throbbing in my tummy-- should i be worried?

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the first time i noticed this was after i gave birth in 2004. i just ignored it.

lately the pulses have become stronger, and almost in regular intervals, like every 30 secondsso it's become really uncomfortable. not painful, actually the feeling is similar to baby kicking, but of course i'm not pregnant.

i thought it is just some occassional involuntary muscle throbbing like those i sometimes experience on my knees and legs and even eyelids :confused:

i googled a bit and "abdominal aortic aneurysm" (AAA) popped up. sounds scary. but if this is AAA why do i feel it on the left side of my tummy (isn't the abdominal aorta at the center?)

aside from AAA what could be other possibilities? what doc is best to consult, a gyne? could it have anything to do with ovarian cyst? just asking coz i had it before, but i still have 1 and a half ovaries now.

thanks in advance.


  • gingersnapgingersnap Member PExer
    Hello I've also experiencing this kind of throbbing in my body..and yeah on the left portion of my abdomen.. i really don't know what it is.. Any doctor who can really answer..because sometimes its abit scary na..
  • WickedSicWickedSic Member PExer
    Where sa left exactly?

    And how often is the throbbing? When did you first experience it?

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