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30th GENIE Awards (Canada's Oscars) - April 12, 2010

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The 30th GENIE AWARDS will take place on April 12 at the Kool Haus in Toronto.

It's Canada's Oscars.

Here are this year's nominees:

3 Saisons
Before Tomorrow
Fifty Dead Men Walking

Marie-H?l?ne Cousineau & Madeline Piujuq Ivalu (Before Tomorrow)
Kari Skogland (Fifty Dead Men Walking)
Charles Officer (NURSE.FIGHTER.BOY)
Denis Villeneuve (Polytechnique)
Bruce McDonald (Pontypool)

Jean-Carl Boucher (1981)
Paul Dylan Ivalu (Before Tomorrow)
Joshua Jackson (One Week)
Stephen McHattie (Pontypool)

Carinne Leduc (3 Saisons)
Madeline Piujuq Ivalu (Before Tomorrow)
Gabrielle Rose (Mothers&Daughters)
Karine Vanasse (Polytechnique)

Scott Speedman (Adoration)
Patrick Drolet (Father and Guns)
R?my Girard (Father and Guns)
Maxim Gaudette (Polytechnique)
John Dunsworth (Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day)

Sonia Vachon (5150 Elm's Way)
Isabel Richer (Babine)
Marie Brassard (Heat Wave)
Marth Burns (Love & Savagery)
Liane Balaban (One Week)

To see the complete nominee list.

Polytechnique leads with 11 nominations.


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    Lapit na nito!!!

    Sharing this ...

    He really is honoured to be up for a Genie


    The usual clich? uttered among contenders at awards shows is that it is an honour just to be nominated. Regardless, such is precisely the sentiment of Montrealer Bruno Rosato. He is one of the producers of 3 Saisons, the Cinderella story of this year's Genie Awards.

    The film is up for Best Motion Picture honours at Tuesday's Genie gala. It also received nominations for Actress in a Leading Role (Carinne Leduc) and Achievement in Editing (Jim Donovan, Fran?ois Normandin).

    What separates 3 Saisons from the others in the hunt - Before Tomorrow, Fifty Dead Men Walking, Nurse, Fighter Boy, and Polytechnique - for best flick is its budget. Or lack of same. It was made for the bargain-basement price of $35,000 - a sum that doesn't even cover coffee on most productions. The joke is that the producers were hoping to make 4 Saisons, but had to cut back one "saison" because of financial constraints.

    Budget notwithstanding, however, 3 Saisons is a remarkably intriguing and gritty film, with production values to match any of the higher-cost nominees in contention. The story focuses on two couples - one well-heeled, the other bottom of the barrel - as well as a desperate man from Alberta who has come to Montreal to apprehend the killer of his daughter. Their lives all intersect in dramatic and unpredictable fashion.

    Performances are inspired, with gusts to electric, particularly those of Carinne Leduc and Shawn Baichoo as the punk pair and Caroline N?ron as the actress on the down side. Also letting loose on screen are Dan Bigras, Romano Orzari, Claudia Ferri and Claire Pimpar?.

    Oh yeah, the actors all worked for free. Tough enough to elicit great performances when thesps are paid a fortune, but it is nothing short of miraculous when they do it pro bono.

    Credit must go to Jim Donovan, who directed, co-produced, co-edited and co-scripted with his actress wife, Leduc.

    "Our attitude was: let's just go out and make the kind of film we want and not worry about getting grants and

    tangled in the net of bureaucracy," notes Rosato, who will be attending the Genie gala. "You can wait a very long time for approval for grants. The process can be endless.

    "We just wanted to do it on our own terms. We shot it on weekends over a year, and we had such a blast doing it. The best part was that we got all these incredible talents to come together for the love of their art, for free. That's a rarity in this business."

    No kidding. And Rosato, a casting agent in town, is more than aware that actors rarely provide their services for nothing.

    "This has to be one of the great underdog stories in film here in years," Rosato enthuses. "But we caught a lucky break."

    That break came at the Whistler Film Festival in December. The film won awards for Best New Canadian Motion Picture and Best Actress for Leduc. Presenting the award for best film to director Donovan was Donald Sutherland, who was on the festival jury.

    "(Sutherland) was such a strong advocate of the film." Rosato says. "He told people at the festival he had enjoyed it so much that he saw it twice. Clearly, it helps when you have someone like Donald Sutherland on your side who baptizes the film."

    That it does. With Sutherland's endorsement and the Whistler awards, the floodgates opened. 3 Saisons has since shown up at 20 more festivals. And counting. This week, it's being showcased at the Beverly Hills film fest.

    "A lot of luck and goodwill has brought us a long way," Rosato says. "It has gone to Brazil, England and Korea, and just won another award in Mexico."

    The film also found a home on Superchannel, and the DVD is doing brisk business at outlets around the country.

    Rosato, who studied film at university, has been in the casting biz for a decade. His casting credits include George Clooney's Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Get Smart, starring Steve Carell. More recently, he was involved in the casting of Polytechnique, 3 Saisons' Genie co-nominee for best film.

    "Maxime R?millard, the Polytechnique producer, is one of the great people in the business," Rosato says. ''He helped us develop 3 Saisons. And he goes out of his way to help both anglo and franco filmmakers in Quebec and to put us on the map."

    And safe to say, if 3 Saisons doesn't cop the Genie for best film, Rosato will be rooting for R?millard's Polytechnique.

    The producing team of Rosato, Donovan, Sandy Martinez and Maude Bouchard were so buoyed by their initial collaboration that they are already at work on a follow-up. It will be another bilingual thriller, titled As If Nothing Happened and written and directed by Donovan.

    But this time there will be a budget to operate from, and actors won't have to work gratis, thanks to a SODEC grant.

    "Donald Sutherland said he would be interested to see what our next project would be, so we're going to approach him about a part," Rosato says. "You never know. Dreams can come true. They have so far."

    Courtesy of Montreal Gazette.

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