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Of those who haven't won an MVP award yet, who will get it 1st?

primitiverebelprimitiverebel Member PExer
I think Kevin Durant.

The praise durant has been getting from sportswriters ---who are the MVP voters--- makes me think he can win it as early as next year IF if the thunder continue their ascend in the standings and be the 2nd or 3rd best team in the west.

i don't see melo winning it anytime soon unless he gets to 20 and 10 for his season average. he's been scoring like crazy for a few seasons now and denver has been seriously winning but it's not swaying the voters.

dwight howard will win if he becomes enough of an offensive force that his coach trusts him to take the last shot to win a game or if he jacks up his scoring average a few more points. the wins will be there, so he'll be in contention always.

wade is not going to convince voters because he can't lift his team higher, not just in terms of Ws but in terms of making his teammates better.

CP3 needs to be on a championship contender to win this. he put up monster numbers when he was healthy. but if the team's not contending...

Bosh, as the sportswriters of yahoo and sports illustrated have correctly pointed out, does not have what it takes to be the central figure in a championship run. he's too soft. he needs to accept that all he amounts to at this point is one helluva of a 2nd option.


  • neth_rowneth_row Moderator ✭✭
    I think Durant's best chance of winning is this year. If he doesn't win it this year, he won't win it in the next 3 years or so.

    People give so much credit to Durant with Oklahoma's ascension. A huge part of the Thunder's resurgence is their penchant for winning most of their games vs below .500 teams. I doubt if they can still continue this trend next year. And with the way their team is built, I seriously doubt if they can be 2nd or 3rd best team in the West.

    And you forget the expected shift that will happen in the summer of 2010. If Wade gets to have Bosh beside him (whether in Miami, New York, Chicago or elsewhere), you can bet he becomes a favorite to win MVP
  • Red_JohnRed_John Member PExer
    Jason Kidd - Hoping

    Kevin Durant - My bet
  • Gospel of JudasGospel of Judas The Lost Gospel PExer
    why not? durant is on the rise. he's still not done. take note, he's just 21 or 22.
  • 33lop33lop Member PExer
    Agree on the Melo thing. I wonder why he's not getting the cred he deserves. Injuries? Comparison with his friend LBJ? His Nuggs are on course for another 50-win season and Melo's probably one of the toughest matchup in the league.

    Wade's got no supporting cast. "We need more meat", he said at the eve of the trading deadline. And will he leave Miami next season?

    Love Durant's game. With his size, skills and athleticism, he'll figure in the MVP balloting for many seasons to come. And he's got that young stud of a point guard by his side! Poor Blazers...

    That being said, I want Wade to get an MVP award first but there's too many unknowns surrounding him. I think Durant will nose him out. His OKC has turned the corner, he has Westbrook, and I think the Thunder needs just a couple of seasons, a pair of vets, and a better center to become a truly elite team.
  • primitiverebelprimitiverebel Member PExer
    33lop wrote: »
    Agree on the Melo thing. I wonder why he's not getting the cred he deserves. Injuries? Comparison with his friend LBJ? His Nuggs are on course for another 50-win season and Melo's probably one of the toughest matchup in the league.

    Melo actually deserves a thread here. something like, why can't he seem to get the love from the NBA gods (both league officials and the media).

    i think, many people think that melo can't lead a team by himself. clearly, bi-bi-bi-billups is the glue-guy and team leader in that nuggets team. they broke out of the 1st round because of him.

    still, melo should get more love.
  • tito423tito423 Member PExer
    Dwight Howard next year,

    Babawi Orlando next season.
    kevin durant or lebron james for next year. so, kevin durant! :lol:
  • almost-herealmost-here my presence is a present PExer
    If he stays in Cleveland, I don't think Lbj's going to win a third consecutive MVP, especially since the feat has only been done once before. If he signs with New York, it wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination to see him get his third straight.

    Wade could win it if one of this off season's elite FAs teams up with him and lead Miami to a 50+ win season.

    Durant will win not just one but probably three before his career is done. He's too young and too good not to win it. That beautiful jumpshot of his will win him a few more scoring titles as well.

    If Deron or Dwight can take their game to another level, they should be able to win an MVP. They're already the best in their respective positions.
  • redmanredman Too Big to Fail PExer
    Hoping for D Wade.

    But realistically, Dwight Howard.
  • KevinDurantKevinDurant Member ✭✭✭
    Dwight Howard..

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