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Course curriculua question

Hello. I was looking at the course curriculum of various courses at the College of Science and I had a question. I was wondering if students are allowed to deviate from the curriculum. For example, if I were to major in physics would I be allowed to take more biology and chemistry classes? Also, I noticed that the curriculum says "Elementary Analysis." I found the course description on the mathematics dept website and it sounds quite similar to taking a calculus class. Are we allowed to choose between the two? Or do we have to stick strictly to the course curriculum?

Thank you very much.


  • iRebirthiRebirth PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    depends on your adviser - if he / she is rather lax or strict.

    you may take EXTRA electives but they won't count in the computation of your GWA.

    Also Math 53-55 + Math 121.1 = Math 63-65, but the latter is more rigorous however. I'm sure if you find good enough a reason or are really persistent, then you'd be able to take the classes you want.
  • Ahh. That makes sense.

    So if I were allowed to take Math 63-65 would I still be required to take 53-55? Or does that depend on the adviser also?

    Sorry if this seems like a ridiculous question. I'm used to all science majors having to take calculus and there was only one kind (I'm actually from the US).
  • iRebirthiRebirth PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    If you're allowed by the Physics dept to take 63-65, I'm positive they won't ask you to take 53-55 anymore. If you decide to take 63-65, take Math 122 along with the math majors instead of Math 121.1*okay*

    If you're not allowed however, don't think you're losing out on something. 53-55 IS calculus. Some colleges like Harvard and MIT also have separate streams of Calculus, if I'm not mistaken. In UP, 53-55 is taken by science and engineering majors whereas 63-65 is taken by math majors.

    One difference is the particular emphasis on writing proofs in the math major stream. For example, some 53-55 profs won't teach their teach students how to do epsilon delta proofs. Another difference is the material. The "60 series" will cover up to topics in differential equations, while the 50 series will end with vector fields and power series.
  • jed_allanjed_allan PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    iRebirth,blockmate ba kita?:lol:

    TS,why do you want to take more biology and chemistry classes?Magme-med ka ba?
  • Ahh. Thanks iRebirth that was really helpful!

    Yeah. I'm still thinking about my options after I get my undergrad and medicine is one of them.
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