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    - Opposite with the pretty baby face, HyunJoong's personality is a determinant, cold, blunt, stubborn one, and also he also has a strong mind.
    - He hates mushy things like: "Pick stars in the sky for me...", wearing couple shirts with cute icons on it like Mickey Mouse (He did wear couple shirts once in We Got Married show but they were kind of sporty shirts).
    - HyunJoong had a rough and hard youth. He did not get any allowance from his parents. He has worked since 7: as a chicken/pizza delivery boy, as a waiter. He had earned about 100 million won from jobs during his younger days.
    - He made a promise with his childhood friends to open a chicken restaurant. He has kept that promise and made it come true. Now he's running a chicken restaurant with his childhood friends. His restaurant's name is Jaksal Chicken, and his dog name is Jaksalie (Jaksal = to harpoon/kill) :>
    - His best friends in music industry (other than his members) are JaeJoong (DBSK), Micky (DBSK) and TOP (Big Bang). They will never bring anyone else if four of them are together. Lately, he became closer with Kim Bum while they are filming Boys Over Flowers. Kim Bum and HyunJoong are neighbors now too.
    - He wrote a fanfic about love between men. Main characters in the fanfic are himself and JungMin (SS501). That was an intentional joke with JungMin and also because he was so bored because he has nothing to do in Japan. So he decided to write a fanfic . Click here to read the fanfix
    - When HyunJoong was filming a kissing scene in BOF, his first drama, he asked the director: "Director, do i need to put my tongue in too?"
    - He loves the guitar and he plays guitar very well. HyunJoong has a collection of guitars. He prefers to buy guitars to buying a house.
    - To others, the DSP CEO (DSP is the company HyunJoong works for) is considered as scary man, but HyunJoong considers the DSP CEO like his father.
    - HyunJoong hates/is scared of dragon flies, bees and most insects, but is not scared of ghosts.
    -he wants to be reborn as a lion in his next life


    Name: 김현중 / Kim Hyun Joong (Gim Hyeon Jung)
    Profession: Actor, singer, model, dancer
    Birthdate: 1986-Jun-6
    Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
    Height: 180cm
    Weight: 68kg
    Blood type: B
    Star sign: Gemini
    Motto: Life is one punch.


    He is the leader and eldest member of the Korean group SS501
    Education: Kyonggi University
    Hobbies: Playing the guitar, piano, dancing Soccer, working out, basketball, swimming,
    Family: Mom, dad, grandma, and older brother.
    Talents: Guitar, piano, and dancing.
    Nickname: pretty boy, 4D boy;4D prince, little groom/ kid groom, leader;
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    Kim Hyun Joong's Real Self

    His near-perfect appearance,
    coupled with his natural, unassuming and straightforward personality,
    translates into a boy who embodies the charisma from two polar ends.

    He is the leader of the band, SS501,
    and he's also the young man
    who has shone exceptionally through his acting debut in Boys Over Flowers;
    Kim Hyun Joong who is only 23 years old this year.
    When we talk about Kim Hyun Joong,
    there are two main things that people would say about him normally.
    One is to describe him as the boy with perfect looks,
    and the other is to call him an ET or 4D (4-dimensional).

    Towering at over 180cm, he's tall and lanky with a near-perfect frame,
    and his personality is just very interesting, cute and adorable.
    His thinking and logic are often as hard to read and as unpredictable as aliens.
    That's why everyone is used to calling him 4D.
    This is Kim Hyun Joong whose popularity is near explosive right this moment.

    As a singer, he often and quite expectantly gives people the feeling that he's cool.
    But when watching him on variety programs,
    one is often shocked and wonders, "Can he really show others this side of him?"

    Kim Hyun Joong is someone who does not hide and is not pretentious.
    Even the way he wrapped himself in the blanket
    and just plain refused to get out of bed was a hot talking point,
    and this alone made him very popular amongst the production team.
    Because his performance and reactions are so unguarded and natural,
    and the way he's not pretentiously coy only serves to make people adore him more.

    As the leader of an idol group, he will sometimes show his matured side,
    and will work hard and not bring trouble to others.
    But there're also times when he acts in a self-centred manner.
    Such a natural and wide-ranging character has also become part of his charm and magic.
    An influential person in the industry once said,
    "Although Hyun Joong may look nonchalant and doesn't care for much,
    he's actually full of humanity."

    Although there're times when his actions baffle everyone around him,
    and people also worry about his 'sudden outburst or unexpected reaction',
    why then does everyone still like him so much?
    What is Kim Hyun Joong really like as a person?
    Let us take a real good look at his real self.


    Kim Hyun Joong, who is both the leader of SS501 and also an actor...
    The up-and-rising star Kim Hyun Joong who has won praises and attention through Boys Over Flower...
    Are there worries hidden behind his success?
    What, really, is going on?

    "Refuse to let anyone look down on me!
    I am only focused on acting out the role of Yoon Jihoo..."

    In the first half of this year, there's a drama that every household in Korea knows about,
    and that's the drama adapted from the Japanese manga writer Yoko Kamio's work, BOF
    that captured the whole of Asia.

    Kim Hyun Joong's role is Rui Hanazawa from F4, Yoon Jihoo (Korean version).
    His performance won the hearts of the young women of today.
    But at the beginning when accepting the role, it was really one big challenge,
    and during that time the majority questioned his ability to handle the role.

    So, does Kim Hyun Joong have the determination to really become an actor?
    This is also one important question.

    "Actually I did not have any thoughts (of acting) during that time."
    He did not even hesitate to consider when he answered that question.

    Then, what was the reason that had caused him to make up his mind,
    and also to use this acting opportunity to capture the viewers' eyeballs?

    "Actually from the time of my debut, I had never even once thought of acting.
    It's just this one lucky chance that made me into (almost) an actor.
    At that time, I was thinking that since the opportunity is here,
    so I just decided to show everyone my acting effort that I would try my best to do!"

    It was with such a thought that Kim Hyun Joong started his first contact with acting.
    What's more his maiden experience in acting had to be this significantly important piece of work (BOF)
    which had already caused such a storm in Taiwan, Japan and other parts of Asia.
    For this young man who was first trying his hand at acting,
    he must have felt a tremendous amount of stress and pressure.

    But Kim Hyun Joong said, "I didn't want people to see the part of me that is not as good,
    and I couldn't have people look down on me."

    And most importantly,
    he did not want to see the reputation that SS501 has so painstakingly built up through the years
    go down the drain just because of his poor acting.
    At that time, acting was still so unfamiliar to him,
    he could only digest the script and the lines in the way that he knew best how to,
    and to give his all to immerse himself into the character.

    "I bought two copies of the original manga and placed them in my room;
    the idea was so that I could read and do research anytime I want.
    I didn't want to portray the Rui Hanazawa from the Japanese manga whom everyone is so familiar with.
    I wanted to add abit of my own magic to create a totally new character.

    My thinking was to retain the essence of the original story,
    but put more heart into showing a Rui Hanazawa
    who can give up everything and not have a care in the world just because of a woman.

    At that time, really, all I wanted was to give it everything I have to do a good job.
    Although my condition wasn't very good when we first started filming,
    but I really didn't want people to laugh at me, and I was so afraid of being mocked.
    I was just thinking of all these things during that time,
    and just didn't bother about anything else and gave it everything I had and did my best."

    In Boys Over Flowers, Rui (Jihoo) was a quiet man
    who, at the same time, was so mysterious and hard to comprehend.
    Whenever his beloved Jandi was in trouble,
    he would appear right beside her
    just like the ever-elegant and gallant Prince Charming riding on a white horse,
    like a prince who would be there just for her.
    This alone was already enough to capture any woman's heart.
    Once they've laid eyes on him, it's not possible to look away,
    and they would literally suffer from Jihoo-fluenza.

    "But in the beginning I was painfully shy and did not dare to act out anything at all.
    During the first broadcast, I was so shy that I could not watch it with my family.
    When it was about to air, I hid myself first and watched it on my own (laughs).

    At that time, I totally could not grasp and understand the meaning of acting,
    and I only did it my own way.

    Like there was one scene I was supposed to show that I was very angry
    and had to hit the steering wheel to express my anger.
    But I did not know how to control my own strength,
    and ended up using alot of force to hit the steering wheel,
    so much so that even the the sleeve of my clothes was ripped and torn."

    But it was precisely such training and experience
    that Kim Hyun Joong slowly developed an interest in acting,
    and came up with his own style and method in terms of acting.

    "This is really a method that I had figured out on my own.
    At least 20 minutes before the actual acting,
    I will go and create the space and emotions needed for the character.

    And the second thing is that the moment the PD shouts CUT,
    I have to jump out of the character immediately.

    When we're filming, we don't always film at the same place all the time,
    we will move to different places or sets,
    so this method is very useful when it comes to treating scenes
    that require different emotions and feelings.
    And it's also a very important technique."

    If I do not get rid of Yoon Jihoo,
    I too will not be able to grow

    In order to portray the character Jihoo perfectly,
    his room was full of the manga books.
    And in order to act out the different feelings required from different scenes,
    he has also learnt to slip in and out of character...
    All these are the effort he's put in so that he could do better.

    But his hard work and effort did not go to waste.
    Yoon Jihoo has become synonymous with the romantic perfect guy.
    Nowadays, no matter which generation,
    all women will say that their ideal type of man is Yoon Jihoo.

    Regarding this social phenomenon,
    what are Kim Hyun Joong's thoughts?

    "To be able to be a part of this drama...
    that's absolutely and certainly one very fortunate thing in my life.
    To have received such love as Yoon Jihoo, I feel very happy and blessed.

    But to be honest, Yoon Jihoo is completely different from me! (laughs)

    Although there's some similarity from the aspect of our gentle nature,
    but I'm more like than man than Yoon Jihoo, more masculine!
    So i think there isn't much common ground between us.

    And more importantly,
    Yoon Jihoo is someone who will only appear in Boys Over Flowers,
    while I'm a real person."

    Kim Hyun Joong, he wants to rid himself of Yoon Jihoo.
    He said this in a very natural and straightforward manner.
    "If I don't rid himself of him, then I too will not grow,
    and there won't be any improvement."
    He smiled as he was saying this.

    To continue to charge forward one step at a time after achieving a certain success,
    that's his goal in life.
    Where's the source of the motivation propelling him to do things like this?

    "O... Actually in my mind, there're three kinds of entertainment work,
    music, acting and variety shows.
    I do not wish to just concentrate on one kind, I hope to do well in all!"

    His reply surprised the editors.
    We know he cares a lot for music and acting,
    but we did not expect that variety programs too have a spot in Kim Hyun Joong's heart.

    "I really love variety programs.
    Because I think in music, acting and in variety shows,
    different sides of Kim Hyun Joong are being shown.
    I really wish that when viewers see variety programs that I appear in,
    they will immediately think that so long as there's Kim Hyun Joong,
    it will be something interesting.

    Even if the camera's following me and filming me really close,
    I don't find it annoying (laughs)
    Coz I think one is not an entertainer if he/she hates having the camera on him/her.
    And he/she has also lost the right to be an entertainer.
    I want to do the work that I'm supposed to do with a happy heart.

    I really enjoy signing autographs for my fans.
    And it's precisely because I'm popular,
    that's why there're people wanting my autographs,
    so I think signing autographs is great.

    No matter when, I hope to be able to enjoy this kind of popularity,
    and it's also doing something good for people who like me."

    My goal is not just to penetrate the world,
    I want to become the No.1 star in the universe!

    Right from his debut, Kim Hyun Joong has already made up his mind
    to work hard for the fans who like him.
    But what about Kim Hyun Joong's inner heart?
    Aren't there times when he feels pain or unhappy?

    "Of course there will be times like this.
    When I'm unhappy, I will go to the office to practise my dance.
    Coz when you're practising, you will feel that you're growing and getting better."

    Korean entertainers all like to say this:
    To work harder and let everyone see a better form.

    But these words, when coming out from Kim Hyun Joong's mouth,
    come across as unusually real and sincere.
    Although his expression is still that of nonchalance and looking as though he doesn't really care,
    but from his expression, we could see this young man's true heart.
    All he wishes for is to make the people who like him, happy.

    This Kim Hyun Joong as we know him has already returned to SS501,
    and they're planning a series of activities.
    Not so long ago, they were in Japan to promote the Japanese album All My Love
    that has just been released in Japan.
    Next, they will hold a concert in Budokan in Japan, and also to warm up and gear up for their Asian tour.

    "Am really looking forward to the performance at Budokan in Japan!
    Although many people would say it's still too early for us to go to Budokan,
    but we absolutely will make this concert a great one, a successful one!

    I know we still need to be put in a lot more hard work,
    like in video, music, stage effects, and also live and stage performance,
    or even the combination with magic, etc...
    We wish to hold a very interesting concert.

    We want to make it such that friends who come and see us must experience
    at least one moment that they just can't take their eyes off the us,
    or think that the stage effects are really so great...
    Just one moment of that will be enough.

    We will continue to have more exchanges and discussions with the members and the staff
    to discuss about what we want to present to everyone.
    But it will definitely be the best...!"

    There is no trace of Yoon Jihoo in the Kim Hyun Joong in front of us now;
    it has been replaced by the leader of SS501.
    Kim Hyun Joong, his face is full of such confidence.
    Then, lastly, let us ask him, "What is your goal?"

    "Hehe, my goal is not just to become an Asian star.
    Not even the world.
    I want to be the No.1 star in the entire universe!!"

    This boy... he really is a boy who can make people feel that whatever he says is interesting.
    What would his next step be?

    The man of the universe: Kim Hyun Joong!

    Let us wait and watch out for more shiny rays to emit from you!

    (No matter if it's music, acting, or variety programs,
    I want to do them perfectly!)

    Kim Hyun Joong's 4D Test:
    Rui Hanazawa (Yoon Jihoo) vs Kim Hyun Joong

    1. Personality

    "He's not at all like Jihoo..."
    His co-stars all agreed unanimously.

    Hyun Joong is different from the calm, steady and quiet Jihoo;
    he's always joking at the filming sets,
    and he's also the livewire who is the source of laughter and giggles,
    he's completely demonstrated his pure and innocent nature.

    "I'm a lot more manly than Jihoo.."
    Hyun Joong himself emphasized this point.

    2. Dressing

    Jihoo basically dressed in white-coloured clothes that are princely-looking.

    But Hyun Joong himself prefers black, and even his bags, etc, are mainly in black as well.
    Black on him seems to have the effect of letting people know of his existence as a leader.

    3. Music

    Jihoo is a artsy performer of musical instruments.

    Although Hyun Joong too loves music, and can play the guitar, piano, etc,
    there was once he was supposed to play the guitar in a program,
    he was perhaps too nervous, so his performance was not really perfect.
    But everyone still think he's very cute, ya?
    That is his charm!

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    Link to

    KIM HYUN JOONG: Ji Hoo of Boys Over Flowers

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    080328 X Boyfriend [url="http:///"][-][/url]
    080329 Sponge Ep 18 [YT]
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    080405 Star King Ep 62 Eng: {[YT1][YT2](not complete)} Chin:[56]
    080405 Star Golden Bell Ep 179 [YT]
    080406 Miraculous Victory & Defeat Ep 21 Raw:[Veoh] Chin:[56]
    080408 Sang Sang Plus Season 2 [YT]
    080411 3 Colour women [YT] Viet:[YT]
    080420 Fantasy Couple Ep 47 Chin:{[Tudou1] [Tudou2] [Tudou3]}
    080511 Sixth Sense Quiz Ep 54 Chin:{[Tudou1] [Tudou2] [Tudou3]}
    080514-21 Golden Fishery Ep 93-94 Chin:{[56.1] [56.2]}
    080524 Star Golden Bell Ep 186 [YT]
    080530 Vitamin Ep 245 Chin:[Tudou]
    080603 Mnet Wonderful Day Raw:[YT]
    080609-16 Come to Play (WGM cast) [YT] [Veoh] Span:[YT] Viet:[YT]
    080511-0812 We Got Married Ep 8-38 [Tudou]

    090103 Sang Sang Plus (BOF cast)
    090126-0202 Yashimmanman Season 2 Ep 27 [YT1] [YT2]
    090224 Hyunjoong on HJK radio
    090226-0305 Happy Together (BOF cast)
    090302 F4 Special Talkshow {[Viikii 1/6] [Viikii 2/6] [Viikii 3/6][Viikii 4/6] [Viikii 5/6] [Viikii 6/6]} {[YT 1/6] [YT 2/6] [YT 3/6] [YT 4/6] [YT 5/6]TBC} ~~HJ cuts: [YT 1] [YT 2]
    090303 Kim Hyunjoong At Lotte World
    Fancam: [freeegg]

    X-Man HJ Cuts (ENG SUB) [YT1] [YT2] [YT3] [YT4] [YT5] [YT6]

    050307-0425 M!Pick Ep01-15 Raw:[YT] [Veoh](Ep1-12)

    [SSS☆] 2005 M! Pick (5 Episodes) {ENG/SUB} episodes 1-5
    [SSS☆] 080501 CS GYAO Korean Star SS501 {ENG/SUB} 3 Parts. 1-3
    [SSS☆] 090602 SS501's ROMANTIC SKY {ENG/SUB} cuts
    [SSS☆] 080506 TBS Channel: SS501 - Back to Seoul {ENG/SUB} YT CUTS
    SSS☆] 080603 SS501 - Wonderful Day {ENG/SUB}3 PARTS
    [SSS☆] 080628 M ON! SS501 Make On The Holiday {ENG/SUB} 3 PARTS
    [SSS☆] 2nd japanese Album 'All My Love' Jacket Sketch {ENG/SUB} 2 PARTS
    [SSS☆] 2009 TSJ SS501 Special Messages {ENG/SUB} YT
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    [SSS☆] 080913 SS501 - Japan Concert Backstage {ENG/SUB} YT
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    [SSS☆] 080505 SS501 - Green Grass Nursery Rhyme Festival YT

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    ]Popularity award section TV at 45th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards
    cr uploader

    Netizen popular actor at Seoul Drama Awards 2009
    cr uploader

    Most popular idol at Style icon awards
    cr uploader

    Asia Top Buzz Male Artist, Top Buzz Korean Artist and Netizen Chosen Top Male Artist ,Asia Top Buzz Group Award,
    at 'Yahoo! Asia Buzz Award 2009".

    cr marvie0701

    HyunJoong come to play

    "I think heaven made me into a singer. Through music, i learn how hard the world can be, even the tainted parts of the world, i got to know"

    "If it's true love, it's not a problem even if it's 10 years difference" (MBC Come to Play June 16, 2008)

    HJ to Minho: "don't put your arm around my shoulder."
    HJ to Kim Bum: "I have all the weird photos of you on my camera...I hope you will be an entertainer for a long time too...listen to me well or I'll distribute the photos."
    HJ to Kim Joon: "Junnie hyung...hyung is really like a con artist." interview cool FM

    Credit berrie,lovewls/ Quainte501 sweetgirl, Baidu, wikipedia, credit on pic and to all
    Thanks to all YT uploaders: hoonfami, skypoem, yyy12,....
    credits/Special Thanks To: jessicakth, crazii3me, sweetgirll, gentlecat87, black-wings, quynhn, huangsy, kuki_kuki, andie39martinez, lovewls, ars_linh, mitch74, Sparkskey
    for lovely links for HJ Thread @ soompi ^^[/b]

    contributed by mariposa28
  • hjlshanghaimeestar007.jpg

    From CHIJOONGJINDAM (In Vino Veritas) Interview
    - Nov. 6, 2008

    (these interviews are usually done late at night over soju for internet newspaper articles)

    Part 1

    SS501's leader Kim Hyunjoong ran panting into the pojangmacha
    (roadside stalls where they sell side dishes and alcohol) 30 minutes late
    and said "Can you smell the burnt tire?" before I could scold him.
    After performing at the Hallyu festival at Jamsil,
    the time Kim Hyunjoong came to the Kangnamgu Shinsadon pojangmacha was 11 PM.

    "Olympic road had an accident so I came with the emergency lights on," he said.
    And then he ordered seasoned butterfish as side dish,
    saying "I got to eat a few pieces of chicken in the waiting room, but I'm really hungry."
    He said, "Soju is getting less and less alcoholic,
    so nowadays I can't get drunk with even five bottles," and smiled.

    I didn't have to worry that he would answer with single word answers or worry only about his image.
    This talk over alcohol with Kim Hyunjoong proved wrong the prejudices about idols.

    Instead of the typical answers like "I love music and dancing,"
    he confessed "Initially, I really hated SS501."
    And he said, "Sometimes, I scold the fangirls waiting for me in front of the house."
    He said, "I don't want them to regret liking me when they become adults, so I nag them on purpose."

    And Kim Hyunjoong stated, "Although I dropped out of High school,
    I wish that my fans would be able to attend university."

    -- Can you really drink five bottles of soju?

    "Sometimes I drink more when I'm feeling well. (laughs)
    But nowadays, I'm unhappy that the soju has decreased to 19% alcohol.
    Since it's gotten weaker, even women are able to drink 1-2 bottles without a problem.
    This must be a marketing strategy by the Soju company to increase the sales.
    I miss the days of Dukkubi Jinro Soju with 25% alcohol."

    --When did you start drinking?

    "In first year of High school (about grade 10), I worked at the TGI Friday
    and the sunbaes who worked there ate out together after work often.
    There's a lot of stress in working in the service industry.
    The hyungs in their 30's would say "Today, we're the king," and de-stressed with alcohol.
    I worked there for 1 1/2 years and I still keep in contact with a few of the hyungs often.

    --If you worked in a restaurant with that appearance, you must have been famous.

    "I didn't know when I was working,
    but when I quit I found out that there were a few female fans." (laughs)

    --Did you have a lot of part time jobs?

    "I delivered pizza, chicken and newspapers.
    I've worked in manual labor with daily wages.
    I lived a rougher life than I look. (laughs)
    I've never gotten allowances from my parents."

    -What kind of work do your parents do?

    "They work at the Dongdaemun Market.
    They have their days and nights reversed so I almost never get to see them. (laughs)
    I was a very problematic child, but now I want to treat them well.

    -Where do you go to drink often?

    "I live near Shinchun and they have an old style market with a bar that I go to often.
    I like chicken feet and pig head meat and skin side dishes."

    --You were casted in a drama. Will SS501 start individual work?

    "Right. Following 'We got married', I am going to be on 'Hana Yori Dango'
    and Jungmin will be on a musical called 'Grease'.
    The other three will perform in a project group.

    --In the drama, you'll be the top 0.1% luxurious youth.

    "I get to learn horse riding and violin, and also go to film overseas.
    I heard that I get to be on a private jet and I'm already anticipating it.
    I've been diligently getting skin massages too. (laugh)
    Jun Kisang PD keep trying to scare me by saying, "Hyunjoong, Working hard is not the same as doing well."

    -A lot of people remember you from 'Can you get refills for love?' from debut times.

    "The memory is somewhat embarrassing. (laughs)
    I was a newbie so I was on the show for two months to get people to know my face.
    I'm taking lessons for this drama and I want to break the prejudice that I'm a singer turned actor.
    I want to be able to hear, "I never knew such sides to Kim Hyunjoong existed."

    -What will you do if your acting becomes an issue.

    "That shouldn't happen but if it does, I'll just take the criticism.
    I'm against people blindly complimenting me even if that person is a fan.
    If that person really cares about me, I think they should tell me things even if it's painful.
    That way, I can improve.

    I'm really trying not to get bad reviews
    so I'm planning to take my acting teacher even when I go film overseas. (laughs)
    I'm even planning to pay for the teacher's trip with my pay from the drama."

    For this drama, he has already filmed all the episodes for 'We got married' for December.
    Following Alex and Shinae couple, the Lettuce couple will also leave the program at the end of the year.

    When asked "Is singing or acting more difficult?"
    Kim Hyunjoong answered, "They both require you to coordinate well, so neither is easy.
    But acting is still a bit more unfamiliar."

    Part 2

    -Do you like the nickname that you're "Fourth Dimensional?"

    "I like it now,
    but initially, I thought they meant that I'm like a "dol-I" (retard/crazy person) so I didn't feel good.
    I'm interpreting it now as something like 'having unique charms'. (laughs)
    In that way, I think everyone has some tendencies to be 4th dimensional.

    --Do you have an actor or an actress you like? If you had to name just one?

    "I like Yoo Haejin. I've probably watched 'Tazza' about 12 times.
    He has a unique character of his own and acts so well."

    --What do you consider important in daily life?

    "Say hello or goodbye.
    Not because it's a form of respect but just to let the other person know that you know them.
    If you skip this, it's easy to start small troubles.
    So I always tell people that I'm going home before leaving, no matter how drunk I am.
    I'm never gone with the wind." (laughs)

    -Who is a friend celebrity that you can call even at 2 AM?

    "Hero Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun, and TOP.
    These three are the best friends.
    When we meet, we don't let anyone else join us. (laughs)

    And the friends from Songpagu Jamshil who never left me for 23 years are also my family.
    Sukchon lake Shinchol eatery street was our stage.
    I hung out in such a small area that I the first time I had gone out of Seoul outside of my graduation trip
    was after I became a singer."

    --I heard you invested in a chicken restaurant with your friends.

    "It wasn't an investment for profit.
    There are about 10 close friends that promised to be together for life
    and one of them opened a chicken restaurant.
    We promised each other that we'd support each other if one of us become successful.
    These are friends who know me better than my mom.
    We made a secret hideout in the room attached to the restaurant.
    We even put TV, sofa and blankets there."

    -What was the most embarrassing thing you had to do recently.

    "I went to a nail care shop with a friend couple and it was really embarrassing. (laughs)
    I personally think that my life was 'The time of unrefined person' (from political gang drama)
    but I found myself getting my nails done like from a girl comic
    so it was embarrassing. (laughs)
    I don't think I can go there again."

    -If you could become invisible for one day?

    "At one point, I wanted to visit the women's bath house or go to the bank
    but I've changed my mind. What's so good about going to the bank?
    They'll still be able to see the money floating by.

    Instead of being invisible, I wish I could move really fast.
    I want to do the schedules quickly so I can get another hour of sleep.

    -Is it exhausting to live as an idol star in Korea?

    "Everyone's different but I'm fairly free.
    I tend to not worry about what my fans think too much.

    Sometimes there are fans pacing in front of our dorm really late at night
    and I scold them and send them home.

    I don't want them to regret having liked me when they become adults
    so I intentionally treat them coldly.
    Of course, I'm thankful that they're my fans.

    My dream is to rent a small stage when I'm in my 40-50's
    and to perform for fans who have become parents.
    And to go have soju with them after the performance or to do charity events.
    Just thinking about it makes me happy."

    --Do you ever regret having dropped out?

    "There wasn't much I could do with just a middle school diploma.
    Wherever I went, the term 'dropout' followed me.
    I realized that Korea is not a country based on abilities when I was seventeen.
    I think there's still a far way to go to become a developed nation."

    -If you could go back to the Jamshil middle school days, what would you do?

    "I think I would participate more with the school band "Aksus" (means to scream).
    When I was fourteen, I went to Nakwon stores
    to buy base guitar with 70 000 won (about 70 dollars) for the first time.

    It was actually 80 000 won
    but the owner saw my stack of 1000 won (~ $1) bills and gave me 10 000 discount."

    -Were there no support from your parents?

    "At the time, if you wanted to formally learn music with lessons,
    it cost about 3 000 000 won (~$3000) a month.
    My dad was having a hard time with his business so I couldn't ask him for money.
    There were times that I despaired that 'music is really money'.
    I remember practicing 8 hours a day until the speakers from the computer broke."

    -What do you think you would be doing if you weren't a singer?

    "I don't think I can be a salary man so I think I would have part time jobs.
    I don't think it's necessary to have formal work if you live for your own enjoyment.
    I think the people who work in firms despite complaining do that because they value money more.

    In a way, you trade time for money.
    Happiness doesn't come out of a bank account.

    Once, I made 100 000 000 won (almost 100 grand)
    but currently, the balance in my account is 2 600 won. (~ $26 )
    But I still don't think I need anything."


    "Why would I lie?
    There was a time I had part time jobs and sold things and made 100 000 000 won.

    The way to make money?
    It's simple. You just have to not spend it.

    There were times when I worried over 100 won.
    But now, I eat the meat I like and spend more
    but whenever I see my friends, it's still Dutch pay."

    Part 3

    -What's the most valuable thing?

    "My friends.
    Even if I become penniless,
    my friends will help me until I can stand on my own.

    Beautiful women are transient memories, but friends are eternal."

    -What kind of a son are you?

    "I'm a cold son who doesn't talk much.
    I can never say 'Thank you' or 'I love you'.

    There were times when I got into gang fights and my parents had to get me from the police station.
    The settlement fee cost them several 10 000 000 won.
    I really want to do well for my mother who was treated like a criminal because of me.
    I want to repay them for all the bad things I've done.

    I have one older brother who is currently in them military
    and he used to do quite well in school.

    -You get attention wherever you go.
    How is your satisfaction level?

    It's not worth anything.
    They say I look good and cool now but someday, it'll all leave me.

    I'm really nothing and it's just a brief moment of spotlight."

    -What's the scariest thing in your life?

    "The people.
    Especially, the people who badmouth people behind their backs are the scariest.

    I don't want people to be hurt because of me
    but I don't want to be hurt either. "

    -In your opinion, what kind of a person is Kim Hyunjoong?

    "Someone who tries to have a humane feel to him.

    Last year, I wanted to go to TaeAn to clean the rocks
    but I couldn't go because I didn't want people to say I was just doing it for my own image.
    I want to be someone who can act and say what I want without worrying about what others say.

    There are people who even donate their kidneys
    and I always feel regretful that I seem to live my life without doing any good deeds."

    -Is there a reason you came to love comics?

    "After I dropped out and ran away from home, I lived with friends for almost one year.
    But when that was impossible, the best place to go was a comic shop that cost 1400 won per hour.
    There were also times I rode the subway at Ddooksum station without a ticket and had to pay 30 times the fee.
    And other times I got caught but I just ran away.
    I'd like to apologise to the metro association workers."

    -Why didn't you go home?

    "I couldn’t because of my pride. (laughs)

    One time, I had no money but I was so hungry,
    I ordered 8 servings of ddukbokki and sausages and fries and ate it and ran away.
    I ran whole 2 km and felt so sad that I almost cried.

    I told myself, 'I'm never going to forget this day'.
    I'd like to apologize to the Shinrimdong fast-food restaurant owner as well."

    -How did you come to have your debut?

    "I got scouted when I was working at TGI
    but it turned out to be a fraudulent company.

    They made me work really hard
    and told me it was a Hallyu project and then tried to sell me to China.
    It was supposed to be a 5 member group at that time as well
    and I almost ended up in China for just 5 000 000 won (~ $5000) contract fee.

    After that, someone introduced me to DSP
    and I became a trainee and trained really hard for 1 1/2 years.

    The CEO is famous for being scary
    but to me, he feels like a father."

    At the question whether Kim Hyunjoong would re-sign a contract with them,
    he stated that "Unless the agency kicks me out, I want to stay at DSP."

    -Did you learn dancing from he beginning?

    "There is a bit of story to that.
    At the beginning, they were going to make me a band
    but somewhere along the way, they changed and told me to learn to dance.
    I was disappointed but when I saw the 8000 people in the fan club,
    I thought "This must be my path in life."

    For the fans, I decided to leave the guitar for a bit and learn to dance."

    He has two cell phones.
    One of them has an image of the fans cheering with balloons.
    The first saved number is his home.
    The rest is empty.

    He said he likes to memorize numbers
    so he remembers the phone numbers of 30 of his friends.

    -People must be sad when you stop 'We Got Married' next month.

    "I felt happy filming 'We Got Married'.
    Even the Dongdaemun intestines restaurant ladies call me 'Kid groom'
    and specially give me the side dishes for employees.
    I can feel the increased popularity."

    -What kind of a woman are you attracted to in real life?

    "I like a woman who seem like a real genuine human.
    Rather than someone who does what I want,
    I want someone like a friend who will put her arms around my shoulders when I'm drunk.
    I want to get married around thirty
    and I want to be a good father and a good husband."

    -The last question. What do you want on your tombstone when you die?

    "I hadn't thought about it. (thinks about it for a while)
    I think I'd like a cozy picture of my family engraved on it instead of words.
    I think that would be more valuable and happy than a hundred phrases."

    credits: [email protected]

  • 49096256.jpg


    Hyun Joong-arh, Let's Get Married?

    Perfect features, 4D sense of humour that often brings smiles and laughter to people,
    a guy who appears indifferent most of the time and yet harbors something deeper inside.
    The sense of refreshing innocence that Kim Hyun Joong possesses does not affect his beautiful and sweet appearance.
    On the contrary, it adds to his sparkle and shine.
    Kim Hyun Joong, all of 23 years old...
    he is at the same time a grown man and yet a curious and peculiar child.

    In her early 30s, Miss K did not used to look upon men younger than her as men;
    she said, "After watching Kim Hyun Joong in We Got Married (WGM), my thinking has changed.
    I had initially thought he's just a cute little boy, but he surprised me with his manliness."

    When asked if there's anything about Kim Hyun Joong that she's curious about,
    Miss K replied, "No particular point that i'm curious about,
    but if only I can just hug him once, that will be enough."

    As for the men, they are all discussing about how women has fallen into WGM.
    Surely husbands who who can cook as well as Andy and event organizers such as Alex only exist in women's fantasies?
    And so is kid groom Kim Hyun Joong; even that face of his is already out of the norm, very surreal.
    Sculpture-like features that take (women's) breath away, 4D humour that tickles one's funny bones,
    seemingly indifferent but is in fact harbors deep thoughts...
    this man seems to be the classic male who only appears in manga or cute internet novels.

    WGM is a major breakthough in reality TV shows in Korea;
    totally eroding the Koreans' perception that reality TV is boring, long and tedious.
    A seemingly preposterous idea like make-believe marriage,
    put together with a 'cast' with different personality traits
    and how the 'cast' demonstrates their real selves all came together very nicely to appeal to the TV viewers.

    The most interesting couple on WGM is undoubtedly Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo.
    The kid groom who actually feels that he is protecting his wife when he is catching the mosquitoes.
    He's hidden folded paper cranes in the sand just for Hwang Bu-in,
    watching such an adorable kim groom, one cannot help but want to cuddle and protect him.
    When watching how Hwang Bu-in laugh out loud with such happiness,
    one really wishes to ask if she 'is really in love with Kim Hyun Joong.'

    Kim Hyun Joong has flipped open a new page for women who did not used to interested in younger men.
    A star who is not created or packaged based on what young fangirls or noona fans fantasize about.
    Although blunt, forthright and random, that is his true character.
    Even idol-novices who previously had no idea how many members there are in SS501 have opened their hearts.

    However, Kim Hyun Joong does have a side to him that cannot be captured by the camera.
    As the leader of an idol group,
    he has been busy with work from morning to night without much time to rest
    in the one and a half months that they have been in Japan.
    His childhood dream of wanting to be a singer has already materialized,
    and although he derives great joy from his fans' love,
    but the smile is only momentary, he will withhold his smile very quickly.
    Those eyes with a hint of hesitation seem to be saying, 'Though the candy' sweet,
    but a mouth that's foolish and doesn't do anything can't have the candy.'
    (Means that there's nothing that can be attained so easily, one will have to work hard for things.)

    * You've been ranked first place in such polls like the younger man whom noonas want to date,
    the younger man whom noonas want to hold or hug.
    It sure seems like the influence and impact of WGM is really huge,
    are there times when you feel pressure from these noonas?

    No, there's no time when I feel stressed (by it). It's not just because of WGM,
    the trend now is to date younger men.
    Instead of saying it's a burden or stress, I in fact feel very grateful that the noonas like me.

    * Heard that you had initially hesitated when you knew you're gonna be on WGM.
    Reality shows can have adverse effects if not done well, or if the viewer cannot identify or accept you.
    Were you worried about showing your real self (to everyone) without reservation?

    I did hesitate in the beginning. It's due to lack of self-confidence.
    There's no script in WGM,
    it's purely our own format and style after Hwang Bo noona and I have gotten to know each other.

    * Do you feel inconvenienced or uneasy coz of the presence of the cameras?

    I'm totally not conscious of the cameras' presence.
    Even finding where the cameras are placed is somewhat difficult.
    Even when we've run out of words, there's no one there to give us any instructions or help,
    we just have to act out whatever we're thinking.

    * The concept and premise of WGM is very unusual, many people were against it previously.
    But as they watch, there're now signs of getting addicted (to the show).
    Are there any changes (to you personally) before and after WGM?

    My thinking towards women has changed.
    Can't say it's entirely due to WGM, thinking seems to change with age.
    When I was 20, it's only kind and pretty girls, no~ only look at pretty girls.
    But now, compared to pretty ones,
    I prefer girls whom I can get along with, doesn't matter if they're older or younger.

    * There're many couples in WGM.
    Women tend to have certain fantasies about marriages,
    viewer tend to mentally pick the partner they wish to be married to when they're watching the program,
    but men usually are less receptive to WGM.
    Each couple has its own special points and traits, what about you?
    What type of couple do you like?

    I'm often touched by Solbi noona and Andy hyuny.
    As compared to buying a very expensive diamond,
    I like even more the happy smiles that they give when they're together.

    * Although you seem fine,
    but you should be the type who doesn't quite know to take care of others, right...?

    But actually I can be very considerate and detailed.
    When going out with friends, I will always bring stuff like insect repellent,
    although people seem to see me as rather laidback and disinterested.

    * 23 years old. Hyun Joong-ssi's thinking is different from the young people of today.
    Like the men from KyongSang-do with a more stoic and blunt personality and yet with a sensitive heart.
    And you're not proud and self-centered as the kids of today.

    Seems to be because I've always been close to hyungs who are much older than me since i was young.
    Even with hyungs with a 10-year gap, we're like friends when we're together.

    * How do you become friends with hyungs with such a big age gap?

    I got to know hyungs when I was working at a restaurant after leaving high school when I was 17.

    * You're more comfortable and at ease with hyungs than when you're with friends your own age?

    Whether with peers or with hyungs, each has its own good points.
    I had my contact with the society from a very young age,
    and got to learn alot from the older hyungs.
    Just like people with alot of money may not necessarily know how to spend money,
    thinking too does not necessarily becomes more matured with age.

    * Do you have close friends in the entertainment circuit?

    Amongst entertainers, the closest is Hero Jae Joong from DBSK.

    * Don't you have any subconscious thought that you're rivals?

    Absolutely not. Although we're rivals in other people's eyes,
    but we ourselves don't feel that way at all.
    We will drink together, go to to sauna together and chat about interesting topics...
    We even discuss about aliens frequently.

    * Haha, believe in aliens?


    * If you can give up life on earth and go to other planets, will you?

    If I don't have a loved one, then yes, I will go.
    It seems very interesting to be able to meet aliens.

    * Do you like adventurous things and like new challenges?

    Yes, I'm basically fearless.

    * Surely there're things that you dislike, ya?

    Bugs and moths.

    * Haha, so you dislike bugs and insects?

    Yes, i hate all bugs and insects.

    * Aren't you afraid of the future?

    Don't know.
    Taking one step at a time and we've come to where we are today.
    We even have juniors now...
    Watching the TV programs now, I see many juniors who are younger than me.
    There're juniors who are some eight years younger than me...
    When I see them, I will feel that I really have to work even harder.
    I'm no longer a rookie (in the industry), and need to be a role model for these juniors.
    And looking at how these juniors have improved,
    me too have to show even more improvements.

    When our juniors take one step forward, I cannot take the same one step forward.
    It should be a case of me taking two steps for every one step that the juniors take.

    * Do you understand very clearly where your charm and appeal lie?

    Not entirely.
    I can't even be nice to a member of the opposite sex,
    and I also don't wave at the fans often enough.

    Even though my heart really wishes to wave at them,
    but I'm really afraid of strangers and new environment.
    If fans can understand my heart and know my feelings through interviews, that will be great.
    Even though fans may feel that Hyun Joong oopa is very scary,
    but the truth is I'm just afraid of strangers and scared of unfamiliar environment.

    * Not someone who can totally let loose and let go?

    Regarding waving (at fans), I really feel helpless,
    I just can't seem to do it.

    * Are you always expressionless when you're quietly by yourself?
    Don't you smile normally?
    What about when you're little? Were you an introvert?

    Am someone who doesn't smile often.
    When I was little, I practically did not come into contact with strangers.
    So I've a very severe case of being afraid to be with new people.

    * What about during your school days?
    Heard that you were first in the Maths Olympics quiz?

    Actually I once thought learning was very interesting.
    When I was in primary school, I would set my alarm to 6am,
    and would get out of bed to study at 6am.

    * You thought learning was interesting?
    Haha, that's really unbelievable..

    I would study and learn things after getting up, and then go back to sleep after studying.
    That it was only up till Primary six that I thought learning was interesting.
    When I was in Secondary one, I came into contact with music,
    and gave up on studying.

    link for part 2
  • 70765645.jpg

    Kim Hyun Joong gave gift and letter to Thailand fan who was sick

    SS501's Group leader send a gift and letter to oversea fan who is sick, this news has spread widely and became a hot topic. On 14 February, in the English Korean Entertainment Information Site Soompi, there's an article titled 'A Miracle occurred in Thailand', attracted most attention. In the article, it was mentioned that one Thailand fan received Kim Hyun Joong's letter and present.

    According to the article, one member of a Thailand Fan club has undergo kidney transplant operation but the result was not very good and is staying in the hospital. This fan has been waited for SS501 Thailand Concert on the 13th February since long time ago, however due to her worsen health, could not go to their concert. Therefore, her friend wrote a letter to Kim Hyun Joong.

    According to the fan: "Because the bodyguards were very strict, they could not pass the letter to Kim Hyun Joong directly. One fan when passed her present to Kyu Jong hide the letter together and gave to him. This letter might be passed to Hyun Joong by Kyu Jong."

    When Hyun Joong knew about the actual condition and found out about the hospital that the Thailand fan is staying at, he sent his regards through a letter and present to the fan. The fan happily said: "It is really a miracle."

    When consoling the fan that couldn't attend their concert because of her illness, he wrote in his letter: "Because of the schedule of the concert, I couldn't see you. After the concert, I will send you the concert video." He even called up the fan via an interpreter.

    This news spread fast through the internet, after knowing this, the reaction of his fans were: "Once again, SS501's kind heart is confirmed. It is very touching.", "An idol that is thoughtful to fans", "Proud to be Hyun Joong's fan"

    Some fans cheer for the Thailand fan: "Glad that the news has spread to Hyun Joong, hope the fan will get well soon.", "Same like Hyun Joong, we hope the Thailand fan will recover soon."

  • 18252014.jpg

    SS501 Kim Hyun Joong Samsung Card CF (Compiled)
    credit goes to uploader ilovedoubles501

    [News][2010.02.22] Kim HyunJoong “Undress to sleep” Netizens are curious

    Keke.... I like the CF too. It's idea is so good and interesting! ^^by SS501 UFO

    Credits : spn.edaily.co.kr + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

    02/22 [news] Kim HyunJoong “Undress to sleep” Hwang JungEum “Never get rejected before” Netizens are curious

    “I don’t wear clothes when I sleep” (Kim HyunJoong)
    “I never get rejected during blind dates?” (Hwang JungEum)

    The recent “hottest” stars, Kim HyunJoong and Hwang JungEum have gained the attention of netizens with the confession of their secrets.

    They showed a different image in a recently released CF, revealing part of their unknown personal life. Especially where Kim HyunJoong shyly confessed “I don’t wear clothes when I sleep” and took out a pink innerwear from beneath the blanket, and Hwang JungEum’s normal self-conceited concept where she is in a blind date hoping not to be rejected saying “I never got rejected before”, the teaser commercial has became a hot issue as soon as it was aired and gained a lot of focus from fans and netizens.

    Netizens who learnt of the commercial responded “What is this CF?” “Kim HyunJoong’s pure and clean image queerly matches well with the sly acting” “Hwang JungEum’s look on wanting to get chosen during a blind date touches me” There is an explosion of interests in these 2 models.
    Not only that, Kim HyunJoong and Hwang JungEum improvised their pure expression on top of the lines that were given to them at the CF filming venue. Blind date bomb (failure) girl’s true color give-away, etc, a diverse impromptu improvision was made to each of their characters, it was said that it made laughter and awed the people.

    The CF which Kim HyunJoong and Hwang JungEum’s secret confessions were the talk of the town, is Samsung Card’s ‘Why Not’ campaign.
    This campaign’s CF content is about how Samsung Card can support and help people on the thing that they want to try to do. Stories of things around us that we are concern with and wish for are being materialized and stimulate a bond of sympathy.

    In the CF, rock band who wish to perform, supporting actor who doesn’t have a line of his own despite acting in a movie, toddler who wish to quickly learn how to walk, wrestler who wish to be welcomed at a buffet restaurant, etc, shows the wishes which the people hope to achieve.

    Together with this ‘Why Not’ campaign, there are more stories to be released such as Harisu who hasn’t seen any female prettier than herself and Kim GunMo hasn’t made a choice for himself before.

    Samsung Card representative said “Anyone and everyone are likely to have some worries/concerns and Samsung Card’s ‘Why Not’ campaign shows it in various characters and interesting situations.” He added “From this teaser CF and the CF hereafter, please look forward to the interesting development of ‘Why Not’ campaign which will continue to support people’s wishes.”
  • 16346462.jpg

    [News][2010/02/22] SamSung Card ‘Share Prices Bounced Up With Artistes’ Humor

    Posted on February 23, 2010 by ss501fighting
    Credit: [email protected]e.co.kr
    English Translation: xiaochu @ Quainte501.com
    Please don’t reedit
    Give proper credit when reposting, thanks!

    Samsung Card recently released ‘Teaser CF’ and gained all kinds of attention, and with its success the successful rebound in their share prices.

    On 22-Feb, Samsung card (019120) comparison to previous day increased 1% ~ 3.13%, currently at 2.58pm, showing a slight rising trend, the day trading comparison increased to 1.17% at 51,700won.

    Meanwhile the Samsung Card CF is about Samsung Card supporting people on things they want to try on with its ‘Why Not’ campaign. ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Kim HyunJoong, Hwang JungEum who has impassioned performance in ‘High Kick Through The Roof’ and other famous entertainers honest talking are the talk of the town.
  • 10022019.jpg

    Donations 22,000,000won to UN for Haiti - Kim Hyun Joong Fandom Coalitions

    Original in Korean: Edaily SPN
    Translated by Giselle @ www.kimhyunjoong.net (English page of Kimhyunjoong Perfect)
    Repost with full credits only.

    2010-02-25 12:19
    Park Mi Ae reporter
    Edaily SPN (http://spn.edaily.co.kr)

    Fans of Kim Hyun Joong are leading the drive to establish a mature fan culture.

    Now, fans both at home and abroad donated to UN for Haitians who suffer from an earthquake after Korean fans established a scholarship fund under the name of Kim Hyun Joong.

    Fans in Korea (Investigation KHJ, Kimhyunjoong Perfect, US 현중학), China (Baidu Hyunjoong bar/Magic 賢), Japan (日本 Perfect), and Singapore (Love Kimhyunjoong) donated 22,307,824won which was collected for 17 days, from 30th of January to 16th of February, to UN Central Emergency Response Fund, under the name of 'Korean and overseas fans of a young Korean celebrity, Kim Hyun Joong' last February 18th.

    Contributions of many countries, companies and NGOs have donated to UN, but it is told that it is the first time that voluntary collections from fans are sent.

    The representative of 'Kim Hyun Joong fandom coalition' said that "this donation means a lot becuase overseas fans joined it as well as Korean fans" and "thank you, Korean and overseas fans of Hyunjoong for participating in this fund raising to coexist more assertively with neighbors in need as a member of the international community, over the name of fans of Kim Hyun Joong" on an internet message board.

    Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong has SS501 Asia tour concert Persona on the 27th and 28th in Seoul Olympic Gymnastic Gymnasium ahead.
  • SS501

    Name: SS501, Double S Oh Gong Il
    Meaning: Five Superstars United as One
    Fanclub Name: Triple S
    Balloon Color: Pearl green
    Company: DSP Entertainment


    Confessions of a ‘ K-pop’ fangirl

    By Elisa Claustro
    Philippine Daily InquirerDateFirst Posted 22:05:00 02/20/2010

    I felt the familiar stirrings of a schoolgirl crush—which led to Google … on to catching their tour
    I THOUGHT I’D BE A LOT OF THINGS at 25, but never was it in my wildest dream to be a fangirl.

    I was Bangkok-bound to watch five cute Korean guys sing and dance onstage, I couldn’t help but wonder if I had already gone too deep into K-pop (Korean pop) “fangirldom.”

    My obsession started with “Boys Over Flowers,” a Korean show, where I was immediately drawn to Jihoo, the quiet, somewhat anti-social member of the famous F4.

    Not before long I felt the familiar stirrings of a schoolgirl crush, not only on the character, but also on the man himself.

    A quick Google yielded the singer/actor’s name—Kim Hyun Joong or “KHJ” as he is known.

    That Google search led to long hours on the Youtube, for anything about KHJ. I would giggle, scream and sigh (yes, in that order) to the chagrin of my mother, who couldn’t really understand what was going on with her supposedly “adult” daughter.

    My crush intensified when a work colleague told me that KHJ was also a lead of a boy band named SS501.

    So another round of frenzied Googling ensued, and soon, I was downloading songs from SS501. It took me another hour to get all of the other members’ names right.

    Seeking sisters

    You know how they say misery loves company? This applies to a fangirl who doesn’t have anyone to talk to about her crazy love for K-pop.

    Hoping to find other SS501 followers, I joined every online forum I could possibly find. I dropped by message boards, grabbed e-mail addresses, left comments on YouTube. I was desperate to find fans like me.

    I stumbled on the website “Triple S Philippines” (TSPH), the local chapter of the band’s official fan club. I hurriedly signed up for the group. It wasn’t like I had won the lottery or anything, but the thought of getting myself out there, to gush, without getting strange looks, created certain excitement.

    As insane as this may sound, I felt like I had found a long lost group of friends in TSPH. When I met them in person, I didn’t feel awkwardness, just an overwhelming sense of kinship.

    Spend or save?

    In the seven months I’ve been an SS501 fan and TSPH-er, I have come to realize that being a fangirl could be expensive.

    You have this urge to look for and buy anything with your idol’s name and/or picture—makeshift bookmarks with downloaded images of your idol, T-shirts, original CDs, concert DVDs, photobooks … I’m just about to spend on the Persona Tour.

    Serendipity and semi-stalking

    I first heard about the Persona Tour in September 2009. In an attempt to revamp SS501’s image and strengthen its presence in Asia, the band lined up concerts in Malaysia, HK and Taiwan.

    Some TSPH girls had already crossed the seas to watch the boys live, but a couple wanted to go for seconds (or even thirds!).

    Early this year, I became more convinced that I had to go. This was the chance of a lifetime, I told myself, and to let it pass would mean having to live with “what if?” the rest of my life.

    One TSPH-er had an extra ticket to the Persona Tour in Bangkok, the final stop. Hotel accommodations had also been taken care of. All I had to do was book my flight, so I did.

    I set out for Bangkok, on my own, on Feb. 12. Having had little rest, I caught a cold and arrived in Bangkok, tired, hungry and with bad laryngitis.

    Still, my spirits were high as I made my way to Siam Paragon for the press conference. There, I had another realization: being a fangirl is all about waiting.

    In the blazing heat, pressed against the bodies of local SS501 fans, my fellow TSPH-ers and I stood patiently and waited for three hours. The boys stayed and talked onstage for 10 minutes. I wasn’t disappointed, although I can’t say I was extremely happy either.

    Apart from the fact that I couldn’t scream and shout for KHJ (who looked so hot in a white suit, by the way), my camera doesn’t have enough zoom power, so it was nearly impossible to get good shots.

    All the mishaps of the day did not faze me, however. I had high hopes for the concert, and the thought of getting to watch SS501 live was enough to recharge my batteries.

    Back in the hotel, there was more waiting to be done. Because we were checked-in in the same place as the boys, we knew there was a good chance to see them before the concert. We waited in the lobby, and after two hours, they finally arrived.

    I caught a glimpse of only Kyu Jong and Hyung Joon, but the wait was definitely worth it. Many of the girls dashed after them as they stepped out of the hotel, but I decided to linger and relish the moment.

    Seeing stars

    After some pre-concert shopping for SS501 merchandise, we headed to the arena. We weren’t far, we weren’t close, but we really didn’t care. We just prepped ourselves for an awesome performance, and that was exactly what we got.

    The concert was fun, revealing, sexy and downright entertaining. It also made me see that there really was more to the band than KHJ. Each of them was able to show off his singing and dancing prowess. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, pushing my voice to the limit and trying to project fangirl jibberish onto the stage. It truly was an experience of a lifetime.

    One would think that attending the concert would calm the fiery spirit of this fangirl. On the contrary, it has only fueled it.

    On the plane ride home, all I could think about was how much I wanted to see them again (and how it’s about time I got a camera with gazillion optical zoom).

    Obsessive as all this may sound to you, being a fangirl has pushed me to accomplish many firsts in my life—from taking a chance on strangers to traveling all by myself, to writing this love piece.

    If underneath the craziness lies this potential for great things, I have no qualms about continuing the journey and going even deeper into the wonderful world of fangirldom.

  • 28krds2.jpg

    Interview for 5 Men in 5 Years DVD

    credit: (Chinese translation)妃茵@TripleSTW + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
    Please repost with full credit.

    Q: For this 5 years, from debut to now, what was your most satisfactory and regret incident?

    Hyun Joong: I have never gave up my dream and finally I fulfilled my dream. During the most difficult bottleneck period, it was very exhausting to break free from the low spirit and to pull myself together again.

    Young Saeng: I am most satisfied that 5 of us finally fulfilled our dream together. 5 of us meeting together, and became a group called SS501. In addition, the sense of accomplishment of winning the new comer award. It is most regrettable because of having many members, each will bring up our own opinion and then often will cause disagreement. Sometimes, when 5 of us performed on stage together, but could not sing due to some reason. During that time would also feel it was such a pity.

    Kyu Jong: We had already participated in variety show before debut. After debut, we received lots of adoration from our fans and it is continued up till today, I am very happy. Most regrettable was not long after debut, we went to Japan for official debut. Someone had pointed out that comparing to initial debut period, local SS501 fans had decreased tremendously. During that time, I felt very regret, but now then I knew the oversea activities had made me grow up and with the advantages of the difficulties met in oversea activities, I can come to Malaysia and has the opportunity to move forward. From now on, I will not loose my original intention, I will work harder to be a singer which people coveted.

    Jung Min: In the past 5 years? Already past 5 years, time past really fast. Most satisfied is when 5 of us debut together and won the new comer award and others. I am happy in every moment and can't choose which incident. Most regrettable is although we have put in effort but the end result was not as we expected. Also, I wanted to repay our fans but it is a pity that it was not quite satisfactory.

    Hyung Joon: It has been 5 years since we debut. Firstly, I am proud of successfully debut and is grateful to my members who have gone through the process together with me. I am most satisfied that SS501 successfully conquered a place in the music circle, there's a sense of achievement in this. Most regrettable is we still have a long way to go, but are restrained by time and other factor, we couldn't always meet with the local fans but are always oversea. Other than that, I am very satisfied.

    Q: Being labelled as idol, do you think that it is a restrainer or luck?

    Hyun Joong: Our song is idol music which mainly targeted to 10-20 years old age group and not pop music, but currently pop music proportion has increased in the music circle, therefore the term idol do not have much meaning.

    Young Saeng: I have a positive attitude towards the term idol. It is originally my dream to be an idol, so I do not think that I could not choose the genre of song because of being an idol. Instead, because of being an idol and is supported by many fans, it is the greatest motivation for me to move forward. Because of being an idol, even though I made mistake, fans also adores me, gaining a lot from here, I will continue to work harder. For me, it may be said that is lucky.

    Kyu Jong: Since young, my greatest dream is to be an idol and wishing to hear the term idol. Therefore now I felt very satisfied that I can continue to hear that. Wish to hear people say, Kim Kyu Jong is a member of SS501. To me, it is not a restrainer that hinders my advancement but it is luck.

    Jung Min: I have prejudiced over idol originally, therefore sometimes will think that it will be better if I am not an idol. However, because I am idol and being able to get the support and adoration of the fans, these are something that can be labelled good or bad. I am grateful for everybody's adoration.

    Hyung Joon: From certain angle, it might be a restrainer, but because I am an idol, everybody know SS501 member - Kim Hyung Joon, this is lucky and not a restrainer. Fans' support SS501 member - Kim Hyung Joon, and know that in SS501 there's a person call Kim Hyung Joon, I am grateful for that. In future, 5 of us have many things that we wish to do, of course, also have some things which we wish to do in solo, but I think it is lucky that I am a part of the 5 individuals.

    Q: Myself in 10 years time?

    Hyun Joong: Because of this I have been ascertaining everyday. I even think of what kind of person I would be in front of the audience after 10 years time. I have already confirmed answer. 10 years later, I will be an outstanding artist, have communication with fans, become a singer which can fully enjoy my own music and leisure life.

    Young Saeng: 10 years later I am 34 years old, until then I will continue to make music. The possibility of engaging in other work cannot be excluded, but I do not want to give up on music, so my work will not change. In addition, although I still don't want to get marry now, but might get married in 10 years.

    Kyu Jong: 10 years later, I will be married and become a parent. But during that time, I will still want to sing. For the sake of current and future fans, I want to sing songs which will touch people heart. I want to be a parent and singer that could sing for entire life.

    Jung Min: During that time, I will be a child's father, become a capable parent. At that time, become a singer and actor as SS501 member.

    Hyung Joon: Maybe I will get married. My dream is to get married soon and it is also a target. Hope that in the next 10 years, I will be more matured and met the person I love. It is difficult being a member in a group, but when the time reach, I will marry the person I love and enjoy a happy life while singing together with SS501 members. Even if become older, but will become a charming parent.

    Q: To me, what is the meaning of other SS501 members?

    Hyun Joong: We are not old friends but were practiced together for 7 years. Having spend one third of our life together. Although our fate started from work, but now they are like family members, and has become friends that are absolutely essential in my life.

    Young Saeng: To me, SS501 members are like my family members. Because the time I spend together with them is even longer than my parents. They are like my own brothers or family members. They are friends which are absolutely essential in my life.

    Kyu Jong: To me, they are my family members that help me fulfill my dreams. 5 person that once walk our own path, become a group of one heart and mind until today. They are my best friend and family members that help realize my dreams.

    Jung Min: Not long ago, we have separate activities. For the first time, I joined in comedic musical and I missed my members. I also felt something which I do not feel when 5 of us are together. Only when separate then you know how to treasure. From this, I also know that they are also an important part in my life.

    Hyung Joon: Although we are not family member or brothers but they are like my own brothers. If lack of one person, will feel very uneasy, will think of him, worry about him. We will definitely not go apart. Just like super glue.

    Q: Who is your life role model?

    Hyun Joong: Whether is oversea or in Korea, there are many singers. Choosing any one of them, taking him as a role model. I will never surpass him, but will go through great pain in order to surpass him. For this, what can I do? For example, I like Michael Jackson, also like Oasis. Although the music style is totally different for these 2 singers but to me it is not important.

    Young Saeng: I have a lot of desires, so my role model is not only 1, but a few. I would like to follow their strong points, so I do not want to designate a specific person as role model.

    Kyu Jong: Before debut, when I see my seniors dancing on stage, I would also wish to dance on stage. That is my only desire. After debut, meeting with many people and entering into society, I gain a lot of experience from honest and hardworking people. There is no special role model. I will learn from them and will continue to put in effort in future too.

    Jung Min: I do not have role models, this is my strength and also my weakness. I have never thought of following others. I just hope to achieve the target to be a role model of others.

    Hyung Joon: My life role models are my parents, because every part of them could be a role model. Of course, there's a lot of singers whom I wish to follow, but I wish to be a role model of others. To me, the most fundamental role model are still my parents.

    Q: My image

    Hyun Joong: I always wish to create new responses. To create song which is unique for fans to listen, also want to show Hyun Joong's music is very unique and interesting.

    Young Saeng: I am a frank person. I wish to show my sincere side to everybody but was very tense during filming. Therefore, felt burden to show eloquence speech and could not show a sincere side. Hope that everybody will be able to see my sincere character so that one of these day when fans mentioned about me, they will think of the term sincerity.

    Kyu Jong: I hope to let everybody see the effort I put in. However, putting in effort will definitely gain result, so I will definitely become a wonderful singer with great results.

    Jung Min: I hope everybody can see my honest side, other than this there is nothing else. Being frank is one of the charm of SS501, we do not want to artificially shape our image.
    Hyung Joon: Simply put, frank and cheerful look is my image. Talking about my target, I am already 23 years old, I wish to show the image of an adult, showing the matured look. Cute and handsome image although is good but wish to display the side of a strong man.

    Q: Music Style to pursue

    Hyun Joong: Now I am dance singer, I feel that dance music is very important. However, I would like to show the image of an artist to everybody. Because of that, I am constantly learning and researching. After 5 or 6 years, maybe I will be able to make music which I like. The genre could be British rock style but cannot determine what kind of music style will be popular during that time.

    Young Saeng: I have many desires. The genre of music which I wish to create include rock music, jazz, American style music, pop songs, ballads and many others. However, the genre which I pursue after will be my own creation, Heo Young Saeng's style music. Later, I wish to listen words of "This song's music style is created by Heo Young Saeng."

    Kyu Jong: 5 of us singing together, I would like to reflect our hearts in the song. Later, if I have the opportunity to release my solo album, I would like to personally write my own song, sharing my feelings with fans.

    Jung Min: I do not want to be a music warrior, but the members want to release stimulating songs and fix it as theme song. For me, rather than having the image of a warrior, sharing song with fans are more important. I want to sing songs which can convey my heart. Also love ballad and new age music and would like to challenge that field. Recently, I am started learning to compose music, soon I will be able to introduce song which has Park Jung Min's tone.

    Hyung Joon: Our music is subjected to many restriction, including the dance need to show a variety of performances, but will be restricted. I have been paying attention on pop dance, R&B Soul. Few days ago, released in the special album, there is a song which I composed. Comparing to pop song which is popular in oversea, I placed more emphasis on R&B and pop dance, and like dance song more than ballads.

    Q:Thing that left most impact in your mind is?

    Hyun Joong: The thing that I remembered most was during the trainee period, I only minimum for food and transportation cost, so I always eat a bowl of noodle and thought that it was very meaningful.

    Young Saeng: That must be the debut performance. From pre-debut to now, when go on open stage or outdoor shoot, it would always rain. There's no exception even for the debut stage. There's one day, during the rehearsal, one member suddenly fell down, it was also raining outside, because of that we were also called "Idol that summon rain -- SS501". Everytime during an open air performance, I will think: "Ah! Today will also rain."
    (Mini UFO: Now I understand why Kyu Jong said they are 'idol that summon rain' ^_^)

    Kyu Jong: After completed the debut performance, my tears flow uncontrolled. Incident happened during that time still remained in my mind. Even now, I am touched when watching again the video of our crying scene during the debut. I will never forget that moment.

    Jung Min: When winning the new comer award, I felt a sense of accomplishment and pride.

    Hyung Joon: Same like other member, I will not forget the day when we won the new comer award for the first time. 5 of us as a body winning the prize in that year. Also, chances of winning the news comer award was only once, so was very nervous. There were many other excellent nominators, we were really lucky to win the new comer award. I can't stop my tears. Even when attending the dinner I was so happy and shed tears again. The next target is to put in even more effort to win an even bigger prize.

    Q: Is there times when you want to run away from the stage?

    Hyun Joong: When dancing on stage and trousers were torn.

    (Mini UFO: Eh... no answer from other members but leader only????!!!! Other members have no such encounter before??? Eh... Eh... Eh....)

    Q: Things that you are most concerned of recently?

    Hyun Joong: Recently always felt lonely, so thinking of buying a puppy. Also, oil price increase tremendously, it was a burden to finance, so wanted to buy a light scooter. When travelling to training room can ride the light scooter and won't have parking problem. Just need to spend around 7000won (~USD6) and can ride for around 1 week and it is very fast (speed).

    Young Saeng: I am concerned about the everyday changes, sometimes I wish to do this, sometimes I wish to do that. Last time, I was very interested in camera and love to take photographs. I even learned photography from the internet. Now, I am still taking photographs, but also have other things which I am interested in. Other than camera, I like to play game, and also because I am a singer, I also like music.

    Kyu Jong: Recently, 5 of us started to learn to compose, because of that, it is my greatest concern now. Also since we always go to oversea, naturally more interested in foreign language and greeting method.

    Jung Min: I love to eat and like clothes. I am considering to open a restaurant or boutique. Recently, I just started to learn composing, have purchased some equipment, so wish to compose song for fans to listen. In addition, also preparing the new SS501 album. I am concerned with more than 1 thing, my mind is in a mess.

    Hyung Jun: I am most concerned about writing lyrics and composing, to improve my ability in music creation. Also, few days ago filmed a short clip series, found that it is very interesting. If I have chance, I would like to be an actor, because of this, I am getting training for acting.

    Q: When will you feel lonely?

    Hyun Joong: Fans give us unlimited supports and adorations, in turn, we will continue to strive for personal advancement. In this process, would undergo great pressure and felt most lonely. Can't even confide to friends but only can solve the problem myself.

    Young Saeng: I am most lonely when reaching autumn. Because I am staying alone, returning home after work and there's nobody, during this time I felt most depressed.

    Kyu Jong: I'm not able to go shopping or other places with my friend or member during the festival season and public holiday this make me very lonely but i am still able to endure it.

    Jung Min: I always felt lonely, because don't have a girl friend. But lonely is human destiny. I have things that I want to do, also have friends, so do not have time to feel lonely.

    Hyung Joon: In the past 5 year, I have comprehend a lot of things. I often felt lonely and always showed my feelings to the members. When I was feeling down, felt lonely and depressed, the members can tell from one look. I has a best friend whom I know for 10 years, I don't have a lot of friends in school. Also, because a lot of people could recognized me in the day, I could not go out, only can go out alone during late night, it is very lonely. I want to watch movie, but because a lot of people looking at me and felt burden, during this time I also felt lonely.

    Q: People that supported me

    Hyun Joong: Of course are my friends. My old friends are mostly since kindergarten, primary school until now. Our fate has exceeded 15 or close to 20 years. They understand me more than my parents and I will confide to them.

    Young Saeng: The person whom are most trustworthy is my mum. She is like my friend. When I have difficulties and worries, I will discuss with her. Therefore, my mother is my support.

    Kyu Jong: SS501 members and our company staff and my family members.

    Jung Min: This contains a lot of meaning. To me, family members, our members, fans and friends are people which I treasured, and my bank book.

    Hyung Joon: During the time are SS501 members. Fans and audience gave me carrot & cane (meaning praise and comment), it was a great help. Although when everybody see the bad side of us and felt not happy, but I still love comments, it helped our growth. Also, only when there are fans that care for SS501, then SS501 will exist.

    Q: To fans

    Hyun Joong: I heard, this DVD is planned to be released during end of October or Beginning of November. Actually, I don't know what to give you, but next year, I am thinking of giving my fans a small but biggest present. Please look forward.
    (Mini UFO: Wah! Wah! Wah! I am curious... what is a small but biggest present??)

    Young Saeng: Firstly, thank you everybody for purchasing this DVD, don't know whether everybody have any thoughts. Today I am very satisfied that I am able to present my most sincere side. I can only say Thank You to everybody. In order to let fans see the best SS501, we will continue to work harder, hope everybody will give us your support. Wish everybody will be happy. Thank You.

    Kyu Jong: Time flies, unknowingly, 5 years have past after our debut. During that time, I greet everybody in Korea, but now, I am at Malaysia. Because of our fans support and love, I can come to Malaysia. In future, like what Hyun Joong hyung said, we will grow up to become singer that will fly to outer space, giving our fans a lot of happiness. We will definitely sing nice song to repay you, please wait for us. See you when we return to Korea. Wish everybody to have good health. Thank you.
    (Mini UFO: I can drive you to outer space using my UFO.... ^_^)

    Jung Min: Fans who are watching the DVD now, very thank you for always supporting SS501. We will put in extra effort to be cheerful and charming SS501. We will not let you disappointed. Hope our fans will give us care and support in future. In order to show a wonderful performance in Korea and other countries, we need a lot of preparation time, please look forward. Hope everybody will like like all side of us. I am SS501's Jung Min. Bye Bye.

    Hyung Joon: Fans who have always supported and loved SS501, 5 years have past. I would like to thank everybody's love and will work harder in future. SS501 will be one body forever, hope everybody will stand beside us and continue to give us support and love our music. 5 of us think, currently is only the starting point. Hope in the future 50 years, 500 year, will always support us. We will continue to put in extra effort to advance. Please take this DVD as a consolation, and look forward for future activities from SS501. Let work hard together
  • e00322524b62d6e063473.jpg

    Kim Hyun Joong has become ELLE February's
    focus of attention "a fancy fairground" Icon

    original in korean: ELLE korea
    reposted by: SS601
    translated into chinese: julieann / HYUNJOONGCHINA
    translated into english: OdeDS

    Author of manhwa "Boys over Flowers" Yoko Kamio has expressed, she feels that the disposition she imagines "Hanazawa Rui" to be while creating that character of soul is just about the exact same replica as SS501 Kim Hyun Joong. Of course, before the manhwa, Kim Hyun Joong is already a very famous flower boy, but we cannot deny the fact that Kim Hyun Joong has 100% the disposition of "Rui's". The hair that's been blown by wind is smooth and soft (it isn't that we have special fantasies for males' hair texture oh), and the smile that appears to be disconcerned about anything at all, but the shallow smile is ample to get people infatuated with it, and that white soft skin and matte lips! He's exactly a character walking out of and from the manhwas.

    Hyun Joong's beauty is impeccable, and his charm doesn't just only lie in that assorted and outstanding good looks, he may look aloof on the appearance, appears have little interest for the people surrounding him, but actually he is the one who is able to see through peopple's inner thoughts the best. Previously having starred in reality programme "We Got Married", he had bought medicine for his reel wife Hwang Bo, although it is only a variety programme, it has sufficiently allowed audiences to feel his sincerity towards a "human".

    "affability but which appears to be indifferent"! Isn't this trait the one trait of males that could get the hearts of most females in manhwas? (of course if this male doesn't have a charming appearance, but just possesses affability, everything is just futile, this is also the principle of sonyeo manhwas.) Which is why we could affirm at firsthand that Kim Hyun Joong is really a man who walked out from the manhwas. This kind of unrealistic male beauty has happened on Kim Hyun Joong, and everything has become reality, we as audiences are also very pleased !!

    Males think: actually to a male, Kim Hyun Joong's appearance is definitely a cause of massive headache for a wide number of them. In such a way, males not just need to possess good natural traits, and also needs to maintain good personal well-being and groom themselves well like exercising etc, it is very important, and even needs to practise smiling like a flower too. But.......how do you master a four-dimensional personality? Nearly impossible ne.
  • anigif.gif

    MICLUB, one of the biggest Leader's fanclub next to Perfect, has done a good deed in the name of Kim Hyun Joong once again. MICLUB - Hyun Joong Ari has put together 'KIM HYUN JOONG SCHOLARSHIP'. This is based on what Leader said in one of his interview "I hope no one has to give up on their dreams" . 'Kim Hyun Joong Scholarship' is to support parentless young student for a year of college. These poor students are required to leave their orphanage right after they graduated from high-school. "A better world through Kim Hyun Joong" is the slogan for this campaign.

    A total of $14,917,564 was donated to the Beautiful Foundation.
    Miclub's campaign vid - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ek-LwX2c4cw
  • anigif4.gif

    DSP notice on 'Completion of SS501 Mini Album 'Rebirth' activities'
    Credit: DSP Ent. + (Chinese translation)Elsa菜@DoubleS501.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
    Please repost with full credit.

    [DSP] Completion of SS501 Mini Album 'Rebirth' activities
    [DSPe] 2009.11.27 11:13:53AM

    Hi everybody, this is DSP media,

    SS501 mini album 'Rebirth' which was released on mid October was the consolidate product of the 5 members during the 1 year 7 month period, thus it is even more meaningful. In such a short period, being able to win No.1 ranking in major music chart and winning No.1 in KBS Music Bank, getting very good result.

    All these were accomplished with the support and hard work of all TripleS.

    27 Nov's KBS 2TV 'Music Bank', 28 Nov MBC-TV 'Show! Music Core', 29 Nov SBS TV 'Inkigayo' will be the goodbye performance. 5 Dec will also participated in 'MBC Music Core Special' held in Jeju Island. Hope everybody will be present to cheer for SS501 goodbye stage.

    After the long waiting period and having a short activities, more or less we have some regrets. The new album was plan for during the 1st half of next year, hope that before that you can continue to give us your support.

    The Hong Kong Asia Tour concert will be held at Asia World Arena. Hope everybody will support the future Asia tour and other activities.

    During this 1 month's time, all TripleS you have worked hard !!
    We will work hard to let everybody see a more development in DSP and SS501!!

    [DSP Media]
  • 1280-1024.jpg

    SS501 International Forum----http://quainte501.com
    Subbing Teams ---- http://www.youtube.com/user/quainte501, http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperstarSubbing

    Music Videos
    Warning- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxLls5oT29I
    Never Again- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYejbkcRk_k...feature=related
    Snow Prince - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX-hvjwqW5s...feature=related
    Fighter- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sYRu_-imQg...feature=related
    Unlock- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAQ3PS5SMr0...feature=related
    4Chance- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrxqU225cZY...feature=related
    Coward- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_M9cMcjUJXc
    De Javu- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mem8-G-HqLM...feature=related
    Song Calling For You - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBxxZFX0r2w...feature=related
    You Are My Heaven - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOBBcQxvs8E...feature=related
    Find- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvUbz6vYjXY...feature=related
    U R Man- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0d2FdbjT8I...feature=related


    Kokoro- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3ed4Q10joY
    Distance- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AQ8KFLXIVY...feature=related
    Lucky Days- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqpPe1M-qEg...feature=related

    Gaze (Movie Ost)- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4A5qD90IOTc
    Lonley girl-(Ost, Kyu and Baby) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0FW1ipVlrU...feature=related
    I'm Stupid-(Ost trio) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PSJuXn0qyY
    Making A lover (Drama ost) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfEMS1VRNRU

    More videos and performances later.

    First Page By Genesis and Sharry
  • jeffskijeffski PEx Rookie ⭐
    MBC Section TV [10.01.15]
    Section TV Entertainment Communication Idols member with the most outstanding sense of arts


    video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lL4Mf1jx0sw
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