen burner..charing! Kandila lang pwede na. Patong mo yung pan (that comes with it) in between two paperback books stacked together on each side. tas sindihan mo ng kandila sa ilalim. fire hazard nga lang. hayun. pag nag liquefy na ang wax (mukha at same consistency as honey) ready for application na. mainit to te. pero kaya mo yan. nakayanan ko e. the **** you do for good sex.

    nweiz, buhos mo sa likod mo yung liquefied wax (HARUUUUY ANG INEEET!!!), spread it around with the supplied applicator which is one fat popsicle stick, start counting from 1 to 20, then, grab on to a piece of wax then pull..AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

    smooth as a baby's bottom.

    Nagaagaw isip ako hanggang ngayon kahit matagal ko na syang ginagawa: Is the pleasure it brings in sex (for about 3 weeks) worth the ITCH the ingrown hairs cause when they start growing back? Apparently it is cause i'm still at it. Or na compartmentalize ko na ang emotions ko. Mind blowing sex now! Worrry about the itch later.

    hairy backs, pubis, armpits, whatever..they all apply
  • stefan.stefan. Member PExer
    ^ thanks for sharing :)
  • pinkedyellowpinkedyellow Member PExer
    I don't do it personally. But I hope this will help the itching. Minsan talaga kumakati after waxing.


    After waxing I apply Daktacort if I feel any signs of itchiness.
  • pinkedyellowpinkedyellow Member PExer
  • pinkedyellowpinkedyellow Member PExer

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