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NSYNC or Backstreet boys?

i like N Sect better, at least mas nakakasenti yung songs nila. :)


  • Sinong mas gusto niyo?
    who performs better?
  • Nothing against the Backstreet Boys, but I like *N Sync better.

    BSB might have been first but in terms of artistic leaps, *N Sync has been more creative. Plus, BSB treats *N Sync as their rivals, which shouldn't be the case since their music is different, IMO.
  • I used to be absolutely hate all boy bands, and then i started liking Backstreet Boys, and then i started not liking them back again, then N'SYNC came into the picture--- and I just get major palpitations when I see that extra-cutie JC CHASEZ! Whoaaaaaaaaaa!!
  • I like both `N SYNC and BSB, but I think `N SYNC has a lot more talent. Sa BSB feeling ko si Nick at si Bryan lang talaga kumakanta eh. :D
  • N-Sync is definitely better when it comes to performing live.
  • You think so, Babyfats? I respect that opinion, but the videos look different to me.

    I'm looking at 'N Sync and BSB, and it appears to me that Nick, Bryan, AJ (especially AJ!), Howie D. and Kevin can all carry tunes.

    I have yet to really hear Lance, Chris or Joey sing solos for the group in any of their singles. It appears to me that JC and Justin carry 'N Sync blatantly.

    Which is not a problem anyway, because I prefer 'N Sync over BSB. They're more fun.
  • NSYNC naman! lahat sila magaling sumayaw ah, tignan nyo nga yung i want it dat way na mtv... sus si kevin parang puno. anyway... panira ksi sa bsb si aj. hehehe! :)

    pero mas gusto ko tlga nsync... andun si jc tsaka si lance eh! diba xiaobaby? :)
  • stephsteph PExer
    i agree with you Mister Dean...that all of the BSB can carry tunes (even Kevin, na minsan naaapi!! hehehe), pero i have yet to hear Lance, Chris, and Joey sing solo (even for a few secs)!! heeheheh :D

    um, ako lang ata BSB dto?? blush.gif i've liked them ever since and i still do!! although i like N'Sync too!! but when it comes down to choosing between the 2, then it's BSB for me!! :D
  • i think NSync is better than BSB though i have to admit si jc and justin lang yung nagdadala sa group...yung BSB medyo nakakasawa na yung tunog (listen to the millenium album and u'll see wat i mean) NSync has different tunes (ranges from romantic ballads to in-ur-face kinda music)
  • imogsybaby: oo naman!!! Lance Bass is tha bomb!!! :)
  • Wow!
    akala ko BSB ang makakarami!
    nagkamali ata ako!
    keep postin please!
  • LushLush PExer
    I'm usually a little biased when I lump certain music groups as "boy bands", but I have no problem with admitting I like N Sync. :)

    BSB leans more towards ballads, while N Sync's music is more "funky". I think a better group to compare N Sync to is 5ive.
  • 24/724/7 PExer

    mister dean etal...about lance,joey and chris not singing solo...joey and chris did in 'i thought she knew' in no strings attached...they have solos in the christmas album also...not sure which song though...we don't hear lance do solos really because he's bass...but i think that's what makes them better because they have a legit bass...and their range and different voices are more defined than bsb's...i mean they can actually do a 5-part harmony...i guess if you really listen to the song you can separate their voices and listen to each of them...basta i think they have better harmony than bsb...plus they're cuter!!!
  • Neither. They're both GAY!
  • WOW! Am I in the right place?! Okay, this is really a shock cause for some reason, I've always thought that Filipinos prefer BSB better cause aside for them being gaining popularity before *NSYNC, I never really imagined that *NSYNC is well-known to any Filipino community. Then again, my judgement is BASE SOLELY from EXPERIENCE, from WHAT I SAW WHILE I WAS IN THE PHILIPPINES last year. Those of you who are picking *NSYNC over BSB, are you here the USA or in the Philippines? Just asking cause if you're here, then I think I can understand, but if you're at home, then my golly, the world has gone mad!!! Pinoys actually like *NSYNC now over BSB?!!! You all made my day!!!

    I guess, I really don't need to say which of the two I like the most cause duh, just look at my username!! I'm not gonna deny that at one point, I liked BSB. BUT, slowly but surely, little by little, their personalities starting to tick me off!!! I would listen to their songs, I wouldn't have any problems doing that, but it's their personalities that I'm having a problem with.

    Anyway, I read some posts saying that they're still yet to hear Lance, Joey and Chris sing a solo... HELLO!!! Have you ever heard of their song "I Drive Myself Crazy"??? That's Chris singing lead!!! And what about the rest, you say? Well, I'm gonna assume that you haven't gotten their latest album yet coz on the last track, "I Thought She Knew," they actually have their own solo and it's done in acapella!!! Okay, maybe not a solo of Lance, but you can hear him pretty well.

    Perfomance-wise, I really have to pick *NSYNC over BSB cause what can I say, these guys can not only sing, but dance too!!! I've been to a concert and I'm going again this year!!! For the record, in case you're interested, I'm not ashamed to admit it that I am a 22-year old fan of *NSYNC!!!

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  • ako NSYNC! sawa na ako sa BSB eh... and besides mas maganda yung songs ngayon ng NSYNC. crush ko rin si justin! hehe :)

    btw, sino pala sa BSB ang engaged na? di ko pa rin alam kung sino eh.
  • haaay nako.... u shld hav heard lance say este sing this line: let's get it on.. ay susmaryosep!!!! muntik na ko mag collapse!!!! ang lamig ng voice niya!!!! haaaaaay!!!!! xiaobaby! im dying here! lol.gif
  • Unanimous choice ha!
    akala ko talaga BSB ang makakalamang!
  • NSYNC, Lance is a major cutie, acatually all of them are cute...and they have better songs then bsb. :)

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  • Actually, I'm gonna disagree with Mister Dean. :) Nick from BSB sounds terrible live. As well as nearly all of the others, except for AJ and maybe Brian. The guys from NSYNC definitely have a little more talent and not only interested in making little girls scream. JC seems to be the mose promising, I think. He's produced some songs and supposedly spends hours in the studio while his comrades play.

    Anyway, I don't care so much who's better or what. BSB sure need to retire pretty soon. I'm getting bored... *yawns*
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