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Chapter 1 - General Information
Topics covered:
About Hong Kong
Planning Your Trip
Tour Packages
Travel Agencies
Currency Exchange & Money Changers
Accommodation in Hong Kong
Information on Hotels and Hostels

Chapter 2 - At The Airport
Topics covered:
What To Do at the HK Airport
The Octopus Card
Getting to your Hotel/Hostel
The Hong Kong MTR

Chapter 3 - Sightseeing
Topics covered:
Sightseeing in Hong Kong
Top 10 Tourist Spots
Things to do in Hong Kong
Breakdown of Famous Districts
Planning an Itinerary
Sample Itineraries
Useful Websites for Newbies / First Timers
Hong Kong Online Maps

Chapter 4 - Shopping and Dining
Topics covered:
Shopping in Hong Kong
Sale Season Guide
Electronics Shopping Guide
Shopping Recommendations
Local Dining Recommendations

Chapter 5 - Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)
Topics covered:
Frequently Asked Questions
Estimating Pocket Money
Useful Tips / Reminders for First Timers
Discounted Theme Park Tickets

Chapter 6 - Miscellaneous
Topics covered:
Weather and Climate of Hong Kong (including Real-Time weather forecast)
Transportation Instructions for various tourist spots and theme parks
Introduction to Macau
Introduction to Shenzhen
Finding something in Hong Kong

Appendix 1
Topics covered:
Exchanging HKD in BDO
Hong Kong Holidays
How to Post Pictures Here
Last Minute Reminders
Youtube Videos of Hong Kong (Useful for First Timers)
Travel with prEttyNDistress

Appendix 2
Topics covered:
Detailed Guide on using the Airport Bus
All About Buying SIM Cards in Hong Kong

Appendix 3
Topics covered:
Sample Disneyland Itinerary
Riding the Island Tram

Appendix 4
Topics covered:
Locating The Famous Spots in HK
Luggage/Baggage Deposit for HK Airport and Tung Chung

Appendix 5
Topics covered:
Trip Reports

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    Basic Information: Please Read
    • British Colony Until 1997 Handover to China
    • Currency: Hong Kong Dollar (Approx. 1HKD = 6PHP)
    • Electricity is same as Philippines, 220V but sockets are different
    • Summers are Wet, Hot and Humid (April to October) | Winters are Cold and Dry (December to February)
    • Territory is relatively small but very dense, packed and fast-paced lifestyle
    • Right-hand drive, look at left and right sides when crossing the street
    • Visa is NOT required for Filipino citizens (maximum stay of 14 days)
    • Do not be worried about HK immigrations, nothing to fear when you don't have plans of being a TNT
    • Primary Language: Cantonese | Secondary: English and Mandarin
    • Standard of Living is much higher than the Philippines so expect everything to be more expensive starting with bottled water
    • 1 Hour ferry ride to Macau (Visa NOT Required for Macau, Passport needed)
    • Shenzhen is accessible from HK by Train (KCR). Chinese Visa REQUIRED.
    • Common sense for safety is required, watch out for pickpockets and "salisi" gangs.
    • Hong Kong is a very tourist friendly city, signs are all bilingual and are everywhere. You can hardly get lost.
    • Hong Kong is much much more than Ocean Park and Disneyland.
    • Hong Kong consists of 3 major parts: Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong Island and New Territories.
    • Hong Kong is synonymous to walking, prepare for long walks so bring comfortable shoes
    • Travelling around HK: The subway (MTR) will take you to most places, if not, the bus will. If there are 4 of you, the taxi sometimes becomes a cheaper and more convenient alternative to the subway.
    • Do not be afraid to explore HK, in the case you get lost, just head to the nearest MTR exit or take a taxi and give your address.
    • A 5 minute walk for Hongkongers means 10 minutes walk for Filipinos (since most of them are briskwalkers).
    • Hong Kong may seem small but it takes time to fully appreciate it.
    • Hong Kong is generally safe even for solo/female travellers but common-sense and vigilance is still required.
    • Left-Side of the Escalator is for people who are in a hurry, do not block their path by staying on this side.


    How Much Do I Need for a Trip to Hong Kong?
    Approximately P20,000 to P25,000 per person on a 4D3N Trip
    (It can be as low as P15,000 depending on your airfare and accommodation)

    D-I-Y: Do It Yourself Trip

    Option A: Book Airline Ticket and Accomodations Online

    Airline choices: Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Hong Kong Express and Cathay Pacific


    To find out the airfare on your proposed travel dates, go to their website's online ticketing system and do a mock booking. This will give you an idea on the ticket price and available flight times.

    If you plan to reside on hotels, you can choose among the available hotels in online booking websites such as Hotels.com, Asiarooms.com, Agoda.com and Asiatravel.com. Tripadvisor.com has a ranking and a review database of almost all hotels in Hong Kong.

    For those planning to reside in hostels, please refer to our section on hostels below.

    Which area to stay: Tsim Sha Tsui/Jordan, Mongkok/YauMaTei, Causeway Bay/Wan Chai, Central

    Option B: Book Airline Ticket and Accomodations Through a Travel Agency

    For those who don't want to do things on their own, you can always book the airline ticket and hotel through travel agents. Big travel agencies usually have "blockings" and counterparts in HK so it is very possible to get lower rates with them for both airfare and hotel accommodations.

    Join a Travel Package offered by Travel Agencies

    Types of Packages:

    No Strings Attached - Airline/Hotel Combo most of the time with free airport transfers, nothing more, nothing less. Usually offered during off-peak seasons.

    Strings Attached - Usually the cheaper way to get to HK; Limited choices of flights; hotels packaged are either 1-2 star hotels or hotels far from the city center; free airport transfers; some require mandatory half-day city tours to avail tickets to Disneyland and/or Ocean Park.


    - Compulsory city tours WASTE YOUR TIME on useless places like jewelry factories
    - You will most likely be left with half a day to enjoy Disneyland or Ocean Park
    - You will be pressured to buy overpriced souvenirs and jewelry
    - Hong Kong is very tourist friendly with the BEST public transportation system
    - Almost all signs are bilingual and you will hardly get lost
    - Their airport provides free maps which are very useful
    - You have this thread to help you iron out any problems you may have
    - DO NOT be afraid of getting lost, as long as you have a map (and money), there won't be problems

    The earlier you plan your trip, the earlier you book your airline ticket and accommodations, the better.

    Last minute (2 weeks or less) bookings for airline and hotel accommodations WILL BE MORE EXPENSIVE.

    For those on an extremely limited budget, watch out for the "Zero-Fares" or "Econo-light" fares. You will save a lot on the airfare but take note of the flight times. Most probably those booking on a promo will depart Manila late on the day of the departure and arrive early on the day of arrival. This means your 1st and Last days are already "wasted".

    Recommended Travel Agencies that Specialize in HK:

    Globetrotters - 5262561 - 2/F WDEEPZ Building 1033 M.H. Del Pilar Street Manila
    Panda Travel - 242-2585 - http://pandatour.com
    Pan Pacific - 5255611-14 - 353 Nuevo St Binondo Manila Philippines
    Rajah Travel - http://www.rajahtravel.com/contactus.html
    Uni-Orient - 2433333 and 2433888 - 447 Juan Luna Street, Binondo, Manila, Philippines
    Uni-Orient - 81895858 and 8158526 - I Care Bldg., 167 Legaspi St., corner Dela Rosa Street, Makati

    [HIGHLIGHT]Estimating the Pocket Money[/HIGHLIGHT]

    Computed per PAX (Person):
    Food - 100 to 150HKD per day
    Public Transportation - 150 to 200HKD for 3 to 4 days (including roundtrip airport cityflyer but excluding taxi rides)
    Shopping - Varies

    Theme Park Entrance Fees:
    Ngong Ping Cable Car 1-Way = 63HKD Adults, 30HKD Kids
    Ngong Ping Cable Roundtrip = 96HKD Adults, 48HKD Kids
    Ocean Park = 208HKD Adults, 103HKD Kids
    Disneyland = 350HKD Adults, 250HKD Kids
    Peak Tram = 22HKD Single 33HKD Return for Adults | 8HKD Single 15HKD Return for Kids
    Peak Tram + Sky Terrace = 37HKD Single 48HKD Return for Adults | 16HKD Single 23HKD Return for Kids
    Madame Tussauds = 150HKD Adults, 80HKD Kids (Discount available when packaged with Peak Tram / Sky Terrace)

    *Disneyland/Ocean Park Entrance are both "Ride All You Can", There are no "Entrance Only" Tickets.

    *Kids = 3-11 years old | Children under 3 years old is free for sites above.

    *To see NP Village and the Giant Buddha, you only have to pay for either the cable car ride or bus ride.


    For the best exchange rates, first convert a small amount of your Peso to HKD in a local foreign exchange, then the rest to USD. Exchange your USD in HK to HKD in the recommended forex below.

    The airport has a slightly lower exchange rate than other money changers in HK. Get the exchange rate of the airport, when you see a money changer that has a better rate than the airport, you do not have to go to the suggested money changer below.

    PHP to HKD has a POOR exchange rate in HK so it's better to bring USD if you plan to exchange abroad.

    WING HOI Money changer
    9B, Ground Floor, inside Mirador Mansion
    58 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
    (Reachable by MTR, Tsim Sha Tsui Station)
    Office Hours: 8am to 8pm (7pm if there are no more customers)
    Average Rate of Winghoi: 7.7HKD +/- a few cents for 1USD

    Alternative for those going to Worldwide House or those bringing Peso:

    Frankie Exchange Co. - Shop 144, 1F, Worldwide House


    To check the current exchange rates, go here: www.xe.com

    List of Reliable Money Changers in Metro Manila

    EDSEN Money Changer
    Along Mabini Street, Manila
    From Hyatt Casino sa Mabini st. just go straight. On the left side yun EDSEN Money Changer.

    CZARINA BRANCHES (ask for the main office if your buying more than the branches can sell)
    Quad I, 2/F, Jewelry Row, Ayala Center
    Upper Level, The Plaza Bldg., Greenbelt Commercial Center
    Makati Cinema Square, Pasong Tamo
    Blanco Center, 119 Alfaro Street, Salcedo Village
    Alabang Town Center, Madrigal Avenue
    Mega Plaza Building, ADB Avenue cor. Garnet Road, Ortigas Center
    Quezon City
    G/F New Farmer's Plaza, Gen. Roxas St., Araneta Center, Cubao
    Philam Building, G/F, Araneta Blvd. cor. Araneta Avenue, Cubao
    Ever-Gotesco Mall, Lower G/F, Commonwealth Avenue
    Q. Plaza Commercial Complex, Felix Avenue cor. Marcos Highway
    Makro DMCI Compound, Felix Avenue
    Caloocan City
    Ever-Gotesco Plaza, Supermarket Section, Rizal Avenue Extension, Grace Park
    Czarina Remittance Ltd. (Hong Kong)
    163 1/F Worldwide House, Des Voeux Road, Central Hong Kong
    Tel: (852)310-19872 Fax: (852)310-19873

    Greenhills Branch
    Bridgeway Shops Greenhills Shopping Center
    San Juan, Metro Manila
    Market Market Branch
    Ground Floor, The Themed Bazaar
    Market! Market! Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Metro Manila
    Gateway Mall Branch
    3rd Level Gateway Mall Araneta
    Center Cubao Quezon City
    Main Office
    Address: Unit 204 Rufino Plaza, Ayala Avenue corner V.A. Rufino Street, Makati City
    Contact Nos.:
    (632) 843-7546 (direct lines)
    (632) 843-7547
    (632) 8897314
    (632) 750-2390 (Fax No)

    Greenlanes Arcade, Greenhills, San Juan



    Hotels vs Hostels:

    Most hotels (specially the cheap ones) have only 1 double bed or 2 single beds, so for those planning to sneak-in, hindi pwede mga malulusog.

    Another issue about sneak-ins, don't check-in all together, 2 lang magcheck-in tapos yun iba derecho na sa room, most hotels don't really care about sneak-ins basta huwag lang abuso. Mga 3-4 pax for a double occupancy room ok lang.

    Universal Check-in Time is 2pm but hotels/hostels might be flexible depending on room availability. Check-out is 12 noon.

    Most, if not all, hotels and hostels allow you to leave your luggage before and/or after check-in/check-out free of charge.

    IF you can fit 4 people in a hotel room for the price of 2, it will be a good alternative to staying in a hostel.

    Those arriving in the evening or past midnight might be required by hostels to pay a deposit.

    Disclaimer: All hostels are located inside OLD buildings with unpleasing facades and small old-school elevators however buildings in HK are well-maintained and strictly supervised by the HK government. As long as you stick with the hostels below, safety will not be an issue.

    PLEASE don't ask which hostel is the best, almost all these recommended hostels are the same in age, quality, size and price. Rooms are small with a small CR and are usually equipped with aircon and TV. Some hostels may provide a phone inside the room. The main difference is their location. For starters, Golden Crown / Taisan is almost beside the airport bus stop. While Marlboro and Sun Kong are right smack in the middle of a shopping district and a minute walk to an MTR exit.

    Honestly it doesn't matter which district you stay as long as the place is near an MTR exit, my personal preference for 1st timers is Tsim Sha Tsui.

    AVOID HOSTELS LOCATED INSIDE CHUNGKING MANSIONS, it is a rundown place with plenty of touts and tambays. Pangit ng environment.

    As long as the hostel is listed below, it is "OK" in terms of location/cleanliness/safety so do not ask which hostel is OK.

    FOR THE LAST TIME, HUWAG MAKULIT. ALL THE HOSTELS LISTED BELOW ARE OK. Look at the pictures below and go to their website for more information. Read the disclaimer above.

    It is possible to get a room through walk-in but it is not advisable as you will have to carry your luggage around.

    SNEAK-INS ARE NOT ALLOWED FOR HOSTELS. Kung double room dapat 2 persons lang sa isang room, and so on. Hostels are small and the owner will see anyone who comes and goes.

    Hostels CANNOT be booked through travel agenices. Contact them through their websites or through 3rd party booking sites.

    Hostels tried and tested by PEXers (NOT listed on any order):

    Taisan Guesthouse (Tsim Sha Tsui)
    *Computer/Internet Provided in each room*
    *Store 1 has the best location/newly renovated but 2 and 3 are not that far away, just a bit older*

    Disclaimer: There have been instances where bookings were not honored (rooms given away to other people or different room type provided upon arrival. These happened to people arriving in the afternoon, those who didn't arrive at the specified time, or those who didn't confirm their booking.) If you do not need a computer inside your room, this takes away Taisan's advantage over other hostels. But if you do not want to pay a deposit online, then Taisan is the best choice. It is best that you book through the contact information below but this thread does not guarantee that everything will go 100% smoothly.

    City Econo Guesthouse (Jordan)

    Dragon Hostel (Mongkok)
    *Free Wifi*

    Golden Crown Guesthouse (Tsim Sha Tsui)
    *Great location for 1st timers*
    *Free Wifi*

    Hop Inn Hostel (Tsim Sha Tsui)

    Sun Kong Hostel (Causeway Bay)

    Marlboro Hostel (Causeway Bay)
    *Located in a shopping district*
    *2 Computers provided for free*

    Other Options:

    Star World Guest House (Tsim Sha Tsui)

    The Nest (Mongkok)
    *High End Hostel*

    Lee Garden / Star Guest House (Tsim Sha Tsui)

    USA Hostel (Tsim Sha Tsui)

    Railei Hostel (Mongkok)

    Cosmic Guesthouse (Tsim Sha Tsui)

    Taisan Guesthouse - call Ate Yolly at (852) 2366 8273 or (852) 2739 1673 for reservations
    Dragon Hostel - email Stanley at [email protected], they would ask for deposit
    Hop Inn (new guesthouse located at Hankow Rd. TST) - email [email protected]

    Hotels tried and tested by PEXers:

    Budget/Good Value Hotels:

    BP International (TST)
    Bridal Teahouse (YMT) - Cheap but Decent 1 Star Hotel
    Butterfly on the Prat (TST) - Brand New Hotel / Glass CRs with curtain
    Citadines Ashley (TST)
    Evergreen Hotel (Jordan) - Another Cheap but Decent 2 Star Hotel
    Hotel Benito (TST) - Great Location
    JJ Hotel (Wanchai) - Glass CRs with curtain
    Shamrock Hotel (Jordan)

    Other Choices:

    The Cityview (Mongkok)
    Courtyard by Marriott (Western)
    Dorsett FAR East (Tsuen Wan)
    Dorsett Seaview (YMT) - Best location among 3 Dorsett's
    Dorsett Kowloon (Olympic)
    Eaton Hotel (Jordan)
    Excelsior Hotel (CWB)
    Holiday Inn Golden Mile (TST)
    Intercontinental Grand Stanford (TST East)
    Kimberley Hotel (TST)
    Louie Business Hotel (TST)
    Marco Polo Prince (TST)
    Marco Polo Gateway (TST)
    Metropark Causeway Bay (CWB)
    Metropark Kowloon (Mongkok)
    Panda Hotel (Tsuen Wan)
    Panorama by Rhombus (TST/TST East)
    Park Hotel (TST)
    Park Lane Hotel (CWB)
    Prudential Hotel (TST)
    Ramada Hotel (S. TST)
    Royal Plaza (Mongkok East)
    South Pacific Hotel (Wanchai)
    W Hotel (Kowloon Station/TST West)
    YMCA Salisbury (TST)

    Hotels for Honeymooners:

    YMCA Salisbury - Harbour View Room (TST)
    Intercontinental Hong Kong (TST)
    Langham Place (Mongkok)
    W Hotel (Kowloon Station/TST West)
    Luxe Manor (TST)
    Lanson Place (Causeway Bay)
    Four Seasons (Central)

    Hotels with 2 Double Bed Rooms (4 Adults):

    Marco Polo Gateway - TST
    Park Lane - Causeway Bay
    L`Hotel Nina - Tsuen Wan / Tsuen Wan West (Very Affordable 5 Star Hotel - Sacrifice Location)

    Hotel to Avoid -> Imperial Hotel (TST) - Dirty/Old/Small - Read the reviews at Tripadvisor.

    Tsuen Wan is very far from the city center so avoid staying here as much as possible. Plenty of time will be eaten by transportation travel time. Same goes with staying in Lantau Island (Novotel Citygate) and Tsing Yi (Mexan Harbour Hotel).

    As much as possible get a hotel which is located near an MTR station for your own convenience.


    Booking Hotels Online:

    If you plan to reside on hotels, you can choose among the available hotels in online booking websites such as Expedia.com, Wotif.com, Hotels.com, Agoda.com and Asiatravel.com. These sites are SAFE.

    These sites will allow you to check the room rates of your chosen hotel for a specific date by mock booking. Mock booking is FREE.

    When booking, these sites will ask for your credit card and either charge you immediately, or they will charge you if you failed to pay your hotel during your stay or if you are a no-show. Procedures depend on the 3rd party website. Some booking websites will let you pay upon check-out of your hotel.


    [HIGHLIGHT]Hotel Reviews, Feedback, Photos and Map:[/HIGHLIGHT]
  • commonercommoner Honorary Member PEx Expert 🎖️

    Now let's talk about what to do when your airplane landed at the Hong Kong International Airport.

    HKIA Official Website: http://www.hongkongairport.com

    HKIA (Hong Kong International Airport) is a big airport. Before your plane land or before you walk away from your plane, always PAY ATTENTION to the stewardess telling everyone the Luggage Counter Number to pick up your luggage or where you should be heading to for the HK immigration. If you don't want to look like a "first timer" just follow where the crowds go. Chances are you will have to take a 1 minute train ride from airport B to airport A.

    1. Get off the plane
    2. Pay Attention to the luggage counter number
    3. Head to the Immigration Line (grabe the free maps on the way there)
    4. After passing the immigration officer the door to his back is the luggage pick-up area
    5. Find your luggage section (it's very easy to find coz it's in numeric order)
    6. Pick up your luggage
    7. Get brochures. they are everywhere in the luggage counter area.
    8. After picking up your luggage, there is only 1 Door with a big signs "Something to declare / Nothing to Declare" and that's the exit door.
    9. After you exit the "Something to declare / Nothing to Declare" door, you will find a few Airport money changer. (Do not change a lot as airport exchange rates are ripped off)
    10. Look for the Customer Service Counter. This is the place where you buy your OCTOPUS CARD.*
    11. Lunch at the airport or leave the airport and head directly to your hotel.

    *CTS should be in this vicinity, if you can't find it, ask the customer service.

    [HIGHLIGHT]The Octopus Card[/HIGHLIGHT]


    1 Person 1 Card Policy | Kids ages 3 and above need to avail the Octopus for Children (70HKD minimum)

    Where to buy in the airport - Customer Service Counter in the Arrivals Hall near Burger King / Cafe de Coral. PAYABLE BY CASH (HKD) ONLY.

    Can be used for following transportations: MTR, All Buses, HK Island Tram, Star Ferry

    The Octopus card is a rechargeable contactless stored value smart card used to transfer electronic payments in online or offline systems in Hong Kong. Launched in September 1997 to collect fares for the city's mass transit system, the Octopus card system has since grown into a widely used payment system for virtually all public transport in Hong Kong except the Taxi. You can also use it in Wellcome, 7-Eleven, Mcdonalds, and a whole lot more places.

    There is a 50HKD deposit for the card upon purchasing it. The card is refundable if you opt to surrender it upon leaving HK. You may return your Octopus Card at the Customer Service in the airport or at any Octopus Card Service Center in HK. Your 50HKD can be refunded once you return the card plus the money left inside your octopus card.

    Remember, when you buy an Octopus Card, you will have to pay 50hkd for the deposit and 100hkd to load it. Your octopus Card will start at 100hkd when you swipe it. Once you already used up the 100hkd and you can't find a place to load your card you may use up to 35hkd of your deposit. So, it's okay to see a negative sign in your Octopus Card. However, you can only go as high as negative 35hkd (-35hkd).

    Don't panic when you wave your card and see a negative amount flashing on the screen. Ok lang yan. You still paid for the fare even it's showing negative. But again, you can only goes as high as negative 35 (-35hkd).

    If your card is already -35hkd, it's still okay to refund the remaining amount of your deposit. However, if your card is less than 3 months old, you will be charged a 7hkd. So that means you will recieve a total amount of 8hkd na lang..hahaha..naku, i souvenier mo na lang yan...hehehe.

    Typical Initial Load = 150 to 250HKD. Octopus Cards for Kids (3-11) are cheaper (around 70HKD).

    You can buy the Octopus Card in the Airport or in any MTR station. Minimum Reload is 50HKD, you can reload it in any 7-Eleven store or MTR station.

    If you have not added value to your Octopus for 1,000 days or above, your Octopus will be deactivated. You can go to any Customer Service Centre at MTR stations to have it reactivated.

    More Information here:

    By the way, this is how you wave your card

    How to use:

    For MTR: Tap once to enter, tap once to exit (on destination station)
    For Bus: Tap once upon entering on the front door
    For Trams: Tap once upon exiting on the front door. Enter at the back.

    Airport Express Travel Pass
    This is a special tourist card only available for visitors spending 14 days or less in Hong Kong and for many visitors does not represent good value or have the same flexibility as the standard “On-loan” card.

    It is available in two denominations;

    Includes a HK$50 deposit and provides one trip on the Airport Express and three days* unlimited travel on all MTR lines but not to the border stations Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau. Since 1st October 2009 the pass also includes three days unlimited travel on MTR Light Rail and MTR bus.

    Provides two trips on the Airport Express and three days* unlimited travel on MTR all lines but not to the border stations of Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau. Since 1st October 2009 the pass also includes three days unlimited travel on MTR Light Rail and MTR Bus.

    * The three days unlimited travel commences at the time of first MTR journey and ends 72 hours later.

    These cards can be “topped up” in the same way as the standard Octopus Card and will then function as a "normal" Octopus Card. Once "topped -up" the card can be used on all other forms of public transport which accept Octopus Card in addition to MTR.

    A refund of the deposit can be obtained by the same method as for the standard “On-loan” Octopus Card.

    [HIGHLIGHT]Getting to Your Hotel / Hostel[/HIGHLIGHT]

    Three Options: Bus (CityFlyer), MTR (Airport Express) or Taxi

    CityFlyer Fare and Routes

    After buying your octopus card in the airport, look for the sign that says "Buses to City". Follow the signs.

    A21 Bus for Kowloon: 33HKD per adult (half price for children under 12)
    A11 Bus for HK Island: 40HKD per adult (half price for children under 12)

    How to know which Bus stop to get off at:

    Go to your hotel's website and look for the public transportation instructions OR:

    1. For those residing in Mongkok / Jordan / Yaumatei / Tsim Sha Tsui, take the A21 Bus.
    2. For those residing in Central / Wanchai / Causeway Bay, take the A11 Bus.
    3. Find out the address of your accommodations.
    4. Using this address, look for the nearest bus stop (bus stop address specified in the NWSTBUS website)


    *Ride on top of the bus, on the front seat, for best views of HK from the airport*

    [HIGHLIGHT]*Detailed Guide on the bottom of this thread*[/HIGHLIGHT]

    Airport Express


    Stops at Hong Kong Island (MTR Station), Tsing Yi and Kowloon (MTR Station). From these stations, there are FREE shuttle buses that pass through specific hotels, look for the shuttle that will pass by near your hotel/hostel.

    List of Hotels that are serviced by the Free Shuttle Bus:

    Standard Rate: 100HKD per person 1 way to Hong Kong Station, 90HKD for Kowloon Station.

    Do not buy using the vending machines to avail of the discounted rates, look for the service counter.

    Airport Express Discounted Group Ticket (Single Journey Ticket Set Price)
    Group of 2: 160HKD to Hong Kong | 140HKD to Kowloon
    Group of 3: 210HKD to Hong Kong | 190HKD to Kowloon
    Group of 4: 250HKD to Hong Kong | 220HKD to Kowloon


    Costs usually around 250-350HKD from the airport, seats a MAXIMUM of 5 passengers. Additional charges for luggage/toll.

    Flagdown rate: 18HKD


    The MTR is Hong Kong's extremely efficient and easy to use subway system. You will not get lost using this.

    Using your octopus card: Place it on top of the reader to enter (inside your station of origin), do the same when you exit (on your station of destination).

    Using single journey tickets: Pretty much the same as the trains in Metro Manila. Insert -> Get -> Insert to exit.

    The MTR will get you to almost anywhere (except places like Ocean Park, Aberdeen and Stanley)

    If you are going to a spot that is located in a district covered by the MTR, please visit this link to download a vicinity map and learn which MTR exit to take. (eg. The Peak, Worldwide Plaza, Avenue of Stars, Harbour City, Times Square, etc)

    Inside the MTR Stations, signs are EVERYWHERE Directions to famous spots in the district are all over the stations and even in the streets. You will not get lost using the MTR.

    MTR Route Guide: http://www.mtr.com.hk/jplanner/engtxt/planner_index.php <--- VERY USEFUL.


    This sign tells you that there is a Loooooong walk from one station to the other station.

    Central to Hong Kong Station is a long walk. Same goes with Tsim Sha Tsui to Tsim Sha Tsui East.


    This one here, is an MTR interchange that allows you to change train by getting off one train and hop into another train right away.


  • commonercommoner Honorary Member PEx Expert 🎖️

    If you want to know what the places below look like, go to Flickr.com and do a search or go to Discoverhongkong.com.

    Alternative Good Source of Information:

    Museum Information:

    Open-Top Bus Tours:

    Harbour Cruise:

    TOP 10 Sights in Hong Kong (by Commoner)

    1. The Peak (includes Madame Tassaud's Wax Museum - BEST SEEN AT SUNSET/DUSK)
    2. Ocean Park
    3. Disneyland
    4. Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront (Avenue of Stars)
    5. Tsim Sha Tsui District
    6. Causeway Bay District
    7. Mongkok District
    8. Ngong Pin Village (Giant Buddha)
    9. Central and Sheung Wan
    10. Stanley / Aberdeen (Jumbo Floating Restaurant)

    TOP 10 Sights in Hong Kong (by 12HK.com)

    1. The Peak
    2. Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront (Avenue of Stars)
    3. Ladies' Market (Tung Choi Street Mongkok)
    4. Stanley
    5. Repulse Bay
    6. Mongkok
    7. Central District
    8. Disneyland
    9. Ocean Park
    10. Sheung Wan District

    Additional Sights for HK Returnees (or those on a long duration trip)

    1. Stanley and the scenic bus ride to it from Central
    2. Nan Lian Gardens and Chilin Nunnery (Diamond Hill MTR Station)
    2. Wong Tai Sin Temple (Wong Tai Sin MTR Station)
    3. Kowloon City and Kowloon Walled City Park (Accessible by Bus or Taxi only)
    4. Lan Kwai Fong and Midlevels (Central)
    5. The Peak "Walk" (from the Peak top going back down to Central)
    6. Walking with the Buddha / Wisdom Path (Ngong Pin Village)
    7. Victoria and Hong Kong Park
    8. Noon-day Gun (In front of Excelsior Hotel, Causeway Bay)
    9. Seafood/Outdoor Trip to Lamma Island, Lei Yue Mun or Sai Kung
    10. Museums (HK Science Museum and Museum of History)
    11. Shatin (New Town Plaza, Snoopy Land and 10,000 Buddha Temple)
    12. Outlying Islands (Lamma, Lantau, Peng Chau, etc)
    13. Hiking in Lantau, etc.
    14. Happy Valley Racecourse (every Wednesday night)

    Places for Kids

    1. Ocean Park (Aberdeen)
    2. HK Science Museum (TST)
    3. HK Space Museum (TST)
    4. Snoopyworld (Shatin)
    5. Noah's Ark (Feedbacks not very good)

    TOP 5 Things to Do (by Commoner)

    1. Eat authentic non-commercialized Hong Kong (Cantonese) food/dimsum/dessert
    2. Ride the Peak Tram and the Century Old Tram within HK Island
    3. Ride the Star Ferry from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui or Vice Versa
    4. Watch the Symphony of Lights (Best seen at Avenue of Stars; 8pm Daily)
    5. Shopping, Strolling Around (at a slow pace) and People Watching

    TOP 5 Things to Do (by 12HK.com)

    1. Helicopter Ride
    2. Ride the Peak Tram
    3. Ride the Cable Car
    4. Ride the Century Old Tram
    5. Harbour Cruise

    District Breakdown

    Tsim Sha Tsui - Shopping/Tourist District, Alive until Midnight
    *This district is filled with shops, malls and restaurants. Don't ask where. You will see it for yourself.
    Avenue of Stars & Old Clock Tower
    Star Ferry
    Harbour City Shopping Complex (with Toys 'R Us and CitySuper)
    Park Lane Shoppers' Boulevard
    Sogo Tsim Sha Tsui
    Nathan Road / Canton Road / Side Streets (Granville, Kimberley, Cameron, Carnarvon, Haiphong etc)
    Knutsford Terraces
    The Peninsula Hong Kong (Peninsula Group Flagship Hotel)
    China Ferry Terminal (to Macau)
    1881 Heritage

    Map: http://www.mtr.com.hk/jplanner/images/maps/tst.pdf

    Mongkok - Shopping District, Alive until Midnight
    Langham Place (Mall)
    Ladies Market (Tung Choi Street)
    Electronics Street (Sai Yeung Choi Street)
    Rubber Shoes Street (Fa Yuen Street)
    Temple Street Night Market (reachable by Yau Ma Tei)
    Plenty of local food stalls and small shops scattered all over

    Map: http://www.mtr.com.hk/jplanner/images/maps/mok.pdf

    Central - Business District in general
    The Peak (Long walk from Central MTR Station)
    Mid-Level Escalators
    Maxim's Palace City Hall Dimsum Restaurant
    IFC Shopping Mall / Pacific Place Shopping Mall
    Lan Kwai Fong (Bars and nightlife)
    Old Buildings and new Skycrapers
    Star Ferry (to Tsim Sha Tsui)

    Map: http://www.mtr.com.hk/jplanner/images/maps/cen.pdf

    Causeway Bay - Shopping District, Alive until Midnight
    Noon Day Gun
    Times Square Mall
    World Trade Center Mall
    Plus a few other smaller malls and shopping streets

    Map: http://www.mtr.com.hk/jplanner/images/maps/cab.pdf

    Wanchai Computer Center
    HK Convention and Exhibition Center (Daily Flag Raising Ceremony)
    HKCEC Promenade (Great for photo ops)

    Map: http://www.mtr.com.hk/jplanner/images/maps/wac.pdf

    Lantau Island
    Ngong Ping Village (Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car + Giant Buddha + Po Lin Monastery)
    Citygate Outlet Mall

    Map: http://mtr.com.hk/jplanner/images/maps/tuc.pdf

    Sha Tin
    Shatin New Town Plaza Mall Complex
    Snoopy's World (Inside Shatin New Town Plaza)
    Biggest Ikea in HK
    10,000 Buddha Temple

    Map: http://www.mtr.com.hk/jplanner/images/maps/sht.pdf


    Disneyland: 10AM to 8PM (Regular Days) | 9AM to 9PM (Holidays / Special Days)

    Ocean Park: 930AM to 8PM

    Ngong Ping 360: 10AM to 6PM (Weekdays) 9AM to 630PM (Weekends/Holidays)
    Peak Tram: 7AM to 12MIDNIGHT
    Peak Tower & Sky Terrace: 10AM to 11PM (Weekdays) 8AM to 11PM (Weekends/Holidays)
    Madame Tussauds Hong Kong: 10AM to 10PM
    Nanlian Gardens: 7AM to 9PM
    Star Ferry (Central/TST): 630AM to 1130PM
    HK Tramways: 6AM to 12AM
    Space Museum: 1PM to 9PM (Weekdays except Tuesday) 10AM to 9PM (Weekends) *Wednesday free admission*
    Science Museum: 1PM to 9PM (Weekdays except Thursday) 10AM to 9PM (Weekends) *Wednesday free admission*
    History Museum: 10AM to 6PM (Weekdays except Tuesday) 10AM to 7PM (Weekends) *Wednesday free admission*
    Citygate Outlets: 10AM to 10PM
    Harbour City: 10AM to 9PM
    Sogo: 10AM to 10PM
    Times Square: 10AM to 10PM



    For first timers, please try your best not to do a 3 Day 2 Night (3D2N) Trip, sayang ang pera at sure bitin lang kayo.

    If possible, book the earliest flight out of Manila and the latest flight back to maximize your stay in HK.

    DO NOT place Macau and an overnight stay inside Disneyland on consecutive days. Disneyland and Macau Ferry Terminals are very far apart. ie. If you are spending this night on a Disneyland hotel, do not go to Macau tomorrow.

    Do not try to do too many things / sights on a limited trip duration. Do not make an hourly (beakdown) itinerary. Leave room for time allowance.

    Take into consideration the type of people in your group. Children/Elderly will not be able to do many things in 1 day. Ocean Park & Disneyland can be exhausting.

    It is always best to allot 1 day each for Disneyland, Ocean Park and Macau. You need almost the entire day for these places.

    Disneyland vs Ocean Park: Go to their respective websites and see which 1 appeals to you more. We cannot decide for you.

    NOTE: Include in your post the time/origin of your flights both outbound and inbound as well as the age breakdown of your group.

    NOTE: Also indicate if you plan to skip Disneyland, Ocean Park or both.
    Example: May 1 Manila-HK 8am Flight | May 5 Macau-Manila 7pm Flight

    Check Ngong Ping 360 Maintenance/Shutdown Schedule here: http://www.np360.com.hk/html/eng/visitor/opening.html

    3 Days 2 Nights

    For those who were unable to get the last flight on their last day:

    Day 1
    Take the Airport Bus, Check-in and Settle down
    Optional - Exchange currency in Wing Hoi if residing in Tsim Sha Tsui / Mongkok
    Walk around the area of your hostel/hotel (choose between TST / Mongkok)
    Take the MTR to Central and visit The Peak (around 5pm)
    Head to the Central Star Ferry Terminal and ride the ferry to TST
    Visit Clock Tower and Avenue of Stars, Walk around TST or visit the night market afterwards
    Day 2
    Choose Between Ocean Park or Disneyland. After the theme park, free time to shop and walk around.
    Day 3
    *Free Time* (Visit Causeway Bay for shopping / ride the HK Island Tram, etc)

    For those who will depart later than 9pm on their last day:

    Day 1
    Take the Airport Bus, Check-in and Settle down
    Optional - Exchange currency in Wing Hoi if residing in Tsim Sha Tsui / Mongkok
    Walk around the area of your hostel/hotel (choose between TST / Mongkok)
    Take the MTR to Central and visit The Peak (around 5pm)
    Head to the Central Star Ferry Terminal and ride the ferry to TST
    Visit Clock Tower and Avenue of Stars, Walk around TST or visit the night market afterwards
    Day 2
    Optional - Ngong Ping 360 + Village + Giant Buddha from 10am to noon
    Free to walk around.
    Day 3
    Ocean Park from 10am to 4pm

    For those who are on the 540AM Cebu Pacific Flight on their 1st Day:

    Day 1
    Take the Airport Bus, Leave Baggage, Take MTR to Admiralty
    Optional - Exchange currency in Wing Hoi if residing in Tsim Sha Tsui / Mongkok
    Take Bus 629 to Ocean Park
    Take Bus 629 back to Admiralty
    Take the MTR to Central and visit The Peak
    Day 2
    Optional - Ngong Ping 360 + Village + Giant Buddha from 10am to noon
    Visit Avenue of Stars
    Day 3
    Free Day (Tsim Sha Tsui or Mongkok or Both)

    4 Days 3 Nights

    Day 1
    Take the Airport Bus, Check-in and Settle down
    Optional - Exchange currency in Wing Hoi if residing in Tsim Sha Tsui / Mongkok
    Walk around the area of your hostel/hotel (choose between TST / Mongkok)
    Take the MTR to Central and visit The Peak (around 5pm)
    Head to the Central Star Ferry Terminal and ride the ferry to TST
    Visit Clock Tower and Avenue of Stars, Walk around TST or visit the night market afterwards
    Day 2
    Optional - Ngong Ping 360 + Village + Giant Buddha from 10am to noon
    Free to walk around.
    Day 3
    Ocean Park
    Free to walk around.
    Day 4
    Free Time

    Free Time = For first timers, stroll around TST / Mongkok or Central / Causeway Bay (Refer to District Breakdown above).

    1 Day Itinerary (For those coming from Macau / On-Transit Flights)

    Take the MTR to Mongkok: walk around the markets / specialty streets.
    Take the MTR to North Point the ride the Century Old Tram to Central
    Walk to the Star Ferry Pier in Central, Ride bus 15C to the Peak Terminus.
    Visit the Peak, ride the Peak tram roundtrip then bus 15C to the Star Ferry Pier
    Ride Star Ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui
    Walk around Tsim Sha Tsui including Avenue of Stars

    For those who want to do Disneyland, Ocean Park and Macau on a 4D3N trip, here are the following criteria:

    1. You were able to get the 540AM Cebu Pacific flight on your 1st day and will do Ocean Park on your 1st day
    2. OR you were able to get a very late flight on your last day and will do Ocean Park on that day
    3. You will either have to bring your luggage with you on your last day to Ocean Park for Option 2 or leave early to retrieve you luggage before heading to the airport.
    4. Doing these 3 in 4 days is going to be very hectic and tiring and is not recommended for those travelling with kids, elderly or both.
    5. Visiting the Peak or Avenue of Stars will have to be after Ocean Park or Disneyland

    For those who want to do Ngong Ping and/or Citygate on your 1st day:
    1. Either leave your luggage at the airport (storage rental) then ride the S1 bus (same bus going back to the airport) then take the airport bus or
    2. Bring your luggage with you on the S1 bus then ride the MTR from Tung Chung to your hotel

    *Disneyland/Ocean Park Entrance are both "Ride All You Can", There are no "Entrance Only" Tickets.
    *Disneyland Peak Day and Special Day tickets have the same price.

    *Macau vs Ocean Park/Disneyland: Visit the Macau thread and the park websites then decide which appeals/interests you more.

    *Check Ngong Ping 360 Maintenance/Shutdown Schedule here: http://www.np360.com.hk/html/eng/visitor/opening.html



    HK General Information
    12hk.com and discoverhongkong.com


    The Peak
    (Entrance Fees and Transportation Directions can be found here)

    (Entrance Fees and Transportation Directions can be found here)

    Ocean Park
    (Entrance Fees and Transportation Directions can be found here)

    Hong Kong International Airport

    MTR - Subway System

    HK Tramways - Complete Route

    Public Bus - List of Routes and Stops

    Ngong Ping Village and Ngong Ping 360

    The Hong Kong "Star" Ferry and its Routes


    Very Detailed and Accurate Maps of Hong Kong
    http://maps.google.com - search "Hong Kong"
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    Comprehensive Shopping Guides:

    Outlet Information: http://www.hongkongextras.com/_outlet_shops.html

    Major Sale Season: July 1 to August 31 (Extends up to 1st week of September)

    Shopping in HK outside the Sale Season Reminder:

    Without a Sale, shopping for clothes/apparel in HK is generally expensive except maybe for some widely-available brands like Giordano, Bossini and Uniqlo. For those who plan to shop, it's best to go when there's a Sale.

    If the thing you are planning to buy is available here in Manila, make sure to check the local price first as a reference point. This way you'll know whether the stores in Hong Kong are cheaper or not.



    If you are going to buy a camera/lens below P20k, rid yourself of all the hassles, worries and warranty concerns and just buy your camera here in Manila (Hidalgo, Quiapo behind SM Quiapo). If you are going to get a Canon (which i highly recommend for everyone), all the stores in Quiapo offers the Canon Philippines Warranty so you don't have to worry about anything. As for lens and other accessories, make sure you know the Manila price as a price reference.

    Apple has a universal price worldwide but the US has a significantly lower price. As for HK, the difference is not that big. For reference, you can visit Apple Hong Kong's Online Store.

    Bottomline: YES MOST ELECTRONICS (Laptops/Digicams) ARE CHEAPER IN HK. However, there will always be risks in buying electronics abroad, Hong Kong is not an exception. If you think you are willing to take the risk of buying a very expensive item like laptops abroad including the risk of getting taxed upon return to Manila, go ahead. A lot of brands do NOT have international warranties which means when you have a problem, you cannot have them fixed in Manila. Lenovo and Asus as far as I know, have international warranties. Rarely do you find the same case for digital cameras.

    How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off:

    1. Before going to HK, know the item you want to buy and the price of the item in Manila and in the US (ie. Amazon.com).
    2. Do not enter a store with zero knowledge of your target item, you will be victimized by "sales talk". Do your research at home.
    3. Do not let store staff open sealed items when you don't have intentions of buying the item yet.
    4. Do not give your credit card or money until you are in possession of a brand new / sealed version of the item.
    5. Check your item thoroughly after paying and check if the box includes everything it should have.
    6. If an item suddenly becomes out of stock, leave the store immediately and ignore their explanations.
    7. Avoid stores with no locals inside or stores with aggressive and "friendly" staff on the lookout for customers.
    8. If the price is too good to be true, chances are, it is.

    Risk Evaluation:

    Stores Inside Big Shopping Malls - Low Risk but prices are similar to Manila
    Stores Along Nathan Road - Extremely High Risk | Avoid at all costs
    Around Causeway Bay (excluding Windsor House) - High Risk | Mostly Unsafe
    Wanchai Computer Center - Low to Medium Risk
    Mongkok (Sai Yeung Choi) - Low to Medium Risk

    Here are our recommended stores but BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK. We are not responsible for any mishaps you might encounter.

    Where to Buy Digital Cameras / Accessories

    1. Kam Fai Electronics, Mody Road (Nathan Road Side), Tsim Sha Tsui
    2. Suntek Electronics, Haiphong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
    3. Wing Shing or Man Shing in Mongkok (Sai Yeung Choi Street)
    4. Big chain stores such as Fortress, CMK, Hollywood, Broadway and Coxell
    5. DC Career, 298 Computer Mall, Hennessy road, Wan Chai
    6. DG, shop 162, Wan Chai Computer Centre, Wanchai MTR exit A4
    7. Sim City, Mongkok (corner sai yeung choi and shantung streets)
    8. New Sankyo, near Holiday Inn Golden Mile, Tsim Sha Tsui

    Where to Buy PSP/DS/PS3 and other gaming consoles

    Atatbo Game Shop, shop 15, Golden Shopping Centre, Sham Shui Po
    Golden Computer Arcade, Sham Shui Po

    Where to Buy Computer Related Electronics including Laptops

    1. Golden Computer Arcade, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon
    2. Wan Chai Computer Center, Wanchai, HK Island
    3. Mongkok Computer Center

    Where to Buy Audio/Video, Home Theatre Equipment

    Tim Chi (Grandcastle Commercial Center)
    2T Sai Yeung Choi Street South
    Mongkok MTR Sai Yeung Choi exit

    room 801, Bank Centre, 636 Nathan Road
    Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    tel 2332-2398

    Where to Buy Toys / Models / Anime-related Stuff

    1. CTMA CENTRE, Sai Yeung Choi St., Mongkok
    2. Kwong Wa Street, Mongkok (Intersection of Tung Choi and Dundas Street)
    3. Yin Choi Street, Mongkok

    Where to Buy Clothes

    Malls - Times Square, Harbour City, Langham Place, Citygate Outlet Mall, Silvercord Mall, Sogo
    Granville Road and Granville Circuit
    Causeway Bay - Island Beverly, etc
    Mongkok - Ladies Market, Argyle Centre, Mongkok New Town Mall beside Argyle Centre
    Baleno, Bossini, Giordano, H&M, Uniqlo, Esprit etc
    Citygate Outlet Mall
    Tsim Sha Tsui - Nathan Road, Jordan Road, Canton Road, Granville Road, Kimberley Road, Sogo, Harbour City, etc.

    Mall Summary:

    Harbour City - Medium to High End
    Silvercord Mall - Medium to High-End
    Times Square - Medium to High-End
    Sogo - Cheap to Medium
    Langham Place - Medium
    Citygate - Cheap to Medium
    Festival Walk - Cheap to Medium
    Shatin New Town Plaza - Cheap to Medium
    Miramar Shopping Center - Cheap to Medium

    Where to Buy Original Cosmetics / Perfume (and other personal effects)

    Lung Shing, Granville Road, TST

    Where to Buy Disney Items
    HK Airport Terminal 2 Shop
    Trendyland http://www.trendyland.com/trendyland/trendyland_main.html

    Where to Buy Souvenirs

    Ladies Market, Mongkok
    Temple Street Night Market, Yaumatei
    The Peak
    Side Streets of Tsim Sha Tsui
    Hong Kong Transportation Souvenirs - http://www.80mbusmodel.com/menu-6.html

    Where To Buy Jewelry

    There are reputable chain stores like Chow Tai Fook but if you have zero background, just buy in Manila's Chinatown (Binondo).

    You will not necessarily get a better price/product in HK being a tourist with no knowledge.

    H&M in Hong Kong

    Tsim Sha Tsui Branch Now Open - Along Canton Road

    Uniqlo in Hong Kong



    Scheduled from JULY 1 - AUGUST 31. This happens every year. However, after these dates, they usually have a LAST FEW PIECES SALE/ LAST CHANCE SALEduring the first few weeks of September. When this happens, you will find items as low as 70% off. But the BEST TIME TO CATCH GREAT SALE ITEMS WOULD BE DURING THE FIRST FEW WEEKS OF JULY.

    This is the best time to go if you want clothes suitable for Philippine weather. Although there are occasional clearance sales during other times of the year (and of course, outlet stores are always on sale), but the items aren't the ones you can wear here.

    DO TAKE NOTE OF THE SEASONS THEY FOLLOW IN HONG KONG. They go by: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Summer Months in Hong Kong fall on the months of June-August.


    In Hong Kong, a SALE is a SALE. Guaranteed.



    For the best restaurants in HK, visit the link above.

    Night Life - Lan Kwai Fong in Central or SOHO


    HK has a restaurant in every street, kung madaming tao, malamang ok na yun, do not be intimidated, ask for an english menu. If all else fails, turo-turo ka nalang sa pictures or sa display. "English Menu" = Ying Man Choi Tan.

    If you have to eat in a fastfood, Maxim's (MX) is a decent fastfood.

    Jollibee Hong Kong - Shop Z4, G/F, Eurotrade Centre, 13 Connaught Rd. (Central Exit B | Beside World Wide House)

    For western restaurants, The Spaghetti House is affordable but decent. The reason why there are almost no western restaurants listed below is primarily due to the price bracket. Western food (like Outback and other steakhouse) are generally good but very expensive.

    Japanese and Korean cuisine are also famous in HK but again, expensive. For sit-down (non-fastfood) restaurants, prepare at least 100HKD per person.


    *Lin Heung Teahouse - Authentic Dimsum Dining Experience
    Address: 160-164 Wellington Street, Central (Sheung Wan MTR Exit E2)

    Tao Heung Super 88 - Also Great Dimsum Place
    6/F, Windsor House, 311 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay

    Yung Kee - Famous for Roasted Geese & Goose / Dimsum
    32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong (Central Exit **)

    Tsim Chai Kee - Wanton Noodles
    98 Wellington Street, Central. You can get there from Central MTR station, Exit D1

    Maxim's Palace City Hall Dimsum - City Hall, Central, Exit J2

    Tai Cheong Bakery - 35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central
    Tai Cheong Bakery - Jardine's Bazaar Street, Causeway Bay (more accessible by MTR)

    R66 Revolving Restaurant - http://www.r66.com.hk/

    *North Point Cooked Food Center (Seafood) - 99 Java Road, North Point, Exit A1

    Cafe Deco and Peak Lookout - The Peak, Central

    Delicious Kitchen - 9-11B Cleveland St, Causeway Bay

    Dining in Causeway Bay - Inside Sogo/Times Square/Windsor House, Jardine's Bazaar Street and Jaffe Road

    Joy Hing Pork BBQ 再興燒臘飯店 - Block C, G/F, 265-267 Hennessy Road Wan Chai


    Australian Dairy Company (Breakfast Place) - 47 Parkes St., Jordan (Jordan Exit C2)

    Famous Street Food - 肥姐小食店 55 Dundas Street Corner Fa Yuen Street, Mongkok

    Taiyaki Balls - Japan Boat Shop G/F, 45 Dundas Street, Mongkok

    Taho Store - Shop C, G/F, 124-128 Portland Street, Mongkok

    *Long Kee Noodle Shop - G/F, 10 Hak Po Street, Mongkok

    MOS Burger / Moon Kee Dessert / Honeymoon Dessert - Langham Place, Mongkok

    Tao Heung Restaurant - Shop B, 3/F., Grand Tower, 639 Nathan Road, Mongkok (Exit E1)

    Modern Toilet - 220 Portland Street, Mongkok (Mongkok Exit C3)

    Eat Together - Scattered around Mongkok / Yaumatei / Sham Shui Po

    Ho Choi Restaurant - 530 Nathan Road (Yau Ma Tei Exit A2)

    Claypot Rice - 46 Arthur street YMT Exit C

    Yuen Kee Fastfood - 18B Granville Rd, TST & 12-14 Humphreys Ave, TST & Kimberley Road, TST

    Triple-O Burgers Citysuper, Harbour City, TST

    Tao Heung Super 88 - Silvercord Mall, Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

    Ho Choi Restaurant - Silvercord Mall, Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

    Din Tai Fung - Silvercord Mall, Canton Road, TST

    Happy Together Dessert - Shop 2, G/F, 5-6 Hau Fook cor Carnarvon Road, TST

    Wanton Noodles - 45 Hau Fook cor Carnarvon Road, TST

    Spring Deer - Best Peking Duck - 42 Mody Road, TST (280HKD per Duck)

    Tsui Wah - 2 Carnarvon Road, TST

    Tsui Wah - 77 Parkes Street, Jordan

    Wanton Noodles - 277 Temple Street corner austin road, Jordan

    Hang Fa Lau Dessert - Shop A, G/F, 9 Lock Road, TST

    Tao Heung Super 88 - 2/F., Nathan Hotel, 378 Nathan Rd., KLN

    * = Featured in Anthony Bourdaine's No Reservations Hong Kong Episode

    Affordable Dimsum = Lin Heung, Ho Choi and Tao Heung
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    :alarm: faqf.jpg :alarm:

    How Do I "Give Back" To This Thread?

    Upon return from HK, you can post your "real" itinerary including your good&bad experiences as well as travel photos.

    Tell your friends about this thread, feel free to post the link to this thread in blogs and other forums.

    How Do I Post Pictures Here?

    Go to www.Imageshack.us and select the photos to upload. You can choose to automatically resize images to 640x480. Multiple upload is also possible.

    Copy the "Direct URL" or "Direct Link" when using Imageshack.

    OR register an account for free in Photobucket.com and upload your pics there.

    As much as possible use the dimensions 640 x 480 or 800 x 600 when posting pictures.

    How Do I Reply to Multiple Posts/People in 1 Post?

    Open the multiple "Reply With Quote" in different tabs/windows then copy / paste all of them in 1 reply post including your reply for each 1.

    Can I Book A Flight to Macau but My Return Flight is from Hong Kong? (and Vice Versa)

    Yes. Enter Macau, Exit Hong Kong and vice versa is allowed.

    Is Booking Online Using My Credit Card Safe?

    As long as you stick with the booking sites mentioned on this page, you have nothing to worry.

    We are not responsible for users booking on virus/trojan/spyware-infected computers and/or public/rental computers.

    A Travel Agency Is Offering A Very Cheap HK Package, What Should I Ask To Make Sure?

    1. The nett price, subtotal of everything including all taxes (terminal fee may be excluded)
    2. What is the hotel included?
    3. What airline and what time are the flights? Baka gabi kayo aalis tapos umaga yun balik niyo.
    4. Are we required to join the city tour to get our tickets for the theme parks like Disneyland?

    When Do I Need A DSWD Permit For Minors?

    When a parent is not accompanying the child. If 1 parent is going, no need for a permit.

    What Documents Do I Need Before I Leave for HK?

    Your passport and e-ticket. For first timers, sometimes HK immigration might ask for show money and hotel/hostel reservation.

    For those who booked online, a photocopy of the credit card used.

    What Fees Do I Have To Pay At The Airport?

    If you booked your ticket online, you have to pay the Philippine travel tax (P1,620) and terminal fee (P750) in the airport.

    If you booked through a travel agency, it is possible that the travel tax is already included. This you have to verify.

    Coming from HK, you DO NOT have to pay anything anymore at the HK International Airport or NAIA upon return.

    Are Passengers of Philippine Airlines Econolight Allowed To Bring Carry-On Luggages?

    Yes. 1 Handcarry is allowed.

    How Do I Know What Kind of Clothes To Wear/Bring?

    7 Day Weather Forecast can be found here -> http://www.hko.gov.hk/wxinfo/currwx/fnd.htm

    Mid-20 degrees and above: Summer / Comfortable clothes
    Near-20's to Low 20's: Long Sleeves / Sweaters
    15 degrees and below: Jacket / Thick Jacket

    What does _____ look like? Ano meron sa ____?

    Go to www.flickr.com and search the place name for photos so you can see what it looks like. Example: Tsim Sha Tsui

    Are Restaurants and Malls Open During New Year, Chinese New Year, Christmas and other big holidays?

    Yes. But theme parks will be PACKED on these days. Going to Macau is also not recommended.

    Is _____ Cheaper In Hong Kong?

    For non-electronic items, find time to canvass the local price so that you will know if HK is cheaper when you get there.

    There is no assurance that thread members will know the answer to your question.

    For electronics, refer to the electronics shopping guide above.

    Is There Free Wifi In Hong Kong?

    Major tourist spots like the Avenue of Stars have free WIFI.

    Can we buy the Octopus Card at the airport using Credit Card?

    No. Cash basis only. Discounted tickets at CTS-Airport are also cash basis only.

    Are We Required to Buy The Octopus Card?

    Definitely not but for your convenience (and experience), the Octopus Card is the way to go.

    Can I Sleep In The HK Airport?

    Yes, you can sleep in the airport if you are extremely cutting costs but for your own convenience, book on a hostel nalang.

    How Do I Reach My Hotel/Hostel From The Airport?

    Instructions are posted all over this page, please find time to read them. Detailed instructions below.

    What Time / How Many Hour Before Should I Leave My Hotel/Hostel On My Last Day?

    At least 3 Hours before your flight. For rush hour (6 to 8pm), 3.5 to 4 Hours before your flight.

    How Do We Go From ____ to ____?

    Please look at the MTR map and study it first. Then proceed to the "Getting To" section of this page.

    Which MTR Exit Should We Exit From For: ____?

    Please refer to the district maps provided by the link below:


    For example, for Kowloon Park, open the Tsim Sha Tsui map; for Ladies Market, open the Mongkok map.

    What Is The Easiest Way of Going Around HK?

    As previously stated, the MTR, their subway, will take you to almost anywhere you need to go. All major tourist districts are covered by the MTR.

    Refer to the MTR map above for your reference; as well as the district breakdown.

    Are Big Luggages Allowed Inside The MTR?

    Yes they are, special gates/elevators are available for tourists bringing along their luggage. Hassle nga lang.

    What Time Does The MTR Open/Close?

    Closing time varies from line to line but on the average, most lines close around 1am.


    Go Here: http://www.mtr.com.hk/jplanner/eng/planner_index.php then Select the stations. Service hours are on the right side.

    Where Can I Ride The Open-Top Double-Decker Bus?

    Bus 15C from the Star Ferry Pier to the Peak Terminus (and vice versa).

    How Many Passengers Can Fit in 1 Taxi?

    Maximum of 5 passengers (plus the driver) so a total of 6 people in 1 taxi. 5 big adults might not fit. Adjust as necessary.

    How Do I Go To Jumbo Floating Restaurant?

    Bus 71 from Central


    Bus 75 from Central


    How Many Trams Are There in HK?

    Two. The Peak Tram and the HK Island Tram aka Century Old Tram & Ding Ding Tram.

    I Want To Ride The Island Tram, Which 1 Do I Take? Where Can I Find The Tram in HK Island?

    The Tram runs on the major roads of HK Island (Des Vouex/Java/Hennessy/etc) and are almost always located near an MTR exit.

    Unless you are going to see Happy Valley Racecourse, you can ride any tram except the 1 that says "Happy Valley".

    Enter the tram at the rear, exit at the front after placing your octopus card on the reader / paying coins. Fee: 2HKD.

    Recommend routes: North Point to Central/Sheung Wan.


    When I Ride The Tram, How Do I Know Which District I Am At? Where Do I Alight?

    For 1st timers, the catch is, you don't! Riding the tram will be a mix of adventure and finding clues. If you see the famous skyscrapers, then that's Central. If you see the big Sogo and a lot of shops/people, that's Causeway Bay. North Point is mostly a residential area.

    Nonetheless, it's still fun to ride the tram and if ever you get lost, just ask around for the nearest MTR exit.

    Which Hostel Has A Room for ____ People?

    Please go to the hostels' websites and check. We already provided the links to their websites.

    Which Hostel Is The Best?

    See Above. (Post #2)

    Is My Hotel OK?

    If you are going to book in a hotel that is not listed above, DO NOT WORRY. Go to Tripadvisor.com to check whether the hotel is good or not. We cannot give a feedback for every hotel in HK since there's just too many of them.

    Tripadvisor also provides traveller photos of the hotels. This thread is not an encyclopedia of Hong Kong hotels.

    Where Is My Hotel Located? What Is The Nearest MTR Station?

    For simple questions like this, please go to your hotel's website and look for the location/transportation section.

    How to Know If Your Hotel/Hostel is Highly Accessible

    Go to your Hotel/Hostel's website and look for the Location/Transportation/Map Section and check whether there is a nearby MTR exit.

    Do I Need To Buy Theme Park Tickets Online?

    No need. If you want to buy ahead of time, buy in the airport (CTS).


    Lockers are available inside Disneyland, Ocean Park and Tung Chung (Ngong Ping 360). Sizes vary.

    Do We Need To Pay To See The Giant Buddha / Ngong Ping Village / Po Lin Monastery?

    NO. You just have to pay for either the bus ride or cable car ride to reach Ngong Ping. After that, there is no entrance fee.

    Are There Places To Eat in Ngong Ping Village?

    Yes. Plenty of choices here from low to middle range restaurants.

    What Kind of Tickets Do Disneyland and Ocean Park Sell?

    Both parks only sell "Ride All You Can" tickets, there are no "Entrance Only" tickets.

    Peak Day and Special Day for Disneyland have the same price.

    Can Anybody Visit The 2 Disney Hotels?

    Yes, non-guests may still ride the free hotel shuttle bus upon reaching the resort proper.

    Can You Make Me An Itinerary For Disneyland?

    Watch all the shows first then do the rides afterwards. Find a good spot for the fireworks 30mins before it starts.

    Can I Bring Food and Drink Inside Disneyland and Ocean Park?

    Although we haven't heard any untoward incident regarding this, please avoid bringing rice (heavy) meals. Water and Snack are OK.

    Technically you can't bring in food but maybe they are just being lenient so let's not abuse their leniency.

    How Much Is A Meal in Disneyland?

    Around 50-70HKD per person per meal inclusive of a heavy meal (and drinks).

    Where Should I Go For Nightlife in Hong Kong?

    Lan Kwai Fong in Central or Knutsford Terrace in Tsim Sha Tsui.

    What Time Does Hong Kong "Wake Up"?

    Commercial establishments open as early as 8am and as late as 1130am. Shops close near midnight.

    Can You Make An Itinerary For Me?

    For the clueless when it comes to itineraries please read the 1st 10-20 pages of this thread. And read the guide above.

    The Peak: Do I Have To Pay for The SKY TERRACE?

    For 1st timers, this is recommended for the best view. For those on an extremely tight budget, you can go to the roof of the Peak Galleria Mall for a free view.

    Madame Tassaud's Wax Museum is inside the Peak building.

    Wax Museum in Hong Kong

    The Hong Kong "Star" Ferry and its Routes

    Less than 3HKD per person for the Central - Tsim Sha Tsui route. You can pay using Octopus card.

    Star Ferry Piers/Terminals locations can be found in the detailed district maps under District Breakdown.


    Where Can I Buy Jewelry in Hong Kong?

    There are reputable chain stores like Chow Tai Fook but if you have zero background, just buy in Manila's Chinatown (Binondo).

    You will not necessarily get a better price/product in HK being a tourist with no knowledge.

    What Is The Famous Dessert Chain?

    It's name is Hui Lau Shan. Here's a sample of the store:


    This can be found around HK, plenty of branches. Easy to find in Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok by walking around.

    Where Can I Do My Grocery / Buy Daily Commodities Like Water?

    Although 7-Eleven is everywhere, it is expensive and should be only for emergency. Do your shopping at Wellcome.

    Complete List of Branches: http://www.wellcome.com.hk/en/profile_store.html?page=store

    Tsim Sha Tsui Branches

    Address: Shop 3231-33, Level 3, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
    Store hours: 08:30-22:00

    Address: Part G/F & Basement, TAL Building 45-53 Austin Road, Kowloon
    Store hours: 08:00-23:00

    Address: Shop A, Basement, HK Pacific Centre, 28 Hankow Road, TST, Kln
    Store hours: 08:00-22:00

    Address: Ground Floor, Luna Court, Nos 53-59, Kimberley Road, TST, Kowloon.
    Store hours: 08:00-22:30

    What Can I Buy in ______?

    Mongkok - Ladies Market - Souvenirs / Knock-offs / Clothes
    Mongkok - Fa Yuen Street - Rubber Shoes
    Mongkok - Sai Yueng Choi Street - Electronics

    Yaumatei - Temple Street Night Market - A variety of goods similar to 168

    Tsim Sha Tsui - Plenty of clothes & apparel

    Estimating the Pocket Money / Entrance Fees

    Computed per Person:
    Food - 100 to 150HKD per day
    Public Transportation - 150 to 200HKD for 3 to 4 days (including roundtrip airport cityflyer but excluding taxi rides)
    Shopping - Varies

    Theme Park Entrance Fees:
    Ngong Ping Cable Car 1-Way = 63HKD Adults, 30HKD Kids
    Ngong Ping Cable Roundtrip = 96HKD Adults, 48HKD Kids
    Ocean Park = 208HKD Adults, 103HKD Kids
    Disneyland = 350HKD Adults, 250HKD Kids
    Peak Tram = 22HKD Single 33HKD Return for Adults | 8HKD Single 15HKD Return for Kids
    Peak Tram + Sky Terrace = 37HKD Single 48HKD Return for Adults | 16HKD Single 23HKD Return for Kids
    Madame Tussauds = 150HKD Adults, 80HKD Kids (Discount available when packaged with Peak Tram / Sky Terrace)

    Pocket Money Reminder

    When it comes to pocket money, don't bring the exact or rough estimate, always bring extra!

    For those Travelling with Kids, Elderly or as a Big Group

    1. Do not try to fit many things on a single day or your well-planned itinerary will be useless.
    2. Prepare for unseen circumstances like tired companions who want to head back to your hotel earlier than planned.
    3. Allot 1 day for Ocean Park and 1 day for Disneyland if you plan to visit these 2.
    4. To lessen logistic problems, set a strict meeting place and time whenever the group will split up.
    5. Set your priorities in case time will not be sufficient to cover anything.

    When is the best time to go to Hong Kong?

    Winter Season (December to March) is the most relaxing and comfortable time to go to Hong Kong but besides the weather, there's little else to do since the "Sale Season" occurs during Summer. There are some sales during christmas and chinese new year but 90% of the clothes are for winter. Hong Kong can get very foggy during winter, as such, visit to the Peak is a hit-or-miss affair. A foggy bird's eye view of HK isn't really nice.

    Summer Season (May to October) is similar to Manila's weather, very hot but moving around in Hong Kong can get extra uncomfortable because of the high humidity which gives the "sticky" feeling. Hong Kong's rainy season also falls on their summer, July and August has the highest rainfall count and the typhoons also arrive in these months. The Sale / Shopping Festival is from the start of July to the start of September. If the sky is clear, the view from the Peak is great.

    Avoid going to Hong Kong when there are large-scale exhibitions or ongoing tournaments like the Hong Kong Sevens Rugby Tournament because hotel prices will be significantly higher.

    Estimating Travel Time when using the MTR


    For those planning to do a lot of Shopping

    If the thing you are planning to buy is available here in Manila, make sure to check the local price first as a reference point. This way you'll know whether the stores in Hong Kong are cheaper or not.

    For those leaving/arriving in HK Past Midnight or Early Morning

    There are still airport buses, codes start with N. Instead of A21, it will be N21. Routes are the same.

    Places / Things Best Done During the Day

    1. Ocean Park
    2. Ngong Pin Village + Giant Buddha
    3. Nanlian Gardens
    4. Disneyland
    5. Malls / Markets

    Places / Things Best Done During Night

    1. A visit to the Peak
    2. Strolling along Avenue of Stars
    3. A tram ride along HK island (specially Central district)
    4. Star Ferry Ride
    5. Strolling around Tsim Sha Tsui (Nathan road and the side streets)

    Places to Avoid During the Weekends/Holidays (Due to large volume of people)

    1. Disneyland
    2. Ocean Park
    3. The Peak
    4. Macau

    Average Time You Need for the Famous Tourist Spots

    1. Disneyland - At least 6 hours | Recommended = Opening Time to Closing Time to catch Fireworks at 8pm
    2. Ocean Park - At least 4 hours | Recommended = Opening Time to Near Closing Time
    3. Ngong Ping Village and Giant Buddha - At least 2 hours
    4. Avenue of Stars - At least 30minutes | Recommended = 1 Hour
    5. The Peak - At least 1 hour | Recommended = 2 Hours
    6. Tsim Sha Tsui (Harbour City, et al) - At least 2-3 Hours, also Depends on amount of shopping
    7. Mongkok Markets - Varies, Depends on amount of shopping
    8. Causeway Bay - At least 2 Hours

    Average Time Needed

    Airplane Touchdown in Hong Kong until Baggage Claim: around 45 minutes to 1 hour
    Airport to Kowloon/HK Island: 45minutes minimum
    City to Disneyland by Train: Approximately 45minutes

    Where to Buy Pasalubong

    Mongkok Ladies Market
    Temple Street Night Market
    The Peak
    Knick Knacks in Citysuper
    Grocery&Food Items from Citysuper / Sogo / Wellcome
    Hong Kong Egg Tarts
    Royce Chocolates from Citysuper*

    *Now available locally: Powerplant Rockwell / Greenbelt 5

    Will our passports receive stamps from the Immigration in Macau?


    Reaching NWFF/China Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui for Macau

    Take a taxi from any point in Kowloon.


    Scenic Bus Ride to Stanley (via Repulse Bay)

    Bus 6, 6A, 6X, 66 or 260 from Central Bus Terminal.

    Walking around the Districts

    Most districts in Hong Kong like Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok can be strolled on foot. Do not abuse your legs, use the taxi when needed.

    For more detailed maps on each district, please visit this link:


    Factory Outlets in Hong Kong

    Granville Road and Granville Circuit, Tsim Sha Tsui
    Esprit Outlet, 4-6 Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
    Citygate Outlet Mall, Tung Chung, Lantau Island

    Electric Socket in Hong Kong

    All hostels and almost all hotels use this kind of socket. Some hostels provide adaptors but some don't. You can buy adaptors in Mongkok and Sham Shui Po. Or buy a universal adaptor in Manila before going to Hong Kong.


    Some hostels like Taisan and Marlboro lend adaptors.

    You might need something like this for some accomodations, meron sa CDR-King.


    [HIGHLIGHT]Various Tips from Different PEXers[/HIGHLIGHT]

    Tips on planning HK trip:
    1) browse discover HK and HK PEX threads and list prefered places to visit.
    2) Decide on schedule of visit (via booking)
    3) List down costs per person. i.e (50HKD/meal/pax; 150HKD/fare/pax; tickets/pax, hostel/night). always round up for allowance.
    4) determine total budget
    5) prepare detailed itinerary (transpo/cost per destination; estimated time to spend each location; if possible decide on things and activities to do and places to eat) use MTR and bus websites and MAPS
    6)Printout maps, directories etc and put together your HK kit.

    Tip on exchanging money. Do what you think is convenient for you. Saving a few pesos (or even a thousand) is not worth it if you lose so much time searching for the best place and the best way to change your cash. Being too OC about it might ruin your trip. Extra stress pa yan and you don't need that when you are taking a vacation.

    Digital Camera Users: The low temperature can cut your battery's life into half. In my case, 1/3 ng capacity ang nawala.

    My Almost Rip-Off Electronics Experience: I went inside a store in Wanchai Computer Center to ask the price of the LX3. Nung nakita niyang tourist with a camera, he looked at my dSLR and noticed I didn't have a UV protection. I now realized this is their easiest cheap shot at tourists since I experienced the same exact thing in Beijing. He grabbed my camera and started to clean my lens then got a UV filter. Even without asking me, he started removing the seal/sticker of the product. This prompted me to ask the price immediately, he said it was 150HKD. Eh naresearch ko na yun prices beforehand and it should be around 60HKD only. This pissed me off and i said no, hindi ko bibilhin yan, masyadong mahal. He then said, 100 pero ayaw ko na talaga. He brought it down to 80 but i said i will think about it and got my camera back. Umalis na ako right after. If i didn't stop him from opening the product baka hindi na ako pinaalis without paying the original 150HKD. I bought the exact same thing from Kamfai for 60HKD. 20HKD difference but the point was their cheapshots at tourists. Kahit gawin nilang mas mura hindi ko na sila babalikan. Kamfai immediately gave me the 60HKD price, pinakamababa na agad kahit tourist ako. Kaya Rule #1, know the price range of your product before going to HK.

    Sample Pricelist for Pasalubong:
    Bossini Shirts - 70-90 HKD
    Bosinni Polo Shirt - 125 HKD
    Meiji Chocolates - 12 - 20 HKD
    Royce Bar Choc- 38 HKD
    Royce Nama (Box) - 85 HKD
    Souvenirs (Magnets, Key Chains) 10 HKD
    Esprit Bag - 59HKd dito P698 (checked sa glorietta)
    Giordano Top - 80hkd

    [HIGHLIGHT]Discounted Theme Park Tickets[/HIGHLIGHT]

    For those who are not going to Central or have very limited time in HK, please buy your tickets at the CTS in the airport.

    For the latest/most up-to-date ticket pricing, give these agencies a call once in HK, local calls from most hotels/hostels are free.

    Traveleasy Ltd
    Shop 316, 3/F, Worldwide House
    19 Des Vouex Road Central
    Central MTR Exit B
    Tel Number: 2147-2228
    Monday to Friday 9:15AM -6pm
    Saturday 9:15AM-4pm
    Sunday 9:15AM-5pm

    320HKD hkd (Adult Rate)
    235HKD (Child Rate)
    Ocean Park
    215HKD hkd (Adult Rate)
    115HKD (Child Rate)

    Traveleasy accepts credit card pero may surcharge na 3% or 8%, exact value unknown but it defeats the purpose of the discount.

    Shop 308, 3/F, Worldwide House
    19 Des Vouex Road Central
    Central MTR Exit B
    Tel Number: 2522-5263
    Open from 10am to 630pm
    (Alternative Agency / Rates similar to Traveleasy)

    China Travel Service (Hong Kong)
    1 Branch inside the Airport (after you exit "nothing to declare" door in Arrival hall, if you can't find it, ASK!)
    Open from 7am to 10pm
    Rates/Tickets: http://www.ctshk.com/english/ticket/admticket_hk.htm
    Complete List of Branches in HK: http://www.ctshk.com/english/aboutus/local.htm

    They deliver the tickets to your hotel.
    Disneyland Rates: 335 for adults and 240 for kids

    Peak Day Ticket $ 350 Adult $ 250 Child
    Cash Coupon 1-3 Tickets $ 15 Adult $ 10 Child
    Cash Coupon 4 up Tickets $ 20 Adult $ 10 Child

    Yan po yung discount. If you buy 1-3 tickets, you get less HK$15, if 4 or more tickets less, HK$20 (if adult). If child, less HK$10 lang. Automatic yan na minaminus sa total na babayaran.

    After clicking submit naman, they'll send you an invoice para mareview mo ang total cost. Wala pang credit card details na hihingin. Once you receive the invoice sa email saka pa lang hihingin ang card details...

    *No discounts for Ngong Ping 360 and The Peak.

    *Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
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    Please don't ask what the weather is like, please visit the sites below. An airconditioned room is around 20 to 24 degrees.







    What to Wear When

    7 Day Weather Forecast can be found here -> http://www.hko.gov.hk/wxinfo/currwx/fnd.htm

    Mid-20 degrees and above: Summer / Comfortable clothes
    Near-20's to Low 20's: Long Sleeves / Sweaters
    15 degrees and below: Jacket / Thick Jacket

    by QueTee


    1. Victoria Peak

    Link -> http://www.thepeak.com.hk/full/en/location.php

    By Peak Tram:

    From CENTRAL*: Take BUS 15C (which is usually an open-top double decker) from Star Ferry Central to lower Peak Tram Terminus Fare is HK$4.20. Journey time is approx 10 minutes.

    From ADMIRALTY*: From MTR-Admiralty Station take BUS 12A (near Lippo Centre) next stop get off near HK Squash Centre (HK Park Cotton Tree Drive) then walk towards HK Squash Center. Cross the street towards lower Peak Tram Terminus. Fare is HK$4.30.

    From OCEAN PARK*: From OP ride BUS 629 to Admiralty (Fare HK$10.60) ->> From MTR-Admiralty Station take BUS 12A (near Lippo Centre) next stop get off near HK Squash Center (HK Park Cotton Tree Drive) then walk towards HK Squash Centre. Cross the street towards lower Peak Tram Terminus. Fare is HK$4.30. Or take a taxi from Admiralty to Lower Peak Terminus.

    *From there take Peak Tram to go up to the Peak.
    Fare/Rate: Adult HK$22 single, HK$33 return
    Child HK$8 single, HK$15 return.
    Journey time is approx 8 minutes.

    Combined Peak Tram/Sky Terrace Admission:
    Fare/Rate: Adult HK$37 single, HK$48 return
    Child/Senior (65 and over) HK$16 single, HK$23 return

    Direct to The Peak:

    By Bus From CENTRAL: Take BUS 15 (Fare HK$9.80) from Exchange Square in Central to the Peak Galleria. Journey time is approx 40 minutes.

    Bus 15 Complete Route: http://www.nwstbus.com.hk/routes/routeinfo.aspx?intLangID=1&searchtype=1&daytime=3&route=15&routetype=D&company=7


    To The Peak
    1. MTR to Central then walk to the Peak Terminus then ride the Peak Tram
    2. MTR to Central then walk to the Star Ferry Pier, ride bus 15C then ride the Peak Tram
    3. Star Ferry to Central Star Ferry Pier, ride bus 15C then ride the Peak Tram
    4. MTR to Central then Bus 15. Refer to link above for stops of bus 15

    From The Peak
    1. Ride the tram going down, then walk to the nearest Central MTR exit.
    2. Ride the tram going down, ride bus 15C, get off at 1st stop (Pedder Street), walk to nearest MTR exit.
    3. Ride the tram going down, ride bus 15C, get off at Star Ferry Pier, ride Star Ferry to TST.
    4. Ride Bus 15 from the top of the Peak going to Central.

    2. Ocean Park

    By Bus from ADMIRALTY: Take BUS 629 from MTR Admiralty Station Exit B to OP Main Entrance. Fare HK$10.60. Journey time is approx 25 minutes.

    By Bus from CENTRAL*: Take BUS 629 from Central Ferry Pier (A.M. Peak Hour Special Service) to OP Main Entrance. Fare HK$10.60.

    *Morning only! (Last bus departs 10:55am from Central Ferry Pier 7 / Star Ferry Pier)

    3. Disneyland

    Link -> http://park.hongkongdisneyland.com/hkdl/en_US/tools/transportation/listing?name=GettingToTheResortListingPage

    Hong Kong Disneyland has its own MTR station next to the park entrance. From Sunny Bay MTR Station a Disney themed train operates a frequent shuttle service for the four minute journey to Disneyland Resort Station.

    By MTR: MTR (from either TST/JORDAN/MONGKOK) -> Lai King (interchange to Tung Chung Line) -> Sunny Bay (interchange to Disney Resort Line) -> Disney Resort.

    By MTR: MTR (from either CAUSEWAY BAY/WANCHAI) -> Central (walk/interchange to Tung Chung Line) -> Sunny Bay (interchange to Disney Resort Line) -> Disney Resort.

    From the airport - If you wish to travel to Hong Kong Disneyland from the airport by public transport take the S1 shuttle bus (fare HK$3.50) from the airport to Tung Chung MTR Station (appx 10 mins). Take the MTR for one stop to Sunny Bay (7 minutes) then change to the Disneyland Resort Line and take the shuttle train to Disneyland Resort Station (4 minutes). The fare from Tung Chung to Disneyland Resort is HK$12.50 (or HK$11.30 if using Octopus Card).
    OR take a taxi from the airport to Disneyland (around 100HKD).

    From the airport - Take any bus that will stop in Lantau Link Toll Plaza then switch to bus R8 to Disneyland. http://www.nwstbus.com.hk/routes/routeinfo.aspx?intLangID=1&searchtype=1&daytime=3&route=R8&routetype=D&company=5

    From Ngong Ping / Tung Chung: Take the MTR from Tung Chung station to Disneyland Resort. Interchange at Sunny Bay.

    4. Ngong Ping / Giant Buddha / Po Lin Monastery

    Link -> http://www.np360.com.hk/html/eng/visitor/gethere.html?play=[type%20Function]&continue1=yes&soundpos=

    For those afraid to ride the NP360 Cable Car, TAKE BUS #23 FROM TUNG CHUNG.

    By Bus: Take the MTR to Tung Chung. From the bus terminus near to Tung Chung MTR Station Exit B take New Lantao Bus Company service 23 (fare HK$17.20 Mon to Sat, HK$27 Sundays and Public Holidays) to Ngong Ping.

    By Cable Car: Take the MTR Tung Chung Line to Tung Chung MTR Station. The Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Terminus is next to Tung Chung MTR Station and the cable car journey takes approximately 25 minutes. (96HKD for adults roundtrip, 63HKD for adults 1-way, 48/30 for kids)

    From the airport - If travelling from the airport take the S1 shuttle bus (HK$3.50, appx every 10 mins) from the airport to Tung Chung MTR Station then ride Bus/Cable Car to Ngong Ping.


    MTR to Tung Chung then Bus 23 to Ngong Ping
    MTR to Tung Chung then Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car to Ngong Ping
    S1 Bus from airport to Tung Chung then Bus 23 to Ngong Ping
    S1 Bus from airport to Tung Chung then Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car to Ngong Ping

    From Ngong Ping/Giant Buddha:
    Take Bus 23 or NP360 back to Tung Chung.

    5. Nan Lian Garden (situated next to Chi Lin Nunnery)

    By MTR: Diamond Hill MTR station exit C2. Open daily 7am to 9pm, admission free.

    6. Ferry Terminal HK-Macau

    From Disneyland, take a taxi to China Ferry Terminal to avoid any hassle.

    Option 1 for those residing in Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok, etc):

    TST China Ferry Terminal (New World First Ferry): 33 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. (Beside Harbour City)

    Take a taxi from where you are staying when residing in Kowloon. Flagdown rate if coming from Tsim Sha Tsui.

    Option 2 for those residing in HK Island (Causeway Bay, North Point, Central, etc):

    Sheung Wan Ferry Terminal (Turbojet and Cotai Jet) - On top of Sheung Wan MTR Station

    By MTR: MTR (from either TST/JORDAN/MONGKOK) -> Admiralty (interchange to Sheung Wan Line) -> Sheung Wan MTR Exit D (3rd Flr Shun Tak centre)

    By MTR: MTR (from either CAUSEWAY BAY/WANCHAI) -> Sheung Wan MTR Exit D (3rd Flr Shun Tak centre)

    By Taxi: Take a taxi for those residing in HK Island with plenty of luggage.

    Option 3:

    Direct from HKIA skypier (Transit to Macau): HKIA ferry transfer desk. Only for those going straight from the airport.

    7. Wong Tai Sin Temple

    By MTR: Wong Tai Sin MTR station.

    8. Snoopy World / 10,000 Buddha Temple / Shatin New Town Plaza

    By MTR: Shatin MTR station. Then look for further signs/directions.

    9. Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Aberdeen

    By Bus:

    Bus 71 from Central Bus Terminus


    Bus 75 from Central Bus Terminus



    Please use common sense for transportation combinations (ex: The Peak to Tsim Sha Tsui/Mongkok), just combine the directions/modes of transport (ex: Star Ferry + MTR).

    For the other places, please visit the destination's website or google it to know which MTR station to get off at. Chances are your destination will be covered by the MTR.


    *Day trips to Macau are possible via a 1+ Hour Ferry Ride from HK*

    *Not recommended for HK first timers staying for 4 days or less.*


    NO VISA REQUIRED. Only your passport is needed.


    Ferries from HK to Macau

    From Kowloon (those residing in Tsim Sha Tsui / Jordan / Yaumatei / Mongkok):

    From Hong Kong Island (those residing in Central / Wanchai / Causeway Bay / North Point):

    For more info, visit the Macau Thread -> http://pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=383909


    Reachable by MTR (Lo Wu Station). China Visa is REQUIRED. Day Trip Possible.

    China Visa should be applied here in Manila. Huwag makulit, hindi pwede sa HK magapply ng visa.

    *Not recommended for HK first timers staying for 4 days or less.*




    Very Detailed and Accurate Maps of Hong Kong - USE THEM! THEY ARE FREE!

    http://maps.google.com - search "Hong Kong"

    [HIGHLIGHT]Finding Something (Store, Mall, Hotel, Restaurant, etc) and Getting There in Hong Kong[/HIGHLIGHT]

    1. Google for it! (eg. search for "uniqlo hong kong" or "harbour city hong kong" or "citysuper hong kong")
    2. Look among the results and go to the link that will give you the address/es of what you are looking for.
    3. Copy the address and take special note of the district part of the address (eg. Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok, Central or Shatin)
    4. Go to the 2nd link above (MTR website) and download a vicinity map of the district.
    5. If the map is insufficient, enter the address in the search engine of the 1st or 3rd link above.
    6. Combine steps 4 and 5 to find out how to get there by MTR or MTR + Taxi.
    7. Do note that the location might be in an adjacent MTR station when using step 5. (eg. Jordan map instead of Tsim Sha Tsui map).
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    Buying HK dollar in Banco De Oro (posted by Li'l Sistah)
    click ->> Requirements




    Go to www.Imageshack.us and select the photos to upload. You can choose to automatically resize images to 640x480. Multiple upload is also possible.

    OR register an account for free in Photobucket.com and upload your pics there.

    As much as possible use the dimensions 640 x 480 or 800 x 600 when posting pictures. Kawawa rin mga naka dial-up.



    If you are not sure of something, ASK! Do not be afraid to ask for help from the locals, use English.

    Pack Light as much as possible. Bring comfortable shoes for long hours of walking.

    Do not forget to bring basic medicine (Loperamide/Paracetamol) and muscle pain ointment for long hours of walking.

    When you are taking the escalator or the Walkalator, Always remeber to stay on the RIGHT SIDE if you do not plan to walk. Left side are always for those in a hurry.

    The Smoking Ban, as it is commonly referred to, bans smoking indoors in restaurants, workplaces, schools, karaoke lounges, as well as beaches, swimming pools, sports grounds and public parks. The ban came into force on 1 January 2007.

    Don't get picked by pickpockets - always keep an eye on your belongings. They even work in teams, sometimes even involving a vehicle to suddenly stop in front of you while someone else does the lifting! I have also known an unsuspecting tourist shopping in a store who set his backpack down to try on some jeans and afterwards his wallet was missing! Remember: their hands are faster than your eyes!

    Watch out for how much the taxi-driver charges you. There are some taxi drivers in sheep's clothing. They either trick the meter, go the long way, or cover up the decimal point of the fare on the meter. The safe thing is to know how much it should cost (the per kilometer charge and luggage charge are all posted inside), and also get a receipt from the driver. If they can't give you a receipt, copy down the licence number and the driver's name (shown on the dashboard). But then just a small percentage of the taxi-drivers are wolves.

    Don't buy electronic products without marked prices: (This is probably the biggest tourist trap here into which many have fallen.) Many of the shops on Nathan Road in Kowloon selling electronic products don't display the prices on the items. Many tourists have been scammed or cheated. One ploy is to give you an unbelievably good price, then after they have your money, they say they are out of stock, offering you another item but at an outrageous price. Some tourists have said that even calling the police did not help.

    Watch out when doing anything with a rickshaw: even taking a picture in, with, at, or even OF a rickshaw will cost you money! So settle on the price with the driver BEFORE you click that camera! There is no fixed price on the ride or a picture, but it is said that a picture costs HK$10 to $HK20 (US$1.25 - US$2.50).

    Look both ways before crossing a street: if you are from a country where the traffic goes on the right, you will want to pay special attention to this since in Hong Kong when it comes to traffic, left is right and right is wrong! Besides, pedestrians don't necessarily have the right of way - at least many drivers think that.

    Take along a pack of tissue and a windbreaker: a lot of indoor places and vehicles can be very cold with the air conditioning at full blast (even in winter), so take along a windbreaker. Except for more expensive ones, many restaurants don't provide napkins. Have a pack of tissue handy.

    Getting mistaken for "I.I."s - I.I. is short for illegal immigrants. If you look Asian, be sure to carry your passport with you. It is required by law for everyone to carry either one's Hong Kong ID card or passport. Police officers routinely stop people on the street to check for ID. There is no "probable cause" clause that I know of. As long as you don't look right, you could be stopped and checked.

    Avoid buying cooked food from hawkers pushing a little cart.

    [HIGHLIGHT]YOUTUBE: Travel with prEttyNDistress in Hong Kong and Hostel Bookings[/HIGHLIGHT]

    Communication with prEttyNDistress is always subject to the person's availability.

    Hello HK Addicts and Newbies... Here are some of my self-made youtube moment to help you navigate through Hong Kong. From how to find the bus at the Hong Kong International Airport to riding the mickey train to Disneyland

    My Hong Kong youtube Playlist:


    Playlist Includes:

    Hong Kong International Airport 101 Part 1 - 4 - Here I show you on where you may leave your luggage at the airport, where to buy your Octopus Card and how to find the A21 bus to Kowloon City.

    Hong Kong 101 - Part 1-2 - Here is where I show you where to get off when taking the A21 bus from the airport to Nathan Road Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon. Also how to find Mirador Mansion where in it's famous for the cheap hostels and accommodations. Where to buy CSL Kabayan sim card for cheap HK-MLA calls....

    Tsim Sha Tsui MTR going to Tung Chung Part 1-4 - Here you will have a clear idea on how to take the MTR (subway) and learned how convenient is it to take MTR in HK.

    From Tung Chung MTR to Ngong Ping 360 - This is where a lot of newbies get confuse on where is Ngong Ping, where is Tung Chung and where is Disneyland. After viewing this clip you'll definitely know how to navigate from MTR to the cable car once you are there!

    From Tung Chung to DisneyLand Part 1-2 and Sunny Bay MTR Station interchange to Disney Train part 1-2 - People are asking about taking taxis all the time to Disneyland!! Sometimes it's really hard to put in words on how convenient is it to just take the MTR instead. After you view this video, whether you are travelling with toddlers, kidssss, senior citizen, taxi is no longer an option anymore.. :)
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    [HIGHLIGHT]Using the Airport Bus Coming From The Airport[/HIGHLIGHT]

    For those residing in HOTELS:

    Information on bus number and stop number to get off at:


    If your hotel is in Kowloon - see the A21 detailed route below. If your hotel is in HK Island, see the A11 route.

    Alternative: Go to your hotel's website and follow the directions they give.

    Some hotels cannot be reached by the A21/A11 bus alone (like hotels in Tsuen Wan) or are not that walking distance from the bus stops (like the Metropark hotels).

    Using the Bus going to Disneyland from the Airport:

    Bus R8 from Lantau Link Toll Plaza.

    For those residing in HOSTELS:

    Hostels in Tsim Sha Tsui / Jordan / Mongkok

    A21 Detailed Route:

    (N21 for those arriving past midnight)

    Going back to the hotel: Stops are somewhere on the opposite side of the road. Find time to find it on your 1st day.

    Blue - Dragon Hostel
    Orange - City Econo
    Green - Taisan Store 3 / Starworld Wing Lee
    Red - Taisan Store 1 & 2 / Golden Crown Court / Starworld Skyworld / Mirador Mansion / (Hotel Benito)
    Purple - Mirador Mansion / Chungking Mansion


    Hostels in Causeway Bay

    A11 Detailed Route:

    (N11 for those arriving past midnight)


    NOTE: A11 is also used for those residing in Central, Wanchai, Tin Hau, Fortress Hill and North Point.

    Special Section

    Directions for Butterfly on Prat

    Stop 16 or 17 of the A21 Bus along Chatham Road South. Prat Avenue is in between these 2 stops.

    Directions for JJ Hotel (Wanchai)

    Stop 11 of Bus A11. Stewart Road.




    Yes it is much cheaper to buy a SIM Card in Hong Kong for both local and international calls/texts than using Philippine roaming service.

    Prepaid CSL SIM Cards are available in 7-Eleven for those planning to use a local SIM card at around 50HKD each.

    For those going to World Wide House in Central, you can buy the CSL Kabayan SIM Card which should have slightly lower rates for calls to the Philippines.

    CSL Kabayan SIM Cards are also available inside Mirador Mansion, TST.

    As requested, here's some information on local Hong Kong SIM card rates & charges.

    *Prices may change without prior notice, so please double check on the mobile provider's website tp confirm

    PCCW Prepaid - $48

    Local calls - $0.06/min (off-peak) ; $0.12/min (peak hours)
    IDD Call to the Philippines - $3.90/min
    Local SMS - $0.10/SMS (same network) ; $0.70/SMS (other network)
    International SMS - $1.80/SMS

    CSL Power Prepaid SIM Card (CSL) - $88

    Local calls - $0.1/min (off-peak)
    Local SMS - $0.20/SMS (same network - CSL) ; $0.80/SMS (other network)
    International SMS - $3/SMS

    one2free Prepaid SIM (CSL) - $48

    Local calls - $0.05/min (off-peak) ; $0.12/min (peak hours)
    IDD Call to the Philippines - $4/min
    Local SMS - $0.10/SMS (same network - CSL) ; $0.70/SMS (other network)
    International SMS - $1.80/SMS

    "ValueTalk" SIM card (Smartone Vodafone) - $68

    Local calls - $0.15/min (1-50mins) ; $0.10/min (51-300mins)
    IDD Call to the Philippines - $2.88/min
    Local SMS - $0.2/SMS (same network - Smartone Vodafone) ; $0.8/SMS (other network)
    International SMS - $3.00/SMS

    Peoples SuperTalk Card (China Mobile) - $48

    Local calls - $0.05/min (off-peak) ; $0.12/min (peak hours)
    IDD Call to the Philippines - $2.88/min
    Local SMS - $0.1/SMS (same network - China Mobile ; $0.7/SMS (other network)
    International SMS - $1.80/SMS

    Peoples EasyTalk Card (China Mobile) - $28

    Local calls - $0.46/min (Flat Rate)
    IDD Call to the Philippines - $2.88/min
    Local SMS - $0.3/SMS (same network - China Mobile ; $0.7/SMS (other network)
    International SMS - $1.80/SMS

    Peoples "Kabayan" Prepaid SIM Kard - $38

    Local calls - $0.06/min (same network) ; $0.15/min (other network)
    IDD Call to the Philippines - $1.10/min (Mon-Fri) ; $1.00 (Sat-Sun)
    Local SMS - FREE (same network) ; $0.50/SMS (other network)
    International SMS - $0.50/SMS

    3G Int'l Roaming Rechargable Sim Card (3 Mobile) - $98 ($52 is stored value)

    Local voice calls - $0.3/min
    Local video calls - $0.3/min
    Local SMS - $0.2/SMS (same network) ; $0.7/SMS (other network)
    International SMS - $1.80/SMS
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    [HIGHLIGHT]HK Disneyland Tips & Suggested Itinerary[/HIGHLIGHT]

    Originally Posted by QueTee

    Be at the Park as Early as possible
    For Park Hours: 10:00am - 7:00pm


    Grab copies of the following near Park Entrance:
    - Guide Map
    - Times Guide (for show and attraction times)
    - Fastpass Tips


    - you may skip attractions that you're not interested in and have more time to relax and enjoy the park.
    - there are lots of photo opportunity along the way - so be prepared with your camera and extra battery.
    - let the oldies rest/relax while the yuppies are having fun on the rides.
    - we were able to bring in snacks and bottled water but I’m not sure with rice meals though.
    - you may refill water from drinking fountains from designated spots inside the park.
    - luggage storage service is available near the park entrance - $40 hkd per luggage.

    Hong Kong Island Century-Old Tram Stops/Stations

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    [HIGHLIGHT]Locating The Famous Spots in Hong Kong[/HIGHLIGHT]



    HK Airport:

    40HKD for 3 hours per Luggage

    Tung Chung / Ngong Ping 360:

    We provide 20 lockers for rent. The size of each locker is 84cm (H), 40cm (W), 87cm (D) The rates are HK$20 for every three hours or HK$70 for one day. Please contact our staff when you arrive at Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal for more details.



    Storage lockers are available for rental at Hong Kong Disneyland Park on the north end of Center Street, midway up Main Street, U.S.A.

    [HIGHLIGHT]Where to Buy/Eat This "Eggette"[/HIGHLIGHT]

    There are 2 to 3 shops along Granville Road in Tsim Sha Tsui.

    This is 1 of the most famous stalls in Tsim Sha Tsui, located along Nathan Road near Austin Road, tapat ng Police Station.


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    Hong Kong Photos: http://pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=385790

    Hi All! Not a newbie here pero i post rarely. Anyways, I just got back from my HK trip Jan 11-16. super helpful yun site na ito. It's my second time in HK/Macau, pero the last time 1 day lang ako sa hongkong then rest Macau. This time vice versa na. Anyways:

    > stayed in Golden Crown Guesthouse sa Nathan Rd. Mabait un dalawang owners. Inupgrade nila yun room namin during the last two days namin without a fee. Ok naman yun room, Luxury Double kinuha namin, 3 kami: 2 kami sister ko sa isang bed then yun other bed sa friend ko. medyo matigas yun bed pero ginamit ko yun comforter na pangdagdag lambot kasi makapal siya so ok na din. un water heater nila and aircon ayos din. malinis sila sa room, everyday nirereplenish ng tissue and stuff. maliit lang yun elevator though. pero hindi mahirap sa transpo...food...shopping un location...the best para sakin.

    > Super Convenient yun Octopus Card. Hindi na kami gumamit ng Airport Express. Mas naging madali travel namin sa iba't ibang places using yun MTR nila.

    > Madaming masarap na kainan dun...napansin lang namin yun fastfood(as in KFC etc) mas mura siya kesa sa mga restaurants dun and mga kainan sa loob ng mall(like Food Republic). kung nagtitipid yun sulit na yun KFC, Mcdo and Yoshinoya ... pero mas recommend ko siyempre try nio mga Chinese food sarap! lalo na yun noodle house dun sa may Healthy Desserts near nathan rd. super yummy!

    > Itinerary namin:
    Day 1: mga 815pm na kami nakadating so eto nlng nagawa:
    buy octopus card, checkin golden crown, derecho silvercord, kain sa food republic sa Fusion Rice na super dami ng isang serving!, tapos shopping habang papunta harbour square, clock tower, hindi namin naabutan SOL pero ayos lang nag enjoy naman kami sa mga sceneries dun.

    Day 2: Disneyland Day. May friend ako sa disney so free entrance kami tatlo ng sis ko tsaka friend ko. hindi matao sa Disney, tama lang..sabi ng friend ko parang pang regular days lang daw nila. siya ang tourist guide namin sa disney...kaya lahat nasakyan namin..at lahat ng show napanuod namin. madami mga souveneir items dun na must buy...mdami kami nabili actually...may shirt dun tsaka accessory na limited edition lang...35% discount kami since yun friend ko nga nagwowork dun. grabe kung may kilala kayo wowork dun, recommend ko pasama yun sa loob kasi ang dami nila discounts and all for guests nila. dapat pupunta kami hollywood pati disney hotel after ng fireworks kaso pagod na mga kasama ko so sabi ko next time pagbalik ko hehehe. mahangin nung gabi sa fireworks so medyo hindi gitna yun fireworks nila. ang hirap din pichuran kasi nangangatog na kami sa lamig. hehehehe after disney, balik TST then shopping ulet.

    Day 3: Macau kami this whole day. medyo nakadami kami dito since hindi first time sakin Macau so natour ko sister ko tsaka friend ko dun. sinamantalahan namin mga shuttle bus dun. lolz. may pinamimigay sila na Casino Lisboa card for free. grab niyo yun! may mga freebies etc. un. sa Fisherman's wharf mas gusto ko umaga/pm punta pero hindi gabi kasi pag gabi yun iba dun na places close na. Nag Ruins kami, senado square shempre, city of dreams, venetian tapos, ama temple. all for 1 day lang yan - 1030am-930pm. hehehe

    Day 4: Ocean park - diko sure talaga kung nakatsamba kami ng super discount or napagkamalan kami na bata nung tao sa Travel Easy. sabi ko kasi 3 adult pass- binigay sakin 3 pass for 115HKD each lang!!! tapos tinanong ko pa ulet if talagang 115HKD for adult sabi niya oo daw. mas recommend ko sakyan niyo na bus un sa Admiralty kesa sa Pier 6. kasi umaalis agad yun bus dun. after ocean park, nag The Peak kami. ok naman un tram ride. Madamme Tussauds din kami na sa loob eh may mini horror booth pa (for free na toh). then shempre sky terrace na ang ginaw ginaw since winter ngayon. tapos namili ulet ng giveaways dun etc. mas gusto ko yun giordano dito The Peak mas mdami sila designs ng shirt and stuff kesa dun sa 3 pang napuntahan namin sa TST pati central.

    Day 5: Nanlian garden kami early in the morning.ang sarap ng hangin! may small shop dun na bilihan ng pasalubong na pagkain. masarap yun nori crackers nila yun blue and pink. 40pcs un per pack tapos 25-26hkd lang. sulet naman siya kung pamimigay lang sa opis. after nun nagpunta kami snoopy world na super dali lang pala ilocate. then tri-ny namin puntahan yun 10000 Buddha. dito kami naligaw. yun una..napadpad kami sa closed road. tapos tinanong namin sa pulis sabi nia, dun daw. pagtingin namin Home for the Aged pala siya. so bumalik kami sa may Ikea bldg dun. after nun, may nagturo samin sa kabilang side naman. so punta kami. may nakita kami temple na parang may mga stairs paakyat. akala namin un na. sementeryo naman pala un. so bumaba kami. then pagbaba, sa gilid ng gate may maliit na sign papuntang 10000 buddha. hindi na kami dumeretso kasi napagod kami so derecho kami ngong ping. then pagkatapos nun nag citygate na kami para mamili.

    Day 6: nag avenue of the stars kami nung umaga para hanapin ang star ni jackie chan at iba pang kilala namin. saglit lang un mga 40mins lang siguro. the rest of the day, nagshopping to death na kami. tapos 630pm pumunta na kami airport. check in baggage. then libot libot sa aero display nila. tapos fly na manila.

    > Shopping: Giordano - may mga long sleeves sila na 3 for 190HKD, tapos tshirt na 3 for 130HKD. magaganda un print ng tshirt nila. cool para sakin. tapos un long sleeves nila. okei din. iba iba mga colors pareho. sa The Peak mas madami designs nila kesa dun sa TST na napuntahan namin.
    H&M - super dami ng sale dito. pareho winter tsaka summer outfit. since pupunta ako canada bumili ako ng leg warmers na 20HKD lang. pure cotton na makapal un nabili ko.mura ng mga 600php compared sa binili ng dad ko sa europe. un mga winter gloves nila 10hkd yun isa sa blue and white. pero meron din dun 10hkd for 2 pairs na na black. un shawl din nila dun mga 20HKD na din. bumili din ako ng sling leather bag sa kanila na 70% off...so from 99HKD mga 28HKD ko nlng nabili. un sister ko naman bumili ng Beige na pedeng shoulder bag or mailman na bag 50HKD lang pero maganda talaga siya.may mga boots din sila dun na 150HKD. basta super dami sa H&M sa silvercord.
    Nike - sa citygate eto. super sale din mga shoes and all other stuff nila dito. may bags dun na mga cute na tumatakbo from 28HKD to 200HKD. may binili ako pang dance rehearsal ko. hot pink na malaki. 179HKD (1075php) ko lang nabili compared sa price dito na times 3 yun price.
    Body Shop - eto din ayos, buy anything kahet mga 20HKD lang tapos, may mga make up items sila dun na 10HKD lang each. un Musk nila sale din 180php each lang parang ganun yun lalabas na price.
    Fortress- un friend ko bumili dito ng Ipod touch na 32GB. mga asa 12k lang yun bili nia. sabi nung kakilala ko dun na taga disney mahal pa daw un kasi may ibang stores daw na may season na binebenta lang un ng 9k lalo na pag may mga special holidays sa HK. pero ayos lang hindi na kami nanghinayang kasi mas mura padn nabili namin kesa un dito sa Pinas. Nagcheck ako ng Macbook...yun gusto ko na macbook 40k lang dun na dito asa 60k. hayz. babalikan ko yun* un!

    Hindi kami nakapagMongkok pati Prince Edward. Pero ayos lang. i think mdami na din na shopping namin for the trip. although babalik ako next time para sa mga natirang places at shopping areas na di ko dinaanan last trip namin. hehehehe.

    nagtanong tanong ako dun...sa mga dati kong kasama dito na mga asa Disney na...sabi nila this chinese new year daw ako bumalik kasi mas mdami sale. so sa mga pupunta ng ganitong season. ayan may sale. tsaka yun acid thing sa mongkok...exage daw un balita. actually sa Jordan nga daw un mdami nun hindi mongkok although shempre super ingat nlng. so un...anyhu later na un pics. mahaba na toh. hehehe.

    We arrived yesterday from our 4D/3N trip. It was a lot of fun. Ang daming sale sa Harbour City!

    Day 1 - arrived in HK at 10AM. Had lunch at the airport Bought octopus card (but we were not able to maximize it since we didn't take a lot of trains during this trip but it came handy during our last minute pasalubong shopping.)
    Checked in at Hollywood DIsney. FOr those travelling with kids, bitin ang overnight at Disney Hotel, bette to do at least 2 nights. They have a lot of promotions. I got my room for PHP990 nett only, if you upgrade to seaview plus hkd100, hkd200 for parkview.
    We went to DIsney the entire afternoon until fireworks.

    Day 2- Breakfast at enchanted garden at Disneyland Hotel. Paid HKD601 (if I remember correctly) for 2 adults, 1 kid. Food was so-so but we were there for the experience anyway. WE wanted to dine with the characters. so dun pa lang sulit na!

    MUST BUY SOUVENIR AT DISNEY - The soda mickeymouse topper (hkd22) and strap (hkd15) - very cute and very useful especially for kids.

    Day 3 - OCean Parl and shopping at Harbour city (toys R Us, mothercare, NIke, Oakley) - sale ata sa buong HK. I went to H&M silvvercord parang nasuka ako sa sale. Naimagine ko yung H&M parang SM na yes you can get items for sale but if you walk around HK in it for sure may 90% chance na may makasalubong ka wearing the same outfit. Puro winter clothes so I didn't buy a lot.

    Day 4 - FLigt back to Manila, in the morning. Took the airport express (for the experience but I must say medy haggard hauling your luggage and with 2 kids in tow. It could have been more convenient if we took the cab but it's okay we wanted to experience it.). We only paid HKD180 (2 adults, 1 kid).
    Went shopping at the airport. Got my new Longchamp bag for HKD850 only. Yay! Bought lots of Ferrero (big boxes) and Meiji Macadamia super big din). I used my octopus card at mannings kase I wasn't able to use it much while on tour at HK.

    MUST BUY -- Ferrero HKD100 for 16 packs of 3. This sells for php51 in SM. Dapat pala I bought more pa.
    Meiji Macadamia - about hkd68 if im not mistaken.
    Long champ bags - for obvious reasons, mas mura sa HK compared to DUtyfree philippines and Rustans.

    Happy New Year

    Just came back from our Dec27-31 trip and we're so thankful to this thread for the helpful tips and details which made our trip very memorable. Will post our photos very soon but for now I can say that almost what we've written for our itinerary, we were able to do it We stayed at Metropark Hotel Kowloon @ Waterloo Road, and we didn't mind the distance to the MTR Station (MongKok) since we wanted to try taking the double-deck bus for experience (there's a bus stop at the other side of the hotel going to Nathan Road, 81c to be specific). It's also nice that I had travel buddies who are adventurous so we really had fun in our trip.

    "A-must" talaga is the Nan Lian Garden. We fell in love with the view and the sceneries that until now, I couldn't forget the effect on me. Ngong Ping 360 looked abit scary but it was fun when you're up there. Nag-stopped pa ang cable car namin nung nasa mountain area na. Sabi ko sa kasama ko, kakayanin kong tumalon dito, basta huwag lang sa tubig Sobrang foggy when we went there, kaya we didn't attempt to visit the Po Lin Monastery and the Big Buddha statue. Ok na yung "Walking with Buddha" presentation which we joined as part of the "Journey of Enlightenment" payment.

    We also went to this tiyangge @ Lai Chi Kok where a friend instructed us to go. Sobrang mura ng mga clothes and bags.

    At syempre, pinurga ko ang sarili ko ng Milk Tea with sago/pearl at mga noodle houses nila dun. Bawat lugar ata nag-try kami

    This has been my second trip to HK and it was a very different experience getting immersed to their culture. Yung first trip kasi naka-tour package kami kaya parang spoon feeding lang lahat. Dito puro tanong kami sa mga locals and lakad, lakad, lakad Good thing talaga I read this thread kaya prepared rin ako sa mga dadalhin ko

    Hi Guys.

    After almost a year of planning, natuloy na rin at natapos ang aming HK trip last Dec. 21-24 2009.

    We really would like to thank this forum for all the info we got from you all.

    On time ang PAL pero since Econo light ang ticket na nabili namin last Feb. 2009, alam namin na sa rear part ng plane kami kaso nagulat kami kasi pinapili pa kami ng seat nung mag-check in kami at ang mas nakakagulat pa, may complimentary food na pinamigay sa lahat nung papunta at pabalik na kami.

    We stayed at Butterfly on Prat pero di ko na nakuhaan ng pics kasi same lang ng naka-post sa Page 1.

    Ok ang location, ang lapit sa lahat, pero recommended lang talaga for couple kasi nga transparent glass yung CR nila (though di ko sure sa ibang rooms).

    Hindi nasunod ang Itinerary namin kasi sobrang nakakapagod maglakad kaya nung Day 1, the Peak lang napuntahan namin. Hindi na kami nakapag Avenue of Stars at SOL kasi humanap kami ng tripod para di puro solo kuha namin ni hubby.

    Hindi rin namin ni-expect na ganun kalamig sa HK pag Dec. kaya napilitan kami bumili ng jacket na mejo makapal nung first day namin.

    Day 2, we spent the whole day in DisneyLand. Sobrang sulit ng bayad lalo na pag napanood na yung fireworks at 9PM.

    Day 3, Nag Ocean Park kami kaso ang lalayo pala ng rides nila tapos naubos ang oras namin sa haba ng pila unlike Disney na na-enjoy namin ang rides. Madami kami di nasakyan na rides sa OP kaya pupuntahan pa ulit next time.

    Hindi pala advisable sa first timers na mauna ang Disneyland, dapat unahin ang OP bago mag DisneyLand kasi hindi maa-appreciate ang OP pag nauna ang DisneyLand gaya ng nangyari sa amin.

    Nag temple market kami, sobrang mura nga ng tinda, laging 50% ang tawad namin, pag ayaw pumayag, umaalis kami tapos hahabulin kami at ibibigay sa price na gusto mo.

    Day 4, nag NP360 lang at nagpunta sa Giant Buddha tapos derecho airport na kami.

    Nagpapasalamat kami sa lahat ng tumulong sa amin para sa trip namin na ito.

    Photos Here: http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?p=39798476&highlight=trip+report#post39798476

    Hello HK addicts + peeps… I just want to share our HK experience last Dec 17-20 with my brother & his girlfriend. First time nila sa HK kaya excited. Ako, 2nd time ko pero takot akong maligaw kami kaya I refer to this forum for advice.

    We took the cebu pacific flight to HK @5.40am. Grabe, ang mahal ng babayaran pala sa airport. 1,620pesos/head para sa travel tax then another 750pesos/head for terminal fee. Dito pa lang, bawas na agad ang pocket money namin. Kaasar! Kaya kelangan talaga magdala ng extra money. And in our case, malaking tulong ang credit card pagdating namin sa HK.

    Pagdating namin sa HKIA, nagpa-load kami ng MTR card sa 7-11. May charge pala sa kanila ng 3HKD pag nag-check ng load… May dala kasi kaming 2 MTR cards at nakalimutan namin na bumili ng isa pa kaya balik kami uli sa loob para bumili.

    After that, sumakay kami ng bus A21 sa terminal. Buti na lang di ko nakalimutan mag-print ng bus routes. Tinitingnan ko rin kung san na kami kasi hindi lahat ng bus stops ay hinihintuan nya pag nakita na nung bus driver na walang naghihintay o walang bababa sa bus stop na yun. Bumababa kami sa bus stop #13 sa tapat ng Mira hotel then konting lakad to Mirador mansion for Cosmic guesthouse. Mababait yung mga staff sa cosmic and accommodating talaga sila. Meron din dun nagta-trabaho na pinay kaya natulungan kaming mag-explain sa cosmic para mas clear ang usapan. Sa kanila na rin kami bumili ng discounted tickets for Disney (320HKD) & OP (220HKD).

    Pinag-check in na kami around 10.30AM pa lang, right after matapos malinis yung room. Maliit lang pero ok lang kasi tulugan lang naman. Anyway, lumabas kami ng 11AM and walked along Nathan road. Along Park lane, may mga students from primary school ang nag-iinterview sa mga tourists doon. Ang galling ng school nila, marunong mag-english ang mga bata kahit binabasa yung questions. May mga accent eh kahit na binabasa lang yung questions.Then we went inside the Kowloon Park. Ngayon ko lang napasok ito eh at hindi lang pala park ito kasi may mga swimming pools, badminton and tennis courts pa sa loob. Ang laki ng park nila ha, ang ganda siguro nito kapag summer dahil ang saya mag-swimming. Hehe.

    Sa loob ng park, merong McDonalds kaya dito na kami nag-lunch. May nakita akong vending machine and bumili kami ng mineral water. 6HKD lang for 700ML bottle. Pero merong mura sa 7-11 kasi may buy 1-take 1 sila na 750ML for 10HKD.

    Then we took the Jordan MTR station heading to Disneyland (via Lai King then Tung Chung lines). Pagdating naming ng Disneyland, natuwa ako kasi hindi masyadong maraming tao. Kaya marami kaming nasakyan na rides. By the way, the ticket price of Disney now is 350HKD. Nung unang punta ko kasi dito (year 2007), nasa 250HKD lang and summer yun kaya sobrang dami ng tao.

    DAY 2: Naglakad kami to Harbour City and lakad sa loob ng Gateway mall. Then we took the ferry to Central para lang ma-experience ng mga kasama ko… foggy nga lang. Mahabang lakad sa loob ng Central station kasi sasakay kami to Admiralty para sa Ocean Park bus terminal. Sa highland kami inihatid ng bus.

    May mga bago sa Ocean Park lalo na yung snow boarding ata ang tawag dun. Tapos yung lighthouse na may mga elephant seals tsaka *** express train. Nakasakay na rin ako sa wakas ng cable car ng OP. Nga pala, wala na yung shark aquarium kasi may bago nang ipapalit doon. We also watched the dolphin show. Nakita rin namin yung panda, si An-An.

    After OP, nagmadali kaming pumunta ng Avenue of Stars for Symphony of Light. Ang daming taong nanonood.Pagkatapos ng SOL, gutom na gutom na kami kaya rice na ang gusting kainin ng mga kasama ko. Buti na lang may nakita kaming Yoshinoya malapit sa Mira hotel. Grabe, ang daming tao. Sobrang puno ang resto kasi ang daming nag-aabang. Mahihiya kang mag-stay para magkwentuhan kasi may mga nag-aabang na sa likod namin. Hindi na kami gumala after kumain kasi pagod na mga kasama ko tsaka maaga kami aalis papuntang Macau kinabukasan. Kaya 10PM pa lang, nasa hostel na kami.

    DAY 4: Last day na naming kaya nag-check out muna kami sa cosmic then iniwan na lang sa storage room nila ang mga gamit namin. Nagpunta kami sa tung chung para sa giant Buddha pero di na kami tumuloy dahil ang mahal ng cable car. Kaya bumalik na lang kami para mamili sa ladies market. Mag-shopping na lang daw yung ipapamasahe sa cable car.May nakita rin akong nagtitinda ng egg tarts sa KFC. Mas mura ditto kasi sa Macau, 6mop per egg tart. Bumili rin kami sa KFC para additional na pasalubong.

    Photos Here: http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?p=38378514&highlight=trip+report#post38378514

    Golden Crown Hostel
    Being a hostel, the ambiance is more like a dormitory – but the price point would be its main sell. They provide the basics – shampoo, body wash, towels, slippers, free wi-fi, hot water, microwave, universal adapters, cups, aircons and a TV with no cable hehe. We got a clean luxury couple room that had two beds and one pull-out – it was quite small but we only really got to stay there when we slept so it was ok. They changed the bed covers and towels everyday and there wasn’t any smell in the room. However, the first 2 days we were there there was a funny curry like smell when you get out of the elevator. Thankfully this didn’t reach the rooms and I actually didn’t mind it (my partner did). What I did mind was the bed itself – it was a bit hard for me as I usually sleep in a prone position – but I did get to sleep anyway hehe. The building where Golden Crown is located is just in front of Nathan Road so location was perfect for me. Add to that there wasn’t that many people crowding the elevator nor are there many merchants selling their wares downstairs. The building had security cameras and there was somebody manning the elevator 24 hours so we felt secure. The bus stop and mtr was 5 minutes away while the Silvercord mall and Harbour City were just 10 minutes away. The Avenue of Stars and Star Ferry terminal was likewise just about 10 minutes away. We had no problems dealing with the owner Mr. Tai and was actually even able to refund a reservation that we had to cancel because the flight of our friends got delayed. Kenny, his son, however, is easier to deal with as he is more well-versed in English. We just made a 100HKD reservation in their web site and paid the rest of the bill in cash (they don’t accept credit cards).

    Day 1
    The airport was big – we bought Octopus Cards at the Customer Service center and discounted tickets for Ocean Park and the Peak from CTS in the airport. Unfortunately, they both don’t accept credit cards so be sure to bring enough dough. Thanks to Pretty’s videos we easily found our way to the A21 bus. Since this was my first time in Hongkong, I took the bus see the view though I’d probably just take the bus to Tung Chung and then ride the MTR next time to save on travel costs ? We arrived at Golden Crown quite early – 10AM but we were able to check in. Golden Crown was the 13th stop but I lost count of the bus stops. It seems that the bus actually doesn’t stop in some of the supposed stops so I just asked the driver to let us out in Tsim Shah Tsui (pointing at it using the map we got from the airport). The Tsim Shah Tsui bus stop is right in front of G2000 and is actually very near the end of Nathan Road already….My partner bought some food along so I wasn’t actually able to eat outside till our third day he he.
    We first went around the vicinity of our hostel – there was quite a lot to see! It was a bit hot though so we bought water from Wellcome – there was one near GC at Hankow Road. Afterwards, we just walked to the Star Ferry Central all the while enjoying the view. There were plenty of shops just along the road! Dito kasi you won’t see Giordano, G2000, Esprit, etc shops outside malls, dito pati high end brands nasa daan! ? Star Ferry has an airconditioned part (at the ends of the boat) which is very handy especially when it is hot. The views during the afternoon were nice. After going down the Star Ferry, the 15C bus to the Peak Tram Terminus was a few minutes to the right. As we went there on a Thursday, there were not many people waiting in line. There was a wax figure of Jacky Chan at the Peak Tram Terminus where my partner had her picture taken. Buti na lang, because when we went inside Madame Tussauds – may bayad na ang picture ni Jacky Chan!!! Oh well, it was good we got to sit inside the Peak Tram. Some people were standing even at inclinations of about 45 degrees! Whew! Once up there, we decided to go inside Madam Tussauds first to take pictures. Nothing much here talaga – just wax figures of celebrities (Bradd Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Michael Jackson etc and a host of HK celebrities we don’t know hehe), historical figures (Saddam Hussein, Hitler, etc), sports figures (Yao Ming, siyempre he he, Tiger Woods, etc) and others. We took a ton of pictures! Good thing we were not on a tour – I saw tour groups come and go – they were in a bit of a hurry hehe. We took our own good time and was able to enjoy it. I went inside the hyped Scream and it was really nothing much except people dressed in scary costumes mumbling Chinese! Needless to say, I was amused, not a bit scared. Ganun pala yun pag Chinese yung sinasabi di ka matatakot he hehe. I wonder what happens if I see a real Chinese mumu he he he. Anyway, going back, after Madame Tussauds, we went to the Sky Terrace. The views were cool, and it was really quite cold! If you venture out the ledge, the winds were very strong and it added to the scar nature of the experience he he. When we went down, the malls were closed already so we just took some more pictures. There was actually a place near the tram where you can see the same views as the one in the Sky Terrace, though just one part – not 360 degrees. We just retraced our route back to GC and hit the sack….

    Day 2
    We were going to Ocean Park today so we again walked to the Star Ferry terminal, rode Star Ferry, rode Bus 629 to Ocean Park. We arrived at around 10:30AM and immediately went straight to the Cable Car Ride to go to the Highlands. It was a looong cable ride but the views were very good as well. We immediately positioned ourselves for the Dolphin Show and it so happened that there was no false killer whale on that day. I actually like the dolphin show in Ocean Adventure in Subic more – they had more tricks there ? We went around Highlands and as there were not that many people, I was able to catch the rides without queuing long. I rode The Dragon and The Abyss twice! I wasn’t able to ride The Eagle but I will be back for that. Btw, I can say that the Space Shuttle in Enchanted Kingdom, even though it only consists of a single loop, is much scarier than The Dragon ? Good thing we bought water – it was quite hot in Ocean Park and water there was kinda pricey. The walking was quite tiring as well – be very, very prepared. We stayed a long time in the Atoll Reef since it was our first time. The fishes, sharks and sting rays were huge! We even saw the feeding –ang galing! Hand fed sila! I didn’t notice that the Ocean Express was already open – sayang – so we rode the cable car back to the lowlands. This time the queue was quite long – we had to wait for 30 minutes or so. Sayang, it could have been faster using the train. Anyway, when we arrived at the lowlands, we just went around there looking at the Panda and Gold Fishes. Dun na kami inabutan ng 6PM and because they have a Halloween thing going we can’t go in any of the rides or attractions anymore so we can only take pictures and go back home. The park was full – I guess many people are really into the Halloween thing. The night entrance was actually quite expensive but it was nice to see everybody in their Halloween attire. Going home at 7:30PM we took the bus to Admiralty since the bus to Central services until a specified time only. We walked a bit around Nathan Road and being a Friday – there were lots of people around dressed to kill :0

    Day 3
    We went to the Nan Lian Garden in late morning (very hot, remember to always bring umbrellas!). The place was very beautiful! I know we Pinoys can create this kind of thing haay..

    This day was dedicated to just going around hongkong island. We also got to eat at Hongkong now since our supplies ran out (whew!). We at a late lunch in Lin Heung in Sheung Wan. We got a bit lost, yun pala you just need to go straight after exiting the MTR yun na! The place was okay – my partner bought spoon and fork kasi wala siya tiwala sa mga restos rito and true enough they really didn’t make cleaning the table well a priority hehe. The place was really packed even at 2PM! We enjoyed the dimsum! Masarap! Our bill was 116HKD he he

    Afterwards, we rode the MTR all the way to Causeway Bay and went around Causeway Bay Plaza. Maliit pala itong mga mall na ito so we just went to Times Square. There were plenty of people! We weren’t really into shopping so we just went around and then came back to Kowloon where we ended up having a McDo Dinner. 2 Burgers and 1 chicken meal cost us around 70HKD – the prices were actually almost the same as the Philippine McDo but they don’t have rice meals. Afterwards we hurried back to the AOS to witness the SOL and did some more picture taking. Medyo solemn mood nang kaunti because I was checking facebook and was hearing all the disaster stories tsk tsk.

    Day 4
    Our companions finally arrived and we toured them in Harbour City. We then ate at Ho Choi (locally known as Wo Choi Hin). Food was delicious but pricey he he. They said affordable na ito so what more the other restos he he. Eto sample ng food and ng ambiance (nicer ambiance than Lin Heung);

    We then rode the Star Ferry to Central and big mistake – we thought we could walk all the way to the Macau Ferry Terminal. Tsk. Tsk. We ended up paying 100HKD for a taxi ride to the MFT – 20HKD for the ride and 80HKD for the baggages!! Anyway, we bought tickets and rode and ate the Nama chocolate while on the ship.

    Day 5
    The next morning it was raining and after eating the breakfast buffet at Casa Real we were just anxious to go back to Hongkong. 1PM pa ang booking naming but thankfully they let us in on the 12N voyage. We rode the MTR all the way to Disneyland and checked in at the Disneyland Hotel at 2:30PM – it was a good thing they let us into the room. We shared the Disneyland room bill with our companions and considering the early booking , it was just about 5K per family. Plus, we got the Stay and Play tickets so 2 days kami sa umuulang Disneyland he he. The advantage here is – no queues! You can go to Space Mountain again and again! It was just difficult because it was raining though – and the Disneyland Parade didn’t push through, including the 7PM Halloween parade (super sayang!). Good thing the night fireworks pushed through kasi tumigil iyung ulan by then. Actually, if you take out the Castle – may laban ang fireworks show ng SM MOA!
    Disneyland was indeed quite small and because there was not much crowds, we got to test most of the rides and watch most of the shows. I probably won’t go back here until it expands hehe. My kid loved it though…
    Btw – there were drinking fountains in Disneyland though they have a certain taste so just bring your own water if you have a weak stomach.
    I think because we went on a Monday and Tuesday and it was raining..there wasn’t that much people.

    Day 6
    We took the 8AM breakfast buffet at the Enchanted Garden. Yup, they now limit the time here – so 2 sets 8-9:30AM then 10-11:30AM. The food was very okay but we got quite distracted when Mickey and his gang showed up! Siyempre pa, hinabol naman! Ha ha ha! We were politely told that they would visit us at the table. Btw,we booked the breakfast early so we were also given some discounts ?

    Still a rainy Disneyland for us. We just went through the rides we didn’t have a chance to ride and saw the Golden Mickeys show again. The Rainy Day Express was shown at 3:30PM so that at least made our day. Afterwards, tuloy-tuloy exit na. We arrived at the airport and got our bags checked in. Since it was just 6pm, we had our Octopus Cards returned and ate at the Chinese Restaurant behind Burger King. At around 6:50PM, we decided to go to the plane to catch our 7:30PM flight – big mistake!!!! Ang layo pa pala ng terminal 2 dun sa mismong plane!!!! We ran and we ran (kahit busog kami) – through flights of stairs – through the train (may train pa!!!) – through walkalators! Whew! Good thing we caught our flight. So, next time, at least an hour before your flight you should be heading towards the plane! When we arrived at T3, we went up the arrival hall to catch a cab. Okay naman, the driver used his meter and didn’t ask for extra. Our car got submerged during the flood so we had no choice. Till next time!!!

    as a symbol of my appreciation and gratitude to this thread, commoner and fellow pexers.
    it's time to give back, my two cents worth, of what we experienced during our trip. hope i might help.

    our arrival on the first day is in Macau. our experiences there are on the macau thread of PEX.

    DAY 1: Boarded the 5:00PM NWFF ferry trip to kowloon (TST).

    TIP: If you want to save on taking the ferry, Sail before 6pm, and preferably not during weekends.
    Prices are hiked at 6pm and during weekends to add as much as 37hkd. Sayang din yung 200 pesos per passenger.
    In our case we had no choice our first day was a sunday.

    We took First Ferry and malas namin, either magalaw yung boat or yung dagat. Buti na lang may baon kami bonamin.

    TIP: Aside from bonamin, don't forget to take with you any medication, vitamins or other medical items you might need.
    In our case we brought multivitamins, biogesic, loperamide, mefanamic acid, anti-allergy, band-aids, betadine and a mini first aid kit.
    Years ago i had little deep nasty cut on my hand when we slipped on a park in ilocos.
    Now my wife is prepared & even joked if we'll need Flanax, i said maybe not yet. Ponstan 250 is enough. Just be ready.

    we arrived at the terminal at about 6:30 PM walked a little to a mall and had dinner at one of the many noodle fast food there.
    one noodle/meal was at 22hkd. taste was a little more flavorsome that most chinese noodle shops in manila. or baka gutom lang kami...
    then went to the lobby information to ask the way to Nathan Road. good thing he spoke english and gave me a tourist map of HK.
    went outside and remembered we were on canton road. Hongkong really strived to learn english. During the 90's few people there spoke english. But now, you see more of english at the TV, radio, subway, etc. and it shows on their people at the frontlines.
    so we walked briskly at canton road to nathan road. i planned to booked at either taisan, sanny or ridor, with others at mirador mansion as last resort.
    but we got to mirador first and one indian named Pranab offered a place to stay and agreed on our offer to see it. it was AJIT guest house at the 13th floor. very clean and looked newly renovated. so we got it for 2 nights at 250 each night. ask for Pranab, the caretaker there, we got the discounted price from him. there was also London guesthouse at the other side at only 150 per night, but it was fully booked.

    SEMI-TIP: It's my second time in macau & HK, and intentionaly never booked in advance or online on all my trips. (Travellers have their own reasons)
    But for the first timers and less "adventurous" people, it's recommended that you book online or at least research online.
    We had to alot more "real" time looking for a place to stay as a disadvantage of not booking in advance/online.

    just left our luggage there then had to take a taxi to catch the 8:00 PM Symphony of Lights at the Avenue of the Stars.
    the show itself was very above average for me but can be made better with additional resources. but you can't help to think that it must have been very difficult to synchronize and maybe took weeks or months to perfect it. we can't help but appreciate the HK government/organizers to make something of this magnitude for free as entertainment for tourists and locals alike.
    after the SOL we walked briefly at the AOS. admiring the star of Jackie Chan & the statue of Bruce Lee.
    then we took the star ferry ride to central. walked the central terminal to the Bus 15C station. got to the bus upper deck for the view. then drop at peak tram terminus.
    bought tram and skypass tickets then boarded the tram.
    this was past 9:00 PM the peak tram ride was really a new experience for us. the tram will at some points climb at about a 45 degree angle (or even more).
    other modes of transportation can't achive this feat.
    at the end was a mall. bought some pasalubongs there we didn't find anywhere in HK. then went up an endless long flight of escalators to victorias peak.
    mga sa pang-apat na escalator medyo nalulula na kami. kasi you can already see thru the glass walls na mas mataas kana sa mga buildings.
    these was definitely the peak of our first day. the night-time view was so breathtaking, na nanghihina tuhod namin (hehehe). we barely talked and there's no better way to rest our tired bodies.

    SEMI-TIP: Sa mga nagtitipid, mas mura pabalik from the PEak yung bus ride. pero siguro mga 30 mins din to central. buti na lang sa lower deck, dahil kaskasero yung driver, kinuha lang ng 15 mins yung parang buong zig-zag pababa ng baguio. but we could see na experienced siya and stayed on his lane.
    kung nasa top kami ng bus nun, baka nakapag-bonamin kami ulit.

    pagbalik sa central, punta kami MTR to buy the Octopus Card. 150hkd load should be enough if for MTR use only.
    then mtr to TST. walk around nathan, cameron, carnarvon, and side streets, looked for discounted disney/OP tickets, found CTS near mirador instead but closed na.
    tasted the eggettes and famous Desert/Shake mentioned here sa thread. one of the best shakes ever.
    then mga 1:00 AM headed to mirador to sleep.

    DAY 2:
    9:00 AM breakfast at McDo nearby. went to CTS to buy tickets.
    TIP: we opted to buy all discounted tickets at CTS, since all the Filipinos/MoneyChangers were out of stock (& this took time)
    and gagastos pa kami transpo & effort to go to worldwide house at central. Best deal naman *** OP nila 180hkd (ganun din sa worldwide), yung Disney is 340hkd (335 sa ww).
    then MTR to tungchung. cable car to Ngong Ping. cable car din pabalik since mas mabilis. walk, rest, and early lunch at citygate mall. then off to Disneyland via mtr.
    We saw (in prioritize order): LionKing Show, It's a small world, Philharmagic 3D movie, Golden Mickeys, Jungle Boat Ride, and Pooh's Story.

    TIP: Know the show times and line-up waiting times ASAP.
    Since we were only two adults, we never bothered to do the kiddie rides and other rides. these also saves time. you have to line up for 10 to 30 mins, sometimes much more time than the attaction itself.
    in average you'll save close to an hour (including walking) for every attraction skipped, moreso during peak times.
    But if you have the whole day for Disney, from opening to closing, then go for all of it.

    It was drizzling at the afternoon, buti na lang hindi malakas yung hangin. we were afraid the fireworks would be cancelled. pero natuloy siya ng 8pm. nag-rest and kumain na lang kami around before this.
    if it had rained harder we had to go to our plan B, which was to shop along mongkok. The fireworks was worth the wait, comparable to grand setups here in manila, diff. is yung lighting & the castle in the foreground. So after that, MTR to mongkok, ladies market for her, electronics and computer stuff for me. there was like a tiangge there, it was a long road spanning almost 10 blocks, where we got most of our pasalubong for kids. 10-30hkd budget each. we found a chinese diner, and ate pecking duck among others.

    TIP: On the two chinese places where we ate, a peking duck meal was priced the same as a chicken or pork meal. so we took the opportunity to eat duck when possible.
    Maybe veteran hongkong'ers could verify if this is always the case.

    At about 11:00 PM, we got to MTR again and went to causeway bay for a little something impprtant for me *secret*
    sige na nga sabihin ko na. we walked to the ferrari showroom, my first to be so close to an F50 and FXX (parang GT car).
    hehehe, ang babaw ko 'no...
    walked at the expensive shops there. back at mtr 12:45 AM to TST mirador.

    DAY 3:
    breakfast at 7:00 AM along nathan malapit sa cameron road, before pumasok sa iskinita. may kainan na chinese.
    ordered 37hkd peking duck (same price as chicken/pork) and 25hkd noodles, malalaki ang serving.
    MTR to central, look for the Ocean PArk bus 629, asked a security guard before exiting the station, sabi niya better to go back to admiralty station.
    good thing maaga kami nagsimula and di pa kami nag exit sa central, kundi nagkadoble fare and lakad namin.
    TIP: As mentioned here before, Admiralty Station then Bus 629 is the best way to go to ocean park.

    got at OP during opening. lined up a little. Again, know the show times and line-up waiting times ASAP. Did this (in prioritize order):
    cable car to the other side/mountain, Large Aquarium (line-up) & Dolphin Show (pwede pagpalit depends on the show schedule), Ocean Tower ride, rest, lunch, go back cable car, Panda conservatory, and Big air balloon ride. we deliberately skipped the other rides.
    wala pang 2:00 PM exit na kami, same bus back to admiralty, walked a bit there, then mtr back to mirador to check out.
    but before claiming our luggages, kumain kami nung Dessert & Shake mentioned earlier, then take-out ng peking duck.
    pagka kuha ng baggage, MTR to central, dito nag-negative 2.80hkd na yung balance namin sa Octopus, di na kami makapasok.
    punta sa customer service, refund na lang (minus the 7hkd as payment, sa kanila na yun). goodbye octopus, will miss you. bumili na lang kami sa vending machine ng ticket.
    yes, marunong po manukli ng barya mga vendo dun, unlike sa other places i know.

    pagdating sa central, wala ako makita bilihan ng ferry ticket to macau. then i remembered from what i read here na one station pa yun, sa last stop, sa Sheung Wan yung ferry.
    hehehe ito po ang nagagawa ng iba-iba ng feeling na nararamdaman kapag matagal ka ng naglalakad sa isang foreign country with no guide.
    nakakapagod pero nakaka-enjoy siya & it's all worth the effort
    so andun na rin man lang kami. inikot namin yung mall and mga side streets niya. then one last mtr to the ferry. bili ticket for 5:45, ikot konti. nagpa-free-member kuno dun ng city of dreams. then board the ferry.

    more TIPs:
    a) If you'll go to both HK & Macau. It will save you a lot of money and time if you arrive in Hk then depart at Macau, or Arrive in Macau then depart in HK. Depending on your itinerary.
    HK flights were fully booked on our scheduled flights so we didn't have that option.

    b) ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN B for times when unexpected things happen. This is life. And a Plan c won't hurt too.

    c) browse thru www.onebag.com for priceless pointers on packing when travelling.

    d) although onebag.com don't recommend bringing wheeled luggages, we'd strongly suggest, as travellers, you bring one with a handle otherwise.
    in my experience, the bigger the wheels = the sturdier they are. the only disadvantage is when going thru stairs. anyway kung dalawa kayo, pagtulungan niyo na lang.
    best but hard to find are Backpacks with handles and wheels.

    e) commoner helped me be reminded: especially on your 1st & Last day, plan on where to put or leave your bags/stuff when going around.


    To show my appreciation sa mga nakuha ko maraming info dito... here is a newbies perspective and our actual IT for those people who are also first timers in HK. Medyo super basic ha, pero kc PARA NAMAN po sa mga first timers hehe kaya baka boring for those peeps na madami beses na nakapag HK...

    We arrived via PAL, even if it was our first time we didnt really have to hurry to catch up with the crowd since there were a alot of airport personnel pointing where you should go.... the only important thing to remember is the LUGGAGE COUNTER NUMBER so that even if you take your time walking, getting flyers, and encounter a lot of questions @ immigration, or in our case a big group which could take time... you will be able to claim luggage ASAP...

    Upon arrival, we called up Taisan Guesthouse to let them know that we are already in HKIA...

    Upon exiting the nothing to declare big door... after a few steps we immediately saw the customer service counter... and reloaded our octopus card...

    We were then off looking for the to the city sign, it was not hard to find... it was on the right side of the customer service counter, and you just have to look for Burger King, The Cafe De Coral will be on your left side, (if you have watched the you tube video on first page) this is the reverse orientation of that video... from there.... easy to follow na going to bus A21 (but cyempre hehe, binasa ko pa din tlaga where the A21 bus is located) Its the 3rd stop on the right of the big signage board

    As I've mentioned no need na kabahan kung saan ka bababa, you can even save the route in your phone, but the LED screen proved to be very helpful since hindi pala ganun kadali magbilang pag first timer at medyo kinakabahan... haha... At saka sayang kc yung mga makikita kung super worried ka..... The LED is announcing the current stop and the next stop...just know the location of your area that your staying.... It flashes names of KNOWN hotels, and MALL I think...

    For people checked in @ TST 13th stop kayo katulad namin, after 12th stop na tayo na kayo.... get luggage and prepare to depart.... mahaba yung park lang shoppers mall kaya sa 12th stop pa lang nakita ko na siya....isang very helpful clue tlaga cia for getting off the bus...

    Upon alighting the bus @ 13th shop, we called up Taisan they were nice enough to pick us up @ HSBC waiting area (walk a little to the right)

    Ok ang check-in, super fast, KEN assisted us, and was UBER nice to give us some pointers on what to see, kahit medyo basic, na-appreciate ko naman yung effort.... also, he would refer you to YOLLY (filipina who works for taisan) if you would like to avail discounted disney tickets.... 285 ang price... ok na din para hindi ka obliged na pumunta central.... bale parang lugi ka lang ng 5 HKD per ticket… versus travel easy… pero at least naka save ka ng time....

    The room was @ Taisan 1 Block A(mas spacious ang block B, FYI), ok cia super clean and also the AC was strong, exhaust fan in the CR is very effective They are willing to give extra pillows, there is a dispenser hot and cold water (which btw will save you a lot of money rather than buying mineral water everytime you get thirsty), they said that they can cook rice for you if you want (FOR FREE DAW) in fairness ang ganda ng rice nila dun, maganda ang quality ah... upon leaving your room, you will be asked if you would like your room to be cleaned, well at least may option ka since may kanya kanya tayo preference... hehe.. inexplain nung caretaker na kc daw mapapagalitan daw siya kapag nag inspection ng room tas nakita na madumi….

    After resting for a while, we walked towards Avenue of the Stars (past 8pm na to), for leisure walk mga 10 mins andun ka na... super bagal pa namin ha..... mas maganda if you have a map with you para easy to navigate... (I have mine from the book that I bought sa Power books, name is Hong Kong Step by Step) I would recommend this for first timers tlaga... super sulit naman ang 600+? pesos nyo... at least handy yung map... @ the intersection may signage na going to Avenue of the Stars (basa basa lang po), Nga pala for those planning to take pictures of the handprint of Jackie Chan malapit lang siya dun sa back entrance ng mall (near Pacific Coffee), walk to the right and check each stars na malapit dun sa isang store na nagbebenta nga mga souvenirs... (glass type yung store)...... para lang if ever na yun lang aim nyo ma-accomplish nyo na agad.... hehe kasi kami sinuwerte lang dahil may nag-picture picture so nakitingin kami kung ano name... si Jackie pala

    Walking back, we passed by FANDA (store near Mirador) to check out their perfume section.... before going back to Taisan... ok naman super mura nga, IF ITS imitation I would say Class A na din, hindi naman kasi amoy alcohol.... nakabili ako ng 2 perfume dito….


    GETTING TO NANLIAN (from TST) : MTR Station diamond hill via Mong Kok Interchange, exit C2, 17 mins, 6.6 hkd

    Originally dapat 8-9 am nasa Nanlian Garden na kami, this proved to be hard since we have a kid with us.... so 10am na kami nakarating dun.... pero the good news is, there are museums there (4 i think) nakapasok kami 2 free... ang bukas pala nila is 10 am, so If we were there around 9... di namin makikita yun, so OK na din na 10 ang dating for Nanlian Garden, total time we spent there is 1.5 hours including Chu Lin Nunnery which is right across the street from Nan Lian (take foot bridge)... super maulan tlaga.... I think if your all adults kaya ng 1 hour lang toh.... (todo picture na yun and visit na din sa small museums nila)

    @ 1130 we were already back sa Diamond Hill Station, inabot na kami ng gutom so for lunch we @ dun sa Mall katabi ng Diamond Hill (forgot the name na), they have food republic naman.... and McDo if you have kids with you.... haha wag kayo oorder ng braised noodles ek ek dun... lasa tubig ang sabaw.... if picky eater, just go for familiar and comforting foods... average price is 32-40 HKD per order pero malalaki talga yung serving, kaya if di nyo gusto magpakabusog pwede share share... total damage namin (for FYI of budget conscious peeps) its 166 HKD busog na kami... ang dami rice eh.... including na Mcdo burger ng brother ko....

    Meron dun store ng lagi na memention na UNIQLO (tama ba?)

    @around 1:30 we were off to CENTRAL station.... to check out WorldWide House... since sunday ng araw na toh, super dami DH dun hehe nagkalat sila... ang babait nga.... siguro cyempre alam na kababayan.... we exchanged @ FRANKI ok naman ang rate 7.72 @ that time.... na curious kami kaya kahit masikip eh pinasok namin *** mall mismo.... ang kulet dun pati cheese it na chips meron din hehehe...

    Nandun nga yung Travel Easy, 280 lang kaso kasi naka-commit na kami kay Ms Yolly ng Taisan kaya nakakahiya naman na bawiin ko pa yung sinabi ko... Dito pala madami nag bebenta ng SIM CARD... since hindi kami nakabili the previous night... dito kami bumili... SMART SIM card siya... ang bili namin is 50 HKD tas may load na 50HKD agad... ok naman.... kaso dont freak out kapag iniwan muna kayo nung nagbebenta... kc pala ini-reregister pa nila un ek ek... kala nga namin nagoyo na kami hehehe... pero matagal lang pala ng onti... pero buy at your own risk... nakwekwento ko lang naman ang nangyari sa min... sa may labas sila ng exit ng MTR nakatambay may mga dalang plakard... I dont know kung dahil sunday (day off) kaya madami sila dun... or pati pag regular days eh andun sila....

    We decided to walk towards the LOWER PEAK TERMINUS.... oh diba kakaiba sa mga advise dito... ok siya dahil nga sa map ko from my book.... nahanap naman namin.... pero dont hesitate to ask... ang daming pinay dun... so bale ganito... if you want to try it.... MTR Central exit B... makikita mo yung LV na store.... Go towards it, tawid ka so nandun ka mismo sa LV na corner diba... walk along Des Voeux Road.... If you are facing LV pakanan siya... at the first corner turn left.... derederecho lang kahit may makita na panibago street... until you see the HSBC building sa left side mo.... now look on your right side... yan na yung way pataas papunta sa church... dito yung church ng mga PINOY (St John? - check ko sa pix ko bukas)... we were really lucky na on time kami for the mass... TAGALOG ang mass nila.... nakakatuwa kc madami tlaga nagsisimba.... pero ilagay ko na din ito ha.... i think they really need financial support para sa everyday operation ng church nila... it says in one of the flyer posted outside the church na ang daily maintenance nila is 40k HKD per day.... grabe ang mahal noh... sana madami dumaan dito para madami MAKAPAG-DONATE.... super nakaka-touch kc effort nila na magkaroon ng church doon....ok moving on, pag paalis na kayo ng church sa right kayo mag exit... kapag nakita nyo na yung street, turn right... pag nakita nyo na yung cascading water.... you are there na sa LOWER PEAK TERMINUS....

    hehe nakatipid na kayo, medyo nakapag-sightseeing pa kayo... wag kayo matakot... kc dami tlaga pinay dito... di ka mawawala for sure, basta dont be shy to ask for directions.... parang adventure na din diba... hindi un lagi na lang sakay ng sakay...

    We took the PEAK Tram and availed of the SKY Terrace entrace as well.... medyo ma-fog so super lamig... iready nyo jacket nyo.....We had some snacks @ starbucks.... 90 HKD nga pala yung tumbler nila may tatak na na HONGKONG... tas may free coffee pa of your choice... pero dun nila ilalagay sa tumbler... haha bumili kami tas pinampasalubong ko din... so bale nakatipid pa ko kc ako naman uminom ng coffee... halos 35-40 HKD din kc isang order ng coffee... so mas smart choice na yung 90 HKD kung may papasalubungan ka din lang naman.... Waaa... meron din dito mga snow globes ang gaganda... 105 HKD lang kaso di ako nakabili, tsk wrong move nga eh....

    We spent 2++ hours here... after having our snacks... we then proceeded dun sa sky terrace... cyempre photo ops....

    we left Victoria Peak at exactly 7pm, we took the bus #15 going back tro Central... umabot pa kami ng 8pm sa Avenue of Stars kc the previous night walang laser show.... umulan kc...

    Sa KFC kami kumain ng gabing toh, yung bro ko kc nag-aalburuto haha... may mga barrel, bucket, etc etc meal sila... less than 200k super busog na din....


    We were here around 10:30 am super maulan…. Siguro one piece of advise to SAVE MONEY for the rainy season if you will be visiting DISNEY is…. bring RAINCOATS… yes RAINCOATS…. dala na lang kayo…. Kc kami inulan ng todo, eh di we ended up buying raincoats with Disney logo…. 45 HKD ang isa… sayang din yun money hehe…….. kaso wala na kami choice at that time….

    The experience was ok… ang sister ko nag research about stuff to do in Disney (time of shows, must see, etc etc) So far ang ginawa naming strategy is : (in chronological order)

    TRAIN TO FANTASY LAND - take this ride to save time at magandang experience din...

    Fantasy Land – adventures of Winnie the pooh, photo ops with characters, ride ng spinning cup hehe forgot name na, it’s a small world, Mickey Philharmagic
    Tomorrow Land – Stitch encounter, Autopia, Astroblaster
    Adventure Land – Liki Tikis (statue na nambabasa), Jungle cruise, Festival of the Lion King, Tarzan’s House
    USA Street

    Hmm, so eto opinion ko….based lang to sa observation ko, so feel free to do whatever activities that you like inside the Park…

    WINNIE THE POOH - ok siya nakakaaliw din kc yung story ni poooh…..worth it ivisit….
    PHOTO OPS WITH CHARACATERS – a musta talga maganda pang friendster eh… hehe
    TEA CUP – forget it!!! Parang normal ride lang nakakahilo pa… but if you have kids they might like it… pero nothing special naman…
    IT’S A SMALL WORLD – ang galing nito…. Ang haba ng ride nyo….tas iba ibang language yung pagkanta ng it’s a small world
    MICKEY PHILHARMAGIC – Pwedeng HINDI i-prioritize…. Medyo parang normal lang na IMAX… show nga lang ni mickey……..
    STITCH ENCOUNTER – eto super ok for kids sigurado aliw… kahit ako natuwa eh…highly recommended
    AUTOPIA – not great kapag umuulan… pero parang bump car lang….with guide tracks… so pwedeng HINDI rin i-prioritize….
    ASTROBLASTER – eto panalo ako dito. Super daming monsters ang natalo ko… haha parang shooting game... for boys… a must ang pag visit dito…
    PARADE – make sure to watch out of the time kc sayang pag na-miss toh, ang cute ng mga characters…, we were near TOMORROWLAND during this time….
    JUNGLE CRUISE – parang hindi ako nag-enjoy dito…. Pag mahaba ang pila SKIP nyo na toh… hehe
    FESTIVAL OF THE LION KING – NEVER NEVER miss this… super ganda tlaga…kahit alam mo na story mage enjoy ka pa din sa ganda ng pagkakagawa nila…
    FIREWORKS – disappointed ako…. Mas maganda pa yung napapanood ko sa pyrolympics sa MOA
    USA STREET – mostly shops, so kung di naman kayo mamimili eh medyo sayang pa sa oras….

    All in all, kahit inulan kami swerte naman kc lahat napasok namin… eh medyo rare yata yun dahil lagi madami tao dun sa Disneyland diba… so parang na-compensate naman yung bad weather hehe…

    All souvenir items are overpriced... pero kung para sa inyo naman yung item, i guess ok lang... I got a mug for 70 HKD not bad since medyo malaki naman.... I also got a shirt (naka sale) for 75 HKD, kapag naka 500 HKD kayo ng total bill may free na 2 pair ng ballpen... haha kinuha tlaga namin sayang din eh....keychains are around 60 HKD....

    Regarding pagpasok ng food, kami nakapagpasok din... so medyo naka save kami sa snack...

    Will try to post DAY 4-6 next time... pagod na ko eh...
    oi di ko na chineck maciado spelling ha... ahehe ang haba eh... baka kinorek na naman ako ni WORD.... dun ako nagtype kanina eh...

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    [HIGHLIGHT]These photos are purely for reference only[/HIGHLIGHT] (Some may have more room types, others may not)

    *Credit goes to the different PEXers who photographed some of these hostels/hotels*

    *Other photos lifted from official websites*

    Taisan Store 1


    Taisan Quad Room


    Marlboro Hostel





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    [HIGHLIGHT]SNAPSHOTS OF HONG KONG[/HIGHLIGHT] (Photos property of Flickr.com / Pbase.com users)


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    Off Topic Section: Buying A Digital Camera

    I am planning to buy a digital camera, which brand is the best?

    I will assume that you are looking for a point-and-shoot camera and not a Digital SLR aka "Professional" camera. If this is the case then the answer is a no-brainer, Canon. Canon is the most consistent digital camera manufacturer for P&S cameras. It will not matter if you will get its cheapest model (Powershot A4 Series), its ultracompact line (Ixus Series) or its flagship line (Powershot G series), you will be assured of the best or at least Top-tier photo quality. Canon may not have the best or most stylish/fancy cameras but it's the best at 1 thing, taking pictures.

    I have used almost all the brands (with various models of each) out there which produces P&S cameras (Canon, Sony, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Samsung, Panasonic, Kodak, Fuji, etc) and I can easily say that only Canon doesn't have a "lemon" camera. Yes other brands have a number of commendable to outstanding cameras but as a whole and in general, no other brand comes close to Canon in the P&S business.

    If you don't believe me, there are tons of digital camera review sites and magazines, you will see for yourself the consistency of Canon for different categories, from budget to luxury cameras.

    Other brands that I will recognize to be fair:
    Sony - Takes decent photos in good light, cameras are very fast and easy to use.
    Fuji - Famous for their High ISO achievement for a couple of their cameras. Poor interface though.
    Olympus - If only their everything-proof cameras can actually take decent pictures.
    Panasonic - Their LX3 is now the most highly commended P&S camera today.
    Nikon - Their P&S simply sucks. The total opposite of their dSLR line.

    Conclusion: Yes most companies have their cream-of-the-crop cameras but if you want a risk-free worry-free camera no matter what your budget is, that will assure you of a good photo, get a Canon.

    I am planning to buy a dSLR ("Professional") camera, how will I choose?

    For newbies or beginners, it will almost not matter which dSLR you will get. Choosing will mostly depend on your budget but if you stick with Canon or Nikon, you will definitely not regret it. Entry-level models are the usually recommended ones for beginners and are usually the cheapest also. I suggest you try out your target cameras and see which 1 you are more comfortable with.

    Off Topic Section: Buying A Laptop

    My personal choice - Asus Laptops. Why? They have been in the industry for so long, computers and laptops is their primary line of work. Moreover, they manufacture their own laptops unlike other brands (Dell, HP, Compaq, Sony, etc) who contract OEM laptop companies to manufacturer their laptops.

    Asus is the pioneer when it comes to laptops. All those micro laptops or netbooks you see today started with Asus' EEE PC. This alone will show you that they know what they are doing when it comes to laptops.

    Asus is World's Most Reliable Brand: http://www.rescuecom.com/RESCUECOM269.html
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    How Do I Reply to Multiple Posts/People in 1 Post?

    Click on this multiquote_off.gif on the lower right of each post (beside Edit and Quote buttons). What this nifty tool does is compile posts you want to reply to and combine them in a SINGLE post. You just have to click this quote.gif on the last post you want to quote. Clicking this will take you to the Advanced Editor, where you can type a reply to all the posts you quoted. ;)


    Can I Fly to Macau but Fly Back to Manila from Hong Kong? (and Vice Versa)


    Airport Terminal Information

    Hong Kong-bound flights from Manila:
    Philippine Airlines - Terminal 2
    Cebu Pacific - Terminal 3
    All others - Terminal 1

    Manila-bound flights from Hong Kong:
    Philippine Airlines - check-in at HKIA Terminal 2
    Hong Kong Express - check-in at HKIA Terminal 2
    Cebu Pacific - check-in at HKIA Terminal 1
    Cathay Pacific - check-in at HKIA Terminal 1
    Dragon Air - check-in at HKIA Terminal 1


    Booking Hotels Online

    For Hong Kong, Asiatravel and Agoda usually have the best rates for most hotels in Hong Kong. Expedia is also OK. There are also some hotels whose rates are lower in local travel agencies.

    Airport Luggage Storage Information


    OK ba ang Noah's Ark?

    Most of the feedback online are not very good. Hindi daw sulit ang entrance.


    Charlie Brown Cafe
    G/F-1/F, 58-60 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

    Balikbayan Box

    Worldwide Elite Express. you can call their Worldwide House Central branch and look for Steve - 2774-9736/ 2578-2773. they have the cheapest sa biggest box. 550HKD lang yung metro manila 24x24x36 nila.

    Cargo Forwarder


    What Items Can Be Taxed Upon Return to Manila?

    Brand new electronic items bought abroad, specially those which are boxed. Signature brands might also be taxed. For laptops do not bring home the box.

    Recent Acid Attacks

    The attacks happened in Mongkok (near Ladies Market) and Yaumatei (near Temple Street). As of today, the perpetrators have not been arrested.

    For those looking for non-"gasgas" souvenirs



    Price varies, meron sub-100hkd, meron din hundreds of hkd per bus.

    Store Locations:

    How Many Hours Before A Flight Should I Be In The Airport?

    At least 2 hours.

    Taxi Flagdown Rate + Additional Charges


    Getting to Lin Heung Teahouse

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    Reserved Space
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    Reserved Space
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    i will be HK again this coming July 13 :lol: excited mode!!
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