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New Orleans needs to trade Chris Paul in the offseason

With the sterling play of rookie Darren Collison, I think the Hornets should seriously consider trading CP3 for either:

1. two stars
2. one star, one "solid" and one rising player
3. one star and a rising player plus draft picks

the best part is if they can convince 1-2 more teams in the deal so they can move peja stojakovic and his mammoth contract as well.

Paul is a superstar, probably the best point guard there is. However, the Hornets are not going anywhere with just CP3, David West and Okafor. Plus, Collison will just be under utilized playing as Paul's back up. If Paul and Collison play together the team will be undersized. If they trade Collison and hang on to Paul, they wouldn't be able to move Peja as there will be no takers. Also, the Collison trade will not bring in enough talent to push NOH to the upper echelons of the West.

It will be an unpopular move but the Hornets have to do it. They are not going anywhere with their current team.


  • bastebaste PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    that's going to be a big gamble on their part... well that's what they did when they let go of Baron. pero medyo pa laos na sya nun... si CP3 is far from that state.
  • BeerhandBopBeerhandBop PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    get rid of collison then!
  • ^^ correct! :bop:
  • shamhoyshamhoy PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Collison is a future starter in the NBA. New Orleans would be hard pressed to keep him once his rookie contract expires.
  • Look at it this way, you're playing a pick-up game and have to choose a PG, who would you choose Chris Paul (given he is healthy) or Darren Collison (the DC we are currently seeing)?

    Yup DC is the flavor of the month, but isn't it premature to simply say that DC is better (fo NOH) than Paul right now and that Paul should be traded to make room for DC?

    Think Rodney Stuckey... Yup he ws great playing second fiddle to Chauncey, but when he was given full control of the team can we really say that he is spectacular or can we really give a 100% confirmation that the Pistons are better without Chauncey?

    Trading for Collison may not attarct more talent to NOH, but keeping him and trading for Paul does not guarantee that Collison will play the same thru an 82-game season (think Brandon Jennings).

    I do like the logic and idea of primitiverebal on trading Paul for "stars" but if those "stars" do join NOH will DC still have the same impact?

    Paul is really needed in NOH more because of his leadership rather than skills, right now DC does not have that leadership unless he replicates what Rondo did during 2008.
  • I agree with the other posters. CP3 is a legit superstar, arguably the best point guard in the planet. You just don't trade him since you have a rookie PG having a spectacular month or so.
  • jazzperjazzper PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Either of the two, they are very much welcome with the Lakers. :glee:
  • Rocker09Rocker09 Next Gen. Tennis Star
    Trade collison....Paul is the best PG in the NBA right and he is still quite young......
  • Rocker09 wrote: »
    Trade collison....Paul is the best PG in the NBA right and he is still quite young......

    Dapat kunin ng Lakers si Collison next year. Sayang naman yung talent ni DC2 kung magiging backup PG lang siya ni CP3.
  • killernoodlekillernoodle PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    pambihirang topic naman yan, parang pang tabloid lang, kala ko ittrade na si cp3, alam mo, natutunan ko sa basketball, wag ka agad papadala, madaming one hit wonder, kahit one year straight na magaling wag ka papadala, look at the totality of his career, look at consistency etc...
  • Dapat kunin ng Lakers si Collison next year. Sayang naman yung talent ni DC2 kung magiging backup PG lang siya ni CP3.
    collison = socal guy = from UCLA = belongs to the lakers

  • dphxdphx PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Do it Mitch!
  • talunan08talunan08 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    They have two good rookies. Why not include one or two of them plus a expiring/bad contract to get a good all star?

    Paul, West, Okafor and another all-star sounds good to me. Better than trading the best PG in the game.
  • Trading CP3 because of Collison is like trading Duncan because you drafted Blair.
  • collison = socal guy = from UCLA = belongs to the lakers


    Saka mataas ang basketball IQ ni Collison kaya madali niya matutunan yung Triangle Offense.

    Sana nga eh makuha siya ng Lakers this off season para meron ng pumalit kay Fisher.
  • bastebaste PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    the thread started didn't say that Collison is better then Paul.... coz everybody knows he is not... well not yet.

    he's saying that CP3 will enable the hornets to get more pieces that can make their team better. obviously no one is going to trade their superstar for collison... but they will for CP3 and some good players aswell with it
  • I believe majority of us here agree that trading Paul is stupid since Collison can be used to get another good player (All-Star caliber for + expiring contract) to help CP3, David West and Okafor.
  • Darren Collison = Flip Murray hehe

    I hope I'm wrong hehe
  • collison can take over paul at PG... but no, collison cannot replace paul as a franchise player. there's a difference.

    the knicks made a big mistake including jordan hill in that tmac trade... they could've sent hill to the hornets inexchange for collison, a true PG which the team needs.

    and hill could provide paul a new running mate in lieu of david west... just look at what hill has been doing for the rockets lately. he's gunna be a very good player.
  • Yup. CP3 is a franchise player.
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