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Independent Senatorial Candidate Lito Osme?a","41455620

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    Give the Filipino half a chance and we will excel in every field of Endeavour, as exemplified by Cebu, when I was Governor. “PROBINSYA MUNA!”

    The national government under President Cory, provided the local governments with sufficient powers for them to help themselves. When true democracy came into play, where the sourcing and application of funds where brought down closest to the voters eye, it resulted in the economic miracle of Cebu.

    The conceptualization of IRA (Internal Revenue Allotment), implemented in the Ramos administration, was triggered by this experience.


    The business of government is nothing but a continuous process of sourcing and application of funds.

    To the degree that this is done efficiently would be the degree of success.

    Sourcing and application of funds in our present system is very faulty. Where one could defer in actual percentages, it would be safe to say that corruption takes away half of the revenues on its way in to the government coffers and the other half of the balance is wasted on its way out, leaving only 25 centavos to the peso for the benefit of the people.

    Having been a colony, we have developed values that justify corruption, victimizing the most productive Filipinos, the salaried class and entrepreneur.

    The Filipino had always resisted paying tribute to the Spanish Crown. It had always been patriotism not to pay taxes to imperialists America and Japan.

    Our democracy has inherited a culture of bribery from the colonial system, where favors are bought and sold. This is a reality in all sectors of our society, with very few exceptions.

    Reduce the size of government. To the extent possible human discretion should be removed.


    The most dominant areas that invite corruption are the bureaus of internal revenue and customs. Income taxation should therefore be scraped and replaced by taxing consumption, the user, the property owners, thereby alleviating the most productive sectors of our population, the entrepreneurs and the salaried class.

    The other areas of traditional corruption would be the GSIS and SSS where the money of the salaried classes, private and government invested in large multibillion corporations have caused even the removal of a president, such as the PCI bank scandal.

    There should be a law prohibiting any of these institutions from investing anywhere except to its own members, whether for medical, educational, or housing.

    These resources, if invested only to the benefit of its members, would have avoided the scandals of almost every administration past.

    If these resources had been given back only to its contributors, we would have accelerated the development of the MIDDLE CLASS.

    Government should do only that which the private sector cannot.

    The limited resources of government should be applied in the areas where we enjoy our best competitive advantage. Our most important resource is our human resource.

    Cebu has the most expensive water, power and fuel in the country. It has the lowest ratio of arable land and no irrigation to speak of. The bulk of the population are now in manufacturing and services, it has developed a middle class that is the largest per capita contributor to the national government. Simply because the local government has directed its resources to where it counts the most. INFRASTRUCTURE!

    The demographical structure of any nation will reveal its state of its development. The wealthiest country in the world has less than 3% of its population dedicated to the production of food, less than 30% dedicated to manufacturing and almost 70% in services.

    What is obvious therefore is that to accelerate agriculture productivity, economies of scale have to come in to play. Our farmers and fisher folk should be moved up and educated to fill the big gap in the area of services in this country. Allow the entry and exit of goods, services and people with the minimum of taxation and regulation. Open borders would result in the acceleration of the movement of our demography into manufacturing and services.

    First and foremost, tourism development would be the fastest and most ideal area for the creation of jobs. This includes educational tourism, medical tourism and ecological tourism across the regions “PROBINSYA MUNA!”.

    In Europe, twice as many visitors go to the Mediterranean coastline as there is a local population. Could you imagine 180 million tourists per annum coming to the Philippines. Our neighboring market is 10 times that of the Mediterranean and we do have warm waters all year round with three times more coastline than the United States.

    Eco-tourism would go a long way not only in the conservation of our waters, by providing the fisher folk and farmer an alternative source of more substantial income, but also allow the restoration of our corrals and forests. “PROBINSYA MUNA!”

    The resulting pristine environment, excellent service, east/west cultural heritage, English speaking create a superior quality of life, unequaled in the region.

    Since most of us Filipinos as descendants of migrants in the first place (Indo-Malay, Chinese, Europeans) we should welcome more migration to enrich our cultures and skills. No matter what new foreigners will do, they cannot uproot their islands and bring it back to where they came from, so land ownership should be open to all, just like in the USA. Make it a dream of every Foreigner to become a Filipino.

    Masarap ang buhay sa Probinsya!

    Lami Gayod!

  • bakit di sya kinuha ng lakas? magaling naman syang kandidato? nahuli ba sila ng pick-up?
  • LimpBwiZitLimpBwiZit PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    bakit di sya kinuha ng lakas? magaling naman syang kandidato? nahuli ba sila ng pick-up?

    just a guess: their rival clan in Cebu, the Garcias, is with Lakas.
  • i will vote for lito "cebooomm!!!" osmena.

    vp candidate dati ni fvr sa lakas-tao (1992)
  • Rick_diasRick_dias PEx Rookie ⭐
    siya ba yung ayaw tumanggap kay Recto sa LP???
  • LimpBwiZitLimpBwiZit PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    @Rick: si Serge Osmena yon.
  • Rick_diasRick_dias PEx Rookie ⭐
    nakakalito naman...
  • LimpBwiZitLimpBwiZit PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^i think magka-away ang dalawang osmenas na yan.
  • si john henry kapatid nya. bati na ba sila?
  • LimpBwiZitLimpBwiZit PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^dunno. wondering too kung ano nangyari kay jon-jon. at large pa rin?
  • LimpBwiZitLimpBwiZit PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Lito O sues ABS-CBN for not airing his ads
    (The Freeman) Updated February 19, 2010 12:00 AM

    CEBU, Philippines - Senatorial candidate, former Cebu governor Emilio “Lito” Osmeña, has filed a complaint before the Commission on Elections Central Office against the management of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation for its alleged refusal to air his Cebuano political advertisements.

    In his complaint filed before the legal department of the Comelec-Central Office, Osmeña said that the failure of ABS-CBN to air his political advertisement is a violation of his right to equal access to media time and space.

    He was represented by lawyer Batas Mauricio in filing the complaint.

    In yesterday’s press conference, Osmeña’s other lawyer Rory Jon Sepulveda said the refusal of ABS-CBN to air the political advertisement of his client is a form of discrimination.

    Sepulveda said that they hope Comelec Manila will look into the actions of ABS-CBN.

    Osmeña said his rights to equal access to media time and space is recognized and protected by Republic Act No. 9006, otherwise known as the Fair Elections Act.

    According to Osmeña, his secretary inquired with ABS-CBN Cebu for the rates of TV airtime of political advertisements to be aired in ABS-CBN local station Channel 3 Cebu.

    He said that ABS-CBN Cebu faxed to his office the requested rates.

    The former governor said that with the rates identified, he wanted a 30-second campaign advertisement aired over ABS-CBN Cebu during the TV Patrol Central Visayas program from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., daily except Saturdays and Sundays.

    Osmeña explained that he sent one of his campaign aides, Alex Bolongaita, to the office of ABS-CBN Cebu to give them a CD containing a 30-second campaign advertisement in Cebuano and a check payment for a seven-day placement starting from February 10, 2010.

    An acknowledgement receipt dated February 10, 2010 stated that the check for P95,000 was received by Frank Adlawan of the network’s Admin/Finance Department.

    But according to Osmeña, his political ad material was not aired on February 10, 2010.

    However, ABS-CBN Cebu called his staff and explained that his material in Cebuano language cannot be aired unless its Tagalog version is reviewed.

    Upon hearing this, Osmeña said he was shocked and dumbfounded as he found the requirement to be downright discriminatory against Cebuano-speaking Filipinos.

    Earlier, Osmeña’s certificate of candidacy for senator was disapproved by the Comelec because he and 99 other aspiring senators lack the capability to wage a national campaign.

    But after Osmeña filed his motion for reconsideration, the Comelec reversed and allowed him to pursue his candidacy.

    Osmeña filed his COC as a candidate of Promdi, the party he formed to promote the development of the countryside when he ran for president in 1998.

    The management of ABS-CBN Cebu refused to comment on the issue.

    Officer-in-charge Leo Lastimosa, in the absence of area manager Tata Cinco-Sy, announced over TV Patrol Central Visayas that it is ABS-CBN Manila who can best comment on the issue as it is the accused.

    ABS-CBN Manila has not issued any official statement yet as of yesterday. — Jose P. Sollano

  • Oh my gosh, he's running for Senator. I'm voting for him! People should know he's running. Were it not for this thread, I wouldn't even have known
  • Count me in for Lito O. *okay**okay*

    Make sure si Lito and iboboto nyo ha at hindi ibang Osmena.
  • LimpBwiZitLimpBwiZit PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    go go go Lito O!

    let's spread the word. di pinayagan ng abs-cbn na i-air ang kanyang TV ads kaya let's help him on the ground.
  • LimpBwiZitLimpBwiZit PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    itataas ko lang si Lito O.
  • chezzo-ominaechezzo-ominae PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Maganda ang plataporma niya sa darating na election!
    Reminds me of 1998 Presidential Elections.

    Lito Osme?a = PROMDI!
  • LTLT Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    Yahoo, a thread for one of my idols.

    Let's go Lito O! :D
  • dami niya nagawa for Cebu and I'm sure kaya din niya ireplicate yan sa buong bansa!
  • purpleheadd07purpleheadd07 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    si Serge Osmena nga yung friend ng mga Lopezes na kasama ng late Geny Lopez makulong.

    ano pala nangyari sa disqualification case niya? at bakit siya disqualified in the first place?

    ini-endorse din ata siya ni Gov. Gwen Garcia.

    (at nanghihinayang pa din ako na di natuloy maging vice ni Gibo si Gwen...oh well...:hmm: :D)
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