[MERGED] Calling all Hypochondriacs (Support Group)

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I know someone who is a dreadful Hypochondriac. She thinks she's sick all the time, tells everyone on what she thinks she's afflicted with, spends a fortune on checkups where no illness has been discovered and always makes paawa effect, na kaysa may sakit daw siya at di na niya magawa ito and so forth...

So how do you deal with them and is there a cure?


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    Hypochondriasis is believed by most psychiatrist to come from either, a.)aggressive/hostile wishes towards others, transferred to oneself. The anger originates in past disappointments, rejections, and losses, but they express it in the present by soliciting help and concern of other people and then rejecting them as ineffective; b.) defense against guilt, a sense of innate badness, an expression of low self-esteem, and a sign of excessive self concern; or c.) a request for admission to the sick role by a person who is facing what seems like insurmountable problems. A sick role offers a way out of these problems.

    Hypochondriasis is often accompanied by symptoms of depression and anxiety. The best way to help them is to bring them to a psychiatrist, although it would be hard to get them to admit that they have a psych problem. Some hypochondriacs accept psychiatric treatment if it takes place in a medical setting and focuses on stress reduction and education in coping with chronic illness. Frequent, regulary scheduled physical exams are useful in assuring them that they are not being abandoned by their doctors. Sometimes, antidepressants may alleviate the symptoms, if a psychiatrist finds that the condition is secondary to either anxiety disorder or depression.
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    Follow up question:

    Suppose this person doesn't want to see a psychiatrist? How does one convince them?
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    I'm afraid you can't convince them. They should by themselves realise that they have a serious problem, and by their own free will seek professional help for it. Otherwise, forcing them to consult a psychiatrist would be pointless.
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    I think hypochondriasis is a symptom of an anxiety disorder or depression. I don't know if it is entirely a disorder in itself. I have a mild form of it since I have generalized anxiety disorder. Because mental disorder here is always misunderstood and there is still ignorance about the subject, seeing a psychiatrist requires big effort. It is understandable that a person may refuse to see a psychiatrist, but one should be enlightened. I, myself, can't believe that I have mood disorder, and my friends and family couldn't believe it also, and wouldn't understand it. I have to tackle the problem all by myself.

    Caring for someone with mental disorder can be taxing emotionally, mentally and physically. It requires patience.

    I think you can't push a person to see a psychiatrist at first. Probably, you can help your friend by invalidating his/her negative emotions and perceptions and encourage him/her. If she feels something bad tell her that it's okay and there is nothing to worry about and that she can stand up and go out. It can be be very repetitive and tiring, but patience, patience and understanding. Perhaps in the process, she may realized that all is psychosomatic. But that doesn't mean that there is nothing wrong. And perhaps she can be ready to see a psychiatrist.

  • anyone knew about this??? I think meron ako neto...Based on the test I've done, I am positive...anyone who could help me to get through this???

    -misinterpreting bodily symptoms, the patient becomes preoccupied with ideas or fears of having a serious illness.
    -They cause distress that is clinically important or impair work, social or personal functioning.
    -Hypochondria (or hypochondriasis, sometimes referred to as health anxiety or health phobia) is a somatoform disorder in which one has the unfounded belief that one is suffering from a serious illness. Hypochondria is often characterized by irrational fears of being diseased/dying, obsessions over minor bodily symptoms or imperfections, doubt and disbelief in doctors' diagnosis, constant self-examination and self-diagnosis and preoccupation with one's body. Hypochondriacs often require constant reassurance, sometimes from multiple doctors, family and friends.
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    ^ Please read the entire merged thread. You might want to visit a psychiatrist.
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    If you

    -Google "symptoms (insert what you feel here)" whenever you feel something wrong
    -easily get scared whenever you hear of a new epidemic (SARS, H1N1...)
    -have spent thousands of pesos on various medical exams
    -have been to different specialists yet feel that they're all wrong or are missing the real thing

    Please reply here so we could form a support group for us special ones. :P

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    me!!!!i tested 5 times for hiv all came out negative but i cannot accept the fact that i dont have it...every time i felt something wrong in my body i always connect that symptoms to hiv...i already went to Psychological Counselling but still the same anxiety delusional disorder....all the hiv counsellor here have same advice with me seek for professional help hiv is not your problem you tested negative not once but 5 times already...... even the doctor who ran the test told me that i dont want to see your face again in my clinic you dont have hiv move on...........kakapraning noh
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    I just posted this message below in the other thread. It's also applicable here:


    Hi guys! Glad to have found this thread!

    I am experiencing Panic Attacks/Anxiety Attacks as well. On top of that, I think I have Hypochondria too.

    If I'd feel something different about my body (e.g. chest pain), I would panic. I could not breathe, I feel dizzy and my hands would feel numb. One time, I was even rushed to the ER because I thought I'm having a heart attack. Fortunately, it was just nothing.

    As for the Hypochondria, ever since I was I kid (up to the present - i'm in my mid 20s now), I'm always preoccupied about being critically ill. I would feel depressed for months thinking that something's wrong with me. I'd keep on researching symptoms of different diseases (all sorts of diseases, name it! i have already researched about it!) via the internet and I would always end up panicking thinking I have or I might have that kind of illness. And it would last for months! Good thing I am good at just keeping it to myself and it does not affect my daily activities that much. But it's still an annoying feeling especially in my case coz I've been experiencing it since i was little (before, the sources of my fear are from TV shows and stories of other people).
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    I had hypochondria back then, until I realized its all in the mind. It usually goes with anxiety disorders, and whenever I feel dizzy, I always think that it is caused by some organic brain disorders. Whenever something is painful, I always thought it is something serious. I tried to calm myself all the time, and I am successful. Hence, it is really all in the mind. I used to have that "Google search" back then too! and it was very often back then, for example, I had a painful muscle, I immediately search and panic when I find something that is quite in place with it. The doctor said I am pretty healthy anyway.
  • nikki_7 wrote: »
    If you

    -Google "symptoms (insert what you feel here)" whenever you feel something wrong
    -easily get scared whenever you hear of a new epidemic (SARS, H1N1...)
    -have spent thousands of pesos on various medical exams
    -have been to different specialists yet feel that they're all wrong or are missing the real thing

    Please reply here so we could form a support group for us special ones. :P


    Me just the first two.

    -Google "symptoms (insert what you feel here)" whenever you feel something wrong
    -easily get scared whenever you hear of a new epidemic (SARS, H1N1...)

    I Google everything until I rule out everything that's not serious. :bashful:


    Is there a term for the opposite of a hypochondriac? I have a friend who is in denial with his vices and unhealthy lifestyle and refuses to consult a doctor. He would make up causes of symptoms which I know are already symptoms of something serious. He thinks he is a genetic exception but when worse comes to worst, he'd blame his genes saying "namana' (inherited) yung sickness,
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    hi ako din ganyan....kung mapapansin nyo nga lang po ang username ko nagkalat na sa ibat ibangthread dito dahil nga akala ko lagi akong may ganyan at ganto....pero cant hep it pero iniisip ko nalang tao lang kasi tayo kaya ganun may mga kung anu anung naramdaman
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    Hi guys, I have recently noticed that I seem to have this mental condition called hypochondriasis.
    Hypochondriasis or health anxiety refers to excessive preoccupation or worry about having a serious illness.

    I'm in the medical field and somehow I am able to manage and rationalize this condition. Do you also have this or do you know anyone who is undergoing this kind of condition. Please share your thoughts.:):):)
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    Hi. I think I belong to this group.

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