♥ Kristine Hermosa & Oyo Sotto ♥

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    andra (Kristine Hermosa), who is always strapped for cash, discovers an antique coin among her dead grandmother’s things and decides to sell it so that she can have the roof of their beloved house repaired. She sells it to Dave (Oyo Sotto), the owner of the only hobby shop in their town. It is hate at first sight for the two of them, but Sandra brushes it aside, thinking that she would never see him again anyway.
    But when Sandra’s grandmother starts showing up in her dreams, Sandra realized that she had offended the woman who raised her by selling one of her prized belongings. Sandra tries to buy back the coin from Dave, but he refuses because he needs the coin to complete the collection he started with his own dead father. Sandra’s best friend Joan (Nina Dolino) comes up with a wacky idea: what if they just steal the coin back?
    The two women end up breaking into the shop and reclaiming the coin. Unfortunately, Dave figures out that Sandra was behind the break in and finds a way to steal back the coin. His aunt though makes him feel guilty, so he agrees to give the coin back to Sandra – if she agrees to serve as his personal maid for two weeks. As they spend more time with each other, they begin to fall in love… and not even bratty Mayor’s daughter Erika (Nina Jose) or irritating suitor Konsehal Magtulis (DJ Durano) can get in their way.
  • iyadiyad Member PExer
    at last! may sariling thread na rin si oyo & tin:) thanks for putting up this thread avrejle for people who wants to show their support for this new real-life tandem:love: i will surely watch quickilig starting this afternoon*okay*
  • iyadiyad Member PExer
    so sweet & nice pics:love: thanks for sharing;)
  • KcioloKciolo Kciolo Addicts Cafe PExer
    I love K. Hermosa, very beautiful. What a goodlooking pair they make~!
  • mystique143mystique143 KISMET/F2/DMM/ASHRALD/ PExer
    Aww...ako rin..

    I like Kristine and Oyo...very private pero...cute at the same time.

    They really look good together. *okay*
  • iyadiyad Member PExer
    tin is naturally funny:lol: handsome oyo & beautiful tin::soinlove: bagay na bagay sila:love: it's really quickilig silang dalawa:sweet:
  • iyadiyad Member PExer
  • avrejleavrejle ♥♥♥ PExer

    OYO :heartpump: KRISTINE
  • avrejleavrejle ♥♥♥ PExer

    KRISTINE :loving: OYO
  • avrejleavrejle ♥♥♥ PExer


    :love: :love: :love:
  • avrejleavrejle ♥♥♥ PExer

    :sweet: :sweet: :sweet:
  • iyadiyad Member PExer

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  • iyadiyad Member PExer

    oyo :stolenkiss: tin

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