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❀ Solid Kimerald Thread 4 ❀




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    [highlight]SOLID KIMERALD THREAD 1[/highlight]


    [highlight]SOLID KIMERALD THREAD 2[/highlight]


    [highlight]SOLID KIMERALD THREAD 3[/highlight]

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    1. lovely123 (Anne)
    2. Richellin Li (Rich)
    3. kg43t3rnity (Adette)
    4. Donnaleen (Donna/Tabs)
    5. kimerald_gia (Gia)
    6. jordamn (Sara)
    7. chekimandge (Rochelle/Che)
    8. kimeraldfan2310 (Abi)
    9. vanny wunlisha (Van)
    10. liberty08 (Liberty)
    11. berrie_onlykg (Berrie)
    12. aub01 (Aubrey/Aubs)
    13. kgiluvu (Flosie)
    14. kristine19 (Thynne)
    15. summer_edison (Lu)
    16. quenette
    17. christine23 (Christine Dela Vega)
    18. mitchpineda26 (Mitch)
    19. Mhelizha_96 (Melissa)
    20. sweet&sour
    21. iHEARTkimerald (Tasha)
    22. KG_bless (Sheryl/She)
    23. clarence_38 (Clarence)
    24. Kimerald4ever (Nica)
    25. chr2 (Chato)
    26. lynette_09 (Lynette)
    27. lovee07 (Lovee)
    28. lara_sosy (Lara)
    29. kiddanikki (Nicole)
    30. melai983 (Melai)
    31. Jophiel (Joph)
    32. _shengsheng_ (Sharmaine)
    33. rayeath_era (Era)
    34. nicolefan (Isay)
    35. pnut04 (Eleny)
    36. annamie (Anna Mie)
    37. klarcz (Zed/Eric)
    38. kimeraldxoomuch (Lhengski)
    39. linyungchen (Dhang)
    40. carmen1022 (Carmen)
    41. charmheyn (Mae)
    42. igiinocencio (Igi)
    43. kimerald1114 (Mich)
    44. vaseline101 (Vanessa)
    45. KGislove.mawe (Mawe)
    46. rollyzenm (Zen)
    47. smartygurl808 (Micah)
    48. mm563 (Marian)
    49. Nesti (Nesti)
    50. psyche1982 (Abby)
    51. KGmarj (Marj)
    52. jenjerz (Jenny)
    53. nikkaxoxo29KG (Nikka)
    54. JTRocky (Julie)
    55. sherlyn00 (Sherlyn)
    56. diane08 (Christine Rambuyon)
    57. kalupian (Melo)
    58. Jippy101 (Jippy)
    59. amber200928 (Amber)
    60. pgsev (Peachy)
    61. hellokristine (Kristine)
    62. gab20 (Gab/Gabby)
    63. antonette21 (Antonette)
    64. coolmads (Madz)
    65. alexavictoria (Alexa)
    66. lyuerwin (Karol)
    67. tagetz24 (Priscilla)
    68. mitziko
    69. faith&love4KG
    70. LBC (Brenda)
    71. kimsoy (Hannica)
    72. emme09
    73. glay-cez
    74. kgamira (Amira)
    75. Toronto_1990 (Liza)
    76. Gay W (Gigi)
    77. aizhiyyBolinao (Aishi)
    78. mpelaurel (Melody)
    79. TibetanSpaniel (Ava)
    80. faith4eva (Faith)
    81. chelwin (Chelwin)
    82. merra_kimerald2 (Merra)
    83. RoKimEraldMe (Cams)
    84. yanna_cutie04 (Yanna)
    85. kjhoy15 (Jhoy)
    86. berniz_kimerald (Bernice)
    87. stmtspvh (Merns)
    88. jorom (Jo)
    89. 13munchkin (Rio)
    90. fanatican gelie (Gelie)
    91. mimzlind (Mimz)
    92. jetski09 (Juliet)
    93. alexavictoria (Alexa)
    94. vhannie02 (Vanessa)
    95. kg&kryselda (Kryselda)
    96. honey0531 (Nadz)
    97. ypril_86 (Joy)
    98. philippines_005 (Fili)
    99. kimge0714 (Darling)
    100. あいしてるKG! (Malou)
    101. belle0827 (Belle)
    102. anndpat (Ann)
    103. ca_freckles (Dory)
    104. nerissa_cebu (Nerissa)
    105. kgcel (Ricel)
    106. maryaudrey (Merly)
    107. SamPauLFeVer (Monica)
    108. cninatriciamay (Tricia)
    109. jcaguon (Cherry)
    110. lota (Carlota)
    111. Metal
    112. gemaica_kg (Angelica)
    113. yapeh
    114. khayeee (Khaye)
    115. kimeraldlove (Michael)
    116. coatofmanycolor (Raul Joseph)
    117. rizza006 (Rizza)
    118. nlpkimerald<3 (Natashza/Tashza)
    119. ccgirl2008 (Adee)
    120. bubbachen
    121. Yhara (Iara)
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    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]Jippy-January 4
    Abby-January 6
    Cherry-January 6
    Isay-January 6
    Abi-January 10
    Zen-January 14
    Fili-January 19
    Madz-January 19
    Christine Dela Vega-January 23
    Berrie-January 30[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]


    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]Aubrey-February 1
    Melo-February 5
    Nesti-February 14
    Anne-February 19
    Liza-February 19
    Nica-February 23
    Chato-February 24[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]


    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]Karol-March 5
    [highlight]:spinstar: Gerald Anderson-March 7 :spinstar:[/highlight]
    Jenny-March 11
    Khaye-March 13
    Marj-March 20
    Aishi-March 23[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]


    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]Jhoy-April 5
    Faith-April 12
    Rio-April 13
    Tasha-April 14
    Alexa-April 17
    [highlight]:flower: Kim Chiu-April 19 :flower:[/highlight]
    Merly-April 19
    Joy-April 20
    Richellin Li-April 20
    Kristine-April 22[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]


    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]Merns-May 12
    Tricia-May 24
    Hannica-May 25
    Micah-May 30[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]


    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]Amber-June 2
    Merra-June 6
    Mae-June 15
    annamie-June 22
    Chelwin-June 25
    Joph-June 26[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]


    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]Liberty-July 8
    Melai-July 9
    Lhengski-July 16
    Iara-July 17
    Nadz-July 23
    Mitch-July 26
    Gelie-July 27[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]


    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]Kryselda-August 6
    Carlota-August 10
    Tashza-August 11
    Ann-August 20
    Malou-August 25
    Priscilla-August 26
    Belle-August 27
    Sheryl-August 29[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]


    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]Angelica-September 2
    Thynne-September 8
    Nicole-September 10
    Peachy-September 10
    Adette-September 14
    Melissa-September 15
    Cams-September 18
    Donna-September 19
    Dory-September 20
    Brenda-September 24[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]


    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]Yanna-October 1
    Michael-October 3
    Julie-October 4
    Christine Rambuyon-October 8
    Ricel-October 10
    Clarence-October 13
    Mimz-October 16
    Vanessa-October 22
    Nikka-October 29[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]


    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]Eric-November 2
    Gia-November 9
    Sherlyn-November 13
    Michel Anne-November 14
    emme09-November 15
    Flosie-November 21[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]


    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]Marian-December 6
    Lovee-December 7
    Jo-December 9
    Era-December 11
    Lara-December 13
    Nerissa-December 13
    Mawe-December 17
    Gab-December 20
    Dhang-December 23
    Antonette-December 27
    Rochelle-December 28
    Amira-December 31[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

  • 2py2dsn.jpg

    My Valentine
    By Martina McBride

    :note: This is not your ordinary no ordinary love..:note:
    Her mobile phone rang those all familiar tune..


    “kim?..si ate Nhila ‘to..” the person on the other line confirmed

    “O? Ate nhils, napatawag ka?”

    “Kasama mo ba si Gerald?” She asked, though she couldn’t quite make if she sounds concern or not

    “Hindi po eh..naghiwalay kami pauwi kanina after ng asap rehearsal..bakit po?? May nangyari ba??” She asked sounding alarmed

    “Oh no, wala naman..kaya lang kanina ko pa kino contact eh di sumasagot..”

    “Ganun po ba...sige tawagan ko ho ha tapos sabihan ko to call you..”
    “Ok sige..salamat kimmy..” she then said goodbye and hang up

    Toot toot toot..the busy tone on the other line confronted her

    “Hmmm busy”..she thought to herself

    She dialled again.. “sorry the number you have dialled is unavailable..”

    “Asan naba yung kurimaw na yun?” She thought annoyingly

    Wer RU?
    Call me ASAP.


    Click.click.click. the camera shutters clicked one by one as images is captured..

    “Okay, that’s good!” Shouts the Photographer

    “Thanks Kim..you were great!” and gave her a sweet smile

    “Thank you din po..” as she fumbled for her phone in her bag

    0 text messages. 0 missed calls.

    She sigh a deep sigh..

    “Ganun ha!” she thought now starting to become restless and more annoyed, her attempt to contact Gerald has failed many times..and it’s 8pm on 13 February 2010 and she is sooo not liking this now..

    “Ano na naman bang drama ng kurimaw na ‘to?” she asked herself while trying to pack her things on her bag after the photo
    shoot.. “pagnalaman ko lang! Naku makakatikim siya sa akin!” her brow furrowed

    “Hoy, bakit di mapintura yang mukha mo?” ate Tata’s question startled her from her deep thoughts

    “wala..” she so earnestly deny

    “asus! Si bisoy na naman ba dahilan?” obviously knowing her too well to retort this back

    “eh kanina ko pa tinatawagan may text pa..wala man lang akong narinig sa kanya..ni ha ni ho..or eek man lang!”

    “asus, eto naman..busy lang yun..adyan lang yun sa tabi tabi..makikita mo” she smiled, unknowing to her it was a mischievous one

    “Tara na nga, pagod na ako..” and made her way to her van
    “hey Kim!” shouts Melissa..

    “You goin’ out tonight?” she continued

    “NO.” Was her flat answer..

    “what do you mean no??” Melissa persisted

    “NO, e wala naman akong date..magpapafiring squad nalang ako sa Luneta..” she answered as she puts her bags on the van floor

    “Nakuuuuu!! Eto naman! Drama mo!..” Melissa teased..

    “Anong drama? E sa wala nga..” she replied a hint of annoyance on her voice

    “Okay..okay..sabi mo eh..eto pala..” she handed her a white envelope

    “ano ‘to?” she asked puzzled
    “eh di basahin mo para malaman mo..” she told her friend, chuckling a laugh

    “alam mo ikaw minsan you’re so naive..” Mel continued with a smile

    She opened the envelope and out came a red card

    My Kimmy,
    I’m counting the hours until we see each other again..I’m waiting...
    A red box in your dressing room contains the clue..

    A smiled lingered in her face, long enough for her to receive a teasing from Tata and Mel..

    “aaawwww...so sweet!” Melissa can’t help but squeal
    “what are u waiting for??..GO! NOW NA!” Ate tata prodded her

    She crossed the hall to get to her dressing room and true to his word a red box was sitting on her desk
    She opened it and came another red card attached to some strings...

    The card read:

    Follow the strings and it will take you to me..

    I long to be with you now and forever


    She did not notice it at first but indeed the string was long, she followed it all the way down, then up, and up again until she reached the ELJ bldg. Heliport

    “Good evening Ms. Chiu..” the man in white uniform greeted her..Judging from his get up, he must be the pilot..she assessed

    “It’s a pleasure to have you as my passenger..” he finished

    “Ho?..ah eh..di ba sa abs ‘to?” she asked him full of doubt

    “Yes ma’am, but it’s yours for tonight..” he replied

    “Ha? Ah eh..” she stammered

    “Ma’am, I’m just the pilot..” he winked

    He helped her up onto the seat and asked her to buckle her seatbelt..

    A few minutes later she is now up above the manila skylight..though not knowing where they’re heading..she has a smile across her face
    Not knowing she fell asleep, the pilot’s voice on the speaker woke her up signalling that they are ready to land

    “Ms. Chiu, I hope you had a good flight..I wish to welcome you to Amanpulo!”

    “Aman what??!!...” but before she could pry him once more..the helicopter doors opened..to a sea of smiling faces..each one bearing gifts

    “Welcome Ms. Chiu to Amanpulo!” said the lady in a smart suit, obviously THE boss..While laying the lei of orchids on her shoulders

    “naku, thank you..” she said, though obviously embarrassed by all the attention

    Then one by one the people in line gave her red long stem roses until she has a dozen in her arms..the last one gave her a white soft teddy bear, with a necklace of heart and the engraving read..

    “To my valentine..
    I love you..”

    “Ma’am kim, just follow the flowered pathway..and your date is waiting..”she finished with a smile

    She doesn’t know what to feel, this is soooo over the top! Thank God she had on her the nice dress she last wore during the pictorials or else she would be too ashamed to face all these people...

    As she entered a secluded part of the beach, she can see hundreds..no actually..millions and millions of candles lit up..the flowered pathway continued to a small make up tent with a table made up grandiosely for two..as she was nearing it..a quartet filled the air with music

    If there were no words, no way to speak
    I would still hear you
    If there were no tears, no way to feel inside
    I'd still feel for you
    And even if the sun refused to shine
    Even if romance ran out of rhyme
    You would still have my heart until the end of time
    You're all I need, my love, my valentine :note:

    Her heart fluttered faster than a bullet train, for there standing... her back towards her... was Gerald, Clad in white..and looking so perfectly crisp, white..and handsome..she continued to walk towards him as the quartet continued their song...

    All of my life
    I have been waiting for all you give to me
    You've opened my eyes, and shown me how to love unselfishly
    I've dreamed of this a thousand times before
    In my dreams I couldn't love you more
    I will give you my heart until the end of time
    You're all I need my love my valentine :note:

    Just as she was nearing him, he turned around..a gasp caught her throat..as he grabbed her closer to him..their faces only just breathes away

    “Hi beautiful..” and flashed his killer smile

    “ikaw talaga, ang dami mong arte!” she retorted..

    “what? you don’t like my surprise??..” he asked showing her a fake hurt face

    “eh di ba sabi mo dun sa interview sa the buzz, gusto mo ng date by the beach..with plenty of candles at mahangin hangin??”

    “naalala mo yun?? She asked blushing

    “Of course, I remember everything about you kimmy..” his voice trailed off..

    He stroke her face and lifted her chin and dipped down to give her a sweet kiss...

    “andaya mo! Eh wala akong dalang gift for you...” she wailed like a child

    “shhhh...that doesn’t matter...let’s just enjoy this moment okay?? This beach might not be totally deserted as what I really want, but then it’s not full either..yung boss lang nila at mga trabahanteng naka duty ngayun ang tao dito..”

    Her eyes grew wide when she heard the last sentence

    “You mean, you rented the whole island for the two of us??!!” she asked sounding alarmed

    He laughed at her reaction, drew her closer to him..and gave her another kiss...

    “all for you Ms. Chiu..” he finished , now kissing her hand and bowed in front of her

    “Gerald Anderson, you totally amaze me..” she said and planted a kiss on his lips

    “so? Shall we eat??..” he asked motioning for her to sit down..

    “No wait!..not yet..” her voice trailed off..

    “ooohhhhh....” he teased and wiggled his eyebrow mischievously

    “No not that silly..” she smiled..

    She held his hand, and curtsied in front of him..

    “Can I have this dance?...” she asked and placed her hands on his neck

    No words were spoken... time stood still...only the crashing of the sea waves on the shore...the glitter of the candle lights... beautiful harmonious music..and two lovers,..hugging close..dancing..sharing a passionate kiss under a sky full of stars.

    And even if the sun refused to shine
    Even if romance ran out of rhyme
    You would still have my heart until the end of time
    Cause all I need is you my valentine
    Oh, you're all I need my love my valentine :note:


    With Love,
    From Che
  • Hi Solid Kimerald & all Kimerald fans good evening... still im alive since yesterday morning... soooo exhausted... pero sulit tlaga.. nakkawala ng pagod
  • 13munchkin wrote: »
    Hi Solid Kimerald & all Kimerald fans good evening... still im alive since yesterday morning... soooo exhausted... pero sulit tlaga.. nakkawala ng pagod

    :wave: hello ate rio...same tayong dalawa...tired!!! :rolleyes:
  • [highlight]From: SOLID KIMERALD FAMILY[/highlight]
    :bday: [highlight]To: BERRIE[/highlight] :bday:

  • Hello solids..Congratz sa new thread..

    Congratz din sa success ng PNK..
    Congratz KIMERALD and Kimeralds...

    Hello Rich dear, musta?
  • Hi Solids
    we have soooo much to thank BRO for and to celebrate
    and to think its only january-

    A) super duper success of pnk

    B) lahat ng fans nagka-isa.. went all out to support KG
    irregardless of affiliations to promote the movie

    C) solids finally made it to Kim & Ge's radar (David
    recognized among the Goliaths)

    D) we now have thread#4...panibagong dahon....
    saan naten puede ihasik ng patuloy ang KG love & happiness

    E) en ob korz ang di mapapantayang friendship at
    camaraderie, pagkalinga ng mga solids para sa
    isa't isa.


    N.B. Adette, sensya ka na ginagaya ko na ang format mo..
  • CONGRATULATION!!!!!!! :rotflmao:
  • Che... kaka-inlove yong bts mo. salamat sa uulitin!
    u really know d workings of ge's mind noh? like you know
    him like the palm of your hands-ha-ha-ha.....dat is what
    kimerald love does....makes our imaginations work overtime
    (with no pay) lol
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