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Down With Love : Starring Jerry Yan and Ella Chen Soon On ABS - CBN

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Jei Xiang Lai Zhe Ni ( 就想賴著你 )

Broadcast network: CTV & GTV
Director : Ke Han Chen
Genre : Romance / Comedy
Broadcast Date : Jan 31, 2010 (CTV) Feb 7,2010 (GTV)



Jerry Yan as Xiang Yu Ping (项羽平)
Ella Chen as Yang Guo (杨果)
Chen Zi Han as Ding Hui Fan (丁卉凡)
Michael Zhang as Qi Ke Zhong (齐可中)
Xian Xian as Yang Duo (杨朵)
Jade Liu Li Yang as Su Fei (苏斐)
Amanda Zhou Xiao Han as Yan Ling (雁玲)
Gu Bao Ming as Yang Bo Tong (楊伯通)
Li Ying as Qi’s Mother (齐母 )
Ji Xin Ling as Xiang Yufei (項昱霏) ~ Yu-ping's niece
Xiao Xiao Bin as Xiang Yuting (項昱霆) ~ Yu-ping's nephew


The drama is going to be called Jei Xiang Lai Zhe Ni (meaning like wish to depend on you/stick with you). It will be executively produced by GTV, produced by Domani (a production company by Ke Yi Qin who also produced Spicy Teacher, Dou Yu/The Outsiders, etc...), and collaborated with another production company in Mainland China, Jin Xi Media. Therefore, the drama will be filmed in both Taiwan and Hangzhou of Mainland.

Jerry Yan will play a lawyer who is good at divorce and inheritance lawsuits, and his character will be cool, smart, sharp tongued, and cold & Ella Chen will be the nanny of 2 children.

Xiang Yu Ping, an expert divorce and inheritance lawyer, is seen by others as cold, smart, sharp tongued and ruthless. After Yu-ping’s older brother dies in a car accident he has little choice in taking in his brother's two orphaned children, Fei and Ting. Every nanny he hires to care for them is either scared off by the mischievous children or ends up falling in love with him. Fed up, Yu Ping asks his secretary, Yang Duo, to find a nanny that meets his requirements. Having lost all their wealth when their mother passed away and being abandoned by their father after racking up heavy debts; Yang Duo can not ignore the fact that she needs the money and recommends her younger sister, Yang Guo, for the job; assuring Yu Ping that her tomboyish sister will not fall in love with him by lying that she does not like men at all.

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