Marlene Aguilar..Anak protektado kita2

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just read in abscbn, Marlene to see Clinton's help re son's may sometimes pala talaga itong si Marlene. I would suggest, she should elevate it to UNITED NATIONS TRIBUNAL COURT because her son's case is getting out of control......and will becoming an INTERNATIONAL ISSUE.

Marlene Aguilar to seek Hillary Clinton's help?
MANILA, Philippines – The family of road rage murder suspect Jason Ivler will reportedly turn to United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for assistance with regard to the criminal case that the American is facing in the Philippines.

This was revealed by Ivler’s mother, Marlene Aguilar, after visiting her son at the Quirino Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City on Sunday. Aguilar was accompanied by her second husband, Asian Development Bank (ADB) official Stephen Pollard.

Ivler’s mother went on to say that her son’s American grandfather, who is Jewish just like Jason, is a good lawyer who has many connections in the United States. Ivler’s family in the US is said to be preparing to challenge his arrest through human rights concerns.

Ivler suffered gunshot wounds to his right shoulder and abdomen as he opened fire prior to his arrest at his Quezon City home on January 18. Two National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) agents were also injured in the incident but are out of danger.

Aguilar also said that the NBI agents mistreated her son during and after the arrest.


Aguilar stood by her belief that her son is innocent: “It was a car accident. That’s not murder.”

“I believe that Jason is innocent. Jason is Jewish and Jesus Christ is innocent. That's how I see Jason. Jason is the most beautiful human being.”

Aguilar, who posted bail after being charged with obstruction of justice for purportedly hiding Ivler from authorities, blamed their British bodyguard, Mark Hausser, for framing up her son.

“The day of the incident, he went home, he went to sleep, he woke up, he had breakfast, he did his laundry. But my bodyguard was not home, he came home drunk as a skunk,” she continued.

“C’mon Jason graduated at the top of his class. Why would an intelligent person come home after shooting someone in public?”

WHAT'S YOUR TAKE...:p:p:p:p:p


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    i don't think she's that important to be framed. :lol: that's all i can say.
  • kreukkreuk amishuuu PExer
    Police had claimed a day after Ebarle’s killing that according to witnesses, the shooter was bald, looked like a foreigner, and had a tattoo on his right arm. The gunman was driving a Honda CRV 1998 model with diplomatic plate number 20903, which was later discovered as registered to Ivler’s step father, Asian Development Bank consultant Stephen Pollard.

    so she's claiming kung walang tattoo yun body guard... set up rin yun witness?!?!

    On the shootout between Ivler and the NBI agents during the raid at her house, Aguilar said that her son did not mean to harm the agents. She said that according to her son, he fired his gun to provoke the NBI agents. “Kahapon nakita ko si Jason. For the first time nag-usap kami. Sabi niya, ‘Mom, I did not want to kill anyone that is why I fired the shots the way I did, but I want them to kill me’” Aguilar said.

    action speaks louder than words right?! why not just kill himself?! since he is masochist... why not let himself rot in jail even if he is innocent.

    The NBI announced Thursday that the bullet samples taken from Ivler’s Kimber .45 caliber pistol after the shootout matched matched with the bullets taken from the body of Ebarle Jr. and his vehicle.

    The same sample bullets also matched those found in the residence of Aguilar.

    sa CSI channel... may nakita ako na episode. sabi dun every gun produces a gunprint on the bullet that's unique only for that gun.:shrug: but it doesn't sound like pinas forensic is that equipped. so parang sinasabi lang dito same type of gun ginamit? well dunno!
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    Maybe it's her guilt kicking in as to why her son turned out the way he did. He obviously has anger management and impulse issues just judging from his previous road rage cases, his US army record, his school record, and his arrest warrant in the US.

    Maybe she feels somewhat responsible so she copes using a fairly common (albeit inevitably unproductive ) route--blame others and engage in denial.

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