Vitamins/supplements for call center agents

first of all i would like to apologize if there are already similar topics that were posted but i just cant find them. My wife just started working as a call center agent and i was wondering if what are the possible supplements/vitamins she could take. I know iron and vitamin E are needed if you are working at a graveyard shift but what else does she need to take? thank you...:)


  • JazonEstiJazonEsti Business Guru PExer
    What are your concerns? Lack of nutrition? Sleep problems?
  • HellSaintHellSaint Member PExer
    basically my wife started having these episodes of sudden dizziness since working as a call center agent and we're thinking that she has problems with low blood pressure because of working graveyard...
  • KravenKraven Member PExer
    Vitamin C to protect against infections and Vitamin B for the nerves.

    However it would still be best to consult an MD and get a workup before taking anything. Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin, prolonged use in high dosage may end up in toxicity. Supplemental Iron has short and long term side effects aswell that would be best explained by your doctor.
  • JazonEstiJazonEsti Business Guru PExer
    It could be stress-related. I sent you a message.

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