problem to interpret urinalysis results

i had may result for my urinalysis last 3 days, but i want to know what is the interpretation of the ff.


complete urinalysis
color: dark yellow
transparency: slightly hazy

Sp. Gravity : 1.015
pH : 6(acidic)
protein,glucose,bilirubin,blood,leucocytes,nitrite,ketone,ascorbic acid : NEGATIVE
Urobilinogen : 0.20 mg/dl
RBC: 0 - 1
WBC: 0 - 2
epithelial cell: rare
bacteria: rare
mucus threads: moderate
amorphous urates: few

do i have UTI/STI?:mecry::confused:


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    Sorry, I have to close this thread :
    13. Please do not post your lab results and then ask us to interpret it for you. Please wait for your doctor to explain them to you so that you can also direct other related inquiries to them. Lab results do not mean anything unless it's correlated with a proper patient history and full physical examination.
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