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any of you know Bokyo Lauchengco?

i live in san francisco and live right next to this guy named Bokyo Lauchengco. how good of a player was he? and what do you know about him?


  • Whoaaaaa, you're neighbors with Bokyo?


    He's still legendary from where we're from.

    Stories passed to us tell of this great Bokyo leading his team from a 40-pt after the first-half by scoring 60 in the second and providing key defense against the opposing star player.

    He also has dunked on Americans.
  • Jay P. MercadoJay P. Mercado Moderator PEx Moderator
    Federico "Bokyo" Lauchengco was a stalwart at the MICAA back in the late 70's. At a time when his team, MAN Diesel / Frigidaire was reeling from the loss of their key players (Emerito Legaspi, Ed Merced, Pablo Javier) to Toyota, their sister team, Lauchengco stepped up and took over the leadership mantle for the team. Lauchengco was a national team player, if I'm not mistaken, in the 1978 Worlds, the 1979 SEAG, and the 1981 SEAG. I believe he joined the PBA in 1982 and played for San Miguel Beer, the same season when teammate Marte Saldana won rookie of the year honors.

    Lauchengco was a deadshot from the outside. Younger fans would probably be able to know him more by comparing him to someone like Renato "Ato" Agustin. Agustin though was the better slasher. Lauchengco was also dubbed "Prince Valiant" by the late Joe Cantada because of his Beatles-style hairdo.

    Since I rooted for Solid Mills and APCOR, I hated Lauchengco since he made things difficult for my teams. Lauchengco was very hard to defend because of his shiftiness. His outside sniping enabled him to be an offensive threat everytime. I don't recall though if Lauchengco indeed scored 40 points in the first half and 60 in the second, otherwise, this would have been in the record books. But it's safe to say that on any given night, Lauchengco tossed at least 20 points, 30 on a great night.

    Eventually, I rooted for him because of his talent. I wanted Crispa, my favorite PBA team then, to pick him up in the amateurs but later realized when I grew older that they won't have any need for him, having to play backup to resident small guards like Atoy Co, Bay Cristobal, among others. Lauchengco's amateur career was more colorful compared to his PBA stint and he retired unceremoniously sometime in the mid-80's.

    Please extend my regards to him, if ever you have a chance. You can tell him there's still a fan here in Manila remembering his past exploits.
  • Bokyo Launchengco is my Dad's cousin. Never met him personally though as I was only in grade school during his PBA stint. Saw him twice though when we visited Navotas, where they used to stay (I think). If I recall it right, he has twin daughters right?
  • lovejoneslovejones living the martini life PEx Expert 🎖️
    Isn't he a member of Bagets?
  • how about naning valenciano ?
  • BoyingBoying Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    si Bokyo ..ang tagal nito bago nakapasok sa PBA

    kaya tagal niya nag pahinog sa amateur

    kasi ayaw sia i release agad ng BAP

    dahil kailangan sia para sa mga International events

    kaya ng naka pasok sa PBA ,mejo di na sia ganun kagaling or inabot na sia ng mga younger na players

    gaya ng sabi ni JPM ..mas naging makulay ang career nia sa Amateur
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