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Sa mundong hindi mo inaasahan ang mga pwede mong maging kapalaran minsan tawa lang daw ang sagot sa bawat kapaitan...
kilala si Melisa ng Gen Santos city bilang Inday Waknat na sa wikang bisaya na ang ibig sabihin ay pangit pero sa kabila nito ay
di nagpapatinag ang secondary education student sa Mindanao state university na si Melisa, teatro ang interes nitong si Melisa,
only girl ng pamilya at likas na masiyahin pero may highblood ang kanyang tatay, minsan sinusubok din si melisa ng mga problema...
tawa sa gitna ng mga problema, ngiti sa bawat pagsubok ito ang baon niya sa pagpasok niya sa bahay ni kuya.

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Real Name: Melisa Cantiveros
Origin: General Santos City
Age: 21
Birthdate: April 6, 1988
Nationality: Filipino
Occupation: Student
Civil Status: Single
Religion: Catholic
Hobbies: dancing, badminton
Favorite Color: violet
Favorite Food: lechon, lalo na ‘yung balat
Favorite Show: Wowowee, Lovers in Paris
Favorite Actor: Ryan Agoncillo
Favorite Actress: Judy Ann Santos
Favorite Singer: Sarah Geronimo

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment so far?
Itong pagkakasali ko sa PBB. Hindi ko ito ine-expect kaya hanggang ngayon hindi ako makapaniwala.
What/who will you miss the most upon entering Kuya’s house?
My family, friends, ‘yung boyfriend ko, at ‘yung kama ko.
If you can be a celebrity for a day, who would you be and why?
Si Kristine Hermosa
Do you think you’ll get along well with the other housemates? Why?
Susubukan ko talagang makibagay sa kanila.
What would irritate/annoy you inside the house?
‘Yung mga moody na tao. Ayoko rin na ginugulo ‘yung buhok ko.

As a child, Melisa would often be teased by people as an adopted child because she looks different from her siblings. But she would just laugh off whatever others would say. At a young age Melisa already had a good sense of humor. She is always at the center of attention and she even won as president of the student council because of her popularity in their university. Whatever she lacks in looks, she makes up with her witty punch lines.

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PBBDU's one and only DYUSA.. MELISA! {kultong MILESA/MELESA} shrine of worship <3


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    Fan List -edited 3 feb 2:14pm-
    1. shotshooter - BIG WINNER!
    4. toxxxic - DYUSA FOR ALL SEASONS
    5. Dyosa Kirara - "many are called but few are chosen"
    6. jiamekulit
    7. nejjen - melai FTW -- MELASON forever!
    8. lacsonjr
    9. rylu8
    10. cutie_kyut_kyut
    11. jambakuyaw - DYUSA NG KEGENDEHENS!
    12. princessciara
    13. LuckyBisaya
    14. serenity_azarie
    15. Bianca Gonzales --- Sosyalin ang DYUSA
    16. cryptomaxer
    17. itiscomplicated
    18. carlhiro
    19. renzdaniel434 --- MELAY fever
    20. eoron27 - DYUSA ng primetime diba?
    21.darlene17 - go melayyyy. go melason
    22. oktupus_prime --- "Dyusa Galactica, Bonggang Dyusa ng Galaxy"
    23. w_t_f
    24. jhamie
    25. rlyn29
    26. jer_sweety
    27. Mariel Rodriguez --- sasakit ang tiyan niyo sa kakatawa sa MELASON
    28. atmendoza29
    29. flat_tops --- " i love melissa"
    30. .margherita. Melisa FTW
    31. arjunice
    33. pyknic
    34. LikeHoney. - Forever will be the DIVINE DYUSA
    35. unlurkmodes
    36. pffjarion
    37. kozuesan
    38. flip_d'heat<3
    39. shian08
    40. 3_OH_08 - invisible na fan ni Dyusa
    41. aniana00
    42. rsvph
    43. mom_mom
    44. dingsky
    45. leileniandson
    46. zha24-Melason rox \m/
    47. Envy16
    48. mayjun
    49. jamster2
    50. shalom77
    51. princessciara
    52. Lady_Stag
    53. reby_mortel
    54. bad.romance
    55. mzbhav
    56. Redhawk13
    57. adik_kay_kyla23
    58. jayzell11
    59. CrazyBee
    60. Kaye 1311
    61. Sabrina
    62. -adeine93-
    63. Gothheaven love u melay
    64. Sincerity - Melai FTW
    66. aquilis_draco
    67. leigh0806
    68. alibi
    69. cha_elite_BH
    70. Hotstar17
    71. shennette425
    72. pals707
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    75. cezzane
    76. Lyds
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    80. sarkastik_ako
    81. dope
    82. jorgia
    83. vanny wunlisha
    84. islandpunch23
    85. 1st2nd3rd
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    87. MikaeloAngelico
    88. Kliks
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    97. fiddlebelle
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    99. healerofvenice
    100. ABS-CBNvsGMA7
    101. avril25
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    103 mariahcareydaw
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    116. iaem14oosh
    117. lepakz
    118. christinej0y
    119. arjunice
    120. watashi_10
    121. gaenie
    122. lubbdubb
    123. yaname
    124. reby_mortel
    125. cezzane
    126. happynky
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    135. hmmppz
    136. akosialvin
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    BBS MELAI hanggang Big Night

    ~credit 1st2nd3rd~
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    :flower:Did You Know That:flower:

    Laughing lowers levels of stress hormones and strengthens the immune system. Six-year-olds laugh an average of 300 times a day. Adults only laugh 15 to 100 times a day.

    :spinstar:SALAMAT DYUSA:spinstar:

    ~credit lubbdubb~
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    [highlight]Melisa Cantiveros earns herself a slot in the Big 4[/highlight]
    by Stephanie Manhit | January 29, 2010 4:25 AM | Share this article

    The three contenders for the Big 4 slot bravely faced Kuya’s endurance challenge: to stand atop a small platform in the middle of the pool for an undefined number of hours. No excuses were accepted to leave their roost. The three had to grit their teeth and hold against the call of nature, even if it was to relieve or feed themselves.

    They had various strategies for keeping their post. Melai distracted herself with singing, Tibo chose minimal movement, Paul Jake massaged his frozen joints. All three tried stretching their limbs by crouching, taking care not to let other body parts touch the platform, aside from their feet. They kept warm from the sharp nip of the air by layering clothing and blankets. Nine hours after, all three were still standing strong.

    The remaining housemates kept vigil over them, camping by the poolside. They kept the stories flowing and regaled their friends with jokes. Jason led the rest in an ongoing serenade. They cheered the three on and kept them going. For what or for whom did they endure such sacrifice? Paul Jake and Melai did it for themselves, their family and those who believed in them. Tibo thought nothing of himself, but offered the moment for his family.

    A few minutes past the ninth hour and Kuya decided to push the housemates harder: only one leg was allowed on top of the platform! Though shifting legs was allowed, they had to focus on keeping their balance along with dealing with fatigue and natural factors. After a few moments, Kuya granted them a minute of rest, after which his instructions got even harder. Only the best leg could be used, with no shifting allowed.

    Paul Jake could feel his strength waning, and apologized minutes before he plopped into the water. It’s been a hard day’s night for all three, but soon it was down to Melai and Tibo, standing on their best leg to the end. After another bout of rest, Kuya ups the challenge by making them lift their arms, too! Almost an hour passed with both holding on tight, but in the end, Tibo chooses to give up, leaving Melai as the last housemate standing! Too exhausted, Melai broke down in tears while the rest finally got to heave a sigh of relief.

    Looks like we have one slot filled for the Big Four! Who will own the remaining three, just wait and see. Stay glued to the portals and keep watching PBB Double Up!

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    ~credit to owner~

    Reasons why DYUSA is the BIG WINNER

    1. She brings out the best in everyone
    2. Total package, magaling sa task at pakikisama
    3. She is the DYUSA of all time
    4. She is a TRAILBLAZER.
    5. She doesn't have mean bone in her body
    6. She is a "Friend" to everyone.
    7. She's a stress-reliever
    8. She's a strong willed woman, a definite role model.
    9. She is as famous as AI AI
    10. She proves she can be a leader too (Pinoy Big Bang?? basta yung concert?
    11. Love na love sha ni Big Brother at ng Madlang Pipol
    12. An optimistic person. She brings happiness and laughter to everyone.
    13. Si Melai ang buhay ng PBB this season
    14. Most talented housemate of PBBDU Edition.
    15. With Melai, never a boring moment.
    16. Nagpatawa at nagpaiyak ng sobra.
    17. Most entertaining housemate.
    18. Out of the blue, complimented by Anina that she should be on STAGE.
    19. Walking song hits
    20. Pinakita sa mundo kung ano ang tunay na kagandahan.
    21. The rich, the famous and the ordinary ka-chika na niya agad.
    22. God-Fearing (Every night nag rorosary)
    23. Hindi nagmamagaling ang Dyusa

    Add more - Let's think of a hundred reasons why Dyusa is our Big Winner
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    ~credit to owners~

    Melisa "Melai" Cantiveros

    from PBB Magazine

    FUNNY GIRL - Nobody can make a face like that, get away with it, and be applauded and loved for the effort. Melai is simply Melai. She may not fit the quintessential image of a girl next door, but her sense of humor and lack of artifice have made her everyone's favorite housemate. No airs, No pretenses, No “KAPLASTIKAN” - and as a friend, She sticks with you through and through GO MELAI!

    MELAI -from Jestser to Juliet - the court jester whose goofiness had endeared her a thousands of PBB fans. Something is always bound to happen when Melai walks into the room. Fans have learned to hang on to her every word...or sit glued to the screen to see what she'll do next. But who would have thought that the charming comic would also play the juliet of this season? Her romantic escapades and cliffhanger relationship with her Romeo, Jason, remain the centerpiece of this season. MELASON have acquired a life of its own making Melai a LEGEND IN THE HOUSE.

    Life in the PBB house would be just less lively without Melai. Her Comic-Dramatic highlights and kulitan with Jason certainly makes for interesting television.

    Spunky, Spirited, Soulful and Sincere - that unique package that is Melai was the perfect foil to break down peoples defenses.
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    ~credit to eoron~
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    oh well! infairness! ang gaganda ng

    mga pictures! :D :D
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    *paw* *paw*

    *paw* *paw*

    *paw* *paw*

    New House

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    wow....thanks KLIKS sa paggawa ng Thread *okay*
    ang galing niyo mga kakultos...congratzzzzz *okay*
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    :wave: new house na!

    BBS MELAI *okay*
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    avril25 wrote: »
    *paw* *paw*

    *paw* *paw*

    *paw* *paw*

    New House


    ano yan

    aso mo


    aso ka?
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    avril25 wrote: »

    wow hangkyutttt...so Melizite w/ S, Melizites na pala tawag sa atin wooohoooo *okay*

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