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Do you consider ___ a hall of famer?

Do you consider the following players a hall of famer. Why or why not?

-Steve Nash
-Allen Iverson
-Dennis Rodman
-Mark Jackson
-Bernard King
-Add a player and your reason


  • - Allen Iverson - Yes - Former NBA MVP siya, 4x NBA Scoring Champion, and top 10 player in the 2000's. Lahat ng former NBA MVP's eh nasa NBA Hall of Fame.

    - Steve Nash - Yes - 2x NBA MVP, top 10 PG of all time, and maganda din yung international career niya. (2003 FIBA America's MVP)

    - Dennis Rodman - Yes- Greatest Rebounder in NBA History

    - Mark Jackson - No

    -Bernard King - Yes - Kung hinde naging injury prone si King eh baka naging top 10 SF of all time siya. He's one of the best college scorers of all time, and isa din siya sa mga elite NBA players nung 1980's.
  • aseroasero PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Yao Ming - his impact to the chinese basketball
  • aseroasero PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Mark Jackson is top 10 in more than one stats. He should be in the HOF imo
  • rationalrational PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Rodman here is the most controversial-coin toss. Mark Jackson and Bernard King-probably not. Nash and Iverson-definite yes.

    How about Robert Horry?
  • Some random answers from Yahoo! Answer:

    Bobby Don:

    Artis Gilmore- great scorer, beastly rebounder.

    Bernard King- the scoring resume doesn't lie.

    el kyle:

    Allen Iverson yes because his career was great for the exception of this year
    Dennis Rodman very confident maybe cause he did display hall of fame talent most of the time
    Mark Jackson nah cause i dont really know much about him
    LeBron James Hall of Famer no doubt he is only 26 and still getting better. that is unbelievable how could you get better when you are averaging a near tripple double


    -Allen Iverson : yes. MVP, led his team to the finals, a consistently great scorer
    -Dennis Rodman: yes. 7 straight rebounding titles. One of the best defenders to ever play
    -Mark Jackson: no (reluctantly) although he was one of the best assist guys to play, he never made that much of an impact and was more of a complement to Reggie Miller.

    -Add your own player and your reason: Well these are some of the players I'm having trouble deciding if they're HOF material or not...C Webb, Pau Gasol, D Fish and Chris Mullin


    ai - yes
    dennis rodman - yes good defender one of the best
    mark jackson - no

    reggie miller - best 3 pt shooter
    chris webber - got the stats to do it

    clippers nation:

    Allen Iverson no becuase he had a horrible carrer at the end

    Dennis Rodman yes becuase he was a last minute man

    Mark Jackson no becuase he did the moon walk like Michael Jackson did

    Kobe Bryant no becuase he isnt good

    link: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AqGu.nfaVt1WCRKCvbKZb0Xty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100309191612AA7YrnE
  • Mine is question..How about Vlade Divac and Dikembe Mutombo?
  • ^ Mutombo - YES
  • aseroasero PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i would not mind having rob horry there
  • How about giving your reasons?
  • horry joins a team, hits a couple of shots here and there, and then boom. there's your 7 rings.
  • 6'9" Mel Daniels of the Indiana Pacers.

    1968 ABA Rookie of the Year
    1971 ABA All Game MVP
    2x ABA Most Valuable Player
    4x All ABA First Team
    1x All ABA Second Team
    3x ABA Champion

    Madami din na magagaling na Basketball players ang naglaro sa ABA, and isa si Mel Daniels sa magagaling na players nung 1970's.

    Dapat eh maiboto na si Daniels sa Basketball HOF kasi dominant na Center siya saka madami siya napanalunan na MVP Award, and championships sa American Basketball Association.

    Halos magkasing level naman ang ABA and NBA nung early 1970's and mid 1970's sa katunayan nga eh tinatalo ng mga ABA Teams yung mga NBA teams sa exhibition games.

    Great Article about the ABA vs. NBA.


  • ^Fascinating.
  • Jess24Jess24 PEx Expert 🎖️
    Rodman - a big YES. The Worm is so much underrated in a lot of respects, but if you take a look at his basketball resume, it definitely says a lot: 5 time NBA champion, 7 rebounding titles, 7 All-Defensive 1st team selections, 2 DPOYs. Some people probably dont even know that he's a 2-time All Star and would you believe, a 2-time All NBA 3rd team selection. That's a Hall of Fame career alright.

    Horry is the wild-card pick here. If you're a fan of any of the teams he played for (HOU, LAL and SAS), it's easy to say yes because of his contributions during those title runs especially in the Playoffs. Objectively however, nothing in his career (stats or awards wise) stands out. Of course, he holds some other valuable records of his own: 7 NBA rings (one of only 9 to so in history), most Playoff games played, most 3 pointers made in the NBA Finals among others.
  • aseroasero PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    robert horry played managed to play in the play offs every year in his entire career.
  • rationalrational PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    kpmojar wrote: »
    Some random answers from Yahoo!
    clippers nation:

    Allen Iverson no becuase he had a horrible carrer at the end

    Dennis Rodman yes becuase he was a last minute man

    Mark Jackson no becuase he did the moon walk like Michael Jackson did

    Kobe Bryant no becuase he isnt good

    :rotflmao: Ito ang talagang random! Kaya pala Clippers fan.
  • Nash - Yes. He gets better as he gets older. Plus those 2 MVPs must be worth some votes

    Iverson - YES!!! A transcendent player and true warrior. At the peak of powers he was a freak of nature and intimidating scorer despite being only 6 feet tall. Look past all the controversy and I would say he brought street cred to The Association

    Dennis Rodman - yes. A great rebounder and defender despite being 6'8" and not being as thick as some of The Association's better rebounders. However his career has been more of a circus.

    Mark Jackson - No. Despite being in the top 10 in the NBA's career assists list, he was more of a complementary player rather than someone you try to build your franchise around.

    Bernard King - No. A great scorer and that's it. The Knicks didn't really go anywhere when he was their alpha dog. Had King played in a small market team no one would really care about his exploits.

    Scottie Pippen - YES YES YES!!! No need to explain. One of the greatest forwards of his time he should be a 1st ballot HOF
  • Do you consider ___ a hall of famer?
    Do you consider the following players a hall of famer. Why or why not?

    -Steve Nash - Yes. 2 MVPs..(although one is questionable) revolutionized the SSOL offense

    -Allen Iverson - Yes. Considering his height.. he was still a scoring machine.

    -Dennis Rodman - DEFINITELY! NO QUESTIONS ASK. a 6'7 guy rebounding and defending against 7'0 ++ giants or the other team's best player. It's completely absurd why the HOF reject his nomination. Their reasons of Rodman coming to the HOF ceremony naked or wearing a gown is dumb.

    -Mark Jackson - Nope.

    -Bernard King - Yes. ... but maybe iffy as his career was cut short by injuries. Hey! Bill Walton was inducted years ago despite playing an injury-riddled career.

    -Add a player and your reason

    Jason Kidd - Mr. Trip dub. Should have been a 1 time MVP award. Led a bottom-tier team Nets to back to back finals. Ranks among the top in the list of of all time in steals, assists, and trip dub. Dunno about the three points made list if he's there.

  • nash. shouldn't be but he might. HOF players have had career-long brilliance. nash was a late bloomer. he wouldn't be MVP if the Lakers had a better record those years. but he was a two-time mvp and kobe isn't (and probably won't be) and that's hard to ignore.

    AI. shoo-in. as i said, career-long brilliance.

    Worm. on skills alone, yes. but, the HOF is more than just skills.

    Mark Jackson. nope. he was a good passer. he could defend. but in his career he did nothing special except be consistently good. that's not enough for HOF. to be in the hof you have to be extra special (see my opinions on pippen).

    Bernard King. yes. have you seen this guy play? ooops. giving away my age. bwahahahahahaha.

    Jason Kidd. borderline. if he was elected to the HOF, i wouldn't complain. if he's not elected, i wouldn't complain also.

    Mutombo. yes. defense, blocked shots, personality and ambassador of goodwill and hope. as i said, hof is not just about skills.

    Pippen. no. he hasn't accomplished anything outside Jordan.

    Horry. yes. he's got more rings than any non-celtic player. and he was instrumental in many of those wins. he should be a hands-down choice.
  • Dikembe Mutombo - the greatest philanthropist the league has ever seen.

    Jason Kidd - ? is this really a question? Hands down.
  • aseroasero PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Grant Hill, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, Ben Wallace, Billups and Pau Gasol - YES
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