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What are you experiences on Traffic enforcers and violation tickets?

my experience on this one was kinda bizarre. my license was confiscated by mapsa (makati police), around 10 months ago, so i was carrying a violation ticket around all this time...

funny thing was, i got flagged down by MMDA, Mandaluyong etc... for at least 8 times and the POlice just got my ticket and issued a new one. so i never bothered to pay the old tickets. and plus the fact that my license expired this january 2010.

what i dide was, i declared my license lost. paid 700 for LTO charges (penalty for expired + change of address + renewal), 400 for medical(eye exam, BP checking, drug test) and 120 for affidavit of lost (official document). a total of Php 1220.00. this is a lot cheaper if i pay the offenses of all the violation tickets i incurred (expired ticket, coding, defective lights, one way...). hahahaaaaa...

so i suggest you do the same... pag malaki na ang violation, mag deklara ng lost (lalo na pag "one way" violation na Php 1500 ang penalty... tsk tsk tsk)... tpos ang problema... :rotflmao::D:lol:naughty:


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