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Baby's First Flights

babyloves_78babyloves_78 i'm wishing on a star.... ✭✭✭
Inputs naman about this. I don't know if meron ng similar thread like this. If not, advice and what's do's and don't's. We'll be travelling in US this MAY with my 1 yr old baby by then. need advice for first timers like me. thanks in advance. :)


  • F-A SoldierF-A Soldier Your Personal Jesus
    Give her some Nyquil before the plane. Save everyone the trouble.

    Just kidding...or am I...
  • jaygrahamjaygraham My dog's name is Stoli PExer
    Phenergan works better.

    I was joking around with a mother when I was waiting to board a plane. Turns out she had given her child some.
  • ~gIrLnXtDoOr~~gIrLnXtDoOr~ Washing Ironing F***ing Etc PExer
    dapat madami kang baon na toys pangpa-aliw so your baby will not get bored during the flight.. and also biscuits para may manguya-nguya...
    installan mo din yung cellphone mo ng pwedeng mapanood, just in case.. hehe.. if you're gonna bring a laptop, dala ka ng cds na pwede mapanood din.. :)
  • karUningkarUning kaPex PExer
    pakainin mo o padedein habang ngttake off at paglapag na rin. habang gumagalaw ang jaws nya, hindi nya mararamdaman ang pressure sa tenga. usually we travel with chewing gum, diba?
    puyatin mo na rin, para tulog sya during the flyt. kung direct flyt, kailangan mo na rin mgdala ng pang-aliw...
  • babyloves_78babyloves_78 i'm wishing on a star.... ✭✭✭
    super thanks sa lahat.. :) keep em coming... :)
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