2 weeks after my period I started spotting! help!

2 weeks after My period.. I started spotting! help?
My period started this January 7.. where I was 9 days delayed.. supposedly my period will came by dec 29.. then last night I started spotting and saw my pantyshield spotted a dark brown color! but now it's gone help! is this normal? Sad
I'm just 21 years old..


  • hanako91hanako91 Member PExer
    you mean you think you are pregnant?

    did you had sex? with a guy? and no condom ?

    you are not on pills?
  • urd1988urd1988 Member PExer
    I don't think Im preggy.. My period Came after I had sex with a guy even if its unprotected.. Then the day before My period I tested a PT but its negative.. now I spotted.. Dark brown in color.. ?? @[email protected] Is this normal?
  • annetriannetri thirdysmom.blogspot.com PExer
    Prior to you having your period, did you also have unprotected sex? Let's say 2-3 weeks before your period?I don't wanna scare you, but during the first few weeks of my pregnancy, I thought I am still having my regular period until after I had the same spotting thing.

    You may also want to consider UTI. Are you having trouble urinating? para ka bang "binabalisawsaw" lagi? pag umiihi ka ba may napapansin k din bang blood smear/stain? Yung brown spots/discharge na nasa liner mo, does it have a foul smell? If so, magpacheck ka na muna. Baka infection lang naman.

    Kung gumagamit ka naman ng pills, spotting is normal. Pills can actually lessen a woman's period for fewer days, the amount in the form of spotting or no period at all.

    Sorry kung mas pinag-isip pa kita, TS! But I hope the rest of info will help you :)
  • urd1988urd1988 Member PExer
    we did it on dec 26th.. supposedly my period must come by 29th.. but I'm delayed.. sa sobrang pagaalala ko.. I take emergency contraceptive pills within 48 hours after the deed..then after 9 days of delay my period came.. hindi naman siya spotting.. kasi red talaga yung bleeding at may namuo munong dugo pa nga.. then until yun nga kaninang umaga ko napansin yung dark brown spotting ko.. pero ***** wala na.. yellowish discharge naman.. may amoy? uhmm yeah mejo nga.. hindi siya amoy pandikit gaya nung normal discharge ko.
  • i am ii am i Member PExer
    maybe you had a difficult time. like you exerted too much physical effort, or maybe you got overstressed?
  • -gelay--gelay- simple kinda life PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    hanako91 wrote: »
    you mean you think you are pregnant?

    did you had sex?

    she obviously had sex. :lol:

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